The Worst First Crush (ft. SomethingElseYT)

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PantslessPajamas - 4 months ago
**EDIT: I'm getting a lot of comments from people asking how I'm still friends with him, when I said I hadn't spoken to him in years.
I think people misheard the line because I slurred it pretty bad in my recording. I don't say 'He IS also my best friend.' I said, 'He WAS also my best friend.' past tense. XD He was my bestie at the time, but I still haven't spoken to him in literal years.
Also I stupidly forgot to mention him in my endcard, but I wanna give a huge, HUGE thanks to my pal Tom for helping me edit this video. He happened to be in a call with me when I was undergoing crisis, my program refused to work after a whole day of cumbersome editing and for a moment I didn't think I'd be able to upload this video at all. Many failed edits and exports later, Tom stepped in and devoted hours of his time for the last few days just to help get this out. He put up with my crap and really stepped up to the plate, he's a hero and without him this video literally wouldn't be on my channel. So go show Tom some support by following him on social medias and if anyone out there is ever looking for an editor with serious heart and dedication, give him a poke.
N P - 2 days ago
Love this video
YohanVan SminkelSmerf
YohanVan SminkelSmerf - 20 days ago
Ahhhh ok, that makes more sense now
{mg85i83ng5b} - 21 day ago
Found this in 2019. This video is still fresher than the memes.🤣🤣🤣🤣I died at the dancing to the grave part. And it only got better!
Eos Zelich
Eos Zelich - 21 day ago
I have a crush, her name is sashely and she doesn’t even know that I exist! 🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fudge_Pig - 2 hours ago
1:28 my new favorite insult
Aqua-lazy- Fairy tail fan ARMY
Moral of the story you always get crushed by your crush
I know it’s sad
Alysha Andreas
Alysha Andreas - 3 hours ago
Zane yes your right it is hard I’ve had two of those kinda crushes
Alysha Andreas
Alysha Andreas - 3 hours ago
Girl shoulda roasted him and told her that her so called boyfriend kissed you
soloj 37
soloj 37 - 4 hours ago
Whereeee is your paaaants. Lego movie any one
Sean Gerbrandt
Sean Gerbrandt - 5 hours ago
f*** it was a voice over from somethingelseyt! I didn't watch the whole thing I'm so so very sorry pantlesspajamas I new to this youtube thing please don't hate me!
Mindy Baxter
Mindy Baxter - 5 hours ago
Soooo, wuz it Adam
AKA AnimeGamer
AKA AnimeGamer - 7 hours ago
At 9:39 when u said "my virgin lips" with the zoom in i died😂😂...on the serious side though I'm sorry u had to experience something as awful as a friend manipulating u.....i know what that's like believe me
carissa love
carissa love - 7 hours ago
My first kiss was stolen;-; I never talk to another boy again
Aidan Aragon
Aidan Aragon - 8 hours ago
Ik wat u mean by they use u I've been there when i told a guy that i liked him he used me as excuse to leave where ever this man was living in the same apartment s and this went on for a year i told no one because me and my mind wanted me to be his
Bnha yaoi Is life
Bnha yaoi Is life - 10 hours ago
xxArtzy Girl
xxArtzy Girl - 13 hours ago
8:57 Sardonyx be like
Nekayla Shelton
Nekayla Shelton - 21 hour ago
Aleam 21
Aleam 21 - 22 hours ago
Ooch my boyfriend kinda went on my like that just not with the line "I know u like me!" More like "I-I uh uhm, aaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I love u :3" and my boyfriend has said the "But u said (blank blank blank)" but sometimes the fact of the matter changes
Tünde Jassó
Tünde Jassó - Day ago
Give back sandornyxs... axe?
Emma Queen
Emma Queen - Day ago
1:14 my crush name kris
kawaii_cake150 xoxo
I would judge you but.............that was me -_-
Katie Donoghue
Katie Donoghue - Day ago
Alright this is my first videos of yours and my name is Katie. When I heard “HEY, HEY KATIE” I FREAKED OUT AND STARTED THINKING THE ILLUMINATI WAS AFTER ME
wolfenstar nice
wolfenstar nice - Day ago
I had a crush.
And I was a creep and sit behind him on the bus... that's as far is it went.
Wily Wyvern
Wily Wyvern - Day ago
That's why I think relationships are dumb
Foxzilla - Day ago
ThIs iS wHY YoU liStEn ToO KATIE!!!
lydia weaver
lydia weaver - Day ago
1:49 be gone THOT
m kate
m kate - Day ago
I had a crust and he said hi to me and then I just I was so happy when I went homeI was crazy crazy in love I was like I was thinking about it like all of them all day long and then now I remember I was so I was like why am I even doing this why I'm I so happy and then he doesn't even I think he has it he has a crush on me and I know that he's nice to me sometimes which email do you bother me a lot but I love ❤️ 💓 him
Thats_the_spirit - Day ago
I would’ve been like “I like you not love” 😎
Kaiden Carey
Kaiden Carey - Day ago
Even being opposite genders i fucking understand this way too much
Memes And gaming 69
At 3:18 pj turned into sans
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar - Day ago
Yall im sorryy im just so lazy to google it while playing the vid, whats "abrasive"?
exterminater MK1
exterminater MK1 - Day ago
sorry im late but try a video *without lipstick*
Aiko Saitō
Aiko Saitō - Day ago
So much details! I love it!
Margaret Daly
Margaret Daly - 2 days ago
having a crush is stressful but imagen both of you really like each other but can't date so you either have to be worried and have to deal with your friends taking fun events away by making you stand in line to do something you don't want to do or forget about your crush but for me the second one is impossible (my friends actually would not leave me alone this Valentine's day) so for me if I'm not confident in something like talking to my crush I HAVE and I mean HAVE to take baby steps or I crumble to the point where I have to do it all over again so why do I have to have feelings
That sucks. I have a huge crush on a guy at the moment, but I haven’t told anybody, and I don’t plan on confessing or telling anybody soon. For one, I’m in middle school and I don’t think it’d go anywhere even if I did get in a relationship, because like boi we’re stupid teens. We probably won’t remember each other in the next two years anyway. Ima just have to deal with this big ol crush until it eventually goes awayyy
Mason Allott
Mason Allott - 2 days ago
Dania Martinez
Dania Martinez - 2 days ago
wtf chad
Krazy Emo
Krazy Emo - 2 days ago
Am I the only one who thought she made Adam extremely sexy in this animation? Yea? Ok....(even tho he's gorgeous irl😋)
Solitas - 2 days ago
I saw a legend of Zelda reference and now you’re great-
Makayla Hart
Makayla Hart - 2 days ago
Was your crush Adam just asking or just voice him
Ivy McConnell
Ivy McConnell - 2 days ago
I've had something like this happen to me before in the past (not to this extreme) the guy didn't even know I had a crush on him, but me and him and talked here and there and then one day he just asked me if my best friend at the time was single, and the moment he asked me that I felt crushed of course this cute guy would want to be with cute best friend. and you know what I told him? "Sorry but she isn't looking to date anyone right now" and he looked upset by that...and I took great joy in that at the time, but you know now she has a man and is gonna have a baby so maybe I did her a favor lol.
Neal Vang
Neal Vang - 2 days ago
Love your content.
Get Creative
Get Creative - 2 days ago
YEEEEEEEES!!!!! I LOVE SONIC X! It's such a good show.
melancholy loser
melancholy loser - 2 days ago
PiperCant Draw
PiperCant Draw - 3 days ago
2:36 now I don’t want a Hatsune Miku doll :(:
WeirdoDotCom - 3 days ago
0:47 **sighs and slowly necks self**
Tanner Hartley
Tanner Hartley - 3 days ago
Stay away from her Adam!!! She had a troubled past that you won't understand!!!!!!!!!
Tolu Adeyanju
Tolu Adeyanju - 3 days ago
How old were you when this happen
Chloe The stupid
Chloe The stupid - 3 days ago
It’s sad that I’ve had a VERY similar situation happen to me, although it lasted like 2 years, and a half, because I was too much of a pushover to do anything.
Discontinued Channel
Discontinued Channel - 4 days ago
I thought you were gay
samuel young jr
samuel young jr - 4 days ago
Ha wow this is too real that sucks
DJ ARSENAL - 4 days ago
AzulExePastel - 4 days ago
Sardonyx's hammer. uwu

*_Fu[nk] you, Chad._*
Mark Kadar
Mark Kadar - 4 days ago
It's the first video that i see from her but ooo man her animation is awesome
Jammer Sammer Sanderlin
First video I’ve seen by you! Really funny video! Can’t wait to see more!
Kirby Coffman
Kirby Coffman - 5 days ago
Omg I have the sweatshirt in the beginning.
Soft&sweetness :b
Soft&sweetness :b - 5 days ago
Ya know wha? It is aye O-K.👏🏼 assholes does assholes things. Can't change that.😌👍🏼
celeste reyes
celeste reyes - 5 days ago
errrm on the topic of crushes..... i HAD a crush but..... i admited and he was dating my friend at the time and i was fine wit dat .... then they broke up ( IDEK WHY!!!!! they had made a cute couple) then he was like...... Celeste...... will you be my girlfriend and i was very nervous and this was texting and IDEK WHY i said yes bc this kid was the most annoying kid at school and i told my friends and they were..... " happy"........ hehehehehehe.... they got rly upset..... hehehehe..... but Valentines day is coming up soooo I'm really excited what to see he gets me and of course I'm going to give him a little somethin for him...
TheGingeGamer - 5 days ago
The animations in this vid made my day! I know this vid is old but I’ve just found your channel and I’m sick off school and this made me laugh!
Love you P.J! 💝
Edit: Right off my virgin lips! 😂 Ya got me good there!
Adelaide Groves
Adelaide Groves - 5 days ago
Doki doki for ever
Annie Ranger
Annie Ranger - 6 days ago
You sometimes sound like the lead protagonist from "WitchBlade".
Derpmations - 6 days ago
0:12 yeah they do ._.
CheeseCake - 6 days ago
Steven universe reference
GLOX pioneer
GLOX pioneer - 6 days ago
Animated you looks like the villan from Incredibles 2
StarTUCks CoFFe
StarTUCks CoFFe - 6 days ago
Those legs mmmmmmmmh
Liliana Holland
Liliana Holland - 6 days ago
beautifulllllllll XD
Danny Deutsch
Danny Deutsch - 6 days ago
“And when we look at red flags through road colored glasses, they just look like regular flags”
Wow. Holy sh*t.
Hernán Falcón
Hernán Falcón - 6 days ago
3:23 frame... mm-hmm
that's graphic poetry girl
Mya Lavin
Mya Lavin - 6 days ago
Lovely how I kinda had my own “Chad” in freshman year as well.
Wolfie 555
Wolfie 555 - 7 days ago
This hits me so much bc the guy I like also likes a gorl named Katie and he does some of the stuff Chad did
SugaKookies - 7 days ago
Oh my. My life has ended. I saw a spider on the corner of my screen. I appreciated the animation of it, it was just in the top right corner for a second. Later on in the video I saw it just chillin in the middle of the screen. Then I realized, that THERE WAS A SPIDER- TINY BUT STILL A SPIDER- ON MY SCREEN. nope. nope. nope. Time to burn the house, honey. Now I don’t know where it went and I’m dying. It was while I was laying down in bed when this happened. I woke up earlier this morning, 6:30, I usually wake up at 7:30. If I didn’t see it, because I was asleep then idk what would’ve happened
Cupcake Science
Cupcake Science - 8 days ago
*WOAH. That was deep.*
Kino Diamondblack
Kino Diamondblack - 8 days ago
Dude you shouldn't have done that
You've deserved better
Azzy Jay
Azzy Jay - 8 days ago
There was a tic tok ad and the name was Katie. Coincidence? I think not
M Lunar
M Lunar - 8 days ago
This is honestly one of the few animated stories that made me laugh, "I wore my kokoro on my sleeve" 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
You're are so good! Keep up the good work
CalliQuit - 8 days ago
Get rext I never had a crush...
I'm a Aromantic Asexual *sniff*
I'll never have one.
The MadHattress
The MadHattress - 8 days ago
Thirty seconds into this video and you've got yourself a new subscriber
Reeseanime Anime
Reeseanime Anime - 8 days ago
Lol hatsune miku and Naruto
3rystal 5tar
3rystal 5tar - 9 days ago
Short story:
I got my crushes number cause we liked each other and I asked for a selfie for my contacts. (OCD is amazing)
he said : Shirt on or shirt off
Me: what do you mean?
Him: you wanna see my abs?
Me: no thanks
I decided he didnt need my love :p

But then no one has liked me since.
Kevin Alanis
Kevin Alanis - 9 days ago
Pastel Cryptonym
Pastel Cryptonym - 9 days ago
I had crushes on The Wiggles and the blue headed dude from the Doodlebops when I was little.
Pastel Cryptonym
Pastel Cryptonym - 9 days ago
I had a crush on The Wiggles when I was little
memes r great
memes r great - 9 days ago
SomethingelseYT features everyone lol
AlphaWolf Kesley
AlphaWolf Kesley - 9 days ago
DecentDough - 9 days ago
It took me this long to realize that PJ used the Drake meme at 4:17
Devil Explosion
Devil Explosion - 9 days ago
Holy shat 3:20
Len Kagamine
Len Kagamine - 9 days ago
Hatsune miku 2:35
Scohico - 9 days ago
This is the quality content that I want to see.
lynlovescake - 9 days ago
Currently have a crush now but i’m trying to get over it cuz i dont think she’s into me that way 🤷🏻‍♀️
Shayla Thai
Shayla Thai - 10 days ago
I would’ve been like “welp guess I don’t like you anymore :/“
Milky Way
Milky Way - 10 days ago
I like Katie’s shirt of BNHA or MHA
Sean Gerbrandt
Sean Gerbrandt - 10 days ago
listen Chad isn't a bad guy even though he can do crazy things for love like any normal person that doesn't make him the devil ;). Also you should talk to him because he has changed ok? But still pajamas your the best! :)
Kieron Williams
Kieron Williams - 10 days ago
Unknown963 _.-
Unknown963 _.- - 10 days ago
My 1st crush was a girl i knew from primary school my 2nd crush was a girl who was dating a friend
JANIMATIONS ! - 10 days ago
Karma is a bitch
Yori Plays
Yori Plays - 10 days ago
Lol 1,666,831 views!!
The666VampireGirl - 10 days ago
omg the memes. i love this
Marbella Ruiz
Marbella Ruiz - 11 days ago
If only I had the opportunity to hear this out a year ago... But I was crushing so hard I wouldn't have been ale to match all the signs... Anyways! Thanks for this video, I'm saving it just in case so I don't ever go through that kind of toxic crushing all over again. It was insightful, eye opening and comforting in some way.
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 11 days ago
I know this video is about PJ's worst crush but uh, the person that did the voice for the jerk that she had a crush on..

You can probably see where this is going. (if anyone is reading that is)
UniPenguin545 - 11 days ago
It could be like THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LYFE.
You know, skies are blue
The memes are *fresh*
It’s a heckin holiday!
When all of the sudden...
Your chin is gross
I am not daddy’s girl XD
3:21 damn!
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - 11 days ago
The big hammer was from Steven Universe when garnet and Pearl fuse
Angelica Dorado
Angelica Dorado - 11 days ago
Omfg I am in this boat right now >O> FUCK
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