TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea

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Adriana Medina
Adriana Medina - 2 days ago
Hi, so I need help! Once this quarantine is over I really want to travel to Japan. Id like a tour guide since me and my boyfriend cannot speak japanese, korean or chinese. Someone who can order the food for us and show us to markets like this if that makes sense. Where do I go for that stuff? How can I find a guide? Anyone who travels a lot know?
No Thank you
No Thank you - 5 days ago
This video had me drooling omg
esme skye
esme skye - 10 days ago
I wish there was food like this in America
Moulvi Sumaiya
Moulvi Sumaiya - 17 days ago
Who are here to see what jungkook and jimin eaten when they were here💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Any ARMY here💜
Winny Soendaroe
Winny Soendaroe - 23 days ago
😂😂😂 mochi guy pooped matcha.. and you bit his butt....🤣🤣🤣
Sukka Dic
Sukka Dic - 24 days ago
16:06 is called gudetama😍😹
LIBERTAD Sc2 - 26 days ago
Did you catch the train to Busan? lol
MoneyMarv - Month ago
Why is most of the food red
bts Ztan
bts Ztan - Month ago
*that taste soo good but it smells soo bad*
Emilyy Kim
Emilyy Kim - Month ago
Ah I miss my home so much🥺
tomchan9dds - Month ago
Me when I here Busan: Mochi and Kookie’s home town
ghosts - Month ago
hello! i've been watching your videos for so long, really love them and they're fantastic for research about asian street food (which is something that comes up in my creative writing occasionally). thank you so much for all your hard work!
Krish M
Krish M - Month ago
The aunties don’t seem very friendly at all...what’s their deal? Is that part of the culture to give unfriendly stares to customers? I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable eating that way? Just curious if Koreans can help me understand their thinking. Thank you 😊
KJ Ferreira-Lingham
KJ Ferreira-Lingham - Month ago
Cant wait to go to Korea
Kuya Eddie
Kuya Eddie - Month ago
I hate you. 🤣🤣🤣😢
Isabel KONG
Isabel KONG - Month ago
i was meant to come here but corona :(
Neonic Khaos
Neonic Khaos - 2 months ago
Unpopular thought: he looks like Martial Law from Tekken
ryan williams
ryan williams - 2 months ago
I Love the intro music very inviting mike.
Pinecone No. 461
Pinecone No. 461 - 2 months ago
The most amazing thing about Korea is that they have a working ice-cream machine at McDonald's
Luca Swarup
Luca Swarup - 2 months ago
Train to busan
Dm B-Cym
Dm B-Cym - 2 months ago
Me: "What's tasty in Busan?"
Jungkook: ..... 😉
Chicken Flower
Chicken Flower - 2 months ago
I swear to god if he had shown any scene of zombie at the beginning. Dislike not even hesitate ;-;
D jv
D jv - 2 months ago
I prefer miss mina more it's like she's naturally enjoying teach and every minute
Zi TaoTao
Zi TaoTao - 3 months ago
that bacon is *crunchy* and *shmokhiii*
sorry that was funny for me😂
songu1000 - 3 months ago
I just realized, that the plastic bag bowl is such a clever way of NOT doing the dishes
안녕클레오파트라 - 3 months ago
maaaan you should try Gukbap! it is soul food for Busan people!
Marie B.
Marie B. - 3 months ago
Omg people, what is this rice covered in beef, cooked by blowtorch called??? I got to try this when I‘m in Korea!!
Tran Duyen
Tran Duyen - 3 months ago
Hello. Can you tell me where exactly this market is please!thank you!
Mark Saguindel
Mark Saguindel - 3 months ago
This video was very well edited and I like how the music flowed in n out
charm brillante
charm brillante - 4 months ago
which market is this?
Berenice Choong
Berenice Choong - 4 months ago
I CALL DUMPLING ABUSE on that little matcha mochi!! 😭😭😭😂
현채널 [HYEON CHANNEL] - 4 months ago
If you come to Busan, make sure to stop by Haeundae. The sea is beautiful😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
hyunjin lee
hyunjin lee - 4 months ago
I’m Korean and I’m so weak with spicy foods
hyunjin lee
hyunjin lee - 4 months ago
Busan is largest port area in Korea then incheon is on the second place
Rin - 4 months ago
Tastes so good but smells so bad. That's a lot of more eastern foods to us. Sadly a lot of americans dont try things that dont look or smell normal to us. I love strange foods.... well most!
PINKRAINN - 5 months ago
I love pork skin. I'm Mexican & when my dad makes carnitas in the caso he always makes cueritos it's sooooo good. We eat it in tacos or as botana with lime and chile valentina 👌👌. I love korean food any chance i get i go to my nearest hmart and get me a kimchi stew with pork 🤤🤤🤤🤤
G O - 5 months ago
That’s gudetama pooping hehe
Brooklyn Laura Phyo
Brooklyn Laura Phyo - 5 months ago
I loved it when he said " a bunch of aunties" !!
frosty - 5 months ago
What's tasty in Busan 💜💜
Isaac Shin
Isaac Shin - 5 months ago
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea - 5 months ago
Anxiety - 5 months ago
6:28 did he say foreskin?
Blythe Hirai
Blythe Hirai - 5 months ago
How does he not gain weight???!?
Arizona Kid
Arizona Kid - 5 months ago
Why can't America have food stalls like this 😒
UsernamesForDummies - 5 months ago
I hope you’re not offended, but would you ever eat cat or dog?
The Raddest Chad
The Raddest Chad - 6 months ago
I love how the Koreans and Japanese take quintessentially Western foods and go completely apeshit with them.
kaylee shim
kaylee shim - 6 months ago
This video triggers me too much. It’s because I’m korean🥵🥵
Kinchez Oreuqip
Kinchez Oreuqip - 6 months ago
How I wonder Koreans are so skinny yet so much rich sauces in their foods😆😆😆😆😆
Marissa Leanne
Marissa Leanne - 6 months ago
Is he saying pork skin or foreskin?
Rup Devkota
Rup Devkota - 6 months ago
Thats it mate, i am coming to korea in next flight
xmynhu83 - 6 months ago
He is so funny 😂
Avalon Justin
Avalon Justin - 6 months ago
Hey it's Jackie Chan! (The food looks awesome, good job Mike)
Christa Swint
Christa Swint - 6 months ago
The street food I miss the most from Korea is the yakimondu. So incredibly delicious. That and the deep fried corn fritter things. Oh, and the deep fried potato things. But #1 was the yakimondu.
Priyanka Das
Priyanka Das - 6 months ago
I want to go to korea for my BTS💜
Eita Mana
Eita Mana - 6 months ago
homem bonito. homem bem feito. homem formoso.
Kevin Daniel Velazquez Vega
What is the name of this market?
GameBoiii - 7 months ago
Mike my food guy
Pat Dalager
Pat Dalager - 7 months ago
I spent 7 winters in Korea, his jacket being open means global warming must be going on. Korea has an almost 6 month winter. DMZ Warrior here.
Finny Widyaningtias
Finny Widyaningtias - 7 months ago
I'm sorry uncle but..
"Oh god, it's taste so good but smell so bad"
I'm just 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nada Nj
Nada Nj - 7 months ago
OMG i love how you describe the food. Its very clear
rakesh Poddar
rakesh Poddar - 7 months ago
What's your take on fish on stick.. I saw boys over flower and that guy ate 100s of those
1983amermanishouldto - 7 months ago
Sorry but I do not see those locations listed in this video as some of your others.
outro tears
outro tears - 8 months ago
why am i watching this while i'm super hungry 😭
Rong Zhou
Rong Zhou - 8 months ago

literally nobody

Mike Chen: if there was some hot oil. MMM
imma sleep
imma sleep - 8 months ago
Who else loves tteokboki ?🙋‍♀️
sarah Kang
sarah Kang - 8 months ago
OMG...DUK bokgi 떡볶이 Emphasis on DUK (rice cake)
navydave324 - 8 months ago
can't believe you made it poop...LMDAO
Leonard Coe
Leonard Coe - 8 months ago
Spent a year there on 90 food ever ..bulgogi is the best and that OB day i will return
x1 oneit
x1 oneit - 8 months ago
taste so good but smell so bad 😂
mmm aaa
mmm aaa - 8 months ago
So here is where jimin ssi and jungkook are from..
Army where you at?❤
waitwhat ?
waitwhat ? - 8 months ago
I had alot of respect for Korean food, until I saw that nasty blob that literally shits on your plate.....
Abbeynelli Sanchez
Abbeynelli Sanchez - 8 months ago
I keep watching these vids when I'm hungry and rn I have no food at home😂😂
Little Dotti
Little Dotti - 8 months ago
Hi hi, hey, can you do a video from Almazans kitchen. Be great if you could. Hes another youtuber.
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 8 months ago
Omg those bacon rolls 😭
Abby Celeste
Abby Celeste - 8 months ago
I think it's very tasty I hope someday I can go to Korea and eat all of that kind of food
Rafa A
Rafa A - 9 months ago
7:20 That's Durian for me
파파괴파파괴 - 9 months ago
Hey Mike were you in slippers at that moment? In the video, one of the aunties worried of someone wore slippers in wintertime.
rossele cruz
rossele cruz - 9 months ago
Lord, I pray you bless me enough money to travel to korea and try every food I see, amen. 🙏
Diksha Rai
Diksha Rai - 9 months ago
In my country small bowl of Tteokbokki cost $5
Hector Diaz
Hector Diaz - 9 months ago
Kimbap = usa sushi
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