She Has To Wear A Muzzle Now. We Had ANOTHER Incident With Jelly!

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Madyson Hoplight
Madyson Hoplight - 18 hours ago
Guppy and the horse and the Pitbull
Kayleigh Fourcade
Kayleigh Fourcade - Day ago
One of my favorite sky’s family member is jelly and Willy
Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams - Day ago
My favorite member of the skies family is willy
Kerstin Reynolds
Kerstin Reynolds - Day ago
Wolf Pack724
Wolf Pack724 - 2 days ago
My favorite is diaper boy
Melissa R
Melissa R - 2 days ago
Guppy, Girl,Jelly
Jai Wagner
Jai Wagner - 2 days ago
Franklin (famouth) he’s such a cutie and I love his little numb tail
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez - 3 days ago
His name is Darwin
Malik Olson
Malik Olson - 3 days ago
Makayla Keel
Makayla Keel - 4 days ago
The horses and everyone
Alitzel Eretza
Alitzel Eretza - 4 days ago
My favorite is Girl 🐴🐴🐴🐎
G V - 5 days ago
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - 5 days ago
Pretty bird
Destiny Randall
Destiny Randall - 5 days ago
I feel like she's taken over Cali's job on being the big tough dog of the house
Ari McDowell
Ari McDowell - 6 days ago
Baby bird and sky
Ashley Boudreau
Ashley Boudreau - 6 days ago
Ashley Boudreau
Ashley Boudreau - 6 days ago
Zaira Costa
Zaira Costa - 9 days ago
All of them
Rebecca Daley
Rebecca Daley - 9 days ago
My favoeurite animal is flight.
Sharon Alderson
Sharon Alderson - 10 days ago
My favorite is famouth
Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson - 10 days ago
I live on Anna Maria I’m surprised I didn’t see you both!!
Delandria Little
Delandria Little - 10 days ago
Gael Crane
Gael Crane - 11 days ago
My fav pet, although you didn’t mention, was Cali. You said don’t blame the breed bc of what Jelly did to Cali and Franklin and I never would through my experience with them. They are now thru years at the dog park, my fav breed. Anyway, I’ll never forget the video you took the day you first picked up Franklin. His introduction with Cali couldn’t have been cooler. Frankie and Cali’s butts were up in the air wiggling non stop. Cali was so happy he was racing around the house until he played with Frankie for 5sec then ran wildly thru the house once again at a dead run. I’ve never seen a more adorable introduction then one between a 5lb puppy and a big pit, Cali 60 or more so lbs.. Yes Cali was my fav and I miss him so much!
Lillian Dazzle
Lillian Dazzle - 12 days ago
Baby bird
Makenzie Beltran
Makenzie Beltran - 13 days ago
My fav is flight
eyeeor04 - 14 days ago
baby bird
tanya lee
tanya lee - 14 days ago
when my dogs get into a fight we use the hose it works every time i have staffys they call it lock jaw
Roxana Andreea Gais
Roxana Andreea Gais - 14 days ago
Nixiienixroy - 15 days ago
My fav is baby bird
My Journey With Meadow
My Journey With Meadow - 15 days ago
You need to get a couple goats. I’m really surprised you don’t. If you get a baby goat, they can often become more dog like. If that makes sense?
My Journey With Meadow
My Journey With Meadow - 15 days ago
I don’t wanna scare you with the whole Cali thing. But a lot of dogs that get brain tumors.. or other types of cancer, have signs of random aggression, for no reason. Please take her to a vet if possible?
Okay should’ve wrote after watching the entire thing. Awesome. I pray she is entirely healthy! My dog has attacked a few people she doesn’t know from anxiety. It’s an awful thing for them to suffer from.
Hannah Pieplow
Hannah Pieplow - 15 days ago
I like The Bird and the Girl Horse 😀
Trinity Kerr
Trinity Kerr - 15 days ago
I love the fish
Raina Broach
Raina Broach - 15 days ago
jaylaandrea - 15 days ago
Have you tried cbd for her anxiety ?
jaylaandrea - 15 days ago
My maltipoo does the same thing she is the sweetest tho and so clingy she nudges your hand to rub her also and whines when you doesn’t I didn’t kno that was signs of dominant female tho interesting
jaylaandrea - 15 days ago
She is also the only animal and gets super terrified around other animals but definitely shows jealousy when any other pet is around
Gwen Bloodmoon
Gwen Bloodmoon - 15 days ago
My favorite family member of the animals is actually baby bird
Josie Dickson
Josie Dickson - 15 days ago
I feel so sorry for jelly because he has to wear and muzzle and it is very sad because i don't think you really meant to do it
Lynn Dion
Lynn Dion - 16 days ago
Hadlynn White
Hadlynn White - 17 days ago
Marie - 17 days ago
She looks so sad no happy ellie anymore :-(
Layla Pate
Layla Pate - 17 days ago
Is the dog trainer the dog whisper like this comet if you think it is
Victoria Walton
Victoria Walton - 17 days ago
All of them, especially Frankie!!
donut lama cupcake
donut lama cupcake - 17 days ago
I love the cats. Really I love all animals in the world.
Also please keep that other black and white. Its sooo cute
Jada Tanksley
Jada Tanksley - 17 days ago
Amber Charlton
Amber Charlton - 17 days ago
That beach has a wells Fargo by it and your 3 hours and 10 mins from were I live
Stacey Purdin
Stacey Purdin - 15 days ago
I live in the same city as them!!!
Amber Charlton
Amber Charlton - 17 days ago
Boiled peanuts, especially the cajain ones are my favorite, I go to an arab store just to get boiled peanuts
Amber Charlton
Amber Charlton - 18 days ago
My favorite is all the animals I love them all the same I don't have a favorite
Panda Cookie Playz
Panda Cookie Playz - 18 days ago
I love baby bird
Heather Reece
Heather Reece - 18 days ago
i have a pit. she is a sweet sweet angel. the breed gets a bad rap. it's all in how they and all animals are taught.
Marissa Johnson
Marissa Johnson - 18 days ago
all of them
I am Alyna
I am Alyna - 18 days ago
Angelique Smart
Angelique Smart - 18 days ago
Cold Water breaks up dogs fights and doesnt escalate the situation
Tshego Mokgoto
Tshego Mokgoto - 18 days ago
thepack mutts
thepack mutts - 19 days ago
There are silicon basket muzzles you can try that is what I use I found it on amazon they are softer hope you can get this solved lots of love
Kassie Gloom
Kassie Gloom - 19 days ago
My favorite member is Tupelo! She is so cute! I also love Flight!
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas - 19 days ago
My favourite member is franklin!!!
Karly Hinnen
Karly Hinnen - 19 days ago
Is she prego
Sadie Foster
Sadie Foster - 19 days ago
When a dog goes up to u it just wants to get scratched
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