25 minutes of the Astros illegally stealing signs -- 2017 regular season (wear headphones)

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Colin Moe
Colin Moe - 2 months ago
If you cannot hear the “booms,” put on headphones because they are definitely there. They sound similar to someone hitting a low pitched bass drum for comparison. Fastball = no boom. Breaking balls = boom.
Ryan King
Ryan King - 8 hours ago
These are the known teams that have been accused of cheating (via illegal sign stealing) by people WITHIN the MLB community in the last few years. The Astros, Yankees, Blue Jays, Brewers, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Phillies, Mets, Cardinals, Rangers. They want you to be satisfied with the Astros and sweep this topic under the rug. If you want the game you love to clean up, make some noise!
Nick Dorey
Nick Dorey - Day ago
@Colin Moe it seems to be fastball = no boom Off-speed type 1 = 1 boom Off-speed type 2 = 2 books Etc.
John Pearson
John Pearson - 2 days ago
where is this trash can where the batters could hear it.? It would seem as widespread as the rumors were someone would have caught this trash can on video with someone pounding on it
cbenji07 - 2 days ago
@Brad Bufton ah ban deez nuts. Yall bitches gone be crying when the Astros win again this year.
The People's Staff
The People's Staff - 10 minutes ago
I feel like this wouldn't help me...I'd rather not have to listen for tips and just focus
Yooo It’s me
Yooo It’s me - 48 minutes ago
Strip their titles. There’s no place for this in sports
Grayson Kemp
Grayson Kemp - Hour ago
Ok boomer
ricky ricardo
ricky ricardo - Hour ago
I gave up on the astros after they were shutout in the WS by the white Sox’s.
My love for baseball kinda faded as well cause I couldn’t play at the next level (college). I never jumped on the band wagon when they started winning. Damn glad I didn’t! F@ckin cheaters
Sean - 3 hours ago
They went from last place to champs in a very very short time . No wonder
Blue dust
Blue dust - 5 hours ago
If you call yourselfs 2017 World Series champs?? 😅
No_Reason27 - 7 hours ago
Imagine cheating against rebuilding teams
Daniel Gaughan
Daniel Gaughan - 10 hours ago
this has got to be another Masonic distraction. Always with the theater on the off-season, like deflate gate for the patriots. Or some player is beating his wife. Just to keep the soap opera going and not notice the mass murder and human trafficking and all the other atrocities these fucking satanic bitches are doing while they bring us down to hell with them and their master, the father of lies, the prince of evil, Satan.
Christ is Truth. No one gets to the father but through the TRUTH. It’ll set us free.
this is meaningless theater. “As the world turns” bullshit. Sports are all run by the Masons and it’s rigged/scripted/fixed.
Plus take into consideration that it’s Houston Astros, where all the fake space shit fraud/hoax has been going on for fifty years. And Houston (hewstone) is named for masons. Their color is orange, which is 33 in some numerology crap. Watch Russianvids video on the Astros and their Masonic ties, if YouTube hasn’t censored it.
(I tell ya’, these tech companies are really some demonic assholes. Like government and all the cults and religions that have sold out to the prince of lies. Wait’ll they find out what their reward is. )
It’s not a globe, folks. The earth is not spinning one-thousand miles an hour. Gravity is a lie, or we’d have helium balloos being pulled down to earth just as we do rocks and just as all the oceans of the world, although they want to fly off the earth as it spins this one-thousand miles an hour and we fly through the universe at water bullshit speed we’re supposed to be rushing off at ...
This is “scandal” is the Kabal (the satan worshipping spineless parasite maggots telling the masses, “Ignore the man behind the mirror. These aren’t the droid you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Watch the television hypno tube. Sleep my pretty. Sleep. Sleep. Poppies. Poppies.
Any coincidence that the zionists/Jesuits now have our forces in Afghanistan and there’s an opioid epidemic. No. Not coincidence.
Protect your children. If they get them before there very old with their indoctrination it’s very hard to get the children back into TRUTH.
The TRUTH is the ONLY THING that will set us FREE. A wiser being than I said that.
If we let humanity fall for Satan’s lies we’re doomed. Seriously.
they’re might be divine intervention coming but I think we have to be actively seeking it.
It’s fun to pretend that we might be Captain Kirk, one day, travelling the galaxies and bedding-down beautiful alien temptresses. But, fantasy is one thing. If you take fantasy for reality (like these hoax white supremacy bullshit they’re pushing) then , that’s when you get lost.
Just imagine your television as the worst liar you can ever know. Maybe a family member you have to interact with so you listen to be polite but you know that absolutely nothing that this liar says can be taken as TRUTH. Maybe you can corroborate the information somewhere else, first hand, but unless you can do that, assume it’s a lie.
Hoaxes/psyops: OJ trial, Trayvon, MLK was a Mason as was Rosa Parks. 9/11, not a hoax, but we know buildings don’t disintegrate from fires. Not concrete and steel buildings.
I may be wrong on specifics but over all it’s TRUE:
Satan and his liars and deceivers are pushing. We need to pray. I need to pray. I think only through divine intervention do we get out of this mess. All the other wars were just one cult controlling all sides and sending people to die and kill and destroy all the beauty that their ancestors created. Get a picture book of world wars, or any war. Who wins, really.
Also very telling is when you see the soldiers graves. No matter what side there crosses and what-not on the grave markers suggest that these war-ing parties all worship the same God. SO WHAT’S THEIR BEEF WITH EACH OTHER.
Oh, they don’t have a problem with each other. They’re just riled up with propaganda to believe that they do.
Splash'n'Skillz #37
Splash'n'Skillz #37 - 12 hours ago
Now how tf will the Astros be able to redeem themselves from this catastrophy?
Francisco Nunez
Francisco Nunez - 12 hours ago
Fuck the Astros !
Tyler James
Tyler James - 16 hours ago
They all cheat.... goes back to spy’s in the stands with Bino’s get over it. Everyone sure forgot about deflategate and the saints bounty shit real quick didn’t they. Nobody will remember crap in a year. Drop mic.....shut up and watch baseball. Onward and upward
Aaron Hatcher
Aaron Hatcher - 17 hours ago
Have fun Astros when y'all have a shit ton of people banging trash cans at the stadium while you play. Kinda deserve it. They should have to vacate the championship
Aaron Hatcher
Aaron Hatcher - 17 hours ago
God damn that is blatant as fuck. The ones defending it are just trying to stick to your own story. They admitted it.
Whyinem - 17 hours ago
They should be very ashamed of themselves
Matthew Daniels
Matthew Daniels - 18 hours ago
Being a battery throwing PHILLIES fan isn't so bad now 😂
scarsoflife9000 - 19 hours ago
The players really need to be punished for this its upsetting they knowingly did this and one the championship that year by cheating i expect when the season starts other players will take it into there own hands by hitting them during an at bat or verbally saying something if they strike one of them out.
johniboz1 - 19 hours ago
I wouldn't pay one cent to watch these circus performers!
DivisionOne Social
DivisionOne Social - 19 hours ago
This is very common for the white men and their tricks. Lol nevertheless very interesting they made it that obvious.
Twenty Seventeen
Twenty Seventeen - 19 hours ago
Some of the bangs are too obvious you don't need headphones.
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson - 20 hours ago
If you don't want the other team to see your signs, don't do them out in the open like that.
ISLAND TATT00 - 20 hours ago
Freakin Mofos stole my Dodgers title!!! Damn you Asstros!!!
Scott Mulholland
Scott Mulholland - 20 hours ago
The Astros should've been forced by the commissioner to forfeit the entire 2017 season, including the World Series.
Dilan Smithart
Dilan Smithart - 21 hour ago
as an astros fan all of my life i gotta say this is pretty fucked up. it’s hurts to say but they have to have that ws title stripped.
2년남음 - 21 hour ago
They have to get rid of the name Astros, Astros symbolizes NASA, nation's great organization.
JackyBoy Slim
JackyBoy Slim - 21 hour ago
Is there any video of someone actually banging on the trash can?
Charlier1300 - 21 hour ago
We still won at the end of the day you still have to make contact with the ball I played 9 years of baseball when I was younger back when fast balls were all they threw that didn’t mean I would hit them I knew what pitch was coming Everytime
turfmaister1 - 22 hours ago
And 3.6K comments about Dodgers fans complaining. Let’s be real here. A lot of other teams are cheating too they just didn’t get caught. Look at Dodgers homeruns skyrocketing from players that were nobodies before they got on the team (especially Justin Turner). Stop crying cuz your team sucks lmao.
Socksy _
Socksy _ - 22 hours ago
Retro-actively giving the Dodger's championship titles years later, after having not actually won the game, sounds ridiculous.

But what happens if we catch the Astros cheating in the act? What if Farquhar doesnt just get his catcher's attention when he realizes himself, but tells the umpire as well and they get caught red-handed live on TV? It's an honest question that I don't know the answer to. But it would sound like a fair punishment to eliminate the cheaters from the playoffs immediately, no?

And if the Astro's are eliminated in the Championship, do the Dodgers not win by default?

So to look back and think - "well we didn't catch them at the time, so they'll get away with it" seems silly. It seems like the MLB will be too reluctant and scared to do the right thing.
Yamel 13
Yamel 13 - 22 hours ago
Am I the only that doesn’t hear anything?
Richard Blais
Richard Blais - 22 hours ago
Go Astros ... Boob Boom ...
Richard Blais
Richard Blais - 23 hours ago
Baseball is fun again .. go Astros
Richard Blais
Richard Blais - 23 hours ago
I love it ... greatest thing that has ever happened to baseball ... go Astros
Mathews Hoyt
Mathews Hoyt - 23 hours ago
altuve home games stats are out of this world.. his road gsmes stats however says he sucks as a player..so therefore, he sucks as a person
Komun Cents
Komun Cents - Day ago
Best slugging % and least strikeouts... man the pitcher must be tipping his pitches...or something.
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez - Day ago
It's really Trump's fault!
David Ramon
David Ramon - Day ago
Fckn aSStros
For those who don’t understand the impact that stealing signs this way can have, especially when it’s obvious that the at bats didn’t always go their way, consider this single effect that the sign stealing does have: if nothing else, knowing which pitch is coming can help you make your at bat more competitive. That is, you’re better able to foul off close pitches and lay off breaking pitches. Even if you don’t get a hit, you at least push up the pitcher’s count. This can have a major effect on the way the game is played in later innings. I’d also be curious to see if it ever helped with baserunning, giving base runners a better idea as to what pitch is coming so they can alter their baserunning approach... but we can only speculate unless someone comes out and says something about it. So, while sign stealing might not have an obvious effect on the game, there is at least a butterfly effect that can create different situations that ultimately favor the team that’s cheating.
Matt Fernandez
Matt Fernandez - Day ago
Its just sad that the MLB has done nothing about this. These titles should be awarded to the Dodgers but the MLB refuses to address cheating in this game. Its very sad.
True Colors
True Colors - Day ago
These Bastards RIPPED ME OFF $5000 on a bet i bet on Dodgers over them in world series. There whole organization HAS HELL TO PAY for Ripping me off
Okcguy None
Okcguy None - Day ago
Hey Astros and red socks we want our championship trophy 🏆 now I’m a dodger fan justice should be served now
Pop Ease
Pop Ease - Day ago
Corky DeLarge
Corky DeLarge - Day ago
Both Rays and Yankees should be pissed. Rays didnt lose at home, didnt win in Houston.
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor - Day ago
Houston Cheaters' titles should be stripped from them and given to other teams and these Houston Asterisks players should NEVER be considers for Baseball's Hall of Fame.
Mattbishop315 - Day ago
Idk why this seems eerie and creepy to me. Happened right under everyone’s nose
feverpa - Day ago
I'm telling you, punishment is about deterring the crime. Vacating a championship and barring a team from post-season play would be a HUGE deterrent. Whiners will claim that's overkill - but cheating will pretty much END if there's a risk of that. The league needs to write clear rules about what is allowed, and where the lines are drawn. "Sign stealing" that takes place within the confines of the game, happens within the field of play (playing field, foul territory, and the dugouts only), and doesn't use any objects or technology not native to the game of baseball should be allowed. Everything else gets you a warning the first time, forfeits the win the second time, and forfeits your post-season eligibility that season AND THE NEXT on the third offense. You get a team on a post-season ban, and they're not attracting ANY free agents, and all of their free agents are bolting. Players, managers, general managers, and owners would make damn sure there wasn't any cheating going on with these kinds of penalties understood.
Carolina3791 - Day ago
Imagine stealing signs and still losing
Gabriel Cooper
Gabriel Cooper - Day ago
cheating is wrong but this type of cheating is different compared to taking steroids..steroids are for your individual gain which ONLY make YOU hit better.. this type of cheating was beneficial for the whole team.
Andrew Park
Andrew Park - Day ago
Stealing signs has always existed in baseball so the fact that every team has had this capability makes it fair for the league overall. In light of recent evidence, we now know that the Astros used technology including cameras and buzzers. For this to be considered "fair," all teams must be using such technology to aid in stealing signs.
Nick Blaich
Nick Blaich - Day ago
scum bag organization lol
natalie peter
natalie peter - Day ago
Both The Astros And Patriots Are TRASH Acts
cahmeal - Day ago
this is embarrassing
isaac 2tall
isaac 2tall - Day ago
Okay so who tfs making the booms?? lol and how do they know what's coming
isaac 2tall
isaac 2tall - Day ago
Ion get it lol don't watch base ball at all but I always watch the biiig game lol and remember when they won
Ron - Day ago
Stripped them the World Series period.
White Wolf
White Wolf - Day ago
If they stripped Muhammad Ali of his title back in 1967 for doing something good, they should strip Astros and Patriots for their part in cheating.
Rick Nash
Rick Nash - Day ago
This directly impacted the outcome of games, how does title not get stripped?
Da Chozen Juan
Da Chozen Juan - Day ago
They have to punish the players too. They were obviously in it too. MLB needs to do the right thing and vacate the Championship.
EH122 - Day ago
How the fuck no one caught on to this during the season is a joke. Are you kidding me!!! Really
Clay Robert
Clay Robert - Day ago
How did pitchers and catchers being victimized not catch on to this scheme? It’s not a complicated system at all. I don’t understand how this went on for so long without it being caught. The evidence is all right there in the public forum and has been all along.
John Nabers
John Nabers - Day ago
Jesus, just Jesus
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