Stephen A. doesn’t hold back on criticizing Lamar Jackson | First Take

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The Truth
The Truth - 4 days ago
Lamar Jackson is not an NFL quarterback!!!! He should be a wide reciever
Boe Yard
Boe Yard - Month ago
When y'all go through comments you read all complaints on Stephen A from Lamar stains. One y'all made him a messiah before he won a meaningful game.Two y'all had 12 pro bowlers!! Three stop blameing people criticism on lamar and making it about his color or race!!! Y'all Lamar fans toxic as fuggg!!! Me and other people just think he a glorified running back. That not racism that a thought.That last playoff game was still winnable!! Slim he gave up period!!! Go look at Mahomes down 24 point or down in super bowl!! Patrick still walking side line encouraging his teammates to ball up!!! Now go look at your messiah golden boy sitting down looking like lost puppy!!!slim show some heart!!! But I wish lamar well but stop crowning golden boy until he win important game. That not hate that facts!!
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff - Month ago
Not going to mention the receivers dropping important passes and killing the drive and tempo? Or Derrick Henry being an absolute beast?
jeremy lar
jeremy lar - Month ago
Lamar is overrated!!!
Esmond Yamoah
Esmond Yamoah - Month ago
Max been waiting his hole life to say this
Appalachian Country
Appalachian Country - Month ago
Sam V
Sam V - 2 months ago
The Raven's defense is just Earl Thomas
Antonio Dennie
Antonio Dennie - 2 months ago
People don’t understand how young he is & how much experience he is getting int the play off look at the greats they don’t be getting to the play offs or there first full starting season till there 2-3 season in the league
YYaLLMaD - 2 months ago
Chiefs have better weapons than Lamar. Let’s not act like Mahomes winning that game was just him. The whole team steeped up for the chiefs. No one stepped on the ravens
Ulises Valle
Ulises Valle - 3 months ago
Washed up ex players
pearboii II
pearboii II - 3 months ago
Btw its wrong to be 23 years old the MVP of the nfl youngest dual threat qb ever to do it. It's wrong for them to lose playoff games in their first 2 seasons even though so many legends have not won a playoff game till later seasons why cant Stephen a smith at least attempt to hide his bias as a steelers fan because what Lamar jackson did was the best thing I've seen since the 2012 ravens superbowl run he is that good and he is well on his way on getting his 13th chip
Terry McBride
Terry McBride - 3 months ago
Super bowl 54 MVP Lamar
"Patrick Mahomes!"
Kainoa Obenchain
Kainoa Obenchain - 3 months ago
Critics act like they know everything about football, they act like they’ve been on the field. Some have but Stephen A has not. So shut up Stephen
r y a n
r y a n - 3 months ago
biggest idiot on earth
Beyonde Frank
Beyonde Frank - 3 months ago
Big a** forehead
Willie Carraway
Willie Carraway - 4 months ago
Yo Lamar been in the nfl for 1 1/2 seasons
Willie Carraway
Willie Carraway - 4 months ago
He had a 195 with no touchdowns
Jév Ç. Hüñçhø
Jév Ç. Hüñçhø - 5 months ago
L G R W - 4 months ago
How is he a clown for telling the truth
That guy you thought you knew once
365 yds and 2 INTs on 59 attempts
Ben Roethlisberger once threw for 522 yards on 49 attempts... with 0 INTs
Rosalind Lewis
Rosalind Lewis - 5 months ago
Lamar Jackson, NFL missed the training from the Ravens QB who retired before he was drafted).
Rosalind Lewis
Rosalind Lewis - 5 months ago
Lamar Jackson NFL, James Harden NBA ( transferred contract from Thunder to Houston) to different ball games
mysticdiamondz house
mysticdiamondz house - 5 months ago
Stephen A smith. A hater uncle tom
matthew weaver
matthew weaver - 5 months ago
I lost brain cells watching this. Give lamar the chiefs wr core and he'd of easily walked away with a title
William Baxter
William Baxter - 6 months ago
SAS IS Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EMOTIONAL
Paul Monaco
Paul Monaco - 6 months ago
Stephen A. PLEASE point out the HUGE differences between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes . Well I'll do it for you. #1 Patrick Mahomes is perhaps the SMARTEST player on his team, and Lamar Jackson could be the DUMBEST player on his team. I guess that's all we need to say. Stephen A. As a RESPECTED Analyst, you might know this next phrase. " If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. It ain't a MONGOOSE "
Natalie Manis
Natalie Manis - 6 months ago
God bless Google that commercial 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tonja Bowman
Tonja Bowman - 6 months ago
You all are all fools Lamar Jackson Hollywood brown, and Peter's are the only ones that showed up to play the game yall are so.sad trying to diminish that man's season he is young and I cant stand you fare weather fake commentators. You k how Lamar cant win that game if everybody else ain't in it. There all young rookies Andrew's missed the ball .Robert's, Snead ,Boyle Hurst and others co9 cat h the ball .bad coaching and preparation for such a new team. Then thos made Lamar try to make something out of nothing and Mahomes can come back because his receivers a re ready and seasoned so when bbn he is behind they gonna cat h that ball that's right keep talking while you talking Lamar will be working believe that
Bryon Haywood
Bryon Haywood - 6 months ago
Lamar= Overrated and overhyped enough said !!!!! He’s good but he isn’t as good as we thought
ravens nation
ravens nation - 6 months ago
Donnie Scott
Donnie Scott - 6 months ago
If we going to tear Lamar Jackson down, let's tear De'Sean Watson down. LMAO!
Cheers Bruh
Cheers Bruh - 6 months ago
Lamar looks like a healthy crackhead
Tyrone Evans
Tyrone Evans - 6 months ago
As Usual some unbecoming retorts from the Commentators, the freaking question is does this stain Lamars season.? Not do we have respect for what he has done.? The answer is yes this stains his season because as a number 1 seeded NFL team in the playoff the Raven's were removed and tossed to the side out of the playoffs early and everyone has moved on to see who will be in the Superbowl out of the final four teams.
Justin Rees
Justin Rees - 6 months ago
that guy behind Stephen is having way too much fun
ANIMAL 440 - 6 months ago
Smith, should have stuck with fashion school.
C Howard
C Howard - 6 months ago
Stephen A sounds dumb as S@*T he reminds me of wendy williams a person who only knows how to talk S@*T about somebody else just to try and look good. Stephen A house turn into a house n*==a plain and simple.
Ricardo Dansby
Ricardo Dansby - 6 months ago
What do you expect from this idiot
T.M. B
T.M. B - 6 months ago
You are so mean, why are you so critical, he is young and the Baltimore Ravens has lead us a long way, and he has changed the game, and loved by people world wide, you are so hard to watch.......
Bartholomew Smutz
Bartholomew Smutz - 6 months ago
Why does everyone assume Lamar Jackson is going to get better? Sometimes QBs hit their high water mark early in their careers then regress into mediocrity. Jared Goff is a perfect example. Goff took the Rams to the Super Bowl last season and had a very good year and this year he stunk. Goff will never be more than a mediocre Quarterback who had one good season. The jury is still out on Lamar Jackson as what he will be in the future.
Chris Corbin
Chris Corbin - 6 months ago
Anyone who cares what Stephen A has to say isn't a football fan. He's paid millions to yell his worthless opinions.
Heckle And Slide
Heckle And Slide - 6 months ago
Can they just ADMIT they were wrong... JUST ONCE!!!!
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams - 6 months ago
Jackson the most exciting Q B in the game next year my brother .
Kelvin Ellis
Kelvin Ellis - 6 months ago
Yeshua Dean
Yeshua Dean - 6 months ago
Lamar really bout to come for necks this season, i cant wait
jay blaze
jay blaze - 6 months ago
The coaches stuff of the Revens did not get the team ready for play-off football point blank. They thought they will come in and do their thing and move on. Big mistake
Ricky Buckner
Ricky Buckner - 6 months ago
Stephen A just hates to be hating
Ryan Hartigan
Ryan Hartigan - 6 months ago
They’re humans not robots, any team can win in any game which is the beauty of sports. not always an instant blame on someone.
Ian Morris
Ian Morris - 6 months ago
Ravens had a bad game at a bad time. What's not to understand here? Every team has a bad game, it's inevitable.
Timmytwothumbs - 6 months ago
Stephen you're an idiot. that's all you had to say and you would've said it all. Lamar did his talking on the field and his teammates and coaches really let him down. How do you put up 500+ yards and still deserve criticism? He's the MVP for a reason. He's breaking ankles and breaking records weekly out there. And he's only 23. Baltimore is gonna have their super bowl(s) wins with him under center Belee Dat.
Jason C.
Jason C. - 6 months ago
James Nelson
James Nelson - 6 months ago
How about Stephen go out on the field and try to gain just 1 yard
Moseh Lewi
Moseh Lewi - 6 months ago
he's not a football player
Rudi Mwongozi
Rudi Mwongozi - 6 months ago
"Lamar Jackson is Michael Vick 2.0
Patrick Mahomes is Aaron Rodgers 2.0... Which would you rather be"... End of discussion
Scott Justin
Scott Justin - 6 months ago
It's not Lamar Jackson's fault but he's on his way to being one of the most disliked players in the NFL. The media is force feeding a narrative that he "broke the code" and revolutionized the position Guess what, RG3 and Kaepernick broke the code within the last decade too--and then the code was rewritten. He is a below average passer in the NFL. I've been watching the NFL for 30 years--dont tell me I'm missing something. He won people a lot of fantasy leagues this year, so people are enamored. Early Michael Vick was every bit the athlete LJ is--with a better arm. He never led a team to the championship. Jackson will have to become a competent thrower--Andy Dalton level --to beat the cream of the NFL crop in the playoffs.
OcHO80ZERo - 6 months ago
And MVP will be Lamar, SO IT IS HIS YEAR also, even though he lost...
world star
world star - 6 months ago
Stephen Andhereswhy Smith
Eric Thiem
Eric Thiem - 6 months ago
One time, Bret favre threw 6 interceptions. Everyone asked why. He showed the four foot long purple bruised on his sides and legs. After seeing that, I wondered how he was able to function. Bret couldn't. Lamar is a running quarterback, and he must be getting hit alot on his legs. I was worried he would get hurt this year, but supposedly he didn't. I am sure he was hurting. People say everyone is knicked up at this time. Maybe, Lamar's body can only go so far. I suspect this is true. maybe, this is the true explanation.
Eddie Deals
Eddie Deals - 6 months ago
Idk why they had Lamar throwing the ball 60 times for I think this was deliberate..
Donald Curry
Donald Curry - 6 months ago
Steven A can't even control his emotions & he definitely can't control his constant running mouth. He's very sensitive also. That's a bad combination.
Donald Curry
Donald Curry - 6 months ago
The most critical & vocal in any sport is the ones who never played the game & were non athletic. Notice how Steven A & Max never let Marcus speak his mind.
Terry Jones
Terry Jones - 6 months ago
And this is why I now watch Undisputed... Steven A. Sellout is tiresome...🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️💯
Terry Jones
Terry Jones - 6 months ago
Remember what T.O. said...🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Steven A. Works with Bill Polian... 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️💯
SIA Investigations Team
SIA Investigations Team - 6 months ago
Stephan A,hole is a big mouth little twerp that never played a down of football.
Pidched RR
Pidched RR - 6 months ago
Steven A just shouts some garbage...very annoying
Pauline James
Pauline James - 6 months ago
S.A.S calm down, so quick to forget what happened last year in the PLAYOFFS , Mr mvp himself Patrick M. got beat by the Patriots so wat now?
Boe Yard
Boe Yard - 6 months ago
Pauline James what mr mvp Patrick do this year!!
TCY ! - 6 months ago
Lamar will not be playing in the nfl in 5 years as a starter. Tell me 1 run first QB that has done anything? Yup 0
James James
James James - 6 months ago
Thank you Rex for getting SA to admit what he really is ha smiles baby
YahboyARAB - 6 months ago
I'm really starting to hate S.A.S! I really agree with T.O. when he said Max is BLACKER than S.A.S
Dontell Benjamin
Dontell Benjamin - 6 months ago
Stephen a Smith: that boy special
Stephen a Smith: you’re wrong here’s why
Play Pimpin
Play Pimpin - 6 months ago
Steven a is the man 😂😂 I was dying when he was talkin bout earl thomas
DirtyWater - 6 months ago
Anybody who knows football knew the ravens were going one & done
NOT BOT - 6 months ago
It’s the defenses fault but let’s be real, Lamar choked. He couldn’t keep em in the game.
Taron Holt
Taron Holt - 6 months ago
He couldn't wait for this moment
Joey Nye
Joey Nye - 6 months ago
Lamar will be fine.
Stephen Greenwood
Stephen Greenwood - 6 months ago
Stephen A. Asswipe, He will ride on someone's nuts until something goes awry and then he jumps off and acts like the uncle tom sellout that he has always been.....oh yeah his man crush over in Green bay has only won 1 superbowl in how many years as starting QB????
Eric Forrest
Eric Forrest - 6 months ago
Wow all that being said bout a second year QB he is good but have alot to learn playoffs is a different story
joe chrow
joe chrow - 6 months ago
Bill Polian you were 10000000% right!!!....Well done sir
Mustang Bully
Mustang Bully - 6 months ago
My word I love Steven A!!!
He gets it💯👌
Timothy Edmond
Timothy Edmond - 6 months ago
He needs a drum to beat on. Cause he's been whack lately
Deejay - 6 months ago
T.O was right about this man..
DOA - 6 months ago
Steven A I know you're at and it's a good gaming it makes you your money but think about this you could be wrong a thousand times but Lamar Jackson can only be wrong once when it pertains to criticism and the ability to criticize.
And my point is who looks worse the guy who's wrong a thousand times or the guy that's only wrong once?
JohnRamirez007 - 6 months ago
Here’s my 2 cents. Ok I’ve watched Aaron Brook Randal Cunningham Micheal Vick Tim Tebow(laughing) Steve Young.. running QB’s and as long as Patrick Mahomes is in Lamar Jackson’s way, LJ will NEVER get to the SuperBowl.... period.
Lookatdascore - 6 months ago
So we don’t criticize Drew Brees for failure once again.
Walter Jackson
Walter Jackson - 6 months ago
In the red zone Lamar didn't do his thing
Walter Jackson
Walter Jackson - 6 months ago
The Truth
The Truth - 6 months ago
Stephen is jealous of Lamar's talent!!! And he's also a drama queen, which is very feminine!!! If he would put as much time into his hairl-line, as does other people's business, the world might be able to look at him without
300 benji
300 benji - 6 months ago
Stephen A. is a hater (Lamar is da real deal)
KeyzerSoze - 6 months ago
Lol Ravens fans HURT. “HE CAN THROW!!!” 😂😂😂
One and Only
One and Only - 6 months ago
Only thing Smith said in this video that was correct is that he is an idiot
EightiesMusiqLover - 6 months ago
Deshawn Watson was a NON-FACTOR in their last football game. He only showed just how much the Houston Texans CAN’T depend on him to carry or even successfully manage the team in crisis moments when it really matters the most.
London Xiong
London Xiong - 6 months ago
Stephen a smith is a sellout boot licka. He is happy to tear down a bro
Boe Yard
Boe Yard - 6 months ago
London Xiong so it ok tear down Mahomes and white quarterback but not Lamar because he black??!! This why ravens fans are toxic
Tyrone Darrell
Tyrone Darrell - 6 months ago
I can’t wait till your cancelled . I can’t stand stand your content . Your probably a good dude but I’m out
Ewolf5150 - 6 months ago
Thank god lamar plays in the NFL cuz when that dude opens his mouth, he sounds so stupid. It’s as if he came out of the woods and had zero education. I have an 11 year old niece who speaks better English than Lamar
Caneilas Cooper
Caneilas Cooper - 6 months ago
You have to eat sleep an dream about Lamar to get paid stop hating on something you'll never accomplish
Christopher McLin
Christopher McLin - 6 months ago
he didnt have a terrible game tho
Comics Book Awesomeness
Comics Book Awesomeness - 6 months ago
Garbage time
JEFFREY - 6 months ago
Yes he did
Kareem Smith
Kareem Smith - 6 months ago
Mahomes got three gift touchdowns!!!!!! Lamar didn't get those mistakes from the Titans. The Ravens lost because of injuries.
Legendary Duke
Legendary Duke - 6 months ago
Everything he said wasn't on lamar . The entire team choked except lamar and Hollywood brown . And lamar younger than joe burrows ....
Joseph S
Joseph S - 6 months ago
Jackson was suppose to win the Super Bowl 😂😂😂
Cameron Eskridge
Cameron Eskridge - 6 months ago
Bro this football he can not just do it by myself u need a whole team my guy
James James
James James - 6 months ago
That's the first true thing he said about his self yes you are smiles baby
KCENDER - 6 months ago
Players win games, but bad coaching can lose them. Greg Roman 2.0 is the same guy who was fired in SF back in the day.
CG ALLAH - 6 months ago
There will not be any NFL teams coming to BALTIMORE to see RAVENS RB MI if there is a Problem. " Problem Solved ".
Felicia Coby
Felicia Coby - 6 months ago
Stephen A please if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all yes Lamar is young but he is the reason why our team is where they are on top of all the records this young man has as well as the team harbaugh should not have let him rest for three weeks period he was relaxed and the team as well despite whatever I love this Man win or lose
NEOHG13 Blaze
NEOHG13 Blaze - 6 months ago
👑HENRY Turned Earl Thomas into his LEAD BLOCKER!😂🏈
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