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Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart - 11 months ago
Get ready for CRAZY videos this month! Like and subscribe if you haven’t :) ❤️
Lehsnne Eynon
Lehsnne Eynon - 18 hours ago
@Keira m plays g and r m hhrbfudhf
Keira m plays g and r m
Keira m plays g and r m - 22 hours ago
Brent is annoying always shipping of friends
Lehsnne Eynon
Lehsnne Eynon - Day ago
Freya Dodd
Freya Dodd - Day ago
Ben Azelart Hi Ben you are my fav youtuber and you and lexi riviera is my fav couple 👫
GamingWithAddie - 23 minutes ago
If I found the money under my stuff I thought he store I would’ve returned it to an employee
Georgia Wright
Georgia Wright - Hour ago
These were so funny!!!! Loved them 💕😊
Fornite stxx
Fornite stxx - 2 hours ago
On 0:50 Brent put lexis hand on ben but ben and lexi are siblings
Spirit-Danger 1
Spirit-Danger 1 - 2 hours ago
You do good tik tok
Bruce Brown
Bruce Brown - 3 hours ago
Ezra muo
Ezra muo - 4 hours ago
Making other days better: Where did u find all that money??????
blueexskyy - 8 hours ago
OMG 0:04
Ava-Marie Bennett
Ava-Marie Bennett - 9 hours ago
Sofie DOSSI I'm a fan of all of you
mivoz stereo
mivoz stereo - 11 hours ago
That's what I'd do on the first if I catch anyone flirting with my siblings
Harry Olsson
Harry Olsson - 12 hours ago
Elham Salisu
Elham Salisu - 13 hours ago
Make a video give out your number
iam cute
iam cute - 14 hours ago
0:48 Lexi rivera left the chat
KK Washington
KK Washington - 15 hours ago
KK Washington
KK Washington - 15 hours ago
Oh my God I like the food one but also I don’t because every time I go to school my friends asked me for my food at lunch whywhywhy I I give it to them because they’re my friends and I care about them a lot in my family don’t don’t judge 👩‍⚖️
Cheryl Rosales
Cheryl Rosales - 20 hours ago
Cheryl Rosales
Cheryl Rosales - 20 hours ago
Which couple is Cuter? Ben❤️Lexi Rivera =like. Ben❤️Lexi Hensler
Tsveti Painting_channel
Tsveti Painting_channel - 23 hours ago
Emily Rea
Emily Rea - Day ago
Ella - Day ago
The part when Brent said that’s my sister I laughed so hard!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Yadira Chow
Yadira Chow - Day ago
6:17 that YouTube ▶️video 🎥was Brent handcuffed
Eliona Isufi
Eliona Isufi - Day ago
0:01 wooooah thats cool.
OrcaGaming - Day ago
4:28 wut song?
Naddie Jo Booker
Naddie Jo Booker - Day ago
Uh x u fic
Kalena Cueto
Kalena Cueto - Day ago
Sorry Lexi I kinda ship sophie and ben
davinder dhatt
davinder dhatt - Day ago
davinder dhatt
davinder dhatt - Day ago
ben that brent swim dive
Theodore King
Theodore King - Day ago
Ben is too sweet
Lehsnne Eynon
Lehsnne Eynon - Day ago
l love yuo💜💜💜💜
Michelle Pienaar
Michelle Pienaar - Day ago
I love what you do
I love it
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson - Day ago
Chitraangada Sinha
Chitraangada Sinha - Day ago
Brent don't be overprotive
Laurie Rife
Laurie Rife - Day ago
. Hello
Julie Smith
Julie Smith - Day ago
The reason brent does not let lexi date because he does not want to be left out
Meerub Sadiq
Meerub Sadiq - Day ago
Awesome 🖤🖤
Hello ate ellen Jo IPad
Are you crazy guys
Bra Hill
Bra Hill - 2 days ago
His name ben
Alanna Jones
Alanna Jones - 2 days ago
Guermode Delhomme
Guermode Delhomme - 2 days ago
Right dress for women and women who don't want to see if they are doing in their own way or they don't want take the time to have been working with other kids for a while and they
Kathy Powell
Kathy Powell - 2 days ago
Just be sneaky with the relationship
Merdan Guner
Merdan Guner - 2 days ago
Ivanelys Ramos
Ivanelys Ramos - 2 days ago
Dang you kissed her again I’ve seen you kiss her like 1000000 times I’m proud hehehehe lol
Ivanelys Ramos
Ivanelys Ramos - 2 days ago
Omg Ben the part when you kissed Lexi has me investagating
solache daniel
solache daniel - 2 days ago
Poor Brent
Abraham your boy Taha
Abraham your boy Taha - 2 days ago
I heard a bad word
hi ih
hi ih - 2 days ago
That. Ben girlfriend is Sofia dossi
Jadiell Rodriguez
Jadiell Rodriguez - 2 days ago
He's just je jealous
Pearlx Bunny
Pearlx Bunny - 2 days ago
Brent see you with lexi or kiss Lexi brent like no slap with broom or drown you into the water😂😂😂😂
Teaonna Wright
Teaonna Wright - 2 days ago
I would date u Brent and ur my fav youtuber
Halima Begum
Halima Begum - 2 days ago
First vid: - Ben kisses lexi-

Another vid: brent ships lexi hensler and Ben
Me: nope I ship lexi rivera and Ben uwu
Avilasha Panth
Avilasha Panth - 2 days ago
I will tell why I hate Eva because she is with a another boy who can it be 🤯🤯 I love you Brent
Avilasha Panth
Avilasha Panth - 2 days ago
I will tell why I hate Eva because she is with a another boy who can it be 🤯🤯
Jule Neufang
Jule Neufang - 2 days ago
What happened to Caleb??? I miss him🥺
Mayte & Keren
Mayte & Keren - 2 days ago
Which couple is cuter 🥰❤️❣️
Ben❤️ Lexi Rivera= bexi Rivera
Ben❤️lexi hensler= bexi hensler
Craig Philipson
Craig Philipson - 2 days ago
Well I do love money
Craig Philipson
Craig Philipson - 2 days ago
Money hey
Zain Mustafa
Zain Mustafa - 2 days ago
Gigi G.
Gigi G. - 3 days ago
U and Lexi h would be such a good couple but ur too young for her
joy abuyabor
joy abuyabor - 3 days ago
I hate ben and lexi😡
Blossoms Side
Blossoms Side - 3 days ago
Damn ben u tall
Javonna Jones
Javonna Jones - 3 days ago
Dude you are crazy please come to Tennessee😍🥺
Little Sloth
Little Sloth - 3 days ago
Javonna Jones or Michigan
Hiba Ajaj
Hiba Ajaj - 3 days ago
Hiba Ajaj
Hiba Ajaj - 3 days ago
Hiba Ajaj
Hiba Ajaj - 3 days ago
Erica Zeis
Erica Zeis - 3 days ago
I love when Ben was danceing
meenakshi manan
meenakshi manan - 3 days ago
At 6:27 how could Ben do that🤔🤔🤔
Lassana konate
Lassana konate - 3 days ago
Notorious BountyxHunter
Sof is the best
Simon Bangayan
Simon Bangayan - 3 days ago
Simon Bangayan
Simon Bangayan - 3 days ago
This is how many times i hear chepole in @Ben Azelart @Lexi Rivera @Brent Rivera
North Food mart
North Food mart - 3 days ago
I hate Brent grilfrend
A day in the life of Abbie madness!!!
Wait is Ben and lexi h sibling
Niamh Manuelle Diosana
Niamh Manuelle Diosana - 4 days ago
I ship lexi and ben but lexi H Can we be friends🥺🥺
Djc Rodriguez
Djc Rodriguez - 4 days ago
0.07seconds Ben almost dies because of Brent lol
M Cruz
M Cruz - 4 days ago
Brent is so crazy when it comes to his sister and ben
Roblox animations
Roblox animations - 4 days ago
Beeeen!! the language in one of dem check it again!
it's Crystal wolf Gacha and ice Wolf Gacha
And then he went up the escalator flying
Me What the HACK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rama Baker
Rama Baker - 4 days ago
Wow your so thankful Ben you give people munny
nyra Joseph
nyra Joseph - 4 days ago
Poor ben😭😹
Saira Gonzalez
Saira Gonzalez - 4 days ago
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