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Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart - 3 months ago
Get ready for CRAZY videos this month! Like and subscribe if you haven’t :) ❤️
Aura Jimenez
Aura Jimenez - 2 days ago
No I was
Aura Jimenez
Aura Jimenez - 2 days ago
Hi Ben
Mariame Diaman
Mariame Diaman - 2 days ago
Ben is so nice for putting money under stuff
Sage Morton
Sage Morton - 2 days ago
So Brent ships Ben and Lexi Hensler but not Ben and Lexi Rivera... I mean they are both lexis
slime is fun
slime is fun - 2 days ago
Ayla Lindsey
Ayla Lindsey - 3 days ago
High hopes at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊❤❤❤❤
amazing wizard47
amazing wizard47 - 4 days ago
I'm really late but these are really funny
Chardannay Elliott
Chardannay Elliott - 4 days ago
#Bexi (lexi rivera) like for lexi hensler and ben
comment for ben and lexi rivera
Maya Mortazavi
Maya Mortazavi - 4 days ago
Tony Oh
Tony Oh - 4 days ago
You and Lexi are soooooo cute together
Jaimee Haddon McGuff
Jaimee Haddon McGuff - 5 days ago
I love ur vids they're so funny I wish I could meet u!!! :) ❤
Natasha Spasojevic
Natasha Spasojevic - 6 days ago
Wow wow wow wow
Luke Dias
Luke Dias - 6 days ago
Um I thought this was family friendly lol 0:27
Chardannay Elliott
Chardannay Elliott - 4 days ago
well in one of a differnt vine it said b#*h sooo
Christopher Shortt
Christopher Shortt - 7 days ago
Who else realize that in the scene one clumsy friend Brent and his ex-girlfriend were handcuff together go check out that video
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez - 8 days ago
It’s his sister lol
Maria Mora
Maria Mora - 8 days ago
I hate. Brett
zxkyy f
zxkyy f - 8 days ago
0:24 slick assssss skid
Arianna Lamboy
Arianna Lamboy - 9 days ago
Soffie dossi is brents Ex???
Jirah Ramirez
Jirah Ramirez - 9 days ago
Your so kind ben
connie anastasio
connie anastasio - 11 days ago
Brent sometimes you are really weird
DrizzyAlex Pineda
DrizzyAlex Pineda - 14 days ago
hi ben
DrizzyAlex Pineda
DrizzyAlex Pineda - 14 days ago
I'm a USa-videor
Zhang sufang
Zhang sufang - 14 days ago
k k
Nikki Hobbs
Nikki Hobbs - 15 days ago
I love you vids
callie thomas
callie thomas - 16 days ago
6:36 when Brent doesnt want you to date his sister
Christopher Ferreira
Christopher Ferreira - 17 days ago
Your a good brother Brent
**Kady ROXS**
**Kady ROXS** - 18 days ago
2:13 was my favorite part
Annika_Angel #
Annika_Angel # - 18 days ago
Uhmm is brent just pretending that he's over protective or nah
Chardannay Elliott
Chardannay Elliott - 4 days ago
Annika_Angel # i think nah in a vid he said 100k and those two will make out (Alexa and Ben)
Brynn Stallings
Brynn Stallings - 19 days ago
“Always have my friends😂”
Reynolds Adu
Reynolds Adu - 19 days ago
Funny when he punched his friend for asking for his food
Hanifa Parbej
Hanifa Parbej - 20 days ago
2:31what you were gonna fall inlove with your sister o.o
amaya Pena
amaya Pena - 21 day ago
real life match making i wish #foreverlonley
Jahaan Jano
Jahaan Jano - 21 day ago
Lexi Rivera not hensler like if u agree😍
Come on guys u know ita true!
Juliana Kondo
Juliana Kondo - 21 day ago
lol ben
Olga Pacheco
Olga Pacheco - 22 days ago
0:32 - 1:02, Brent ships Lexi H and Ben but not his sister with Ben 😂
Nakiyah Bond-Williams
Nakiyah Bond-Williams - 23 days ago
Kiss ing
Nakiyah Bond-Williams
Nakiyah Bond-Williams - 23 days ago
Lexi and Ben set In the tree
LaAcesa Harvey
LaAcesa Harvey - 23 days ago
2:10 Lexi face is like 😑😑😑🙄🙄🙄🤯🤯🤯😡😡😡😡
Janeesa Angjaya
Janeesa Angjaya - 23 days ago
At 6:06 brent and his ex is hand cuffed.
Madeline Anello
Madeline Anello - 25 days ago
JhuhahHgHghqggkhgjhqv ygdajizuZ👩‍👩‍👦‍👦
Caitlin Fraumano
Caitlin Fraumano - 26 days ago
Ben and Lexi sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Repeka Matau
Repeka Matau - 27 days ago
You don’t even have a girlfriend but what the heck that’s not even Sophie Dorsey
Crazy Sox
Crazy Sox - 27 days ago
Sofiya Floria
Sofiya Floria - 28 days ago
Chelsea Bhogal
Chelsea Bhogal - 28 days ago
Is it me or Brent has alot of EXes
kevin baines
kevin baines - 28 days ago
sprinkle sweet s
sprinkle sweet s - 28 days ago
Brent leave ben and Lexi alone
Strawberry Cute Cupcake
Strawberry Cute Cupcake - 29 days ago
Ben You Are cheating With Lexi
shadowofficialy - gaming
shadowofficialy - gaming - 29 days ago
6:02 you can see Brent and his ex handcuffed
Bronwyn Morgan
Bronwyn Morgan - Month ago
I love all your videos
tydiamond28 - Month ago
Is. Brent relyl
Trent Dowdell
Trent Dowdell - Month ago
WHAT is with you and girl
Trent Dowdell
Trent Dowdell - Month ago
WHAT is with you and girls
Birsan Loredana
Birsan Loredana - Month ago
You love
Debbie Salts
Debbie Salts - Month ago
?you. Are. HOT Ben
PauliePlayz - Roblox
PauliePlayz - Roblox - Month ago
This is wired🙄
Elmedina M.
Elmedina M. - Month ago
Ben and lexi
Kayla Medel
Kayla Medel - Month ago
Is that Lexi ‘s Brother
Lachlan Mcdonald
Lachlan Mcdonald - Month ago
Roblox Roleplays
Roblox Roleplays - Month ago
You realized you should’ve done the $100 in NJ bc many poor people like me there my mom lives with her dad......So in high school K get my own free lunch bc she can’t pay for it
Yuan Wu
Yuan Wu - Month ago
Can anyone else see that light?
Kabeer s Fun House
Kabeer s Fun House - Month ago
You suck Brent
Karolin Thuesing
Karolin Thuesing - Month ago
4:25 what’s the song called ? I can’t remember 😂
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