Eugene Volunteers At The Trevor Project

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Emma Pile
Emma Pile - Day ago
the ending i cried :,)
Eve Evans
Eve Evans - 7 days ago
Now this is cool. Possibly one of my fav episodes.
It would be also cool to do a follow up vid or check in with them every one in awhile.
daniel whyte
daniel whyte - 8 days ago
is it available in the uk????
MyMyTeaTea - 12 days ago
How I wish my country had something like this.....
Lila Baxter
Lila Baxter - 12 days ago
Honestly seeing Eugene, who is normally so closed off, talk, and get emotional, about his own experience with growing up and not being able to talk to someone when he really needed to hit home so much. I’ve been so lucky to have excepting parents but I still can’t talk to them about everything. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Eugene but now more than ever, I can relate to him. Love you Eugene
Professor Rosenstock
Professor Rosenstock - 13 days ago
When I was a teen one of my fears my friends killing themselves. Even stopped buy sharpeners so that they could not cut with the blades. This fear is not as strong but still exists.
KYU Riann
KYU Riann - 13 days ago
Gosh the Eugene is making me cry!!😥
Wole pyro
Wole pyro - 14 days ago
I cry when Eugene cries
Vanessa Dixon
Vanessa Dixon - 15 days ago
This video warmed my heart 💜
Cassandra Finley
Cassandra Finley - 15 days ago
Did you see the tears on Eugene's face? God, I just wanna hug him bit ... he doesn't like that
Lemon Essence
Lemon Essence - 15 days ago
Holy shit he almost cried. Poor little Eugene!
Tess Golds
Tess Golds - 16 days ago
Eugene: *Gets too emotional* ah F**k
Tess Golds
Tess Golds - 16 days ago
"It's really important that you listen to the person that is talking to you-"

Eugene: *Not listening and petting dog*
Lana Egg
Lana Egg - 17 days ago
I could really relate to what was said in the training call. I like to dress differently and others make fun of me at school. I did have suicidal thoughts and I got death threats. I did even try once, since then I promised myself never to do that again. I do have friends but they don't know how to help. I feel lost, I have body issues. I finally started loving who I was after multiple years of bullying. And then they ruined it all. I feel broken. I don't know what to do. I live in a different country where they don't have such a life line.
Sunshine Grace Arquintillo
I love Eugene most of all. 😍🌈
Grace Hutchinson
Grace Hutchinson - 18 days ago
This is very important. As a straight girl I can’t say much about the LGBTQ community but I know some about it from my friends. This organisation shouldn’t have to have been created as we are all equal whether u are straight, bi, gay, transgender etc but in this world we are not. This is a great organisation that I’m glad the LGBTQ community can reach out to. Kudos to the try guys for making this video and making the Trevor project more known x
mvxhobi - 19 days ago
i love you eugene you're amazing
Ruby Round
Ruby Round - 19 days ago
Im not gay or anything but...when I started school they already started bullying me they beat me up and said 'go die!' I tried suicideing but... My bffs helped me up so...please dont try to die or cut yourself like i did god loves you and god put you on earth for a reason
Vony Rakoto
Vony Rakoto - 19 days ago
is it really insightful to meddle in underage folks' business like this ? Like you're not gonna raise them or anything.
Ayato - 17 days ago
If there parents or friends dont/cant help them, who else is there for them? Things like those hotlines are very, very important. Its good to have neutral people there that actually listen to you.
Fishcakes the Umbrella
Fishcakes the Umbrella - 20 days ago
Sugar Sweet
Sugar Sweet - 21 day ago
If I see negativity in the comments im gonna commit love yourself to everyone effected by this negative thoughts
Ayame Freeze
Ayame Freeze - 24 days ago
Keith's face trying to be serious during a very serious moment at the end has me cracking up
Ruth Hermosura
Ruth Hermosura - 27 days ago
I love how they talked about how important it is to just listen because most people going through depression or experiencing any sort of mental health, they don’t want someone to fix their problems, they just need someone to listen. Thank you for this! :)
VintageStars - 27 days ago
As a kid who is questioning gender and sexuality (I'm sure as hell not straight), it is great to know that there is a project like this to help people who are struggling with identity. I have a trans and pansexual friend who is called a slut at school because of his identity. I know numerous people, actually, who are bullied for not being straight or for transitioning. This really makes me feel like things will improve for the LGBTQ kids who live in transphobic/homophobic communities like me.
EspeciallyxEmily - 27 days ago
Why would 7k people down vote this? Do they have no heart? :(
Alex Smithyes
Alex Smithyes - 28 days ago
Static - 29 days ago
I never seen this side of Eugene
Natálie Červená
Natálie Červená - 29 days ago
It breaks and warms my heart at the same time to see Eugene talk so openly and honestly with no jokes about his past. As a Trevor user, I thank you so much for this.
Twilight Deamon
Twilight Deamon - 29 days ago
I've been considering calling a lifeline like Trevor project for a while now, especially cuz about an hour ago I was talking with my best friend and told her I recently attempted suicide and she was really pushing me to either call a lifeline or tell my dad. I'm afraid to tell my dad and afraid hell hear me in the call. Not doing either, atleast not yet. Maybe some day.
Ginger Awana
Ginger Awana - 29 days ago
so glad you did this video
YOitsJohnDough - Month ago
4:30 was really great to hear.. I dont know where my self loathing comes from. Maybe its some place similar.
Hannah McCollum
Hannah McCollum - Month ago
Blue Animul
Blue Animul - Month ago
I’m sorry. I don’t get this. There are two genders , right?

I hope These people see that they “identify” as their gender but not that they are physically that gender.
If any of y’all are trans... can you explain it to me...
*i am not trying to offend... stating my opinion
Annae Williams
Annae Williams - Month ago
thank you got for doing this, seriously, thank you for exposing and drawing attention to this need, love you channel but like this one the most thank you eugene and thank you try guys, i wish i knew about this as well, been looking for away to help my community and will definitely be checking this origination out, thank you thank you thank you.
S.E.E. - Month ago
I'm so lucky because I'm bi. When I can out to my parents they said that they loved me no matter what. When I told my friends another one came out as pan.
Alice Brockway
Alice Brockway - Month ago
See, this is where I really enjoy your work. You’ll have me howling with laughter with one video, then crying because you’ve addressed something really important with the next. Keep doing your thing guys!
neptune ryu
neptune ryu - Month ago
Right now this is very inspiring to me because I have a crush on one of my friends, (she's a girl) and I don't know how to tell her and everytime someone asks who I have a crush on, I always have to pretend that I'm actually totally straight and I don't know how to tell my friends, or my family and I don't know what to do.
neptune ryu
neptune ryu - Month ago
I am NOT suicidal though
Paula Virgona
Paula Virgona - Month ago
Awesome, thank you for supporting our lgbtq youth.❤️
Melissa Lentz
Melissa Lentz - Month ago
Just watching this for the first time. Bravo Eugene for your work with the Trevor Project. Had heard of it, but didn’t know much. Thinking of volunteering!
Panic Robin
Panic Robin - Month ago
Eugene got me crying over here man, this means a lot—
Panic Robin
Panic Robin - Month ago
I love the Trevor Project
JL Collins
JL Collins - Month ago
This brings me back to when I was in school studying to be a social worker and counselor and the roleplay's we did regularly. They were so hard but so informative. It's okay not to know what to do and take a minute to think. Eugene, you did a great job in your first experience. It's always a hard thing to be in a situation with someone who is struggling and not try to do anything and everything to help them fix the situation. It's so helpful just to listen and be there and then after that ask if there's anything else you can do to help them. Bravo!
Kamill Arts
Kamill Arts - Month ago
8:14 yOu better stop i that right now I’m calling the weed
Yo I know about music
Yo I know about music - Month ago
who the FUCK disliked
latte americano
latte americano - Month ago
6:33 once their roleplay started, tears just fell. it reminded me of that one time i tried calling a lifeline and it didnt go well for me, at least on my side
Farah Maharani
Farah Maharani - Month ago
Wtf is wrong with these 7k people. They just want to do what they want to do and they aren't harming you dude, stop being a racist and accept the fact that this world is so open and your mind is so narrow
Kooki with some tae
Kooki with some tae - Month ago
Joey: well, I dress a bit different but I just want to be me.
Eugene: There's nothing wrong being different!
That hit me.
Landen Gill
Landen Gill - Month ago
Currently it is past hours to text, but I definitely will be texting. Thank you for giving me this.😘😍
My Life's Escape
My Life's Escape - Month ago
I would be instantly cheered up by eugenes voice
minecraft gamer girl
minecraft gamer girl - Month ago
God I need this
SuperfanGirl 303
SuperfanGirl 303 - Month ago
Wish this was available to other countries too..
Tracie Porter
Tracie Porter - Month ago
this video really means a lot to me. thank you.
Cory Grayson
Cory Grayson - Month ago
I wish i new that when i was younger it would have helped me alot cause im bi and genderfluid
James Willmus
James Willmus - Month ago
People tend to forget that we're all human beings. Everything else should come second to that.
Bambi Bamboo
Bambi Bamboo - Month ago
Omg you guys almost made me cry thank you 🙏I hope that the people that are in the Trevor project are having a happy life and are helping so many people god bless 🙏
Trish E.
Trish E. - Month ago
When Eugene started crying

Me: Im not crying, you are
Natalia Obando
Natalia Obando - Month ago
I would definitely sit on Eugene 😂
Ollie cat
Ollie cat - Month ago
I just started crying so... fun lol.
Carolyn Quinn
Carolyn Quinn - Month ago
Love is love this message is amazing I'm straight but I will support anyone . Equality for everyone.LGBT People deserve love and acceptance🏳️‍🌈❤️♥️
Shetasen - Month ago
Can...aces call?
infamoushero - Month ago
Superheroes are for straight people Eugene! (Except Wonder Woman, we can keep her)
Aum Patel
Aum Patel - Month ago
Suicide rates are constant, even after LGBTQ people come out and are accepted by there family. "Just saying"
Tristen Houser
Tristen Houser - Month ago
I'm really gonna put myself out there. I'm twelve and I'm Demiromantic Pansexual. I live in a really bigoted and homophobic community. I don't have any suicidal thoughts, but I really can't talk to anyone. So my question is: Is the Trevor Project just a suicide prevention hotline or is it simply just talking?
CHEERS! - Month ago
We still don’t know what sexuality Eugene is!!!! Please let us know! There are a bunch of people who want to confess their love to you!
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
Frisbee 'n' Cookies - Month ago
Eugene really does have a heart of gold no wonder he was drawn to the Trevor Project. All these people needing a place to talk because the world rejects them for the fact they didn't tick all the conformity boxes made by people obsessed with sexuality all the while screeching sexual morals. Kinda says everything doesn't it?😢
Drako Styles
Drako Styles - Month ago
cutie08 - Month ago
Awwww! This was so sweet!
The Fabulous Lightskin
I couldn't do that I would have a mental breakdown every time lol 😂
Genytics - Month ago
not gonna lie, this made me cry a lot
i'm a transguy and i always wanted to join the army, and when the ban was talked about... it broke my fucking heart and i didn't feel like i had anywhere to go in life, i didn't know the trevor project existed... i wish i did, i almost killed myself because i felt like i didn't have a fighting chance. i wish i had known about this, and i'm glad this video exists because more people will know this exists.
Queen Queen
Queen Queen - Month ago
Eugene in Harry Styles mode..
Phil Church
Phil Church - Month ago
Do you think you'd ever consider putting peoples pronouns in future videos you present? I know this video is a few months old now and you probably won't be checking in, but it would really help normalize how trans and non-binary people share pronouns.
Jqn Bautista
Jqn Bautista - Month ago
Thank you guys i really needed this. I had no idea there were such projects to help kids in these kinds of situations. I will definetly consider calling or talking them. Thank you!
Catandthefiddle - Month ago
I really love this video as a teen who is still very in the closet around family i will totally use this call service, this is why i love the try guys.
carrotjuse - Month ago
With the LGBT+ community under increasing attack by the current administration and that political party, the Trevor project has never been more needed!
Phanic! At the Pity Party
I'm bi and came out to my mom 2 years ago. She didn't take it well. It hurt really bad to see the person you trusted to so much not accept you for who you are. She's still not comfortable with it, but she's making progress. She apologized for the pain she put me through over those years. It made me cry because God, that's all I wanted ever since I realized I wasn't straight. Having clinical depression and then being LGBT on top of that is insanely hard. I've struggled with suicidal thoughts and self harm for years. But over the course of this past year I have been learning to love myself for who I am and to be comfortable with myself no matter what others think. And here I am, 4 months clean from cutting, an amazing and adorable girlfriend, and an army of incredible supportive people. It's not perfect, but it's better. It gets better. I promise. Thanks for listening to my story, my Instagram is if you need someone to talk to, want to share your story with, or just want a fellow LGBT friend. Love you all guys, gals, and nonbinary pals💕🌈
Phanic! At the Pity Party
Hey trans girls,

You're looking really fucking beautiful today💕
Phanic! At the Pity Party
Hey trans guys,

You're looking really fucking handsome today💕
Phanic! At the Pity Party
To all the people who are afraid to come out. To all the people who were ready to end life because of not being accepted. To the people who weren't excepted. To the people who were kicked out or disowned. To the people who were bullied. To the people who were treated differently for who you are. I'm proud of you. Keep being you, because you are fucking amazing exactly as you are. The world is a hateful place full of a lot of spite, but the LGBTQ+ community is full of the most beautiful and accepting people out there and we are all here for each other. You are a beautiful individual and you're doing amazing. Together we can work towards a world with more color, more equality, and more positivity. Keep going, you are loved❤️🌈
Random Person
Random Person - Month ago
Seeing eugene almost crying breaks my heart
elif aleaf
elif aleaf - Month ago
*not spon*
Sandra Manouchehri
Sandra Manouchehri - 2 months ago
Was Eugene talking about his mom.

Shane Dawson is ShOOk!
Sanjeevani Banerjee
Sanjeevani Banerjee - 2 months ago
Eugene I want to give you a good heart warming hug but you don't like hugs so I want send all my love to you. 💛
Sky’s Not The Limit
Sky’s Not The Limit - 2 months ago
The 24/7 lifeline is 1-866-488-7386 Incase you didn’t see
Miss Lady
Miss Lady - 2 months ago
For me watching this video it’s very hard and it hurts me how people are really not able to be themselves or it’s just like wow and a person like myself being a part of a wonderful community that is looked down upon it’s heartbreaking not all of us get the loving caring families that are supportive I’m lucky and grateful to get a supportive family 🤗❤️😭😭😭😭
Justice Westlake
Justice Westlake - 2 months ago
Tfw you should probably have talked to these people at some point but you have anxiety and can't talk to strangers. :/
Vegetarian Vibe
Vegetarian Vibe - 2 months ago
Reply if you love me 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
ShanteYouStay - 2 months ago
They got to the role play and it got too real. I work with middle schoolers and it made me think about my own students who struggle. I feel so inadequate even though I'm doing my best each day. I'm not trying to whine or get sympathy--I just see how huge a job it is to help kids who are in pain.
Griffin Phobia
Griffin Phobia - 2 months ago
this video straight up made me cry because I could have really used this when I was younger
Spork Kid
Spork Kid - 2 months ago
This just reminds me of the gay guy/straight guy videos Eugene used to make that I would watch when I was like 11. Look at us now ❤️
Spork Kid
Spork Kid - 2 months ago
I started crying the support just means so much to me and so many people in the community. Many of us have been put through the worst situations and are silenced. This really makes me feel heard thank you. 🏳️‍🌈
Alex Matters
Alex Matters - 2 months ago
Please, if you need to, contact the trevor project. Back when I was planning one of my suicide attempts, I contacted them. I needed to talk. They listened, talked, joked and made sure I was ok. The trevor project is a wonderful lifeline for anyone and everyone who needs someone. Remember, you will be found. We are here for you, I am here for you. Please
little shining star
little shining star - 2 months ago
We need something like that in my country
Gabb Malabor
Gabb Malabor - 2 months ago
Love you, girl. Heart heart.
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore - 2 months ago
"loved, valued and never alone" exactly that is what is needed in this world
Emma Johnston
Emma Johnston - 2 months ago
I am so sad like my eyes are swollen from crying so much because of all the crap I hear from Christians saying that the LGBTQ community is bull because I am also Christian and having other Christians who treat others like that makes me ashamed of my community because just because others are different and just because they don't follow Christian beliefs doesn't mean that you can tell that kind of stuff to their because its like the cycle first we sin then we pray for forgiveness then God forgives us and it just goes round and round because God loves us all equally and I hate how some Christians out there think that LGBTQ people are disgraces to humanity because its even in the BIBLE that says that just because someone doesn't believe in what you believe in doesn't mean you can't still love them they are just as beautiful and kind and sweet and caring as you are. I myself are saying that I love all, atheist, LGBTQ, Christian, etc.. I love all and to all of the LGBTQ community have the courage and just have the courage to come out don't be ashamed of yourself be confident be loving be caring and be the best you can be.
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell - 2 months ago
I’m not crying. You’re crying....
Hi I’m Sad
Hi I’m Sad - 2 months ago
I started to cry when Eugene started to cry
N T - 2 months ago
I’m so glad the try guys did this. What Trevor project does is so crucial. It’s hard to watch this without getting choked up.
Yoongay Isbae
Yoongay Isbae - 2 months ago
Namjoon stop cutting onions
Darren Elliot
Darren Elliot - 2 months ago
I’m fuckin crying now 😭
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