What’s Up With That Peloton Commercial?

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Inside Edition
Inside Edition - Month ago
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Caribbean Bound
Caribbean Bound - Month ago
In all reality almost nobody is offended but the news only reports on the few that's our and makes it look like everyone is offended. No news story here.
Amrith Dev
Amrith Dev - Month ago
Who asked for this
Billy Yonet
Billy Yonet - Month ago
Padraig Murphy - aaaw, wow, I’m busted 😢 All good homey, thanks for being the Lone Ranger
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy - Month ago
@Billy Yonet the person I said that to was saying it was a conservative thing. My point entire point was that it's not politics so way to catch on. The real cringey thing here is you because I've seen you comment about 5 or 6 different times here and everytime you say the video is cringey. THAT'S cringey.
Billy Yonet
Billy Yonet - Month ago
Padraig Murphy - this has nothing to do with politics you freaking fools! It’s just a stupid badly made commercial spot. It’s cringy.... Hello, end of story
goku the great
goku the great - 3 hours ago
If only Al Bundy was around. He would have a field day with this.
Von Steiner
Von Steiner - 22 hours ago
All the normal people who watched this ad thought it was annoying and then move on.
armin arlert
armin arlert - Day ago
She was already healthy
Looking glass
Looking glass - Day ago
If my skinny assed wife made a compilation video of her taking pathetic selfie footage on a god damn exercise bike and made me watch it, I’d think she was batshit crazy. Probably asked for a divorce also. Such a dumb commercial, so dumb I would never buy one. Great marketing Peloton, just like all your other “make my skin itch” commercials.
Heinrich Hesse
Heinrich Hesse - 2 days ago
You should connect all the bundles of energy to the global power grid, so that all the senseless energy can at least be useful ... :)
Charley - 2 days ago
Today's society overthinks things & labels everything! Candy society that we live in today! SMH 🙄
thesnoopmeister Snoops
thesnoopmeister Snoops - 2 days ago
Maybe she asked for an exercise bike and wasn’t expecting a $2000 one.
West-er Vids
West-er Vids - 3 days ago
Forget the peloton and get yourself the handyman's trainer bike! https://youtu.be/-tLBvUyu2Lk
john mallya
john mallya - 3 days ago
I guess the only reason people exercise is to lose weight
I exercise to reduce stress, build muscle, strengthen my heart....i like setting goals and doing hard things
HermanL - 3 days ago
Exercise isn't just for making your body thinner, it's for building energy, keeping depression at bay, etc.
Jeff J
Jeff J - 3 days ago
I hate liberals for forcing this off the air...it was a lot easier to watch than the one they have now.
Ynot_44 - 4 days ago
Of course Americas get mad at something trying to make you healthy, how is this offensive?
Clay Tidwell
Clay Tidwell - 4 days ago
Only a whiny snowflake takes offense to this. Get over IT!
WickedWordzz - 4 days ago
Everyone today is BUTTHURT ABOUT EVERYTHING. Good Lord. There's nothing offensive about this, so get over it!!
Damon Mason
Damon Mason - 5 days ago
People have turned in to flat out dumb asses!!! Maybe she was a biker clowns!!! Get over it!!!! Damn stop crying about everything people who dont want to work out with your lazy asses!!
Juliana Arthuso
Juliana Arthuso - 5 days ago
I'm here just because I saw a JPsears video
dylf14 - 7 days ago
fatties upset that thin people enjoying exercise equipment.
Wesley Hempoli
Wesley Hempoli - 7 days ago
Ok so if my wife is an artist and i buy her a paint brush then im a bad guy because im insinuating that she needs to do better?? A pushing people to do better is a rude and insensitive thing? Lmfao...
She already in great shape meaning she more than likely is active and interested in fitness...sooo gift giving is themed around a person's interests _riiiiiight?_ jeeeeeez soft libtards now days just itching to be offended. Rev-al-shapton syndrome is a very real thing.
Spider-Man - 7 days ago
The fact that they disabled the comments
Roy Liu
Roy Liu - 7 days ago
Feminist idiots at work again
Bobbie Weiler
Bobbie Weiler - 9 days ago
The current commercial is MORE ANNOYING with the guy singing to fugees “ready or not here I come”. Why is everyone harping on that poor girl? Like he’s not fit and buff?
Colby Stilton
Colby Stilton - 9 days ago
So what if she's "slim already"? The bike will just help her keep fit and maintain her ideal weight. Don't have to be fat to start a routine. Not sexist, just kind.
eli.p. mercado
eli.p. mercado - 9 days ago
I love that commercial 💪
War Crimes
War Crimes - 9 days ago
Lol she acts like he is about to beat her
Darth Woodrow Wes just dropped an F in the Chat
Husband: (buys expensive exercise bike)
Random Person
Random Person - 9 days ago
Its only repulsive if you're a fat ass and the thought of physical activity makes you nauseous.
Bryan Valentino
Bryan Valentino - 12 days ago
Don't give the haters attention. They thrive off it. Just let them be miserable in their own life. I'm glad I'm not pathetically nasty by blaming my problems on others. Some people just don't grow up. Oh well.
Bad Alice
Bad Alice - 12 days ago
There is nothing wrong with this ad...
check collector
check collector - 13 days ago
Women get mad and upset about everything.
patrick reedy
patrick reedy - 13 days ago
She weighs 80 pounds just what is her husband going for? She would have to tease the hair on her ass to hold her pants up. If you want to make it believable swoop down to earth and scoop up one that weighs 250 just run by any fast food place and you can have your pick now that would be believable.
marina addams
marina addams - 13 days ago
it could've been that she wanted a exercise bike and was genuinely happy when her husband got her one
Russell Ford
Russell Ford - 14 days ago
The absolute worst thing about this ad for me is the line "Let's do this". I'm sick of hearing that corny phrase. 🤮
MEGA NZ - 14 days ago
peloton sux!!!
Heavykiin - 15 days ago
If roles were reversed no one would say anything.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby - 15 days ago
It's her eyes...she looks very anxious.
sungaikantan - 16 days ago
Millenials and their whining erghhhh... triggered at everything. I am getting a Peloton for the sake of triggering them 🤣
BRODY LUIG - 16 days ago
Yes what a fat wife. I love this commercial
KaylaAnne _mua
KaylaAnne _mua - 16 days ago
I’m asking my husband for one of these because I wanna get in shape
Freddie - 16 days ago
S if she was forced on to it by her husband why was she so happy about getting it
Sunday_funday77 - 17 days ago
Never watching inside edition again. Pathetic.......
derek. - 17 days ago
I bet if it was the women giving it to the guy, it would be a normal commercial
Doug McMullen
Doug McMullen - 17 days ago
How about if the couple discussed what she wanted for Christmas and it was the Peloton? Cause sane people don’t blame men for everything.
Leroy Sinclair
Leroy Sinclair - 17 days ago
She’s a comedian🤨
ACP - 17 days ago
My gosh, Oh my gosh, people.
Breeeeathe! Live!! Get out of your house occasionally. My gosh!
Victor Mcmillan
Victor Mcmillan - 17 days ago
She was a fatty lol jk
Maddie’s Surgeries
Maddie’s Surgeries - 17 days ago
Ok, but did anyone think that she wanted it?? Maybe she had wanted one for a long time, but she didn’t want to spend all that money on it. Because her expression when she got it was happy.
Sandi O'Regan
Sandi O'Regan - 17 days ago
Hey! My family got me a Peloton Bike for Christmas, and I am SO thankful for it!!! More important things to worry about than Peloton commercials. Perspective people!
empressericaL - 17 days ago
I think she is adorable and this is a cute commercial !
Jonathan Long
Jonathan Long - 18 days ago
Whats wrong with this? He doesnt want his newly wed trophy wife to get a fat ass!
Mahi Sreedhara
Mahi Sreedhara - 18 days ago
maybe she actually wanted a peloton
JMcH - 18 days ago
Go look at the little picture on Alodia's "Our New House?!?" video - she's a real (wealthy, media-savvy) person who does her own self-promoting videos. Is that look of mock alarm familiar? We seem to be losing the ability to read the media for what it is, and what it pretends to represent - the real world.
Katrina Byrd
Katrina Byrd - 18 days ago
I mean, that's a pretty cool looking bike. I would make the joke with my significant other that he's calling me fat by getting me a workout bike, but that's it.
Seriously. It has a tv. Lol. I don't know the workout bike standard, but that's pretty nice imo. I get how some people can be triggered. But, America's second language is sarcasm, so I can only assume that was the point of the negative comments.
Ericson Jacques
Ericson Jacques - 18 days ago
Ill buy one for someone i dont like
kathy byerly
kathy byerly - 18 days ago
This commercial is great. If I could afford a pelaton I'd own one. Nothing wrong with it.
Alberto Guerra
Alberto Guerra - 18 days ago
We all know the real reason why Peloton made this commercial. Because most fitness girls nowadays on social media like to record them selves working out in yoga pants and showing their butts on a daily basis.
Paul Presto
Paul Presto - 18 days ago
fat people hate skinny people fact. the cute chicks on the view hated this commercial......nuff said.
Tristan Causer
Tristan Causer - 18 days ago
If a woman buys her husband tools, does that mean he's a lazy bastard? No, it does not and the same goes for this commercial. Buying your wife a peloton is not a way of fat-shaming her.
Fred Arbanscub
Fred Arbanscub - 18 days ago
This is the worst commercial I have ever, ever seen. Jeezus
wade barber
wade barber - 19 days ago
So a box of chocolate covered cherries is Now offensive? Must be a bunch of young libs here. Looking for something to be offended by.
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