Chiefs vs. Broncos Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

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Kenny L Garrett Jr
Kenny L Garrett Jr - 5 days ago
And people can say what they want about Joe Flacco, and he is having a rough time this yr, but he's proven n the past that he can b a good quarterback. Especially with that championship ring on his finger. And I'm not even a Ravens fan. But credit should b given to anybody where/when it's due.
Helena Hetlage
Helena Hetlage - 11 days ago
Wondering if mahomes will play for the cheifs today 11-3-19
Frissky - 14 days ago
The quarter backs voice is so annoying for the broncos
Montgomery Outdoors24
Montgomery Outdoors24 - 17 days ago
Ok to prove all of you wrong about saying Flacco is bad. Do you think Patrick Mahomes would still be an mvp performer and still produce the same amount of td’s if he had the broncos offensive line? Be honest cause I already know the answer.
vales verga flacco
Scott McFall
Scott McFall - 18 days ago
I don't recognise these guys. They're not my Broncos.
Edward Mancilla
Edward Mancilla - 19 days ago
Flacco isn't that good tbh
alana pehlivan
alana pehlivan - 19 days ago
Packers are destroying them tomorrow
alana pehlivan
alana pehlivan - 19 days ago
Darkwolfe - 20 days ago
One of the most dynamic athletes?! I think I recall that being said about RGIII as well.
Talk about hyping it up, good player, yes, most dynamic?! Yeesh.
Mark Blaine
Mark Blaine - 21 day ago
It was Count S.VanDuleki a subsidiary of The Madden Curse by way of Mayberry, North Carolina
Stoner Blaz3
Stoner Blaz3 - 21 day ago
Flacco trash 😂😂😂 glad he's gone
Jose Mateus
Jose Mateus - 22 days ago
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Seahawks Fan9000
Seahawks Fan9000 - 23 days ago
I can't believe they traded Frank Clark away so dumb
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Old Era.
Josh Ahrens
Josh Ahrens - 23 days ago
denver, where is your o-line? absolute garbage. I'm offended and I'm not even an broncos fan.
Josh Ahrens
Josh Ahrens - 23 days ago
broncos fans, you cant blame flacco. the whole team is playing like trash
Rock - 23 days ago
That black ref is really good makes some great calls
John Sullivan
John Sullivan - 23 days ago
chiefs replacement qb...
Daniel Larsen
Daniel Larsen - 23 days ago
I see alot of complaints about Broncos Oline. An oline has to believe in their qb to block for him. I have been a lifelong cursed Vikings fan and I know when I see a qb who is not interested and the rest of the team is too. Flacco's performance throughout the season is the look of a qb with nothing left. Trade Von Miller for picks as it is going to be a good 3 years before the Broncos will be relevant again. The time is now to rebuild.
Daniel Larsen
Daniel Larsen - 23 days ago
Lets face it, nobody had Denver as a potential super bowl or even playoff team. Elway threw out a shitty product from the start.
Deadly NFriendly
Deadly NFriendly - 23 days ago
Elway should be fired, we make the worst draft selections ever. The problem will always be our offense, but elway will always want a QB when we could use a better o line. After trading Talib, we could really use a better secondary. Chris Harris is still great but he hasnt been making big plays. This situation is like going to the dollar store for something. We always pick players that are washed up and have no big name. We need big name players like Leveon Bell, Jalen Ramsey etc. Bigger name players are usually better but we always go for the washed up, trashy players. We need a big rebuild
fredie464646 - 23 days ago
what will chiefs do now ?
mdub2000 - 23 days ago
Damn chiefs defense is good....their pass rush kept eating up denvers o-line!
Ismail Jabbar
Ismail Jabbar - 23 days ago
Chiefs secondary is the weakest link
kfekadu55 - 24 days ago
What was that play by the Broncos at 3:13? Lol 😆
James Gilmore
James Gilmore - 24 days ago
To be fair, Denvers D got ruined by a backup
92Rafay - 24 days ago
Denver offence making KC defense look elite
ManzanoMan Adventure
ManzanoMan Adventure - 24 days ago
Time to fire Elway. I had a lot of respect for him as a player. But now as a GM, slowly he is ruining bronco nation.
James Gerkins
James Gerkins - 24 days ago
The madden curse countinues patrick mahomes cover madden 20 gets injured
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - 24 days ago
Flacco did a decent job, the offensive line and defense definitely did not show up
Frankie Rollins
Frankie Rollins - 24 days ago
Joe Sacko
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 24 days ago
I’m starting to believe that the Madden curse is a sure thing.
Chadwick Tiliaia
Chadwick Tiliaia - 24 days ago
The madden curse strikes again.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - 24 days ago
3rd quarter the Broncos were so demoralized they gave up. --Dave
WinterXL - 24 days ago
flacco is dead inside, just there for the paycheck
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 24 days ago
offensive line. The Broncos just look awful!
40thStangGT - 24 days ago
Broncos Offensive Line has more holes than a pool table for the defense to storm thru no QB has a chance to make a play with an O line like that. And the Bronco Defense is nill
majesticspeedrun 98
majesticspeedrun 98 - 24 days ago
So glad we have Lamar Jackson instead of Flacco lol
Frank Furlacker
Frank Furlacker - 24 days ago
The Chiefs are never going to another Super Bowl.
Jason Long
Jason Long - 25 days ago
Joe Sacko
Derek Azarael
Derek Azarael - 25 days ago
It happen the madden cover curse happened to Patrick mahomes
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson - 25 days ago
McCoy starting to get back in form he's a blur...
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 25 days ago
Imagine if Mahomes play until the end of the game, it's gonna be 50-6 😂
timomastosalo - 25 days ago
Any news on Mahomes?
Bryan S
Bryan S - 25 days ago
Chiefs beat a nobody and lost past two and QB out for three weeks. Lucky if they make the playoffs. Their defense is as bad as last year. They lose two more In next three weeks their In trouble.
masyn wile6
masyn wile6 - 25 days ago
bruh the our offensive lineman are trash its not flaccos fault its the fricking offensive line
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 25 days ago
It said 30 but on the vid it said 27 wich one was it?
Beezic - 25 days ago
Joe Flacco is a carry man ray lewis carried him he should of retire then
Sever zx
Sever zx - 25 days ago
Haha glad Denver got wakko flacco and so glad he’s not in Baltimore no more enjoy Denver lol 😂
Ima Doll
Ima Doll - 25 days ago
As difficult as it is to be a bronco fan these days, it's so much worse to be a Chiefs fan. 50 years and counting since their last Super Bowl appearance and win. And only about six playoff wins in those 50 years. That's some real futility there, but not quite as bad as the Jets whose lone SB appearance was 51 years ago. Sheesh, 50 years, that's pathetic.
KCC - 24 days ago
Ima Doll As a chiefs fan, I don’t really think the skill of the current team depends on their history, Chiefs now have the chance to get there in the next couple of seasons, or maybe this season
Dave & Kyle Show
Dave & Kyle Show - 25 days ago
Did the chiefs play good defense or did the Broncos have bad offense? Well both. I think the defense for the chiefs stepped up HUGE in this game. I think towards the end of the 3rd quarter the Broncos were so demoralized they gave up. --Dave
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 25 days ago
Broncos offense after 1st drive: ight imma head out
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks - 25 days ago
Flacco just isn’t the man anymore. I hate it but he needs to make a read and get it out. One ore 2 I can understand but 7 or 8 sacks it’s really hard to keep thinking it’s the offensive line. The Broncos just look awful!
49ers ALLDAY
49ers ALLDAY - 25 days ago
Whos joe flacco..........
Paul Pickering
Paul Pickering - 25 days ago
this shitshow
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 25 days ago
Why did they go for that 2 point conversion again?
Andy Jame
Andy Jame - 25 days ago
Mahomes: does good
ContinentalYo - 25 days ago
madden curse: aight ima head in
mahomes: aight ima head out
defense: aight ima head in
Samuel Hur
Samuel Hur - 25 days ago
ANDY JONES - 25 days ago
Jaiden The second channel
Team Rifleman
Team Rifleman - 25 days ago
Have u seen the video when ref play fantasy football and the player started there defense that was Joe Flacco today
Robert Clemons
Robert Clemons - 25 days ago
It said 30 but on the vid it said 27 wich one was it?
MalRulesAll - 25 days ago
Chiefs defense stepped up 💪💪💪
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