My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

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Mskittenlover12 - 5 hours ago
11:32 wait...hold the fuck up...why is he driving?? Isn't he like, 14??
Jordin Cuevas
Jordin Cuevas - 5 hours ago
U know it's a show to
ZB AndFries
ZB AndFries - 6 hours ago
*MOTHER OF THE YEAR.* Hopes and Dreams.
Owl Sparks
Owl Sparks - 7 hours ago
those vampires need to lay off the My Chemical Romance
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
Just thought I should mention that the grandma in this movie is the grandma in It Chapter 2
gtaman211 goku
gtaman211 goku - 8 hours ago
You shut up it was a good movie
ツINORI - 8 hours ago
10:00 what song is this
Nevi Chap
Nevi Chap - 9 hours ago
Wait till' he finds out about the series...
freezer - 9 hours ago
I didn’t remember it being that bad 😂
CBG_ Thomas
CBG_ Thomas - 9 hours ago
This movie used to be my favorite thing to watch
adrian cervantes
adrian cervantes - 9 hours ago
YOU should watch the show and see the finale Like my lord
ClutchOP - 9 hours ago
Miss that show though
Ericson Gamboa
Ericson Gamboa - 10 hours ago
9:14 I thought I was the only one
BlixkyVincent - 10 hours ago
The intro a banger tho
Aubrey Foster
Aubrey Foster - 10 hours ago
9:55 Mother of the year indeed
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo - 10 hours ago
This shit old asf why u just now talking about this
Emerald Gem
Emerald Gem - 10 hours ago
Dude Ethan looks a little bit like a younger version of Mat Pat from film theory
Cringe Central
Cringe Central - 10 hours ago
5:51 roll credits
Prison Mike
Prison Mike - 10 hours ago
Ethan looks like the male version of Kristen Stewart
Victoria Green
Victoria Green - 11 hours ago
I figured out why we are on the same page a lot of the time- we are the same exact age. It all connects now.
Mad die
Mad die - 11 hours ago
my man rory did not deserve all this shade
erin - 11 hours ago
i just realized Benny is basically Stiles from Teen Wolf,,,
Mad die
Mad die - 11 hours ago
Jaakuna - 11 hours ago
Yo idgaf that shit slapped when I was younger
King KarlosTv
King KarlosTv - 12 hours ago
Melodyy - 13 hours ago
When I was little I used to have a crush on Benny 😂😂😔😔
Tom Gamer
Tom Gamer - 13 hours ago
U are a madman genius, just plain genius
Leafyishere - 13 hours ago
Ya yeeeeeettt
Jessica in the Kitchen
Jessica in the Kitchen - 13 hours ago
I really really do enjoy these videos Alex!!!! Whenever I’m in a bad mood or having bad anxiety they always calm me down and make me laugh
JIMARIO THE Saiyin DERP - 13 hours ago
Insert more smash memes
*When you try to roll after a parry but you forgot your fighting king k rool*

*When you get grabbed at 120%*

She got star k.oed lol
Corey McCraw
Corey McCraw - 14 hours ago
I just realised that the main vampire is ragman from arrow
unknown 19
unknown 19 - 14 hours ago
You realized you just almost ruined my childhood
Hufflebros - 14 hours ago
Wait wait wait what about the ummm.....the FREAKING CHILD
Pink Princess
Pink Princess - 14 hours ago
I like this movie Ethan is so funny.
Shumaila Khan
Shumaila Khan - 14 hours ago
Wait but how'd Benny see Sarah in the camera if she isn't supposed to turn up in pictures and stuff.
Or is it cuz she's a fledgling
CandyThePuppy - 15 hours ago
1:09 XD
Isabella Wong
Isabella Wong - 15 hours ago
this was my MOVIE when I was 11 like fr
GreenDino 1256
GreenDino 1256 - 15 hours ago
4:52 “then something spooky happens”
American Dad ad comes on
Nai Yari
Nai Yari - 15 hours ago
Do vampire diaries again plz I love ❤😘that show
nadavzip x
nadavzip x - 15 hours ago
9:14 omg im fcking dying LOL i thought i was the only one
Ishy _
Ishy _ - 15 hours ago
If you’re gonna say wazzup, you need to fully commit to WAZZUPPPPPPPPPP
MochiCream - 16 hours ago
When the box opens and all teenage girls souls come out (or whatever).
(Sees K-pop) “ well there’s my soul TT”
MrBubbles Tv
MrBubbles Tv - 16 hours ago
Have you ever seen Superhero High, Alex???
Endyman Spencer
Endyman Spencer - 17 hours ago
Wow you right an add is spooky
Emily Jay
Emily Jay - 17 hours ago
10:03 MOM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!
Hanayuni - 17 hours ago
Holy shit that discount Edward Cullen threw Sarah into space 😂😂
Hakajin - 17 hours ago
...I've actually never seen this movie, but it looks kind of amazing, like maybe the writers were making fun of it the whole time. Kind of like Stepsister from Planet Weird (speaking of which, God, I want someone to review that movie!).
Anna Pancake
Anna Pancake - 18 hours ago
And Nobody Watched the little sister? Babysitting failed
çøøkįėthįėf kåtïė101
He YEETED poor Sarah 10000 meters in the air across the whole neighborhood.....

I have some concerns.
J.C - 18 hours ago
5:19 tell me he doesnt look like Greta Thunberg
Shark Assassin
Shark Assassin - 19 hours ago
Ngl I thought you meant the series, I didn’t even know there was a movie LMAO
Nagytika - 20 hours ago
Go get the power tool!
CREEPYPASTAFAN 04 - 20 hours ago
I remember I watched this when I was younger (can't remember how old) and I remember loving it. Seeing this video makes younger me cringe because I liked this "amazing" movie
Robin Parker
Robin Parker - 21 hour ago
i fucking paid for both seasons of this show on a really old itunes account and while i dont use the account anymore i still have access to it and can rewatch the series anytime i want and honestly its the best purchase i’ve ever made little me was smart.
_Monty97 - 21 hour ago
I only liked the show cause Sarah is so fucking fine
Tomi Was Taken
Tomi Was Taken - 22 hours ago
HEY! Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak was a geeat game.
Suxela - 22 hours ago
One babetastic tower of babelon😂😂😂
Lauren - 22 hours ago
I loved this movie as a kid. My trashy guilty pleasure when I was younger.
LEbackstage - 22 hours ago
10:26 Can we appreciate that even 'Dusk III' is still a better love story than 'Twilight'?
bts me lovingmylife
bts me lovingmylife - 22 hours ago
4:37 those details tho 😆
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