The Worst First Crush (ft. SomethingElseYT)

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PantslessPajamas - 2 months ago
**EDIT: I'm getting a lot of comments from people asking how I'm still friends with him, when I said I hadn't spoken to him in years.
I think people misheard the line because I slurred it pretty bad in my recording. I don't say 'He IS also my best friend.' I said, 'He WAS also my best friend.' past tense. XD He was my bestie at the time, but I still haven't spoken to him in literal years.
Also I stupidly forgot to mention him in my endcard, but I wanna give a huge, HUGE thanks to my pal Tom for helping me edit this video. He happened to be in a call with me when I was undergoing crisis, my program refused to work after a whole day of cumbersome editing and for a moment I didn't think I'd be able to upload this video at all. Many failed edits and exports later, Tom stepped in and devoted hours of his time for the last few days just to help get this out. He put up with my crap and really stepped up to the plate, he's a hero and without him this video literally wouldn't be on my channel. So go show Tom some support by following him on social medias and if anyone out there is ever looking for an editor with serious heart and dedication, give him a poke.
Failure Artist
Failure Artist - 3 hours ago
+Little nubs fuck life! Cut off chase and all your current and past boyfriends
King James
King James - 5 hours ago
+Romeo Vicente ok I'm 13
Romeo Vicente
Romeo Vicente - 5 hours ago
King james i am 10 years old
King James
King James - 5 hours ago
+Romeo Vicente oh will if u think she knows ask her out bro
Romeo Vicente
Romeo Vicente - 5 hours ago
PantslessPajamas i have a crush she mightnknow dat butt yes butt i told her friend dat we talk the thing is she can kick me in the ribs and i will say thx lol i wanna stop talking to any1
Samamtha Wilson
Samamtha Wilson - 5 minutes ago
10:31 thats my crushes name lol (hope he does not watch u and look in the comments 😬)
יאיר קקון
יאיר קקון - 2 hours ago
you were so stupid no harm
jmtelepad pldt
jmtelepad pldt - 3 hours ago
Niky Perisin
Niky Perisin - 5 hours ago
got it joy taken
TheShiverWolf - 7 hours ago
Oh my GOD your art style. I'm in love. You're my new art crush.
Brodie OwO
Brodie OwO - 9 hours ago
I wish I seen this vid a whole lot earlier qwq
nope no
nope no - 10 hours ago
0:11 those are some nice calves....
jack hammerd05
jack hammerd05 - 10 hours ago
This is the first video I have watched of you, and I got to admit, I think I'm going to subscribe
Koboishi Dragon Maid
Koboishi Dragon Maid - 10 hours ago
"What the heck does that have to do with Dragon-Ball???"
A Wiebe
A Wiebe - 10 hours ago
anyway you didnt put yourself there. its never someone's fault someone shitty took advantage of them. it's always the fault of the pig who took advantage of them. always. period.
Super Derpy Gamer
Super Derpy Gamer - 11 hours ago
2:21 XD yup I know how that felt XD so um, there was this girl who was my best friend since third grade but, since she was a girl... and I was a girl... I thought there was something wrong with me because I had feelings for that girl since 2nd, when I first saw her. She actually is my girlfriend now XD and thank for I knew that loving every gender was a thing so it did let some Weight off of my shoulder but I really don’t know why I felt guilty all those years for 😅
The Brownie Man
The Brownie Man - 12 hours ago
Yo yo yo what’s wrong with raisins😂
Draxus Magnus
Draxus Magnus - 12 hours ago
And his fucking name is CHAD
Benny Worm
Benny Worm - 13 hours ago
"What the heck"
*"Does that have to do"*
*_"With Dragon ball."_*
Lazy Drpeper
Lazy Drpeper - 14 hours ago
This is my 1st time watching you and i just wanna say... I HAVE THE SAME LLAMACORN SWEATER THAT THE BOY HAS IN THE INTRO
fnaf expert 6081
fnaf expert 6081 - 14 hours ago
Oh my god this exact thing happening to me I like my friends best friend lol
Aby Lakes
Aby Lakes - 15 hours ago
Chad? More like ADAM!! Get it? (Common sense hood)
Striker Zac
Striker Zac - 16 hours ago
Look up what a narcissist is. That is chad. Sadly narcs don't change so if you run into him... RUN AWAY!!!!
Hiyori Iki
Hiyori Iki - 16 hours ago
Ahh my crush was so toxic, he always made fun of me and even tried to hit me once so i hit back eventually my friends stopped the fight so it didn't really got that bad, tbh he was one of those pretty guys, every girl liked him in his school. He was actually brother of my best friend soo i always asked her why he's so mean to me, he was only mean to me but not the other girls i too was an idiot back than lol i don't really blame him cause we were really young at the time maybe in like 6th grade then my parents broke up so i left that place with my mom leaving my father and everyone behind, 2 years later i now realize how much of an asshole he was again we were young at the time maybe he's changed cause i changed a lot and when i say a lot i mean a whole lot i used to be a happy go lucky child with an obssesion of barbie and princesses i am niw diaognised with depression amd its so fucking hard living everyday life uh oh well :P
Sine - 17 hours ago
Charlotte - 19 hours ago
4:49 / Kick him in the balls!!!!
5:23 / Oh my God NOOOOO!!!
7:18 - 7:52 / What a fu**ing dick =/
9:33 / ........ Please tell me you kicked him in the balls?!
10:49 /Too late, my compadre *insert evil laughter*
12:57 / WE LOVE YOU, ADAM!!!
Firesque _
Firesque _ - 20 hours ago
When someone was first like “________ HAS A CRUSH ON YOUUUU!!” My first thought was rocks. And I said “Wut?... He hates me?..” and my friends were like “HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHHHAHAH......”
FrankiValerie - 22 hours ago
My new saying; "Chad- what the heck does that have to do with Dragonball?"
avmrb 42
avmrb 42 - 22 hours ago
Thank god obsessive crushes are like chicken pox you only get them once and then never again.
Lava Is A Lava
Lava Is A Lava - Day ago
The ending made me smile 😊
LuluMcGoose 123
LuluMcGoose 123 - Day ago
1:48 sksksks is she holding the word thot
aaliyah mosqueda
aaliyah mosqueda - Day ago
THOSE THICC EYEBROWS 👍 I also have thicc eyebrows 😁😁😂😂
The Shadow dude
The Shadow dude - Day ago
Crispy Bacon
Crispy Bacon - Day ago
Kick em in the NUTZ WOOooooooOOOoHHaaaaaa
Ace Of Crystal Spades
He also pulled his WEEN-
Kwvee - Day ago
ma boi adam is the best
Blaze Fury
Blaze Fury - Day ago
wow kiki
CAnDyStrIpE - Day ago
Just somethingelseyt voicing that is making me laugh.
So hard.
kayandra roper
kayandra roper - Day ago
Aribelle - Day ago
I have a crush on this boy (Let's call him D). Well, I've had a crush on him for a couple years. I told my friends I have a crush on him. (I don't know if he knows or not. I don't know if my friends told him or not) I wanna tell him but I don't know HOW to tell him.. Can I have some advice on how to tell him?
Aribelle - Day ago
+Janet Van Dyne Thanks
Aribelle - Day ago
+Neco _ Girl Thanks
Janet Van Dyne
Janet Van Dyne - Day ago
Yeah, and tell HIM ASAP! DONT WAIT OR IT WILL GET HARDER TO TELL HIM! Trust me! I talked myself into waiting and never told my crush and I regretted it dearly because I believe he might've liked me back. Try to do it when his friends aren't around, and maybe sometime during lunch, recess, or if you have the same class and sit near each other, you could be assigned partners and you could tell him then. Anyways good luck!~❤
Neco _ Girl
Neco _ Girl - Day ago
maybe try talking to him like a friend? And also never ever tell anyone else than your friends, rumors will spread that was a mistake I did :3
Itz Trikki
Itz Trikki - Day ago
Well, for me, its pretty easy to spot when someone has a crush on me, which happens weirdly often even though i dont even talk to many people, and it happens when i least expect it. I dont know if its different for the person theyre crushing on or the type of girl it is, but the only way i find out if a girl likes me is if she talks about pretty sexual stuff non-chilant. This is what happens when you're 15 and 6'3.
Dark _Starkitty
Dark _Starkitty - Day ago
“Chad, what the heck does that have to do with DRAGON BALL!?”🤣🤣😂😂
Stavon Robinson
Stavon Robinson - 2 days ago
Is it sad if I say I’m basically going through that or was
Gabriela Barton
Gabriela Barton - 2 days ago
That perfect Bojack Horseman quote, though. Glad you learned from the experience and hope you never encounter another shitty relationship again! x
Dylan Shiflet
Dylan Shiflet - 2 days ago
Jesus Christ Guys suck
Science. And. Spirits.
Science. And. Spirits. - 2 days ago
The dislikes are people who have crushes
paul spivey
paul spivey - 2 days ago

don’t love be depressed and live in a dark place where no one can find or hurt you
If i can do it you can too 🥺🥺😢😭😭😭😭😭 why am i like this
Bob TheBuilder
Bob TheBuilder - 2 days ago
DrGryff -
DrGryff - - 2 days ago
Your art is lovely.
Nevaeh M.
Nevaeh M. - 2 days ago
What app did you use to animate your story?
Quintella51 - 2 days ago
Darkraifan678 - 2 days ago
Alese Madeline
Alese Madeline - 2 days ago
These memes...ARE FIRE!!!!🔥🔥
Alese Madeline
Alese Madeline - 2 days ago
That Drake meme though...
Clock Lord
Clock Lord - 2 days ago
I’m the definition of a loner. When I was little I made a pact with myself to never get a boyfriend until high school but by 6 grade I realized I was a lesbian and updated my privacy policy and to never get a girlfriend till college.
Doddling_Kid - 2 days ago
8:54 yes steven universe
Jocelyn Ducre
Jocelyn Ducre - 2 days ago
That kinda sounds like BIG manipulation and emotional/mental abuse
Mark the wolf
Mark the wolf - 2 days ago
Sooooooooooooooo anime
Freedom Zero64
Freedom Zero64 - 2 days ago
Nis S
Nis S - 2 days ago
whatch all those dislikes be Chad and his 743 fake accounts
Crying_Cat_Bread - 2 days ago
"Inexperienced Pleb." Is this myself in school, HELL YEAH IT IS!!
Dood Online
Dood Online - 2 days ago
Dood Online
Dood Online - 2 days ago
1:56 0 to a hundred real quick
Gacha_ Savannah
Gacha_ Savannah - 2 days ago
I am Jazz
I am Jazz - 2 days ago
Young PJ you were soo stupid 😂
Marshall Smart
Marshall Smart - 2 days ago
I didn’t know you like GTA 5
Unikia - 3 days ago
your art style and art in general is amazing I'm actually pausing the video multiple times just so i can look at it properly
krystalgamerxox gacha
krystalgamerxox gacha - 3 days ago
I know that crushes are dumb. ( like if you think crushes are dumb)
Flavored Chapstick
Flavored Chapstick - 3 days ago
I had a pretty bad crush and actually I still am friends with him and still have a crush on him (even though he punched me in the leg like 5 times today yelled at me and got on my nerves but besides that) he actually is pretty cool
ABrandNewGamer 44
ABrandNewGamer 44 - 3 days ago
i lovvvved the sardonyx hammer lol
lori R
lori R - 3 days ago
1:28 had me rolling 😂
Dilanka bandara
Dilanka bandara - 3 days ago
dab into that grave. Brah.
That was hilarious.
ToasterWaffle 87
ToasterWaffle 87 - 3 days ago
Mr mayhem The barbarian
All the time when something else YT is in a video he makes it better even if it’s a sad story

*holy shit I’m to late*
Dinokid 11
Dinokid 11 - 3 days ago
I’m taking all the joy, that guys a jerk
Angelofdeth20 - 3 days ago
This bitch is hilarious. Subbed
ReadTheComic - 3 days ago
*ranting time ;)*
Bxnny xniie
Bxnny xniie - 3 days ago
When I first watched this I didn't have a crush.
1 month later I got a crush
2 months later he's my boyfriend.
I feel so guuuudssd.
R3alxxBeAr - 3 days ago
memes... thats why i`m subscribed! :D

jk also to get u views bc of the memes :P
Ultima Werewolf2
Ultima Werewolf2 - 3 days ago
Wait.... Was that Sardonyx's hammer from Steven universe?!?!?!
Mr. Ga3lito
Mr. Ga3lito - 3 days ago
So Good!
starwie - 3 days ago
this is relatable
Liz Marie
Liz Marie - 3 days ago
The memes are fresh.😂😂
pedro Trivino
pedro Trivino - 3 days ago
Draw Enidan
Draw Enidan - 3 days ago
Chad looks like Jotaro Kujo
Makayla Allen
Makayla Allen - 3 days ago
Word play is beautiful. Crushes suck!!!!!!
Dr. egern
Dr. egern - 3 days ago
oh I am so happy that I am a gryffindoor. I am standing up for what I believe is right.
Callum Parker
Callum Parker - 4 days ago
The 80s was a weird time
Chad-michael Daley
Chad-michael Daley - 4 days ago
My names chad..........
fox lover 24
fox lover 24 - 4 days ago
My x was like that
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz - 4 days ago
He’s a dumb as— nevermined
unicorn cookie
unicorn cookie - 4 days ago
The same thing happened to me but I ain't her friend
its Alex
its Alex - 4 days ago
Her *
its Alex
its Alex - 4 days ago
I ship he and somethingelseyt x3
ItsYaGurl Fatima
ItsYaGurl Fatima - 4 days ago
You should become a voice actor😭😂
Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres - 4 days ago
Thanks for sharing this history with us, I understand how you feel you could have done more, but I think is important to tell you that you were a victim, he was manipulating you and using psychological abuse on you, so is normal if you couldn't stop him or leave him so easily, it doesn't have to do with how smart you were, you are and were smart and valuable, but you were on a vulnerable position and he took advantage of it.
So don't feel guilty, feel proud of your selft because you fought and overcame this.
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth Hernandez - 4 days ago
I’m kinda goin through this because 6th grade me said “I...I.....I like you” and now I’m in 7th.HES SO TWO FACED it’s annoying ,like today he broke my paper chain I frowned and he fixed it for me when he saw my face but later on in class he called me stupid because I couldn’t get the right measurement. AND EVEN WORSE! I told myself I was over him in the last semester of 6th but I’ve kinda developed feelings for him again🤭😊 I’m not letting him get to my heart!!!!!! WISH ME LUCK SOLDIERS!
E sosa
E sosa - 2 days ago
i'm in high school, no middle school relationships (that I know of) ever lasted. don't worry you'll be fine
WD Gaster
WD Gaster - 4 days ago
So did you actually went on tsundere mode right there
lyndox 648
lyndox 648 - 4 days ago
dead memes at 1:23
Gabriela Urquiza
Gabriela Urquiza - 4 days ago
11:39 Bojack
Gorish Reality
Gorish Reality - 4 days ago
Vinny Raptor
Vinny Raptor - 4 days ago
NJY1976 - 4 days ago
You sound like a friend I would have XD animeeeee
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