wil kalani
wil kalani - 5 months ago
The relationship between Tua & Jalen is the reason they work well together, no hard feelings just 2 teammates with 1 goal ! CHAMPIONSHIP BABY #RollTide
HKA - 13 days ago
@Will Kalani: You guys got taken to the woodshed by Clemson. It was a joy to watch. How do you feel?
Pleo Nexia
Pleo Nexia - 14 days ago
Clemson freshman butt raped the bama back door boys.
COREY TOWN - 5 months ago
Taking Over
Taking Over - 5 months ago
wil kalani plus they both going to get drafted so aint no hard feelings.
Salmo Ali
Salmo Ali - 5 months ago
+wil kalani I've sp𝗲nt *5 days, 12 h0urs and 31 m𝔦nut𝐞s* ᴏn YоuTub𝐞 s𝒊nc𝐞 14.6.2018! Ch𝐞ck yOur stats:
sliderulelover - 5 days ago
Why can't Fromm win the tough games? He is not a good quarterback because under pressure he makes bad throws and he is a slug, he can't scramble out of a bad position to keep the play alive. I really hope he is replaced for the 2019 season.
Ben Trujillo
Ben Trujillo - 9 days ago
Didn't matter who won this game neither was a match for Clemson. Georgia gave this game away they must have known something Alabama didn't.
Alexis perez
Alexis perez - 10 days ago
Bama needs to work on tackling 😂😂
chad rakestraw
chad rakestraw - 15 days ago
Man even when bama gets out played they still finished.
Z.D.T Squaad
Z.D.T Squaad - 16 days ago
Alabama defense was horrible towards the end of the season
shawn bopko
shawn bopko - 18 days ago
hurts got that payton arm legs like vick and some newton
Nekhole Parrish
Nekhole Parrish - 19 days ago
Jalen shows you how a man can be patient ❤️‼️☺️ Amazing
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly - 21 day ago
Jaylen Waddle has potential to be a great NFL slot WR.
Se V eN
Se V eN - 22 days ago
14:05 whoa did 52 get knocked out???
Jack Hintze
Jack Hintze - 23 days ago
Well there’s a surprise, Georgia fucking blew it again
Ray 7337
Ray 7337 - 23 days ago
Yawn. Who cares
Katherine Ruth
Katherine Ruth - 23 days ago
I cant watch.
ArrowJ Smith
ArrowJ Smith - 23 days ago
Alabama has UGA's number. UGA is now 0-5 vs ALABAMA LAST 5.
Tanner Elliotte
Tanner Elliotte - 24 days ago
Wish this Georgia team would've showed up against Texas. They would've beaten Texas by 50
Tiick __
Tiick __ - 27 days ago
I hate that we lost this way... but I see positivity coming back to this. Alabama has been the king of the SEC for a long time now and what I see is someone coming closer to taking the throne. Only a matter of time for the DAWGS!
The Late Kick
The Late Kick - 29 days ago
In the time since we’ve launched our show, this was without question the most memorable game we covered. Wait a second, perhaps a game in the same building....featuring the same teams.....a year earlier.
Michael Little
Michael Little - Month ago
This game was over when Jalen scored. UGA was shell shocked.
G Grace - Bama Boy
G Grace - Bama Boy - Month ago
This never gets old. 😂😂
EliteGeorgiaBoy - 2 months ago
Its still so hard to watch this!! Heartbroken dawg fan!! GO DAWGS!!!! 2019
Jose Acevedo
Jose Acevedo - 3 months ago
The most-watched CBS Sports YT video ever, and the first to hit half a million views, all that despite being geo-blocked everywhere else. Could've had 15 million views without it.
Troy Crane
Troy Crane - 3 months ago
Hey Justin Willingham, Bama plays an easy cupcake non conference schedule. That's why Clemson took them to school and will again this coming year! If Georgia would start playing 4 good quarters, they would have a Natty last year.
Bobby - 4 months ago
Hint hint reason why Jaylen should have been put in the Clemson game
Nathan Wilde
Nathan Wilde - 4 months ago
Ummm... I was looking for highlights. Not the whole freaking game
Vj Long
Vj Long - 4 months ago
Bobby - 4 months ago
Stupid Georgia player trying to get a pass interference called what a dumbass sore loser we will beat your ass again next year And Kirby Smart you will never be a good coach like Nick Saban
F Lynn
F Lynn - 4 months ago
Jalen! The ultimate player!
johnny g cooper
johnny g cooper - 4 months ago
Sebby Sandwich
Sebby Sandwich - 4 months ago
As a bama fan and a Falcons/ Cowboys fan, I get angry with 2 teams blowing leads, the Georgia curse will live on, Falcons blow 28-3 lead, Georgia blows 20-7 lead in 4th quarter, Georgia blows another lead 28-14, Braves blow a 2-0 lead in game 4 of the NLDS in the 6th inning
Truth Detector
Truth Detector - 4 months ago
Glad Jalen Hurts is transferring this year...I hope. All this worship is making me a little nauseated. Tua for Heisman 2020!!!
Anthony VanSlambrouck
Anthony VanSlambrouck - 4 months ago
The story of Jalen Hurts is truly amazing. Such a great guy.

So glad this amazing story of these two QBs came at the cost of the absolute worst team in all of college football.......TWICE!!!!!😂😂😂😂. For a fanbase that has won what, 3 sec championships in the last 30 years, they sure are l full of themselves.
Juice TV
Juice TV - 4 months ago
Kirby Awesome
Kirby Awesome - 4 months ago
Man, I wish BYU was this good
Creeper Craft48
Creeper Craft48 - 4 months ago
You don’t freaking go for it on 4th & 11
Mary Clouser
Mary Clouser - 4 months ago
But we all know Tua sucks
jwrappuhn71 - 5 months ago
Mia Sado-Magbual
Mia Sado-Magbual - 5 months ago
L. C vfucujtmmmmmmmmf mmmmmmm. M bj)(6;p
Chris Southerland
Chris Southerland - 5 months ago
Corbz 13
Corbz 13 - 5 months ago
dano - 5 months ago
Dammit seemed like Georgia had 30 chances to score. When the going gets tough Bama's defence comes alive. This was a great game by 1 Bama coach and 1 x Bama coach. Hurt Tua got them 21 pts and in scoring position and Hurts comes in and puts the icing on the cake. RTR.
dano - 5 months ago
Tua shouldn't of been playing he was hurt. I don't know why with all the great running backs they have they weren't using them.
Shane Lizard
Shane Lizard - 5 months ago
Ive watched this so many times and I think Tua is getting hammered way to much over this, he wasn't having a horrible game, and yes I watched the game live. Might have just looked bad coming off being responsible for 6tds and blowing out Auburn and everyone expecting the same thing against a much better D.
Lynn Gatrell
Lynn Gatrell - 5 months ago
Georgia (again) forgot they were playing Alabama, AGAIN!
Chris Bakas
Chris Bakas - 5 months ago
They blew a 28-14 lead...
Monique Dandridge
Monique Dandridge - 5 months ago
Jaylen Waddle was running so fast I thought speedy gonzales was in the game 😂🤣😭
Never odd or even
Never odd or even - 5 months ago
What a game, the hurts comeback almost made me root for 'Bama.
Alexander Tharpe
Alexander Tharpe - 5 months ago
death, taxes, and GA football teams blowing leads.
JOSEPH MCDANIEL, JR - 5 months ago
We Are The Champions
Jacob Masters
Jacob Masters - 5 months ago
I am Clemson fan-- I loved how Jalen played and conducted himself during his demotion. A lot of young men could learn from his demeanor.
Eric McDonough
Eric McDonough - 5 months ago
Jalen Hurts and they’re out of medicine
Temekia Lyons
Temekia Lyons - 5 months ago
Hurts is the man
Bryce Radford
Bryce Radford - 5 months ago
watch these highlights
Brian Brown
Brian Brown - 5 months ago
Tua time's in less than a year ,this one's gotta Hurts ,Roll damn Tide
Tommy Turberville
Tommy Turberville - 5 months ago
Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner - 5 months ago
Thank you Bama for beating Dawgs to let Boomer Sooners in the playoffs and thank you to Georgia for holding Tua down to give Kyler Murray the Heisman. Boomer!
Fred Bo
Fred Bo - 5 months ago
Shii Smith
Shii Smith - 5 months ago
Kirby Smart lost this game. The fake punt was what cost Georgia the game.
Zayne simard moore
Zayne simard moore - 5 months ago
This was a just a hard-fought win by Alabama, I gotta give credit to Jake Fromm for bringing it for the whole game. He really wanted to win this rematch. He did his part, but his defense didn't help him too much, even with Tua injured. Now, he's technically 0-3 against Tua because Tua beat him in for the Elite 11 MVP.
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay - 5 months ago
First of all, Tua was not benched, he got injured. Secondly, the reason Tua was starting because he was a better passer. Thirdly, Hurts wasn’t supposed to beat you with his arm, but he did. Hurts had scored the touchdown that put Alabama ahead against Clemson and the next year was the reigning SEC Player of the Year and got benched. I must admit, Tua saved the Tide in that National Championship Game. And Jalen saved the Tide this year. Guess what. I was jumping for joy after the Tua game and the Hurts game! Roll Tide!!
spence - 5 months ago
just disband any sports team from the state of georgia. and this isnt even a joke. they shouldnt be allowed to exist.
Sir Duke
Sir Duke - 5 months ago
For y'all rolling tide bama tip riders, let's not forget the fact that Tua still threw two picks (the most he has thrown in the season). Some say that this is a repeat of 11 months ago, Weeelll... If I recalled 11 months just Georgia's offence shitted on the proclaimed number 1 defense, JUST like this year. Congrats on the win bama, but Georgia obviously has the better team.
wildbill3006 - 5 months ago
Alabama's offence scored more points than Georgia's offence in both games. How does that make Georgia the better team? You need to rethink that twisted logic of yours.
Glenn Weeks
Glenn Weeks - 5 months ago
Jalen has been waiting to lead his team to victory again...he is a true team player with a lot of class.
Captain adams
Captain adams - 5 months ago
Alabama plays for 60 min. Two straight years Georgia couldn't finish. Thats what happens when you steal your former teams players. Karma is a bitch.
Siloam King
Siloam King - 5 months ago
One of the greatest college football games since Oklahoma vs Georgia in the Rose Bowl.
Tanner Baker
Tanner Baker - 5 months ago
They should've never called that Alabama touchdown
Rod Gossett
Rod Gossett - 5 months ago
Alabama & sport fans keep saying Hurts won the game, no Kirby not so Smart blew it. You keep giving a quality teams opportunities guess what they will win most of the time.
Laura Rigdon
Laura Rigdon - 5 months ago
Tua and Hurts are both Heisman material to me! Roll Tide!
Tommy Turberville
Tommy Turberville - 5 months ago
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey - 5 months ago
PAY THE PLAYERS NCAA. I can just imagine how much tax free dollars these prestigious semi pro athletes made for the corrupt governing body which is the NCAA.
wildbill3006 - 5 months ago
+Larri Lindsey So what you're saying is that the players are ignorant and stupid. If it's such a bad deal, then why do the players play? What idiot would work at a job for nothing? Would you work for free? I'll tell you why the players play. Because they can see the benefit from it even if people like you can't. Only a small percentage of college football players are good enough to make a living as a professional. The ones that don't, get a chance to better their lives through education. The FAFSA that you refer to does not come close to what a full athletic scholarship provides. And I guarantee if the current players didn't want this deal, there are plenty of others that would gladly take their place.
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey - 5 months ago
+wildbill3006 either you are willingly ignorant or criminally stupid. That is the typical non researched rhetoric people like yourself states without READING PUBLIC INFORMATION. The NCAA is a 501c3 which means it makes tax free revenue off of these players backs. If they wanted a free education they could just apply for FAFSA like every other student. If they were really "student athletes" why charge patrons for ticket admission. The sports should be intramurals. College sports is a business and the product is free labor cashed in for earnings on all aspects of the spectrum but the athlete. ESPN elaborates all the time about the corruption of the NCAA which i can only assume you don't have cable or the internet to refer to either source. READ UP BEFORE YOU SPEAK UP. You feed oblivious people shit long enough they become numb and accepting of the taste and smell. You are indeed an example of that. Smh..
wildbill3006 - 5 months ago
This isn't slavery. If the players didn't benefit from playing college football, they wouldn't do it. What do you call getting a free education, living in luxurious surroundings, and eating all the high quality food you want, at no charge? Not to mention a place to develop your skills and showcase your talents to the world for the next level, if you're good enough. That's more than a little something. I'm sure the regular students who have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to go to college would love that deal. College is to prepare students for a career. It is not a job. Nobody forces anyone to play college football. If you don't like it, then go get a real job and see how you like it.
Terrance D21
Terrance D21 - 5 months ago
11:02 Some pretty good defense if you ask me, but okay.
Spaceboy989 Jefferson
Spaceboy989 Jefferson - 5 months ago
“Another heartbreaking setback for the bulldogs and jubilation on the sideline once again on the Alabama sideline.”-Brad Nestler.
JM Media
JM Media - 5 months ago
Best way to watch a game. No commercials trying to sell me stupid shit
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey - 5 months ago
WHERE ARE ALL THE STUPID FANS THAT STATED JALEN SHOULD TRANSITION TO RUNNING BACK? I was initially so upset that he didn't transfer because I wanted him to show all doubters that he could indeed throw. I was slaughtered in the comments previously of my defense of him as a starter and as a QB. Tua is great but jalen is phenomenal as well. People soon to forget that he was winning conference player of the year and one play from national championship at the exact same age as others were getting ready for prom. Im so proud of his success and future.
stacey marshall
stacey marshall - 5 months ago
Yep it was a lot of them and now they all praising him n feeling like idiots hun!
stacey marshall
stacey marshall - 5 months ago
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey - 5 months ago
+Ennis Whalen great minds think alike!
Ennis Whalen
Ennis Whalen - 5 months ago
LL - Just get READY! ALL of the haters are saying such nice things now.What a joke! They blistered me also back in January, as I had a feeling that Tagovailoa would win the starting job, but there was NO reason to put Hurts down like they ALL did.Shame, but they say GREAT things now!
T. Riley Roo
T. Riley Roo - 5 months ago
I want to see Jalen as a utility player (QB, RB, WR) because that's what he is. A great athlete that can run, throw and we've seen him catch as a WR in a game as well. I just don't wanna see him riding the bench in games like this. He's too talented to at least not line up somewhere on the field in some specialty packages or something if Tua's in at QB. Let's face it, Tua is still the better QB. The kid played 13 games, had 10 spectacular games, 1 good game, 1 average game and 1 below average game. So I can't justify starting Jalen over Tua but I can't justify not playing an athlete with Jalen's talent and leadership to some extent either.
Reshaud Robinson
Reshaud Robinson - 5 months ago
D Smith
Soysauce99 !
Soysauce99 ! - 5 months ago
Tua is a bum
JADA TO-THE-O - 5 months ago
That Bama DB on the 2nd to last play was clearly holding the Georgia WR. I’m no Georgia fan nor SEC fan. I’ve been a Oregon Duck fan going back, way back, since before Kenny Wheatons “The Pick.” Point is, I could careless who won this game. On the other hand I enjoyed watching this game as a CFB fan. But it doesn’t take two eyes, not even one eye, a blind man could see that WR being held.
JADA TO-THE-O - 5 months ago
Brian Brown NEVER rains at AUTZEN!!
Brian Brown
Brian Brown - 5 months ago
Quack quack quack
marked3life - 5 months ago
14:50 "And that means Jalen Hurts, a guy that won all but TUA the games he started..." 😆
The Panhandle Prophets
The Panhandle Prophets - 5 months ago
This was an awesome example of TEAM work and what a young man who understands that can do! Give a listen to our newest single which mentions both Jalen and Tua! Love this Tide Team! Roll Tide Roll!
__Frefo._. heck.____.
__Frefo._. heck.____. - 5 months ago
What does roll tide mean?
Grant S.
Grant S. - 5 months ago
Georgia blows a 14 point lead, and with a few minutes to go in the game they do a fake punt on 4th and 11 at midfield... that was an awful call that I think cost them the game. Why not punt it and pin Alabama deep and make them go the whole field, I just don’t get it. Then it ends up biting Georgia in the ass giving up that touchdown, what a terrible call. Glad they didn’t make the playoff because of that.
Mini F
Mini F - 5 months ago
Tua and Hurts are just 2 different type of QB. Last year Hurts was starting so Georgia had their game plans on him. It worked well. They shut down hurts' scrambling and rolling out of pocket. But when Tua came in, they had no answer for his passing attack. This year is totally different. Georgia had their game plan on Tua's passing attack that's why he didn't do as well. But when Hurts came in they have no answer for his scrambling ability and rolling out of pocket. That's how Bama made those comebacks
Anna Beck!!!!
Anna Beck!!!! - 5 months ago
Roll Tide. Georgia played really good, I think they are one of the top 4 best teams tho 🏈🐘
ArrowJ Smith
ArrowJ Smith - 5 months ago
BAMA has a bad game vs UGA and still won. BAMA 5-0 since 2008 vs Georgia. Kirby is wondering how good Coach Saban really is. Kirby coached 8 seasons at Alabama and still has trouble with them. Alabama could go 15-0 this season and that is not really a stretch to say it.
BAMA 2009 NC
BAMA 2011 NC
BAMA 2012 NC
BAMA 2015 NC
BAMA 2017 NC
BAMA 2017 NC (!)
Could be 6 out of 10 years National Champions.
Joshua Roper
Joshua Roper - 5 months ago
You did an amazing job editing this game and getting all the good plays in this video! Im very impressed! Very fair video for both teams. Most importantly though, ROLL TIDE!
kmba74 - 5 months ago
When you play your best game and they play their worst, but you still lose...
John Cena
John Cena - 5 months ago
I just came here for the idiotic fake punt
John Cena
John Cena - 5 months ago
i don’t think Alabama cameback, I think the bulldogs just chocked hard
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell - 5 months ago
Rammer jammer cheating child molesting bammer.
Michael Vukovic
Michael Vukovic - 5 months ago
Georgia always finds a way to lose against Alabama in big games.
TheBorinque - 5 months ago
IMHO........ I believe Jalen knew, he was lacking in the passing department and chose to be tutor under good coaching and it work. The improvement is obvious and hard work pays off. This Rootbeer is for you.
roltyd22 - 5 months ago
RTR !!!!!
Jo - 5 months ago
Kenneth Barlow
Kenneth Barlow - 5 months ago
This game turned squarely on the point blank miss by weak sauce kicker Rodrigo Blankenship. He makes it and 31-14 may have been good enough. Compound that goof with the most ridiculous call in college football history with a fake punt on 4th and 11 with the nation aware of Justin Fields on the field. A stupid call and a gutless miss and Alabama is again pointed toward a national championship.
Spaceboy989 Jefferson
Spaceboy989 Jefferson - 5 months ago
Wow what a win for bama. Uga lead or was tied for 191 plays out of 200 plays between the two losses from bama but still are somehow 0-2. It’s like a , Patriot - Colts . Cowboys - Bills , kind of thing
Duffle Boi
Duffle Boi - 5 months ago
B LAZE - 5 months ago
Who wants to see Oklahoma Vs Georgia?
B LAZE - 5 months ago
+Scarecrow Weirdo I meant like Regular Season ( Not that they're in the same conference) I wasn't saying it was going to happen. I was just asking if anyone would wanna watch it.
Scarecrow Weirdo
Scarecrow Weirdo - 5 months ago
That's not gonna happen Georgia not even in the playoff.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 5 months ago
clarke167597 - 5 months ago
we need to one more time or yall scary
clarke167597 - 5 months ago
we win bro thas on god
duntaebuck - 5 months ago
Georgia messed up by relying on your punt/special teams to convert a 4th & 11! You should have just left your offense on the field if you were gonna do something that risky smh.
Grant S.
Grant S. - 5 months ago
duntaebuck that blew the game for them, it was a terrible call
Kovačević Dobrina
Kovačević Dobrina - 5 months ago
Going to take time for Georgia to overcome the winning culture at Alabama. Ask Nebraska how long it took them to get past Miami and FSU during the Fiesta bowl heydays. UGA will eventually win these big games but there will be pain getting there. FSU struggled with Miami for years and had more talent than the Canes.
Jamie Garrett
Jamie Garrett - 5 months ago
Georgia is silly, they never win the big game
adirtyrat - 5 months ago
gonna have to watch the lsu game vs ga....don't see how lsu won with all ga has...
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