Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

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SSSniperWolf - 4 months ago
things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) :D
MELISSA PANICO - 7 days ago
I love u
Ms. Chicken Pack pack
Ms. Chicken Pack pack - 13 days ago
👍 nice 😀
Gracie Young
Gracie Young - 18 days ago
<3 u SS
Ana Zloic
Ana Zloic - 20 days ago
Hi SSSniperWolf plz give me a shoutout im a new subscriber
jomayra hernandez
jomayra hernandez - 2 months ago
I new about the straw and Can of soda thing
Ty Rees Fullbuster
Ty Rees Fullbuster - 6 minutes ago
Actually you can put laces In the two bottom holes so u get a tighter grip
Звезделина Божилова
People: In the future there will be flying cars!
Sssniper wolf: In the future, people will mix things with spoons!
Keolynn Bucks
Keolynn Bucks - 13 hours ago
I love sparkling water
Dennis Plays Games
Dennis Plays Games - 17 hours ago
McDonald at my place mcflurry is being done at the front
Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez - 20 hours ago
I ate a gel pack
Gacha tiger
Gacha tiger - 22 hours ago
I love sparkling water I am drinking it while watching this vid like if you to
Alisaie Rynn
Alisaie Rynn - 22 hours ago
I love sparkling water lol
badgosh8282 :w
badgosh8282 :w - Day ago
Watching this while I’m at McDonald’s xD
Jataiza Childers
Jataiza Childers - Day ago
I never tried sparkly water before
Peggy Jackson
Peggy Jackson - Day ago
As soon as this started I got a Reese’s McFlurry then she started talking about them!🤤😂
asima sen
asima sen - Day ago
Waitttttt i was told that the hole in lollipop stick was for if a kid ate it the kid had the hole to breathe through
Savage Killer
Savage Killer - Day ago
I have airpods
Oliver Howard
Oliver Howard - Day ago
U mean a f u china lol
Oliver Howard
Oliver Howard - Day ago
Unxcorn.Clxud - 2 days ago
This was posted on my birthday last yearrrr!
heidi bullock
heidi bullock - 2 days ago
Hi I love your videos can we be friends
lusher s
lusher s - 2 days ago
Atleast give credit to REACTION CHANNEL
Arianna Phillips
Arianna Phillips - 2 days ago
plz tell me the point in air pods
Marianne Peters
Marianne Peters - 2 days ago
Bubbly sparkling water is best
Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor - 2 days ago
I'm sure that the cuts in a backpack are for shoes laces xx
Taysia Nave
Taysia Nave - 2 days ago
Want home made LaCroix? Ok!
*Puts batteries in water*
Here's your LaCroix!
Be Yang
Be Yang - 2 days ago
Sparkling water kinda has a sprite taste to it
Kearney Kidz
Kearney Kidz - 2 days ago
i love soda water
Grace Jannarone
Grace Jannarone - 3 days ago
I ate silica gel when I was a baby
Aaliyah Garcia Cruz
Aaliyah Garcia Cruz - 3 days ago
5:02 could they just eat on the other side like the middle part
Lysa Unicorn_Girl5321
Lysa Unicorn_Girl5321 - 3 days ago
BRUH WHO HATES SPARKLING WATER 😫 I've been drinking sparkling water, my WHOLE life... ONLY SPARKLING WATER!
The Thrilling Thursdays
I love sparkling water I drink la crox I think that is it
fuzzyb12 Follow me on roblox
Love the Sparkling Water
Abigail Michel vlog
Abigail Michel vlog - 3 days ago
wwwwwoooooooowwwww wow😮😲😮😲😮
Amelia Griggs
Amelia Griggs - 3 days ago
My feet don’t sweat
SVT Dominos
SVT Dominos - 3 days ago
Lia: Smash like if you don't have AirPods
Me: I deadass have headphones🎧.
Landyn Herchenbach
Landyn Herchenbach - 3 days ago
There hard I chewed on one and didn’t affect me
Blaze Blaze
Blaze Blaze - 3 days ago
*me watching this litterally before my friend sells me an airpod "
just a cat :3
just a cat :3 - 3 days ago
our ice gream mashine is never broken
Melissa's magical Mysteries
“The holes on plane windows are so the windows don’t fog up”
Me: haha the windows on MN planes ALWAYS foggy in the winter
Taylor G Medina
Taylor G Medina - 3 days ago
i have no Ididdley!?
Gacha Boba
Gacha Boba - 3 days ago
The hole in the lolipop stick is so you don't choke i heard
Michaela Kimble
Michaela Kimble - 3 days ago
I tricked my ex-friend into getting AirPods
Karla Long
Karla Long - 4 days ago
I was drinking sparkling water when u said that
Lauren Myrick
Lauren Myrick - 4 days ago
My feet sweat ALOT🥵🥵
jorge Estrada
jorge Estrada - 4 days ago
Who's next to be blowed like a whistle
AppleKnowItAll 99
AppleKnowItAll 99 - 4 days ago
I love sparkling water
Minnie - 4 days ago
u like plastic spoons wow , not very vsco of u
Ttv_ XxcadecxX
Ttv_ XxcadecxX - 4 days ago
I love sparkling 💧
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 4 days ago
I love sparkling water
Courtney Nunez
Courtney Nunez - 4 days ago
What are those little holes in an airplane for?
Lia: “So ants can escape if there’s an emergency.” 😂😂😂
Lela Robinson
Lela Robinson - 4 days ago
Did you guys see that the hole and line on the side of an earbud looks
like a winky face ;
Serenity Shorter
Serenity Shorter - 4 days ago
When I was a kid I thought the ice cream spoon was a straw and I was using them wrong
oh no no no
oh no no no - 7 hours ago
You're that young?
Moon Rosette
Moon Rosette - 4 days ago
I got most of them wrong but I still liked cus your Amazing
Mary Ramirez
Mary Ramirez - 4 days ago
I love sporkcoly water 💦
Sniper gaming toxic Squad
Silica gel is hard and my friend ate one and he went blind for 1.0 seconds he told me that anyway he felt sick afterwords
Megan Ketelsen
Megan Ketelsen - 5 days ago
Raging bisexuals wrap their laces around their ankles lol
david chetla
david chetla - 5 days ago
Am eating a lollipop right now 🤣
Jenesis Delk
Jenesis Delk - 5 days ago
4:57 no hate but I've been doing that for a long time
Jenesis Delk
Jenesis Delk - 5 days ago
3:22 my friend ate one of those before
Ocee Davis
Ocee Davis - 5 days ago
I like lemon and cherry sparkling water
Katherine Chappell
Katherine Chappell - 5 days ago
I love sparkling water.
Journey Hurley
Journey Hurley - 5 days ago
8:49 My feet sweat like crazy but my mom's feet don't sweat at all. Not fair lol
Amelia Mainenti
Amelia Mainenti - 5 days ago
I love sparkly water
Alyssa Hinojosa
Alyssa Hinojosa - 5 days ago
I just bought AirPods
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