Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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Shiro_Da_Hero - Hour ago
Hawkeye probably survived the snap because the gauntlet forgot about him just like everyone else
Irmuun Tuguldur
Irmuun Tuguldur - Hour ago
Wait a minute can thanos keep wiping out 50% and bringing them back until all the avengers are dead🤔
JNS Studios
JNS Studios - Hour ago
Why doesn’t thanos just do a second snap just to eradicate the people left opposing him? I know it would leave no movie, but if I was the villian, I would’ve done that.
Irmuun Tuguldur
Irmuun Tuguldur - Hour ago
I know (somebody) will die
Veronica Sawyer
Veronica Sawyer - Hour ago
Please do a theory on Riverdale ❤️❤️❤️
Emuli V
Emuli V - Hour ago
I'm gonna edit this comment once Endgame releases.
Derek Alford
Derek Alford - Hour ago
Bucky has replaced Steve as Captain America in the comics before.
Elias Lundstedt
Elias Lundstedt - Hour ago
Theory man, fact boy xD
Caleb Nunn
Caleb Nunn - Hour ago
I think one of them will die
Spring Day
Spring Day - Hour ago
Yo my theory is they Time travel to get stones from past self, professor hulk will finally be there. Then Thor will have long hair because we don’t see him in trailers much. They go fight Thanos. Cap will hold Thor’s OG hammer (Sorry it’s hard to spell) and his shield will break. But they succeeded and bring EVERYONE back and a big fight against Heros and Villians
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown - Hour ago
I’ve been saying for months black widows gonna die
World war hulk is coming
NickZ15 - Hour ago
*Thanos will die*
Cool GuYz XD20
Cool GuYz XD20 - Hour ago
Can’t wait for the best part Stan Lee cameo
Georgina Herdman
Georgina Herdman - Hour ago
Killing Natasha just for the sake of making hulk angry will piss me off because it demeans the character also Directors Antony and Joe Russo have gone on record saying that Hulk and Widow is no longer a thing, it’s in the past it’s gone
Oryon - Hour ago

spiderman dies
Akagra Ravi
Akagra Ravi - Hour ago
I'm pretty sure that THANOS will survive and maybe he will be imprisoned in WAKANDA for life
Impossibly Uncertain
Nobody kill Tony
Cesars - Hour ago
Damm this went from a theory of who will survive and who will die to how my father abused me as a child feelsbad
tamar162 - Hour ago
everyone dies, thanos is the supreme being and will be the only person in the universe
ZeCrownedKing - Hour ago
Harley Keen (The boy from Iron man 3) and the actor who played him are on the Endgame IMDB pages so its a 50/50 chance he is there for Tony’s Funeral or his wedding also I feel like since characters are going to die they would end the movie on a high note with Tony and Pepper’s wedding
Krutches - Hour ago
Avengers: WE WON!

*Thanos pulls out 5 more gauntlets*

Avengers End End Game - Coming in 2021
Yash Gupta
Yash Gupta - Hour ago
Well Thanos died
JSC 190104
JSC 190104 - Hour ago
If Time Travel is actually used, I feel like a bunch of stuff will happen. Practically confirmed that Professor Hulk will appear. Feel like Cap will wield Mjolnir if they do time travel. If they DO go back in time and meet their past selves, a majority of them won’t trust each other at all. Maybe a fight between the past and future??
And with the fact Disney has Marvel, I don’t think that anyone extra is dying. Tony maybe, but Cap is just going to stand down and let Bucky become Cap. His story has been about him thrusting HIMSELF into the spotlight, with disregard for himself and others. Now he’s going to willingly give up his title. And cause of Disney, if anything happens it’s gonna be Thanos “seeing the error of his ways” all regretful villain style to form some random ass team no one ever sees again... Like something to keep watch over the Infinity Stones or some shit like that. Won’t that be rich? Thanos, killer of half the Universe, a Universal threat, capable of beating down the Hulk, reduced to a glorified Guard Dog.
Ratman Warhammer
Ratman Warhammer - Hour ago
Your mother
Vankruze - Hour ago
None of them will die!
Kien Nguyen Le trung
I hope everyone die at the end
UltraGhostRider - Hour ago
GOT IT. FORGET THANUS. FORGET TAKING THE GAUNTLET OFF OF HIM. just play a catchy song and he will snap half the universe back.Or snap out the other half, who knows.
Maximuss Prime
Maximuss Prime - Hour ago
It makes sense That Captain America dies and takes the Role of the Human Torch again.
Jadon Wright
Jadon Wright - Hour ago
I cRiEd No LiE
Vyzard - Hour ago
Stan Lee won't survive to make another cameo. RIP Stan Lee
Grapesto is here
Grapesto is here - Hour ago
Leaving a comment to edit later
Y U HERE - Hour ago
Cap didn't lost everything,he still have his GF and lot of others,I can bet 100$ he will not die,Evan can't leave mcu like that
Fawaz Prihardi
Fawaz Prihardi - Hour ago
You forgot about Hawkeye, now Ronin is coming for you..
Papyan Hasmik
Papyan Hasmik - Hour ago
Y yy m.. #
triple x bros
triple x bros - Hour ago
you missed hawkeye
s1ayer_ - Hour ago
Second on trending, would be first if that new song about our planet with all those popular people didn't come out
Un popular opinion I think captain marvel is going to die because we only see her in a few shots in the trailer
What means sacrifice
Genghis Kane
Genghis Kane - Hour ago
I still think Adam wedlock will show up
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq - Hour ago
WaiSay - Hour ago
Who knows, were the spoilers on reddit real or did half of reddit lie to us all?
Josh Bayer
Josh Bayer - Hour ago
What if Cap knew that the world was finally protected, so he goes back in time using the quantum realm and finally gets that dance with Peggy.
Erik Dean
Erik Dean - Hour ago
Soo... no-one's gonna mention the final piece of the Stark-Thanos duality puzzle?
Stark - thinking about building Pepper a Farm.
Thanos - wants to live the simple farmer life when his task is complete.
Cap even outright calls it at 17:04 - calls it "The simple life".
Tomobiwan06 AVFC
Tomobiwan06 AVFC - Hour ago
I hope you are right about iron man.
Vito Bilalović Keles
Cap,rocket, nebula
glitchy 600
glitchy 600 - Hour ago
nope no one is going to die
all of the avengers will be assembled to face thanos and his army
Thomaside - 2 hours ago
I hope that Brie Larson dies
NewMallenium - 2 hours ago
You didn't say anything about Hawkeye
Thekingoflorda Games
Thekingoflorda Games - 2 hours ago
I think marvel has been taken over by DC so everyone will DIEEEE
Margaret Yu
Margaret Yu - 2 hours ago
also, did u notice that in the posters for infinity war and endgame, tony is always between the avengers and thanos?
Omar Sherif
Omar Sherif - 2 hours ago
I can edit looooooool
Anyoy Orange
Anyoy Orange - 2 hours ago
How is this spoiler free?
Mott 777-1
Mott 777-1 - 2 hours ago
_Mika Core_
_Mika Core_ - 2 hours ago
I don’t care, Just let Thor and Loki live!!PLEASE
Flame Kazu
Flame Kazu - 2 hours ago
Mac Boackle
Mac Boackle - 2 hours ago
Cap will die
Mostly Important
Mostly Important - 2 hours ago
Hawkeye and Black Widow would be expected to die, but their deaths wouldn't really have a strong emotional response because... They're Black Widow and Hawkeye. Ironman and Cap are the real candidates I think
Lian Jiro Baniaga
Lian Jiro Baniaga - 2 hours ago
James Evans
James Evans - 2 hours ago
Endgame Spoiler Predictions (Don’t read if you don’t want it spoiled):
Iron Man Builds a new Gauntlet
Professor Hulk appears (basically Bruce Hulk together as one)
Captain America wields Mjolnir
Captain America in the final battle shouts ‘Avengers Assemble!’
Hulk uses the Iron Man Gauntlet once the
Avengers go back in time to collect all the stones
Arkin the gameboy
Arkin the gameboy - 2 hours ago
Wheres hawkeye?
Also i think black widow captain america and hawkeye need to die.
Oliver Pearce
Oliver Pearce - 2 hours ago
Captain America RIP
unabobination arts
unabobination arts - 2 hours ago
I think Captain America would die
Aakif Sultan
Aakif Sultan - 2 hours ago
I lmaoed at the Hulk Smash xD
Intel467 - 2 hours ago
Hmm from the start i know who it is.. its Stan Lee... because hes already dead.
Skullface - 2 hours ago
Even though she won’t die I hope captain marvel dies
Fruit Toast
Fruit Toast - 2 hours ago
I don't think anyone will die
FaZe Noah
FaZe Noah - 2 hours ago
Nobody is going to stay dead
Mia Ables
Mia Ables - 2 hours ago
Idk who’s gonna die, or even the chances of them dying, but I hope Hawkeye doesn’t. He just wanted to get out the action and protect his fam but nooooo... The Avengers just couldn’t leave him alone. I know many ppl may not care about Hawkeye, but he’s an og so I just gotta say it bc he really just wanted a nice little family life without all the craziness.
Cheezus Christ
Cheezus Christ - 2 hours ago
Here's my ultimate hot take. After beating Thanos, Tony uses the gauntlet to bring back all the people killed in the snap, but in the process dies, since he can't handle the power of all the infinity stones. However before dying, he uploads his consciousness, and acts as mentor for Peter, kinda like what he does for Riri in the comics.
Grace Dowez
Grace Dowez - 2 hours ago
Tony Stark as the next director of the Avengers?
ALYSSA.DARBY 100466 - 2 hours ago
I'm only here because this is on trending...

*I know nothing about Infinity War*
Emma Foster
Emma Foster - Hour ago
ALYSSA.DARBY 100466 literally me 😂
Galaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon - 2 hours ago
I bet captain america
Stefan Lupsan
Stefan Lupsan - 2 hours ago
I want Cap Marvel to die
XxRocketkingzXx ritchie
XxRocketkingzXx ritchie - 2 hours ago
Captain Marvel will die
Goat On a Boat
Goat On a Boat - 2 hours ago
Captain America will die
TheGamerGoons - 2 hours ago
Hopefully Captain Marvel ends up sacrificing herself. ;-;
KRACKER99 - 2 hours ago
Pretty sure Thanos will die.
Jonathan doesstuff
Jonathan doesstuff - 2 hours ago
At least mjolnir comes back
Mhe Mhe
Mhe Mhe - 2 hours ago
I think out of all of the cats I’ll be the one to die next week
SlytherGriff - 2 hours ago
Please let Tony survive
Blankace - 2 hours ago
I think (gonna wait to see the movie so I can edit the comment please wait. Please reply to this comment saying that this is a good theory and that it might actually happen. Thank you!)
King SnakeEyes
King SnakeEyes - 2 hours ago
This was awesome
Madi Trim
Madi Trim - 2 hours ago
Damn Matt Pat you shake me with all your theories
Fredric3021 - 2 hours ago
I Mate
Balistic Punks
Balistic Punks - 2 hours ago
Who else thought that getting a infinity stone was easy as earth had 3
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - 2 hours ago
I wonder if Sentry is set to appear for the next phase. A villain introduced as a hero.
Blubb - 2 hours ago
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis - 2 hours ago
*uno reverse cards will be introduced in the new avengers movie*
albion veseli
albion veseli - 2 hours ago
Cool Dude
Cool Dude - 2 hours ago
Why is this trending in my country???
Saina Bunitinha
Saina Bunitinha - 2 hours ago
someone humble to help me with 1000k of subscribers
Ninja - 2 hours ago
Aleksandar Matic
Aleksandar Matic - 2 hours ago
I wached avengers end game and it is great
Mr.StillDeadInside - 2 hours ago
I think Ms.ImGonnaShootThanos will die
RapidNameChange - 2 hours ago
Sound balancing. Ffs. Game Theory and Game Grumps. Got an intro that needs to be a skosh quieter so I don't have to destroy my speakers trying to hear the quiet af episode without manually changing the volume for the apocalyptically loud intro.
Danilo Vega
Danilo Vega - 2 hours ago
We are all gonna die to global warming thanos, so who cares
Dragon King
Dragon King - 2 hours ago
I got a feeling you’re right but it won’t happen in the movie
Trevor Hoffman
Trevor Hoffman - 2 hours ago
Good thing rian Johnson isn’t directing, he’d do everything to subvert these expectations because he apparently doesn’t believe in character arcs
Rajeef C2005
Rajeef C2005 - 2 hours ago
No one will Die
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