Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

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SSSniperWolf - 14 days ago
things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) :D
Mrs.Queen ofgachavids
Mrs.Queen ofgachavids - 7 days ago
SSSniperWolf I new the ones about the converse
Pancake Waffles
Pancake Waffles - 8 days ago
I despise sparkling water 😂😂
Himanshu Sahu
Himanshu Sahu - 13 days ago
Hello its me ur avg yt ho, 😁
Ellie Louise
Ellie Louise - 13 days ago
Yo is water at starbucks free
cutesurvivingbunny - 13 days ago
I didn't know most of it
juan Antonio Desiderio
juan Antonio Desiderio - 23 minutes ago
sssniper my big brother hates your videos but i love your videos
BadWolfGirl1212 - 34 minutes ago
I wrap my shoe laces around my ankles all the time specially with tall chucks.. I had a pair of rainbow cheetah docs and did the same
lovey bunny
lovey bunny - Hour ago
also for the lollipops the hole is also for when a person swallows the stick and the hole will pass air so the person will be able to breath. btw love your channal sssniperwolf
Mikaelyn Sksksksksks
Kelly Lopez
Kelly Lopez - 2 hours ago
When you said AirPods I was watching your video with AirPods
Olivia Claydon
Olivia Claydon - 3 hours ago
i herd that the hole was there so if a kid soloed it they could still breath
•Dark Fox Gamez•
•Dark Fox Gamez• - 5 hours ago
I had recently gotten a new water bottle. I took it home and washed it out. I fill it up with water for school , start to drink out of it the next day, and realized the gel packet was still in there. YIPEE ME...
George Rojas
George Rojas - 5 hours ago
I love sparkling water
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - 5 hours ago
Jayla Alicea plays
Jayla Alicea plays - 6 hours ago
I watched this one video and it said the bottoms of the lollipop stick if it has holes in them and little kids were eating to Lollipops and they swallowed the stick they would still be able to breathe
Farrah Forsyth
Farrah Forsyth - 6 hours ago
I love that ICE sparkling water
Sasha Yt
Sasha Yt - 6 hours ago
Omg it's not a metal straw! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lol😄😂
KAWAII Nigga - Miaw yaw
KAWAII Nigga - Miaw yaw - 6 hours ago
00:01 🔥🙂
Itty bitty Hackz
Itty bitty Hackz - 7 hours ago
Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am
Justin Mashburn
Justin Mashburn - 7 hours ago
Kim Beerman from RHWA enters chat.
Haley Richardson
Haley Richardson - 8 hours ago
I kinda like sparkling water
Hillary Ramos
Hillary Ramos - 8 hours ago
I love sparking water, but am not aloud to have it anymore. My mo stop buying it😭
David Smallville
David Smallville - 8 hours ago
I love sparkling water
MeH hAnDs CaRrY eM
MeH hAnDs CaRrY eM - 10 hours ago
Really? I thought the small hole on the lollipop stick was for when a kid accidentally swallowed it, they would be able to breath.

I also thought the hole on the handle of the pot was for hanging it up. I guess it could be used for both.
My sis and I have those shoes.
Megan Gamer Channel
Megan Gamer Channel - 11 hours ago
I thought the hole on lollipops was for if a kid swallowed it they could still breathe. Meh That still works though. But I don't get why it's for to stay on since when i get a damn lollipop the actual hard sweet goes plop onto the floor.
Madison Bornman
Madison Bornman - 11 hours ago
Once I ate one of those silica’s when I was 5 and my dad and mom were panicking, but the doctor just said “it’s fine, she just might be unhydrated for a few days”.
Mandy !!!
Mandy !!! - 11 hours ago
Sparkling water is nasty
Agnes Mesikäpp
Agnes Mesikäpp - 13 hours ago
I love sparkeling whater
Claire Minish
Claire Minish - 13 hours ago
I love sparkling water!
it's just me
it's just me - 13 hours ago
I don't have airpods but I'm getting them I'm so happy I'm wereing head phones right now they hurt my ears so I'm getting air pods 😀i can't wait
Carly Ditchen
Carly Ditchen - 14 hours ago
I love sparkling water
Colby and Sam fan
Colby and Sam fan - 14 hours ago
I don’t have ari pods

Veronica Vasquez
Veronica Vasquez - 16 hours ago
the one with the lolly pop I saw on azzyaland that the whole in the lolly pop is so if a kid swallows the stick they can still breath !BAM! !WAN! !YES! !MAM!
OMG It’sMia
OMG It’sMia - 17 hours ago
Once I had a sprite and there was no flavor and it was gross
Keeli Schoeher
Keeli Schoeher - 20 hours ago
I have golden air pods
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 21 hour ago
Fun fact: remove the lid thing from the coke can then drop it on your drink, it helps get rid of the acid
Lulu I
Lulu I - 22 hours ago
With the soda can and straw thing my brother literally just found that yesterday
Like if you were clueless 😑
Siana Som
Siana Som - Day ago
im actually so mad not at lea but at these hacks bc i alsready knew about the apple charger the gas tank arrow and the converse and more
like if you knew these too :D
It’s tea time sIs
I’m sorry I can’t like this video, my grandma has AirPods and she lets me borrow them.
Andrea El Feghali
Andrea El Feghali - Day ago
Preston Cronk
Preston Cronk - Day ago
You forgot seaweed Silica gel is in seaweed
The Keywheeze
The Keywheeze - Day ago
I'm surprised they ice cream machine isn't damn broken
Blanca Serrano
Blanca Serrano - Day ago
Also you can breath
Tori Hinson
Tori Hinson - Day ago
My feet do not get sweaty
Hmmm Why
Hmmm Why - Day ago
When you're wearing AirBuds.
Emily McCall
Emily McCall - Day ago
Ive put those do not eat bags in my mouth its hard and about 3 years ago
Anna Tomasson
Anna Tomasson - Day ago
“Smash a like if ya don’t have AirPods”
Lowkey just got AirPods and watching this video with them
Stephen Wu
Stephen Wu - Day ago
Hi, I think you are better to wear without glasses
Ciara Cairney
Ciara Cairney - Day ago
I knew it was a coaster YEARSSSSSSS ago
Bskull 0 8
Bskull 0 8 - Day ago
Ariel Berrien
Ariel Berrien - Day ago
ata uerata
ata uerata - Day ago
I am Maori in nz maori mai maori atu  I don't have airpods
Brandy Christian
Brandy Christian - Day ago
Save the turtles
Chloe & Anneka
Chloe & Anneka - Day ago
I am obsessed with sparkling water
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