The Best Of Wild Animals Attacks 2018 - Most Amazing Moments Of Underwater Battles

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Günther - 11 hours ago
Just horribly.
They start eating without killing their pray first.
Not right.
I think it's because they are crazy dogs
Gemini 05
Gemini 05 - 16 hours ago
krishna kollabathini
The Moose
The Moose - Day ago
When your squad leaves you 0:19 -0:032
Mousin Khan
Mousin Khan - 2 days ago
i respect big cats bcz they respect their victim they first kill them by catching neck after it died they eat it but those wild dogs merciless ....
T. A.
T. A. - 2 days ago
2018? Quality like 1920 year
Piere B
Piere B - 2 days ago
Ani channel what a sack of wet shit u are
Piere B
Piere B - 3 days ago
What bastard that should be killed has put this dog in this position?
morena bahia
morena bahia - 3 days ago
Odeio hienas
DYBALAXT FÉ - 3 days ago
Caralho o cachorro foi pra dentro msm
Jesus David Romero Gonzales
Cuando los asesinamos nosotros para comer normalmente no les duele tanto no?
Tropang Pinoy
Tropang Pinoy - 3 days ago
17:14 man that lion is much more a gentleman than any guy I know 😅
Creditt Card
Creditt Card - 3 days ago
Ain't nothing good about attacks
Lord Revan
Lord Revan - 4 days ago
Why the wild dogs couldnt have eaten the camara man instead of the deer ? I dont understand how these 2 legs animal can stand there and watch these dogs eat a deer alive instead of helping the poor deer by thowing rocks at the dogs o somethin
Piere B
Piere B - 2 days ago
They have to eat and something has to die for that to happen but it is disgusting to exploit it.the dogs could have been driven off when it was obvious that the antelope had no escape.a shot to the head to end its misery and then let the dogs return.
RealDai - 4 days ago
Shelle Bell
Shelle Bell - 4 days ago
That poor dog in 2nd video. Why not help
DLIX2DCLI - 4 days ago
Tigers and Jaguars don't play. They'll come in your territory to fight and drag you out. I don't know why lions are such pussies in the water.
Lâm Nguyễn Đức
Lâm Nguyễn Đức - 5 days ago
Fuck dog
Marlene Edivone
Marlene Edivone - 5 days ago
Credo está conforme
Marlene Edivone
Marlene Edivone - 5 days ago
Meu Deus coitados salvei quem puder
mr juancho Tk
mr juancho Tk - 5 days ago
Nosé por qué no salvan al perro yo me arriesgo la vida por los perro esas personas no malas hijos de put4
サイコ19820427 - 5 days ago
Story Monkey
Story Monkey - 5 days ago
So amazing animal!!!
ali irani
ali irani - 6 days ago
fuck your video
Life of animal
Life of animal - 6 days ago
Like my Chanel
VILÃO DO GRAVE - 6 days ago
Pq quem grava não é comido tbm kakakakaka tô de Brinks
Cheetah Life
Cheetah Life - 7 days ago
Great videos
Zombie - 7 days ago
Filmed on a block of cheese
fabrice landry koua
fabrice landry koua - 7 days ago
Que dieu te bénisse
Saryanto Saryan
Saryanto Saryan - 7 days ago
Musnahin aja anjing afrika..
sienna grosso
sienna grosso - 7 days ago
Warum filmt ihr solche grausamen Szenen
Joselito Gabriel Soares
Sem do e sem piedade
Hậu Huỳnh
Hậu Huỳnh - 8 days ago
DEWINZLOW 21211 - 9 days ago
BRUH these people let that dog get hurt
Edvaldo Santos
Edvaldo Santos - 9 days ago
Triste mas faz parte da natureza
DELCAYRE NELLY - 10 days ago
Mais putain c'était un chien et vous l'avez laisser mourrir vous n'êtes que de sales connards ordures je vous hais
حامد ال حاج سالم
مشهد مؤلم جدا................
Jose Augusto Mascarenhas Da Silva
Pq n eliminar esses cachorros do planeta q n servir pra nada .
fernando orozco solano
fernando orozco solano - 10 days ago
Haha brutal
Tanasha Brown
Tanasha Brown - 10 days ago
Do animals suppose to eat other animals?
Lydia Thompson
Lydia Thompson - 11 days ago
Wow, that deer didn’t have a chance
Harivansh Raghuvanshi
Harivansh Raghuvanshi - 9 days ago
Black Wolf
Black Wolf - 9 days ago
I love cunilingus i💜69
Amruth Rao
Amruth Rao - 10 days ago
Lydia Thompson No NJ p
Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton - 12 days ago
I bet a jag get eating by a nile croc a jag struggles and almost exhausted its self on a 100 fish eating caiman
Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton - 12 days ago
That croc almost smashed that lion by the skin oon the crocodile teeth
Creme Puff
Creme Puff - 12 days ago
Die Natur ist grausam 😥
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek - 12 days ago
Fucked up Fuck!
The GuNNeR sT-r6
The GuNNeR sT-r6 - 12 days ago
Was hoping a croc 🐊 had a few of those dogs
Rebecca Bautista
Rebecca Bautista - 13 days ago
Me : giving hope for deer
Deer: dies
Jedeon Mendes
Jedeon Mendes - 13 days ago
Bicho burro tá vendo o crocodilo se aproximar e fica panguando.
Oeks Lohk
Oeks Lohk - 13 days ago
I know this is their way of life but what makes me sad is i just cant imagine the pain that these animals go through while being eaten & torn apart alive!! Like being already dead is one thing but having to feel it is another....btw shame on those fucking people letting dogs get attack, they shouldnt even bet there
Abraham Ruiz
Abraham Ruiz - 14 days ago
personas idiotas, dejan que maten al idefenso perro mientras ellos miran como un idiota, solo por grabar su maldito video de mierda, personas mediocres, con tal de tener y elevar su mediocres videos.
Snake Life
Snake Life - 14 days ago
gostate 2014
gostate 2014 - 14 days ago
FUCK! Hyenas
Alexandre Portugues
Alexandre Portugues - 14 days ago
aí meu Deus, que voz de merda
WildlifeObsessed - 14 days ago
The Thumbnail is the give-away. Put together by a 4 year old with lucky dip of images preceded a montage of clips stolen from others.
End of.
Cláudio Coachig Á melhor Resposta
Very good
IXero - 15 days ago
Memes4life ok
Memes4life ok - 15 days ago
Crocodile is💩💩💩💩💩💩and I hate the crocodile and crocodile are nega if crocodile die😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😋😋😁😁😊😊😊😊🤗
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