We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks... (UNBELIEVABLE) *Part 4*

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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor - 7 months ago
Wanna see us go to the best reviewed hot dog spot LA? Smash the like button 🌭
aaliyah jones
aaliyah jones - Month ago
I made the Apple turnovers but in a different way
Rocco Gare
Rocco Gare - 2 months ago
Turo Landeros
Turo Landeros - 3 months ago
Brennen Taylor why didn't you show us the second clip it just boom fast nothing of the clip? But I like your videos
Maranda Adair
Maranda Adair - 3 months ago
@Noah the boat because he doesn't like it
Maranda Adair
Maranda Adair - 3 months ago
I thought u didn't like hot dogs??
Rashionne Harris
Rashionne Harris - Day ago
This is some macApizza
ThienDuyen Ba
ThienDuyen Ba - 12 days ago
I couldn’t even see the apple pie tik tok
Tameem Al-Adhami
Tameem Al-Adhami - 18 days ago
thejendra ganesh
thejendra ganesh - 19 days ago
nicole johnson
nicole johnson - 21 day ago
Loll pecan bird!!
itz GOLD
itz GOLD - 22 days ago
I like how brennen dosent give jake a taste of everything he makes
TBL Ghost_ rider2
TBL Ghost_ rider2 - 22 days ago
“What is that and how do I eat it” tm Brennan Taylor
IS - 08GR 737844 David Leeder MS
Abu Nayem
Abu Nayem - Month ago
Cresents are the stuff that you use to make croissants
Dino nuggets447
Dino nuggets447 - Month ago
Tajanay Green Williams
kevin Cowan
kevin Cowan - Month ago
Before I head jake tell him that it is not the way to say pecan I was yelling though my screen
Charles Carroll
Charles Carroll - Month ago
come to north Carolina my mom can make it much better put some mt dew with some ice cream
Duwan Hagood
Duwan Hagood - Month ago
Lol you buy the cheapest pack of hotdogs and then saying you don’t like hotdogs. They’re 8 for 1$ , what do you expect
Isai Bernardino
Isai Bernardino - Month ago
Monalisa Serwalo
Monalisa Serwalo - Month ago
Where is the clip of the apple pie??
shadee! - Month ago
-ski- - Month ago
Brennen:try this mac n cheese pizza
Me: but I'm vegan and 10 years old

Brennen:I do not care
sharan princess
sharan princess - Month ago
Brennen: im lactose intolerance (adds hell aa bunch of cheese )
Me :ahmm did u meant lactose tolerant 🙄🙄😂😂😂
Yara D
Yara D - Month ago
Madi Kat
Madi Kat - Month ago
apple woulda been better diced and cooked with the filling mixture first
LaToya Treadwell
LaToya Treadwell - 2 months ago
SLAYZSAVAGE YT - 2 months ago
JDsays - 2 months ago
That glizzy look sus yo
Genzi YT
Genzi YT - 2 months ago
first don't forget about dirt dog and second have you ever heard of a jalapeno popper
ACEE HOOĐ - 2 months ago
Why do you cut the tiktok video in some parts? Example the green apple one
Peter German
Peter German - 2 months ago
The glizzy 😂
a random guy
a random guy - 2 months ago
🌭 there is a hotdog emoji o.O
Lovemeloveme Always
Lovemeloveme Always - 2 months ago
I’m never 🌭
Lovemeloveme Always
Lovemeloveme Always - 2 months ago
Eating something cute something cliche back but you gx
Ammie Langeihle
Ammie Langeihle - 2 months ago
German Ruelas
German Ruelas - 2 months ago
Just because he does not like it he says it is busted even though the life hack works look how messed up this guy is
ChasebryantFanFever - 2 months ago
That cant be his number...no way...people in the public eye
Dont just give out their number atleast ones I know of but if thats his real number
Then I think He's The Most AWESOME YouTuber...EVER
Goodness Michael
Goodness Michael - 2 months ago
Brennen: Jake and I want it to be really cheesy...
I'm lactose intolerant
*BunnyNinjaGirl* - 2 months ago
It dident taste good because you didnt use cooking apples they were normal apples, next time use cooking apples it should taste better.
Laith Shakra
Laith Shakra - 2 months ago
D'Andre Johnson
D'Andre Johnson - 2 months ago
Charles Oberez
Charles Oberez - 2 months ago
STILL CHILL - 3 months ago
Zachary Coward
Zachary Coward - 3 months ago
So I did the oreo cake thing and it works so well I just. Did it with the double stuffed and the golden oreo so thank you breenen
Ridwan Playz
Ridwan Playz - 3 months ago
Who else didn’t see the the apple like vid
Aurnveer Singh
Aurnveer Singh - 3 months ago
Ben Gaming
Ben Gaming - 3 months ago
0:27 where is baby yoda
Aaron_yt - 3 months ago
I love when people mess up what they are saying it just makes it more funny its also a paint brush not tooth brush
Princess Nella
Princess Nella - 3 months ago
Juice WRLD DAILY - 3 months ago
Tony Bruno
Tony Bruno - 3 months ago
Best mug ever!
magic.kid12 - 3 months ago
🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓 🧀🧀🌶🌶🌶
Malaysia Bowles
Malaysia Bowles - 3 months ago
Oksana V.
Oksana V. - 3 months ago
It’s me Bella!
It’s me Bella! - 3 months ago
TaisWorld10 - 3 months ago
🌭 wait there’s is a hot dog emoji😲🧐
Jelly Darts
Jelly Darts - 3 months ago
9:33 now it’s time to put these things on the grill puts them on the stove 😂
Jelly Darts
Jelly Darts - 3 months ago
It’s pronounced cresonts
Adnan Kaja
Adnan Kaja - 3 months ago
As soon as i saw the oreo cake one i made it im an athlete and now i have another craving to beat😤
シ Your Average Weeb シ
シ Your Average Weeb シ - 3 months ago
⚠️Warning⚠️DONT try the Oreo one with almond milk.i tried it right after the video and it did t work
Jesus Ortega
Jesus Ortega - 3 months ago
fimahim - 3 months ago
Brandon: I'm not a cheesy person
Brandon next vid: let's add more cheese
Mirza.Micha Baig
Mirza.Micha Baig - 3 months ago
In belgium we call them Apple flap but with apple mash second hack
crystalys fox
crystalys fox - 3 months ago
Brennen eating dairy even though he's lactose intolerant
crystalys fox
crystalys fox - 3 months ago
I've never had macaroni and cheese pizza
Death Killer
Death Killer - 3 months ago
Frieda Bagdadi
Frieda Bagdadi - 3 months ago
He literally is LACTOSE INTOLERANT and he made a mac n CHEESE pizza 😂😂I love Brennen
Frieda Bagdadi
Frieda Bagdadi - Month ago
nick tabor
nick tabor - Month ago
And the hotdog
Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson - Month ago
But he can take pills that will let him drink or consume milk
Trayvion Jones
Trayvion Jones - 3 months ago
He ate ice cream too
Mackayla Fraser
Mackayla Fraser - 3 months ago
Gersson David
Gersson David - 3 months ago
I love your videos ❤ but i'm latino and your pronunciation is very fast and i dont understand everything that you say
Jesus Beltran
Jesus Beltran - 3 months ago
playboii.j - 3 months ago
Hannah Hardcastle
Hannah Hardcastle - 3 months ago
okay, you need merch that says "without a doubt in my mind"
parnik - 3 months ago
What happened to the clip in the second lifehack?
Minato Namikaze The 4th Hokage
I've seen the missing apple pie clip
Brooke Ashbaugh
Brooke Ashbaugh - 4 months ago
I keep getting the hiccups today and my mouth started watering during the last hack and chocked on my spit😔
Leila's World
Leila's World - 4 months ago
What happened to the apple video?
Roisin Gibbons
Roisin Gibbons - 4 months ago
I no later here but did you guys try cooking apples
Rain Almazan
Rain Almazan - 4 months ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Not even an Oreo:
Brennen: oH Ma gAh
moo man go channel
moo man go channel - 4 months ago
Almalki 710
Almalki 710 - 4 months ago
Brennen: this is not a pizza this is pizza Mac and pizza
Me: wait what you just said this is not pizza
Dawid Zaciera
Dawid Zaciera - 4 months ago
Gay badgers
Dawid Zaciera
Dawid Zaciera - 4 months ago
Suck out
Dawid Zaciera
Dawid Zaciera - 4 months ago
Loss off he goes r gay
guanto gaming
guanto gaming - 4 months ago
KIDS in africa are craving for those apple pies ..............
Maranda Adair
Maranda Adair - 4 months ago
Crookshanks22 - 4 months ago
Ah yes the Leonardo DiCaprio days.... good times 😂
Kaylee Jewell
Kaylee Jewell - 4 months ago
Are czkie
Are czkie - 4 months ago
What You idiots expect when You bake apple they gonna change for strawberry taste or what?
Foxy fox
Foxy fox - 4 months ago
3omar 2009
3omar 2009 - 4 months ago
The orio it was very gooddddddddd
Ethan Christie
Ethan Christie - 4 months ago
Brennen Taylor- I’m lactose intolerant
“Eats cheese or dairy every video”
Like wut, am I missing something or is he just stupid and doesn’t know what lactose intolerant means
Jerril Wider
Jerril Wider - 4 months ago
DR dare d vil 1342
DR dare d vil 1342 - 4 months ago
Syed Shah
Syed Shah - 4 months ago
Try deep fryed oreos its sooooo good
jedajo78 - 4 months ago
Andrew on L2
Andrew on L2 - 4 months ago
Nayef Al
Nayef Al - 4 months ago
I hate u why am I watching this trash
Christian Campbell
Christian Campbell - 4 months ago
I’ve been doing that second hack for like 3 years
Adrian Rivera Legat
Adrian Rivera Legat - 4 months ago
We want to see it...sorry my engleash is bad
Gavin the demon
Gavin the demon - 4 months ago
Holly Mpunga
Holly Mpunga - 4 months ago
TikTok life hacks works
Force man 88
Force man 88 - 4 months ago
I’m I the only person hu gets this all of them mixed up
Susan Tapia
Susan Tapia - 4 months ago
U need golden delicious apples.🤣
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