My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

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Lilly Plays
Lilly Plays - 10 hours ago
Love you so much
Tyra Eide
Tyra Eide - 15 hours ago
My babysitter is a Vampire was the ONLY good thing on Disney Channel, me AND my parents were watching it together
McFlurry Child
McFlurry Child - 17 hours ago
Alex: But then something spooky happens-
Pundah - Day ago
I agree this show is dumb but it was my childhood therefore I love it 😂😂
David Pearson
David Pearson - Day ago
Alex: And then, something spooky happens
*Stadia ad plays*
Can You Not
Can You Not - 2 days ago
I remember thinking Ethan was cute when I was younger
Cruz Diego
Cruz Diego - 2 days ago
Me watching this video at 3am 😅😅
Broke_Brooke - 2 days ago
The movie they were watching was probably twilight but just like a rup if I mean it's kinda obvious
One Big Mood
One Big Mood - 2 days ago
Sailor Mozzarella Sticks.
Miguel Brown
Miguel Brown - 3 days ago
butter pie UwU
butter pie UwU - 3 days ago
AZZY 9:59
The fugly Cookie
The fugly Cookie - 4 days ago
How dare u bruh this was my favorite show as a kid if u don't like it don't make a vid on it nor watch it
Pixie And Kobe
Pixie And Kobe - 4 days ago
Isn’t sad I watched the whole show before I knew there there was a movie I was supposed to watch the movie first😶
Izzay Falls
Izzay Falls - 4 days ago
9:16 most relatable thing ever to be said
Havakgamer - 5 days ago
Hey papa roach is good
yolo bythelastone
yolo bythelastone - 5 days ago
wheres my gold star?
Ebony Lucas
Ebony Lucas - 6 days ago
A babysitter took my van is virus is a vampire is one of my favorite movies and Seasons so before I watch this you did not talk.
Cc Ginger
Cc Ginger - 6 days ago
You should do atypical
It’s on Netflix
Kong Reke
Kong Reke - 6 days ago
3:40 YEET
Devin Joelle
Devin Joelle - 7 days ago
I just remembered I thought Ethan was cute when I was 10 can someone shoot me in the foot
l e a
l e a - 4 days ago
Devin Joelle
Devin Joelle - 7 days ago
Bro I loved this show so much when I was 10 this is nostalgic😂
mirage_from_apex - 7 days ago
*You shouldn’t have done that.*
5 types
5 types - 7 days ago
And then something spooky happens *ad appears*
mg2570 - 7 days ago
You just gave me a stroke with that mother of the year text thing
1815 MaeCraft
1815 MaeCraft - 8 days ago
Then something spooky happens
*ad butts in*
Me: yes, ACE very spooky
Sam Matt
Sam Matt - 8 days ago
Alex Clark i can’t breath
Harsh P
Harsh P - 8 days ago
Why is this even a movie?😂😂
Stella Wittkowsky
Stella Wittkowsky - 8 days ago
I am so addicted to this channel
Avani More
Avani More - 9 days ago
i really liked this show lmao it was hella dumb but still
Pretend I Put A Creative Name Here
I remember watching this movie when I was younger and when it ended I was like
... Ummm...What?
Beanie Peach
Beanie Peach - 9 days ago
I love this movie with all of my soul
Lunatic Alexandra
Lunatic Alexandra - 10 days ago
11:21 - why the hecc is there music from a horse game?? (Star Stable Online) the music is called Industrial Complex
Idk why but they sound so similar
Jackgdssa - 10 days ago
Ethan looks like Drake bell
Savedra - 10 days ago
Thanks Alex for doing what you do!
Roman Silvas
Roman Silvas - 11 days ago
I love hot 2:14 there’s a knock off twilight poster
Tomas Senn
Tomas Senn - 11 days ago
Now THIS is nostalgic. I could probably still watch this movie and enjoy it because of the nostalgia. Now I just need House of Anubis.
Edit: Yes, he covered house of anubis.
Lori Gabriel
Lori Gabriel - 11 days ago
This is literally my childhood show
lily lokko
lily lokko - 11 days ago
My soul is long gone *laughs in COVID-19*
sasha clapham
sasha clapham - 11 days ago
Sailor mozzarella stick 👌🤣🤣
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I actually liked this movie and the TV series, I guess I was a weird kid back then
Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz - 3 days ago
Kayla Rohos
Kayla Rohos - 12 days ago
“hey Ethan, do you here that?”
Ethan: *casually choking on marshmallows*
Grace Starkes
Grace Starkes - 13 days ago
Why does one of the vampires look like a young Daveed Diggs?
Kitten Lover
Kitten Lover - 15 days ago
“Then Ethan accidentally touches her hand. And then something spooky happens,”

*”He’s a Beverly Hills show dog”*
Dzenija Kuceka
Dzenija Kuceka - 15 days ago
This show does make sense he is just making it confusing by leaving out details and a lot of other stuff
EremikaHaven - 13 days ago
Really? You're defending a movie called "My babysitter is a vampire" 😂😂😂😂 Bish get higher standards 😂
Sophie Ann M
Sophie Ann M - 16 days ago
Why aren’t we towing about the Fact Ethan was too young to drive in that one scene
maddy sucks
maddy sucks - 16 days ago
okay but the show use to slap back in the day
lesbian dumpsterfire
lesbian dumpsterfire - 16 days ago
I mean that sounds like the title of a TrueAnimatedStories video
muutiilation - 17 days ago
ok but this movie still slaps
JayD AC - 17 days ago
It's a fire show in my opinion but you're right sometimes it really does not make sense
Jocelyn Pettersen
Jocelyn Pettersen - 17 days ago
9:24 that happens to me all the time it’s so badddd😂
Ornela Maxharraj
Ornela Maxharraj - 18 days ago
You make me laugh at 2 am and the brain thing made me laugh to death wjuwgshsk hahahahhaha
TAMAR!!!!! Av
TAMAR!!!!! Av - 18 days ago
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Sound Wave
Sound Wave - 18 days ago
What do you have against canadians
ChibiEnvy Love
ChibiEnvy Love - 18 days ago
I'm ashamed 2 say tht I've watched this as a kid and going back, it's complete shit.
Clay Compton
Clay Compton - 19 days ago
Eathens little sister looks like Angela from the office when she runs into that buzz looking kid
Wrathful Cucumber
Wrathful Cucumber - 19 days ago
Alex meyers and cinemasins is how I watch most movies
plague doc games
plague doc games - 19 days ago
There was a movie?
aDrtyBrdysTurdy - 20 days ago
There’s also a show :D ! 🙄
Táltos66 - 20 days ago
This guy makes me laugh so much… and I don’t even watch any of the movies/shows he covers!
Chloe Koreny
Chloe Koreny - 22 days ago
Gypsy Princess
Gypsy Princess - 23 days ago
Does it bother anyone else that Ethan magically knows how to drive even though he's only a high school freshman? 😂
Team Mark
Team Mark - 23 days ago
Ethan look like matpat
Charlene Strauss
Charlene Strauss - 23 days ago
Oh my hat this is so funny! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
M. Bullard
M. Bullard - 24 days ago
And fir the 2020 parent awards our 5 time winner
Wins again!

Can we congratulate her please
bubblegumccp - 24 days ago
No one:
Ethan: If yOu CoUld GazE inTo tHe FUtuREee, yOu mIgHt thInk LifE wOuLd bE a BreEeezEee
Keldee - 25 days ago
😂😂😂 this used to be my favorite tv show and movie oh my gosh. Now I realize how cringe this is
Man of Mystery
Man of Mystery - 26 days ago
I didnt get to celebrate my last day of middle school because of this virus bullshit
Vypazcute - 26 days ago
Thank you Alex, you spare me watching all this freak sh*t xD
enjoying the videos :D
Montana Webb
Montana Webb - 27 days ago
i feel attacked at the emo part
Kailynn Covington
Kailynn Covington - 27 days ago
Do anyone realizes how dusk three unbitten is oddly similar to twilight but way more cringy
lol met rayan 2
lol met rayan 2 - 28 days ago
SIMONNE KLEIN - 28 days ago
The show was my childhood! Everytime I watch It even though i'm older I love it!
Cxnnqmcn Swxrl
Cxnnqmcn Swxrl - 28 days ago
_so cool_
MrMason 1230
MrMason 1230 - 29 days ago
I love this show
Ren -
Ren - - Month ago
I get that its... its a lil bad. But I still love it. And the series.
STAR WARS Entertainment
1:48 oh I frickin died !😂
Nikole Halo
Nikole Halo - Month ago
She got YEETED
Beth Sori
Beth Sori - 26 days ago
Indeed she did....
Keychain696 - Month ago
Ethan was also the little boy from Goopy
lulu star123
lulu star123 - Month ago
You should do a video on "scales mermaids are real" 🙂
Madeleine Grey
Madeleine Grey - Month ago
If you pay attention to the guy in the background at 8:23 ish its even more funny his head is like a bobble head
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