Online Multiplayer in Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay

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GD Freddy Tracks
GD Freddy Tracks - 2 months ago
GameXplain: (Shows online match without any lag)
Players: *_"WAIT, THAT'S ILLEGAL."_*
عبدالرحمن الحربي
This is bullshit, it’s impossible for it to run smooth
Angery Bear
Angery Bear - 4 months ago
Ugh why not with friends
memeboi 22762
memeboi 22762 - 4 months ago
but its so laggy with 4 players
Rodzilla97 - 4 months ago
how do you pick somebody up in Super Mario Maker 2 multiplayer?
عبدالرحمن الحربي
I don’t see a friends online feature dude
عبدالرحمن الحربي
Wtf can you play with friends or not
Mr. Cheesy Toad
Mr. Cheesy Toad - 4 months ago
The online is literal trash. It's so laggy
ExistingKirb77 - 4 months ago
*Luigi traps mario in a room with no escape*'
Michael Geier
Michael Geier - 4 months ago
I didn't realize going into this video that it would make me crack up.
Mario4life - 4 months ago
1:17 *I diagnose you with death*
King K. Kool #KRoolGotBuffed
Nice they "added" voice chat in-game without NSO's stupid app!
Nugget - 4 months ago
1:17 How to lose your friends
Julian Albrizio
Julian Albrizio - 4 months ago
mario: "goes to cannon"
luigi: "attacks boom boom" and "betrays mario" SIKE! you fell for my trap,
mario: Forget-a-this imma kill my self
me: thats a bruh moment
Bryan Deubler
Bryan Deubler - 4 months ago
It would be awesome if there was a battle mode in multiplayer where you can basically create levels with no flag pole and eliminating your opponents is the only way to win. Also in that mode, you can choose a spawning spot anywhere in the entire level..And battling in teams would be great.
ok - 4 months ago
howd you open it early
GamerMouse - 4 months ago
1:17 - 1:31 (When Luigi Is Tired 'a Being Player 2 For Awhile) XD
Alejandro Muñoz Bernardes De Andrade
Dinka Skabrink
Dinka Skabrink - 4 months ago
I love the boom boom new animation 1:17
Dinka Skabrink
Dinka Skabrink - 4 months ago
Is the cheep chomp hiding underwater a new update 0:08 appears
Ya Boi Vamp
Ya Boi Vamp - 4 months ago
Noah Weeden
Noah Weeden - 4 months ago
Casa Mia
Casa Mia - 4 months ago
Steven Villman
Steven Villman - 4 months ago
I wonder on how this custom _Super Mario Maker 2_ stage/level would look in the Super Mario Bros. 3 graphical style...?
Jani Carl boy 13
Jani Carl boy 13 - 4 months ago
Shifty - 4 months ago
Does Luigi still jump higher than Mario?
Shifty - 4 months ago
@GL0W ok thank you
GL0W - 4 months ago
Shifty No, all the characters are the same.
Frostbyte - 4 months ago
literally Nintendo said that online will not be available this is fake
Kiwisaregamers - 4 months ago
Luigi: Who's a-number one now?
OJ James
OJ James - 4 months ago
It’s weird seeing power ups work in real time instead of pausing the level briefly
MillionShadesofDarkness - 4 months ago
not even in to mario games but i want it because of this lol
Lorraine Hicks
Lorraine Hicks - 5 months ago
Who else sure the purple fish at the start
H a n n e s
H a n n e s - 5 months ago
Luigi has god iq
He’s my favorite
HeWhoSlapsHimself - 5 months ago
This answers none of my questions.

Most importantly, when do rooms reload? Can you upload a level that can only be beaten multiplayer?
Jaiden Kujo
Jaiden Kujo - 5 months ago
Luigi: I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move.
Poever - 5 months ago
And yet no voice chat?
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 5 months ago
If you play local multiplayer on one Switch does it split screen or share a screen?
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 4 months ago
@sirmoonslosthismind thanks, I wish it split. That makes vs mode on one console less fun.
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 4 months ago
@sirmoonslosthismind Thanks. I wish it split. That makes vs mode on one console less fun.
sirmoonslosthismind - 4 months ago
you share a screen.
Trying my best
Trying my best - 5 months ago
Can you build online with friends?
Spider-Man - 5 months ago
Some serious brotherly love right there.
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius - 5 months ago
Will someday Nintendo will collapse the players of MM2 those characters to add in MM3 is very cool this feature that did not have in MM1 the MM 2 will secesso great for Nintendo Swith I will denseolv some sprites of mario luigi toad and toadette with the classic powers that Nintendo will need in MM3 someday to create game !!!
Shok - 5 months ago
0:12 there's a fish hiding
Julian Albrizio
Julian Albrizio - 4 months ago
yup a cheep chomp is hiding in the background
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius - 5 months ago
Wow what an incredible online mode in super mario maker 2
fabian01 gamer
fabian01 gamer - 5 months ago
Apenas dois players! Sorry i am BR.
StaticMania - 5 months ago
They gave Boom Boom a new animation in NSMB style, I get that it's suppose to be like Mario 3, but he doesn't crouch...he just extends his spikes.
Chan Louis
Chan Louis - 5 months ago
oh yeah Mario time
Luigi: **traps Mario in Gay Baby Jail**
Who’s number one now?
Myles Mashburn
Myles Mashburn - 5 months ago
After this I can safely say:
Playing: 10/10
Making: 5/10
KingHerobrine876 - 4 months ago
That's 15/20. Looking like a solid investment overall.
Hersh Shorsh
Hersh Shorsh - 5 months ago
My question is, how do you upload multiplayer levels !?
Gogo star x
Gogo star x - 4 months ago
If you’re talking without dev skips, then unless you have people that’ll play the game with you then your gonna have to make it possible to beat it single player too and somehow make it so no one else can beat it the way the single player did, because there might not any other way to beat it without friends
Hersh Shorsh
Hersh Shorsh - 4 months ago
But you have to beat it to upload it, if you make a level for four player, do you have to get 3 other players to help beat it !?
Gogo star x
Gogo star x - 4 months ago
The same way you upload a regular level
M050 - 5 months ago
By pressing upload XD
Jashy - 5 months ago
nice to know you can softlock other players
Cristeve - 5 months ago
It's not possible to change the character in multiplayer mode :(
DesexedDoggo & Games
DesexedDoggo & Games - 5 months ago
Wow that looks fun
GL0W - 5 months ago
0:11 There will be messages in multiplayer.
But I feel like a message is missing...

*_I ‘ M U S I N G T I L T C O N T R O L S_*
j a y o
j a y o - 4 months ago
They also forgot, *NOT FAIR*
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro - 4 months ago
endtellgamer1 - 4 months ago
And “blushes” “go easy on me”
ArylTheBarrel - 4 months ago
Gosha xD
Gosha - 4 months ago
I'm using NSMBUDX controls!
HazeTheHawk13 - 5 months ago
I like the Level
Rhov with a V
Rhov with a V - 5 months ago
No couch co-op?
Aidon Diaz
Aidon Diaz - 5 months ago
Wait okay here's an example
Let's say I have 2 or three friends with me in my house and we go to play SMM2 (super mario maker 2) we each have a joy con and play it on one switch. Is that possible or is multiplayer only for online? :(
Aidon Diaz
Aidon Diaz - 5 months ago
@SuperGlued Crown ok thanks
SuperGlued Crown
SuperGlued Crown - 5 months ago
You can do local multiplayer. Check out nintendo treehouse mario maker 2 part 3
Chirelle Moseley
Chirelle Moseley - 5 months ago
I only came here for boom boom
ROBERSON/GFG - 5 months ago
Does the main menu have the features where if you tap a letter something happens??
ROBERSON/GFG - 5 months ago
@texticks ok thanls
texticks - 5 months ago
@ROBERSON/GFG Short answer: no, nothing on the title screen does anything. :P
ROBERSON/GFG - 5 months ago
@texticks did already can't find it
texticks - 5 months ago
Look at one of their newer videos to find out.
Bastian Frost
Bastian Frost - 5 months ago
Softlocks CONFIRMED!
Chicken Noodle Gamer
Chicken Noodle Gamer - 5 months ago
Wtf was up with that boom boom? In nsmbu when you hit boom boom he falls down, he doesnt crouch and somehow make his spikes extend
It's tRAYantula708!
It's tRAYantula708! - 5 months ago
Things I find weird:
1. Why does the checkpoint look different from the one on the first game?
2. Why do some things like Piranha Plants and canons and cannonballs look smaller than the ones from the first Super Mario Maker?
Summer Gamer
Summer Gamer - 5 months ago
I'm more interested in co-op
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