8 Products with Surprising Hidden Features • White Elephant Show #9

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Vat19 - 13 days ago
What other surprising gifts have we not found yet? Tell us below!
Xo_starboyy Rolis
Xo_starboyy Rolis - Day ago
In telling OSHA
Cheese burger Waterburger
( e d I d e t bssbsgshshshsysehdhdgddgdgsgsgssgsg)
Cheese burger Waterburger
Vat19 Ssksksksksksksks ga cat man ehrhehhrrhrhfhhf
Trevor Parks
Trevor Parks - 8 days ago
Clorox Blech . I g
Anicia deLeon
Anicia deLeon - 6 hours ago
Why was this so passive aggressive
Jace Woods
Jace Woods - 2 days ago
And I oop skssksksk
Daytoonz - Day ago
Jace Woods sto
haris khan
haris khan - 2 days ago
the pen is actually from a famous knife company named victorinox
Aiden York
Aiden York - 2 days ago
2:41 more like Hawaiian kick
Janiyah Lacy
Janiyah Lacy - 3 days ago
O my god I am taking to them
Snowy Chloe
Snowy Chloe - 3 days ago
When Adam stole bens cards he could have gotten his cards back XD
Keanna’s Ruff life
Keanna’s Ruff life - 3 days ago
Press this for more John cotton
p3ng w1ng
p3ng w1ng - 4 days ago
I just noticed Big Joey/Kyle is waering the same shirt like Little Joey! They do look a like though
Markae Pisano
Markae Pisano - 4 days ago
2098 anyone this quality it disturbing but fun
Helen Hernandez Reyes
Helen Hernandez Reyes - 4 days ago
Who else wants that water bottle
Amity Nguyen
Amity Nguyen - 4 days ago
big Joey is so chill ;-;
OOF - 4 days ago
Kyle is so surreal
NotAFlyingpig - 4 days ago
The card thingy dosent work my friend has it and some reason it doesn't work
kira - 4 days ago
kara's the only girl lmao
Marshall Mabry
Marshall Mabry - 5 days ago
You guys live in St. Louis how is there bro a single black person in your cast
ellie h
ellie h - 5 days ago
"Thats a handsome pen"
"Ahh blue"

Yep what was i expecting
SoPHia NGoV - 5 days ago
“Ahh it blue :)”
Noe Ramirez
Noe Ramirez - 5 days ago
omg jon Conan
Ryguy22 Opi
Ryguy22 Opi - 5 days ago
I’m drinking hawian punch now
Davenport 12345
Davenport 12345 - 5 days ago
Y’all are rude I saw y’all in public and y’all asked why did I sneeze
Mark Ridley
Mark Ridley - 6 days ago
Why’d he have to steel from Kyle
Httyd Forever
Httyd Forever - 6 days ago
6:08 he’s a tesla hater. I hate him
karla steven
karla steven - 6 days ago
Why is there only one girl
Connie Fellows
Connie Fellows - 6 days ago
I like how they kicked kelsey out to stop her from getting the bonus gift
THE KING BERRYMAN - 6 days ago
Anyone notice how Joey looks like a Best Buy Ryan Reynolds? Just me ???
TheLazyYoutuber - 3 days ago
And the other guy is a budget Ed Sheeran with a deep voice
NesrinlikesCats !
NesrinlikesCats ! - 7 days ago
I do a white elephant store at my school we call it *Year 6 Fun Day* we do it in every single Austrailan public school I think I only know they do it in Australia because I'm in Australia also other people seeing my comment reply to me of U do the white elephant store in your school!
okow tina
okow tina - 6 days ago
Oof poor joey
Snowy Queen
Snowy Queen - 7 days ago
You got 911 dislikes
okow tina
okow tina - 6 days ago
Danny should hide from his boss again
Gigi Cybart
Gigi Cybart - 7 days ago
8:13 "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
Panicatthedisco.squidd - 7 days ago
JOHN COTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kermit - 7 days ago
If you want a comment not about Kelsey and bonus gifts I’m that comment.
Legendary Shadow Warrior
I want to be in the white elephant show
Azen - 7 days ago
Am I confused or does kyle have seth everman energy?
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 7 days ago
ayyye kelseys not here!!!
shelby norris
shelby norris - 8 days ago
might be in love with kyle 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ezekiel R.
Ezekiel R. - 8 days ago
it was the last preasent still 1 missing golden ticked wth
Ezekiel R.
Ezekiel R. - 8 days ago
why did he steal
Finlay Cowles
Finlay Cowles - 8 days ago
Is it just me but this series is awful and bad 👎
coogko moim
coogko moim - 8 days ago
Poor kara is the only girl lol
Syd Thornton
Syd Thornton - 8 days ago
My cousin has flip flops that have a bottle opener on the bottom ofthe heel.
coogko moim
coogko moim - 8 days ago
Why is Ben mostly first when he is in White Elephant?
*I am Lucy!* *Da dork!*
Julio Castillo
Julio Castillo - 8 days ago
Why do they look like a tier 3 IT movie cast?
OBX Shark Gaming
OBX Shark Gaming - 8 days ago
Does eric still not work with vat19
Emerald Hail
Emerald Hail - 8 days ago
I like little joey
SpasmWasm - 8 days ago
Did Jamie go to MICDS!?!
Keili Thompson
Keili Thompson - 8 days ago
Danny should hide from his boss again
It's Luna
It's Luna - 8 days ago
Oof poor joey
Nayomaise - 8 days ago
10:15 bobby duke reference
aola wili
aola wili - 8 days ago
3:40 "Ah, it's blue" 3:50 "I would just drink water all day" I like it 😂😂
Leslie Korsa
Leslie Korsa - 8 days ago
Deep hug
Deep hug - 9 days ago
loved the new video?
aola wili
aola wili - 8 days ago
Where’s moustache lady 😅
Saaji - 9 days ago
I like Kyle the more i hear him talk and just his quiet but funny style. ^^
Saaji - 8 days ago
@Deep hug thats Kelsey sweetheart. ^^ I meant Kyle, the other buff guy. But yes i agree, finally she didnt get the bonus gift! \(._.)/
Deep hug
Deep hug - 9 days ago
Today she finally didnt get: The bouns gift off the bat on the first round
jocelyn lacierda
jocelyn lacierda - 9 days ago
ayyye kelseys not here!!!
DixieTheLegend - 9 days ago
Jon: Seems rigged.
Joey: It's completely chance, you saw it!
Me: Well you were guaranteed to get a bonus gift! You got the last present when there were 1 bonus gift left! 🤣
DixieTheLegend - 9 days ago
Why is Ben mostly first when he is in White Elephant?
Bradley Yeldarb
Bradley Yeldarb - 9 days ago
Poor kara is the only girl lol
theBeatsbyj - 9 days ago
Did I just watch an infomercial ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Knights of ni
Knights of ni - 9 days ago
Oh my good fuckin Jesus. Seven of the most boring people I've ever seen in my life. I was really hoping the last bonus gift was a personality. Cos god knows you could all do with one.
quinn bayless
quinn bayless - 9 days ago
my best friends dad made the Tile!
Zen - 9 days ago
Big joey is honestly valid sksksk
Kylie Harms
Kylie Harms - 9 days ago
i love you vat19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raylene Gonzalez
Raylene Gonzalez - 9 days ago
Amen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Raylene Gonzalez
Raylene Gonzalez - 9 days ago
Raylene Gonzalez
Raylene Gonzalez - 9 days ago
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