8 Products with Surprising Hidden Features • White Elephant Show #9

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Vat19 - 5 months ago
What other surprising gifts have we not found yet? Tell us below!
Kayla Sutherland
Kayla Sutherland - 28 days ago
Lawrence Scott first* but* lost*
Zoe Davis
Zoe Davis - Month ago
Spicey gummy worms
Reese McLennan
Reese McLennan - 2 months ago
Vat19 I love you ❤️
Alexandra Kelly
Alexandra Kelly - 2 months ago
I am a beautiful person. the only way you can get the latest news from the airport.
Drawingwiffzozo - 3 months ago
Vat19 hydro flask
Abigail Altruz
Abigail Altruz - 10 hours ago
Abigail Altruz
Abigail Altruz - 10 hours ago
"aAhHH iT's bLUe"
Abigail Altruz
Abigail Altruz - 10 hours ago
1:45- 1:54
iT mUst bE HiDDeN!
Cloudy_lotus - Day ago
For the water bottle you could just get a plastic/glass bottle lmao
court lucky
court lucky - 2 days ago
Magic eye Uno
How to lose friends
Pinkunicorn 19
Pinkunicorn 19 - 4 days ago
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis - 4 days ago
Kyle is awesome
Do not sub to this Channel
This is my favorite show they make
Moodywhitegirl - 6 days ago
Kyle is officially my favorite person on the planet
Sky Christensen
Sky Christensen - 6 days ago
RandomLama - 6 days ago
Kyle: ahh it’s bluuu
xGamerCatBoy360 - 7 days ago
Danny is a hidden product
Abbi Durrans
Abbi Durrans - 7 days ago
Jon ? We have the same birthday
Robert Romero
Robert Romero - 8 days ago
One of the first episodes Kara didn’t get hers stolen
Robert Romero
Robert Romero - 8 days ago
3:36 the class when they see I can throw cards😂
Ghøstman Gaming
Ghøstman Gaming - 8 days ago
I think imma have to get myself a pack of the crosseye card things and use them when I’m playing poker with my family and only I would know how if I should continue to play or fold Hahahahah #godhood
Menacing Duke 241
Menacing Duke 241 - 8 days ago
Big Joey is...
Filiz baki
Filiz baki - 9 days ago
There is only one girl
XxAydenxX - 9 days ago
I thought jon was joe so i said “YEAH JOE!” And my mom shouted back “joe mama”
Brooklyn Wade
Brooklyn Wade - 11 days ago
Do it as I was watching this I was watching saved by the Bell for your little comment about the box
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 11 days ago
1:37 it is not a flat head screw driver. But okay.
SuperElite7979 - 12 days ago
Lighter cufflings. The most fanciest way to light your shirt on fire!
Dante Morawski
Dante Morawski - 12 days ago
I want water
Joshua yew
Joshua yew - 13 days ago
Jaime is handsome does he know that
Emma Smith
Emma Smith - 14 days ago
When you realise you just watched a ten minute ad.🙄🙄🙄
Dave Brideaux
Dave Brideaux - 14 days ago
flask sandals more like booze shoes
Briarly P
Briarly P - 14 days ago
I feel bad for the girl because she's the only one
Katie Phillips
Katie Phillips - 16 days ago
Kyle seems so loud but he’s just chill
{: Plasma_ Rain:}
{: Plasma_ Rain:} - 17 days ago
Why not black elephant.
Blox Bear04
Blox Bear04 - 17 days ago
Aaahh they look so different!
neo ;-;
neo ;-; - 19 days ago
Kyle like a depressed iron golem
Eliza Beaton
Eliza Beaton - 19 days ago
Did anyone notice Kara is the only girl there
I am James Charles
I am James Charles - 21 day ago
Big guy sounds so serious it kills me
Romain Combs
Romain Combs - 21 day ago
I know how to do the eye thing
Mallaly Mohammadi
Mallaly Mohammadi - 21 day ago
I like the pen 🖊
Zadyn Tauanuu
Zadyn Tauanuu - 23 days ago
Is it possible for you guys to get two bonus gifts
LeJuaxTC - 23 days ago
3:39 Why Is Criss Pratt there?
koka soso
koka soso - 24 days ago
The sandals are made for daniel Ricardo the f1 racer
Thomas Schiffer-Harte
Thomas Schiffer-Harte - 25 days ago
The key tidy tool looks great!
Jesse Paz
Jesse Paz - 26 days ago
Big blue! For once in my life I felt close to you. I was so overcome with emotion, when I was hurt and in need of affection, when I was tired and I couldn’t go home! Then you offered protection. So am I learning my lesson? Or am I back on my own
James Henderson
James Henderson - 28 days ago
I have 3 kids two r teens and the guy w the black shirt on did more crying then they did. What a bitch if he worked for me he would be looking for a new job. Wow!! I am tempted not to watch another episode because of him.
Shadow 2897
Shadow 2897 - 28 days ago
I like little Joey more than big joey
ashlyn X stan
ashlyn X stan - 29 days ago
no one:

not a soul:

kyle: looks like my male sims
Robbi Hobbs
Robbi Hobbs - 29 days ago
I live in Missouri
Night Mare
Night Mare - Month ago
I can’t turn my notifications? Whynot
k_lets_ play
k_lets_ play - Month ago
Wow, kara is the only girl XD
Sophia Nguyen
Sophia Nguyen - Month ago
XD kara is the only girl
In the game
Olivia Doran
Olivia Doran - Month ago
Kyle is always like get me the hell out of here
Blezma Mukosi
Blezma Mukosi - Month ago
Big Joey is hilarious
katie wise
katie wise - Month ago
Big Joe looks and sounds depressed
Sydney Du
Sydney Du - Month ago
The one time Joey isn’t that disappointed. 😂💖
Ender -s- 9254
Ender -s- 9254 - Month ago
I have no idea who Kyle is....I fucking love him
Ed Hernandez
Ed Hernandez - Month ago
Ahhhhhh it's blue
Star Sings
Star Sings - Month ago
The guy that said”I would just drink water all day”sounded so depressed 😂
DiLeona Taylor
DiLeona Taylor - Month ago
Kyle reminds me of Ice bear from We Bare Bears 😂😂😂
Gerald Giraffe
Gerald Giraffe - Month ago
Danny and joey: opening bonus gifts
Everyone else: *AKWARDLY STARING*
chulado - Month ago
what the heck
Ken Kanike
Ken Kanike - Month ago
Sksksksksksksksksksk visco flask
M. Panda
M. Panda - Month ago
Who els is searching for comments about kyle
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