Corey Taylor - Black Eyes Blue [Official Audio]

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B3SSO 04
B3SSO 04 - 24 minutes ago
This dude is 100% talent!
Poz C
Poz C - 2 hours ago
Well that was $hit
Draeas - 3 hours ago
420k subs, +1. Fuckin' metal 🤘
SheIsntReal 0_0
SheIsntReal 0_0 - 5 hours ago
I'm a huge CT fan but sorry dude, this sounds like generic pop "music"😲
Juan Feraud Dávila
Juan Feraud Dávila - 5 hours ago
Man why not releasing this with Stone Sour. It sounds the same. Would’ve made more sense to drop out some acoustic stuff on a solo project.
Matt Ehrlich
Matt Ehrlich - 8 hours ago
This is comically bad.
Dave Joe
Dave Joe - 9 hours ago
Reliving the 80's with this song
Beth Buie
Beth Buie - 9 hours ago
If this is for Alicia it was a desperate plea. Song number 3 was for me
Jd Hagedoorn
Jd Hagedoorn - 10 hours ago
So what Disney or Lifetime original movie is this for?
jonhy vonbee
jonhy vonbee - 11 hours ago
corey taylor hated pop music and justin bieber so much, he decided to imitate him. fully becoming the douchey pop he hated for so long.
brimstonebull - 12 hours ago
I need a slip knot corona mask 😂
Felipe Rodríguez
Felipe Rodríguez - 17 hours ago
Corey Schrodinger: Can do a full blast metal song or sing a happy catchy song
Nicolas Silva
Nicolas Silva - 17 hours ago
1:25 : El sol de la bandera Uruguaya suddenly appears
Samantha Nichols
Samantha Nichols - 18 hours ago
Funny he bitches about bands being weak and rock turning soft, then comes out with this shit. He use to be one of my favorites but i see he's either lost himself or i dont even fucking know. But all im seeing is him turning into a hypocrite. Hasn't been the same since Alicia. 😑
hoojolan - 20 hours ago
"It's really safe and fucking weak, and it feels like there's no attitude," Taylor recently suggested in an online Kerrang cover story when the topic of folk rock was breached. "There's nothing that's offending people's sensibilities, and that's what rock is supposed to do sometimes."
Read More: Corey Taylor Hates 'F--king Weak' Bands Getting All the Attention |
hoojolan - 20 hours ago
...then releases this
TheClapp81 - 22 hours ago
This is horrific, poppy, and Satan's cock-gobblingly bad.
PandaOG89 - 23 hours ago
Always A Pleasure
omghai2u - Day ago
i really hope u see this comment corey
HellWalker - Day ago
Well this better then whatever the fuck that other song waa
jbstans - Day ago
You misspelt Trafalgar...
F P - Day ago
Corey sounds like a 14 year old kid with infatuation.
It's pure but it's off putting. Please stop
I know Corey will never read this, but my advice to anyone is..don't do what Corey is doing.
It's not a cash grab, its literally an idiot with a microphone
Saint Cruelty
Saint Cruelty - Day ago
Corey is finally able to make the music he grew up on.
VMAN Viney
VMAN Viney - Day ago
What a Musician wow can pull anything off and for you all dissing this well guess you dont know the Taylor nor the sour or the knot
Jeremy Mattice
Jeremy Mattice - Day ago
Being a fan of the band this man sang for since I was an adolescent for like 20 years now. I like this alot. It's not slipknot. Not stonesour. Not even an in between. It's just fucking art
Ben Haven
Ben Haven - Day ago
In the words of the great Charels Barkley 'Turible just turible'
nephyril - Day ago
I think I found one of those "Safe and fucking weak" bands that Corey Taylor was talking about.
One Zook Nation
One Zook Nation - Day ago
Definitely better than the other song. I don't care if it was tongue in cheek. It wasn't a good song, and unless the rest of the album is crap, it'll certainly bring it down. Should have been a b-side.
Samurai Dave
Samurai Dave - Day ago
Happy to see he's not having a mid life crisis and the whole album is rapcore. Do your thing bro
Manash Pratim Goswami
Not as a knot fan, but as normal human's perception my review-
Without any boundaries, the songs were played as per his choice and his mind worked without any hurdles
Narf - Day ago
Fucking terrible. This guys voice would be good for a dive bar at best. Absolutely nothing special
Oblivion - Day ago
Wondering how we align "cool outspoken against bullshit Corey" with the guy who has released a song with daniel hernandez who has pled guilty to "use of a child in a sexual performance"?
Alan Heyes
Alan Heyes - Day ago
Oblivion No worries, Oblivion. You’re good 😂
Oblivion - Day ago
Ill totally own that im a dumbass, im so glad to be wrong this time, i saw that other song had technine and thought tekashi69, i didnt get to his rap bit so didnt even see the rapper just word assoc. Didnt care for the song but really was confused cos imagine CT working with that grub. My apologies to all I should join the PMRC
Alan Heyes
Alan Heyes - Day ago
What are you talkin’ about? 😶
Emanuela Casanova
Emanuela Casanova - Day ago
A new stage !, it´s just one more of the multiple facets of the big Corey ! and i love it
Ryan Guzman
Ryan Guzman - Day ago
Slipknot, Stone Sour, Corey Taylor.....I like em all. You guys all kick ass!
Nick Maul
Nick Maul - Day ago
From Nü-metal to Nü-dad rock !
Leopardo 1414
Leopardo 1414 - Day ago
CMFT is comple shit but this one is understandable
Josh V
Josh V - Day ago
Kinda refreshing bc it sounds like no one else.
Jd Hagedoorn
Jd Hagedoorn - 10 hours ago
Maybe because you have never watched Disney or any christian show?
LA LEYENDA723 - Day ago
wtf Stone Sour expelled its vocalista and became soloist, now the vocalist of Slipknot replaced the one of Stone Sour
Youtube User
Youtube User - Day ago
Hey Corey do yoy feel it do you fucking feel it
Lucas Nupponen
Lucas Nupponen - Day ago
Mom can I have new slipknot or stonesour music. We already have some at home. At home: "Black Eyes Blue" and "CMFT must be stopped".
Andy Hawkins
Andy Hawkins - Day ago
Sounds like an 80's soundtrack song....not that that's a bad thing....
Catatonic Sanctuary
>calls out "safe bands"
>makes generic, cookie cutter buttrock music
okay corey
ShiivaWilding - Day ago
Sounds like a song by a generic band opening up for Paramore. Underwhelmed is an understatement!
Alana Martins
Alana Martins - Day ago
Corey Taylor foi abençoado com essa voz ❤❤❤✌
Ash Ireland
Ash Ireland - Day ago
Am I the only one who gets a "she loves me not" vibe from this song
Niggs Byrum
Niggs Byrum - Day ago
Sounds like pop rock.
Spiros Dimas
Spiros Dimas - Day ago
Uto Punk
Uto Punk - Day ago
sound little like the Sugar album of Bob Mould ;-) like it, very sunny!
Ana Silva
Ana Silva - Day ago
Oh corey que merda de musica
Charming nowhere to hide
I freaking adore the hell out of this gentleman. ❤
Ahmet Çınar
Ahmet Çınar - 2 days ago
I push my fingers into my black eyes?
Charming nowhere to hide
I never understood the hype of Corey Taylor he was decent in Slipknot all his other shit sucks
Dee Bell
Dee Bell - 2 days ago
Freddy Mercury past and Corey picked his crown up..
Anon X
Anon X - 2 days ago
It's sad what getting older does to our favorite artists. Corey has officially turned into the one thing in music he hated the most. 😢
Anon X
Anon X - 2 days ago
Corey have you been drinking again?
Anon X
Anon X - 2 days ago
From a WWE entrance theme to a Nickelback cover song. I wish you would of tried to evolve like Ronnie Radke did. Damn you are going backwards.
Orochimaru Japan
Orochimaru Japan - 2 days ago
Corey Taylor goes Nickelback.. Lol
Douglas Higgins
Douglas Higgins - 2 days ago
Glad he didn't pull a Aaron Lewis
Marc McCourt
Marc McCourt - 2 days ago
Should have just put this on the next Stone Sour album or is he above them now!!!
1999livewire - 2 days ago
Very weak Corey
Michael Bogado
Michael Bogado - 2 days ago
This sounds like something Nickelback would do. It's worse than the generic rock that Stone Sour made. I hope there are better songs on the new album.
Alan Silva
Alan Silva - 2 days ago
Corey you are the guy one day I hope to go to your show
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