Casually Explained: Elon Musk

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SixtyEightPlusOne - 2 days ago
now he has a 6th child named... (clears throat)
X AE A-12
MCS Skinni
MCS Skinni - 2 days ago
Everyone be like: my god he’s African
But the real question is how the fuck that hair line go from 70 year old man to 25 year old chad
normalguycap - 3 days ago
Let's not forget him bullying some states to get his tax breaks nor declaring a company holiday and not giving employees time off for it. Another horrible capitalist pig.
CSB PRODUCTIONS - 5 days ago
One company with a hole planet
Huh, the outer worlds was a warning
Deus - 7 days ago
0:43 well he can't see the future.
Dark 074
Dark 074 - 5 days ago
And most of them look good
JYNX - 6 days ago
All of Teslas cars are still innovative to this day
Caroline 10
Caroline 10 - 7 days ago
Elon musk alien i think
Soke Graff
Soke Graff - 7 days ago
Elon musk he’s not human
Sarvesh Mudgal
Sarvesh Mudgal - 9 days ago
Wtf is being above 7?
JYNX - 6 days ago
Being an 8 like it means how good you look/are on a scale of 1-10 like a good looking girl is a 10
Judith Allison
Judith Allison - 10 days ago
There was this one kid in kindergarten and he’d do his show and tell prodgect thingy on storms and he said the most dangerous storm was a lightning storm 😂😂
Enes Demir
Enes Demir - 10 days ago
A note for myself: 3:46
MizuMochiDonuts - 11 days ago
Physics With Abu Huraira
Physics With Abu Huraira - 11 days ago
0:35 Elon Musk has no time for sleep, even it's not present in his daily schedule.
Aayzer Sifer
Aayzer Sifer - 12 days ago
Elon musk=tony stark
Leonerd17 - 12 days ago
He is so much supervillain material
Speight Adrien
Speight Adrien - 4 days ago
Especially with his stance on unions and workers rights
Tim天明 - 13 days ago
"But honestly at this point he could be playing ITL Motherlode" lmao flashbacks to middle school xD
made on Earth
made on Earth - 14 days ago
i like elon. and i like rockets. and i like this video
Raptin 159
Raptin 159 - 14 days ago
Basically in a nutshell he is the real life tony stark. He probably already has an iron man suit in his basement but won’t show it off (yet)
Subscribe me so I can brag in college
He got distracted by cuties in college and did it anyway.
Ceci - 14 days ago
I was watching this while working and the disney world joke took me by surprise UEHUEHUEHUE
Vincenzo Gargano
Vincenzo Gargano - 14 days ago
Me trying to get to work to OpenAI, my bro trying to get a work at SpaceX.
ELON i know you're watching this, get us a work so we'll finally get some gfs.
J J - 15 days ago
You forgot to mention the time that he went on Twitter and accused a bunch of rescue workers rescuing children from an abandoned mine in Asia of being paedophiles... Because they rescued the children via traditional methods of cave extraction and refused to entertain him exploiting the childrens suffering to promote his company and pedal whatever 7th grade style engineering solution had popped into his head that week.
Speight Adrien
Speight Adrien - 4 days ago
@JYNX and he smashes unions, let us not forget about the cobalt mines either
JYNX - 6 days ago
Jealous much? This man is literally Tony Stark
Kai Petty
Kai Petty - 15 days ago
wait elon is african
Chunky Peanuts
Chunky Peanuts - 16 days ago
oh no non o.. "TESLA STOCK TOO HIGH IMO" oh no no no
Fanta Diakite
Fanta Diakite - 16 days ago
1:54 African what ahahah,NO!!!
JYNX - 6 days ago
He is African American
Sotoriya - 16 days ago
Oblivi_us - 17 days ago
wait how can you explain musk
vibe check
vibe check - 20 days ago
Upgraded mark Zuckerberg
Roshani Gladson
Roshani Gladson - 20 days ago
Maybe he's going to rule CE world 🤔
stüssy - 20 days ago
Surprisingly, Amber Heard didn’t falsely accuse Elon of being an abuser, then getting him fired from his job!
Anubhav Debnath
Anubhav Debnath - 20 days ago
*Normal people* : I am going to keep my password my child's name
*Elon Musk* : I am going to name my child after my password
kurt tolledo
kurt tolledo - 21 day ago
"skips college over a girl like a *normal person* "
this guy is gold
Feralwarriors - 22 days ago
I love elon fidhsii
Phantom Snipe
Phantom Snipe - 25 days ago
1 year later Elon Musk names his child X Æ A-12
Whos joe Joe mama
Whos joe Joe mama - 26 days ago
Yeah he had a kid with grimes... his name is... uhhhhhhhh...
pan icon
pan icon - 26 days ago
-- - 26 days ago
Normal People: names WiFi password after child... Him: names child after WiFi password
Tods16 - 27 days ago
3:38 BRO WTF THE NOSTALGIA. I haven't seen or played that game in so many years.
Pranav Krishna
Pranav Krishna - 29 days ago
If he only wasn't an ass of a person
hblaub - 29 days ago
Oh use a VPN to get this YouTuber more views from under-represented countries
Casey Kroeker
Casey Kroeker - Month ago
This was a year ago.. there are now two men going to mars..
Anish Adamane [Free Thinker]
I would like to know if I can lease/rent/borrow 0.1% of his brain
V N - Month ago
joelouis - Month ago
You should redo this after his xe a12 kid w.e the hell that is.
Gabe - Month ago
Here after X AE A-Xii was developed in a Tesla factory
Thiny Sihaneath
Thiny Sihaneath - Month ago
The only guy who has creative mode
wee calum
wee calum - Month ago
He's going to make mars ancapistan
Tristen Arctician
Tristen Arctician - Month ago
He is OP
Mr Pepperoni Pizza
Mr Pepperoni Pizza - Month ago
I was going to say Pablo Escobar and Elon musk were the richest people to smoke weed in history until I did some research and there's alot more multi billionarew that smoke weed than you'd think
Zeus Esparza
Zeus Esparza - 3 days ago
It’s not like it’s heroin its just a plant
Cacapopo Caca
Cacapopo Caca - Month ago
I dont like him he has big money so bad
Kasper van der Poel
Kasper van der Poel - Month ago
The guy actually skips breakfast and takes 5 min for lunch
DonutTurtle_ - Month ago
This is the best YouTube video I have ever watched
Tomsa games
Tomsa games - Month ago
Random fun fact: mushrooms produce dioxide, not joking look.
Tomsa games
Tomsa games - Month ago
OnixTV - Month ago
Can you casually explain Mlon Eusk?
Oh Jee rick
Oh Jee rick - Month ago
1:31 Hes not sending it to the space station lol
Dink Bros
Dink Bros - Month ago
Lol, that's true
Braden Vester
Braden Vester - Month ago
He could legitimately rule Mars.
Dink Bros
Dink Bros - Month ago
Haha it could happen soon, especially since they just launched the rocket
Leo Zhang
Leo Zhang - Month ago
Is no one gonna talk about "The Great Musk"? It's absolutely glorious.
Asamia - Month ago
His choice of women is like evanescence song?
"How can you see into his eyes,
Like open door?"
Pierson - Month ago
tesla’s factories have one of the worst safety records in the industry despite musk lying in reports about injury rates. clearly you can’t make a rocket ship vanity project without breaking a few underpaid workers’ spines
Speight Adrien
Speight Adrien - 4 days ago
And breaking unions
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas - Month ago
Posted a year to the day from the historic Demo-2 mission.
nome cognome
nome cognome - Month ago
Hyperloop,neuralink and gigafactory?
badooki - Month ago
The Motherload joke made me wheeze. I miss logging on to Miniclip just to mindlessly play that
SayHiToMeSenpai - Month ago
Me in 2020: *me laughing in X Æ A-Xii Musk baby name confusion*
Revamped Stupidity
Revamped Stupidity - Month ago
Dink Bros
Dink Bros - Month ago
That's true, but at least his cars are safe since you can't find the door to get in lol
mr- freeze
mr- freeze - Month ago
Elon Musk was a simp..
Renaud Fensie
Renaud Fensie - Month ago
John E
John E - Month ago
Who’s your favorite African American?
Me: *E-LON M U S K*
Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore - Month ago
3:43 Is it just me that finds this super scary like damn I’m happy with my own brain thanks
Muczkapl - Month ago
R R - Month ago
You missed Neurolink. At the time of writing this comment, he's involved in:
The Boring Company
I believe that OpenAI and Neurolink will have a huge impact on our daily lives as well as SpaceX will do.
Watch it happen when the time comes.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - Month ago
test comment please ignore 共匪
no - Month ago
romad20000 - Month ago
He is a douchebag and he doesn't spend 16 hours working
Speight Adrien
Speight Adrien - 4 days ago
Also his workers right track record is appaling
Renaud Fensie
Renaud Fensie - Month ago
Cope harder
Skylar Briggs
Skylar Briggs - Month ago
you forgot boring company
Skylar Briggs
Skylar Briggs - Month ago
nvm you didnt
Furret - Month ago
Could you please use zerg instead of terrans because they are mouth breather
Rathatamanun Charypo
Rathatamanun Charypo - Month ago
Love this ♥
Adrian Jivan
Adrian Jivan - Month ago
Why do I feel like Elon musk is the Mentalist?
Michaś Bagietka
Michaś Bagietka - Month ago
He's like a real life Howard Stark.
Alex Wang
Alex Wang - Month ago
He just got the 6th infinite stone, he is gonna do it😦
Asher Wilson
Asher Wilson - Month ago
2069, Nice
Chess Weeb
Chess Weeb - Month ago
If Elon were able to achieve his goal he would have the largest control making Mars a super power and him with the differences on structure to a company and government possibly making him a dictator and because most all of the citizens would be adults he might be able to take over countries and grow his shadow until he is the ruler of all earth
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