The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

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Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson - 31 minute ago
my Life
my Life - 42 minutes ago
Eugene: I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack
Keith: Don’t
Noor Griffioen
Noor Griffioen - 2 hours ago
is it me or are they secretly on crack
KylieK - 3 hours ago
Now I really want dumplings
Kim 4821
Kim 4821 - 4 hours ago
Mike chan is so awesome!!
Sky Oblivious
Sky Oblivious - 7 hours ago
I’ve met him before at a ramen festival
Ivan Ocean Eyes
Ivan Ocean Eyes - 18 hours ago
*You going to be so fat*
박미래 - 20 hours ago
I kinda wish they did Gyoza instead cuz I love gyoza
Racheal Broussard
Racheal Broussard - Day ago
I watch this video everyday...Keith and Ned crack me up 😂 😂😂
xSkyrim girlx
xSkyrim girlx - Day ago
They ate 400 I only want to try 1 T T ♥️
Charles Klyden Jay Santiago
Me too Eugene I'm not Korean but Im doing it
marshee mallowz
marshee mallowz - Day ago
I suddenly remembered TROS SONG Triplets' Dad. He can easily finish 10 baskets then tell his kids they ate it all.😂
Aadya Sadaphal
Aadya Sadaphal - Day ago
Did Mike just throw away two dumplings at 3:50?😶
Kd Mo
Kd Mo - Day ago
nice click baijt
Chantel - Day ago
*eugene eats 70th dumping*
keith: wow eugene you really are a god.

same brutha same
Sophie Langlands
Sophie Langlands - Day ago
10:55 the way Keith said ‘dumpling 99’ cracked me up for some reason 😂😂
The Adventure of Mac
The dumpling there are good
btsvlover ya
btsvlover ya - Day ago
The 3 on the left side or right side don't know what to call it is me and my friends that eat eat a lot and those 2 are my friends that love food but can't eat a lot
shehroz ahsan
shehroz ahsan - Day ago
For every like i will add a dumpling 🍡
Dee Tato
Dee Tato - Day ago
Eugene : I do the Asian thing where I just swollow it and my esophagus burns.
Me : Me.
Charlotte Steel
Charlotte Steel - Day ago
Din Tai Fung’s soup dumplings are the best!!!
Jazlyn Dingenus
Jazlyn Dingenus - Day ago
3:53 there's two dumplings left on the strictly dumping basket
Naomi A.
Naomi A. - Day ago
7:33 Christina Aguilera!
some one
some one - 2 days ago
If I didn’t eat for 2 days I could could do it with my family
MANGO TANGGO - 2 days ago
Angelina Army
Angelina Army - 2 days ago
I’m exactly like Eugene , and I just let my mouth burn, cause I’m Asian 😂
Undermanned - 2 days ago
The amount of channels Mike has
Undermanned - 2 days ago
Half expected Mike and Eugene to ask Ned and Keith for their dumplings
Nuclear-Atom Gaming
Nuclear-Atom Gaming - 2 days ago
"AND IT COMES IN YOUT MOUTH" what is that lyric
Dlouvin - 2 days ago
Nakiya White
Nakiya White - 2 days ago
I love my food hot so I eat it like that
Bonka Lee
Bonka Lee - 2 days ago
Lol I just realized in 2:19 mike didn't finish his dumpling
(btw this isn't hate it's just smthing I realized)
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson - 2 days ago
I realized too but i was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mack riggs
Mack riggs - 2 days ago
Ive never had dumplings, am i missing out?
Pham Minh Thư
Pham Minh Thư - 2 days ago
I freaking love Din Tai Funggggg
GRACE BLEDSOE - 2 days ago
They ate 374 dumplings
Dylan Enman
Dylan Enman - 2 days ago
I would do this any day
Tahany Magdy
Tahany Magdy - 2 days ago
Honestly the half Asian in me is DROOLING over these dumplings
Rose Queen
Rose Queen - 3 days ago
Everyone dying
Zach just chilling
ClearlyItsNick - 3 days ago
8:19 “has anybody died from eating too much food”
Too much of anything can kill you
LoganJohnston - 3 days ago
Also, you should take all the layers off and once u get to the last layer you start with the 1st layer u took off because that would of cooled down
LoganJohnston - 3 days ago
Yo mike is that calm person when everyone is dying and hes just giving them dumpling lore 😂
Dawlbaby - 3 days ago
I am currently at the start of this video and now, I want Dumplings.
Dawlbaby - 3 days ago
And I still want dumplings at the end.
Natalie Vu
Natalie Vu - 3 days ago
Omg din tai fung is sooo good
Brian What's up
Brian What's up - 3 days ago
That’s now dumplings
SICKNESSS ! - 3 days ago
We get it Eugene, you’re Asian. You don’t need to remind us every 5 minutes. Why do liberals talk about race so much?
Zoe Steckel
Zoe Steckel - 4 days ago
I tried eating soup dumplings before....I burned my tounge and couldn't fit the Hugeass dumplings in my mouth
Maeve Pertuset Lawrenz
Maeve Pertuset Lawrenz - 4 days ago
I did the math, then said, Out Loud, "Aww, it's only 80 dumplings each!" No wonder I'm fat
Blah blah Blahbloops
Blah blah Blahbloops - 4 days ago
Honestly, I’m obsessed with mukbangs but this video is my favorite.
jellomations animation
jellomations animation - 4 days ago
Is it just me or is it that I thought Mike looked like jaki chan? (I'm sry If I spelled it wrong)
Tian Sianto
Tian Sianto - 4 days ago
I wouldve eaten more maybe if its rlly good
Zzmythie myth
Zzmythie myth - 4 days ago
Weird I feel like im in the hottub tho I have never eatan soup dumplings oh wait im in a hotel when im watchin this :)
•evann• - 4 days ago
i could really go for some soup dumplings but it’s like 1:30am and i don’t know any places that have soup dumplings. also i’m a minor and i don’t have a drivers license- im not even allowed to go outside but- i’ll have updates lmao
edit: all of them are 30-40 minutes away and i don’t have time for that and the places are really expensive. i really want some soup dumplings
Chloe Mason
Chloe Mason - 4 days ago
oh fuck yeah din tai fung! i saw the baskets in the beginning of the video and thought i was being dumb for thinking it was din tai fung. that's my favorite place to get drunk
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez - 4 days ago
Bull they only ate 374 dumplings. Freakin lies.
Leslie Patino
Leslie Patino - 4 days ago
I wanna try soup dumplings 🥟😔👊
Lee Grant
Lee Grant - 4 days ago
3:52 I still see dumplings in Strictly Dumpling in the bowl he just placed down
Jams for sale
Jams for sale - 5 days ago
6:48 I’m just gonna leave that time stamp there
Alles Acc
Alles Acc - 3 days ago
Mason Michaelis
Mason Michaelis - 5 days ago
I am from Indiana and I eat dumplings like they are going out of style
Jasmine Tamer
Jasmine Tamer - 5 days ago
I have never EVER eaten a dumpling cause I am Egyptian and in eygpt there is not alot of Chinese restaurants so yea I have to eat molokia every Wednesday 😐😐🙄
Lynel Safari
Lynel Safari - 5 days ago
You got nothing on Kung fu panda
Nate Burnett
Nate Burnett - 5 days ago
Now I really want to try dumplings
Michael Dingrat
Michael Dingrat - 5 days ago
Ned look like lieutenant Dan
Early Bird
Early Bird - 5 days ago
Keith: woAhhhH
Eugene: Imma eat the fuck out of these dumplings.
Strictly Dumpling: *Dying inside but determined*
And my buddy Zach: * Skipping in a field of daisies *
LunaMoon Animations
LunaMoon Animations - 5 days ago
Lol I wouldn’t be able to do this I don’t even like dumplings and if I did this my stomach would honestly hurt so badly 😂
; 8ᄉ8
; 8ᄉ8 - 5 days ago
한국형아였구나 안뇽
QQ Wow
QQ Wow - 6 days ago
Christian Bangloy
Christian Bangloy - 6 days ago
Egune: I will eat u all
Dumpling steam: Am I a joke to u
AHNAF INAN - 6 days ago
matt stonie ate 384 dumplings in 10 minutes
cosnerd - 6 days ago
If you wanted to do this with potstickers y'all should have just located Kara Danvers
Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang - 6 days ago
Su Lyn Lee
Su Lyn Lee - 6 days ago
omg 8:31 to 8:34
poor Ned is dying...
michael munro
michael munro - 6 days ago
How did zach get 10 before ned
bree - 6 days ago
my fatass would’ve ate all of the dumplings 🥟
And I oop
And I oop - 6 days ago
Keith's on drugs
Bridget Kielas-Fecyk
Bridget Kielas-Fecyk - 6 days ago
I'd get about 5 or 6 dumplings eaten and be like "okay, nope, no more."
Maverick52093 - 6 days ago
I wonder if Matt Stonie saw this yet
Thea M.
Thea M. - 7 days ago
Wtf I would’ve ate all of that on my own
SuperRad18 - 7 days ago
“Eugene you’re so impressive, let’s talk about Eugene” I’m Keith 😂
Celienet - 7 days ago
I bet no one has ever told Mike Chen he looks like Jackie Chan...
isabella giovi
isabella giovi - 7 days ago
im hungry now
Paco Paco
Paco Paco - 7 days ago
3:51 he had 2 more?
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