DaBaby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 15 days ago
What's your favorite song on "KIRK"?
Teresa Hansen
Teresa Hansen - Day ago
Off The Rip
Diyah Ambi
Diyah Ambi - Day ago
Intro and Bop the whole album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kyshaun Webster
Kyshaun Webster - 8 days ago
Amon-Ra Kamit
Amon-Ra Kamit - 8 days ago
J Perez
J Perez - 8 days ago
BOP and XXl
BrotherG 2Litty
BrotherG 2Litty - 2 hours ago
Off RIP and vibe I bang with Dababy 757 Rock with it
cRispy - 6 hours ago
Complex need's to do "Lebron James Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex" really want to see that one day
Richie Staxx
Richie Staxx - 7 hours ago
da baby boss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Special Khay Show !
The Special Khay Show ! - 9 hours ago
Amin Bouchama
Amin Bouchama - 12 hours ago
Bro his voice makes me wanna clear my voice
Aasia Bigham
Aasia Bigham - 12 hours ago

crist-alpha alod
crist-alpha alod - 18 hours ago
Six - 21 hour ago
what shoes are those at 6:30. the tan ones in the middle
Koko Duck
Koko Duck - 21 hour ago
The cashier hot af
Cletus da Fetus 856
Fucked up cause more than half of this comment section got no clue what “pull up music” is
W F - Day ago
Da Baby wit Da Library voice
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor - Day ago
Franco Cerella
Franco Cerella - Day ago
Good to see him give pairs away after shows. But he has a long way to go. Time to build business or programs for the youth and adults.
He needs to get advice from ogs in music.
Bay fam🌉
IAMVirtchu Vendetta
And this was happening back in Charlotte???
Da baby: yea absolutely 😁
Vice - Day ago
why all the cashiers look like they got pulled straight off of melrose?
Diyah Ambi
Diyah Ambi - Day ago
❤️😍 This man here
Clee Torres
Clee Torres - Day ago
Nowadays fashion, tight jeans, tight shirt, and buff ass shoes...
Janes Dough
Janes Dough - Day ago
He's like the "low talker" on Seinfeld. This is unbearable!
DRE frm704
DRE frm704 - Day ago
704 shit👿
Frederik olesen
Frederik olesen - Day ago
Plz get travis Scott
Koala - Day ago
Listening to him talks makes me want to clear my throat
scully DAWG
scully DAWG - 2 days ago
He act like a baby though and bad posture
33 Savage
33 Savage - 2 days ago
His voice makes me clear my throat manually
GoTomguns XD
GoTomguns XD - 2 days ago
Why he so silent
Dale Bell
Dale Bell - 2 days ago
8:27 real nigga every pair one of these
Kenneth - 2 days ago
Those Travis Scott's are CRAZY!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Brody Koeman
Brody Koeman - 2 days ago
He sound like an old man is squeezing his nuts
kennedee robinson
kennedee robinson - 2 days ago
Imagine what it sounds like when he has s cold
Moe Johnson
Moe Johnson - 2 days ago
I’m done he said he used to get the “2 for 75 Jordan’s you never seen before” my friend them were from Wish Dhgate 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Owen Martineau
Owen Martineau - 2 days ago
Joe la puma would’ve gotten clapped if he touched DaBaby
Nick.J Beats
Nick.J Beats - 2 days ago
Somebody get him water 😂
Herschel Levy
Herschel Levy - 2 days ago
Juan Lucero
Juan Lucero - 2 days ago
We need @shorline mafia on here @joedepuma
jesus corrales
jesus corrales - 2 days ago
I wanna gett a controller that can raise his voice
EternalAtake 16
EternalAtake 16 - 2 days ago
cashier girl bad
intelligence wisdom
intelligence wisdom - 2 days ago
He has the baby part right. Grown men don't wear jewelry like that.
Giovanni Soria
Giovanni Soria - 3 days ago
My dad and my brother has The Concord
satyajeet sondarva
satyajeet sondarva - 3 days ago
stop making stupid people famous..
barvenstrife - 3 days ago
If lil Duvall and haha davis had a baby
DeRanK - 3 days ago
FranciscoVids - 3 days ago
Two for 75 😂 you kno they was fake
Tyler Collins
Tyler Collins - 3 days ago
Nigga voice need some lotion
Teddy From the block
Teddy From the block - 3 days ago
He remind me of Southside
Reno Uzumaki
Reno Uzumaki - 3 days ago
Lol DaBaby took a hard ass hit from McDonald's sprite cause his voice sounds cwispy asf
LyriciMusic - 4 days ago
“for sho”
- Dababy 2019
Wigga Ro
Wigga Ro - 18 hours ago
Not that funny
Long Short
Long Short - 4 days ago
Free cook group ;) https://discord.gg/Rhc3Gk
xtremerace - 4 days ago
This dude ugly as hell.
BrandonIsBoss69 - 4 days ago
Nobody literally nobody

DaBaby whispering when he’s talking
happyrobot - 2 days ago
BrandonIsBoss69 is this supposed to be comedic? Because it’s not. At all
bailey04ful - 4 days ago
Why he sound like he in the library
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - 4 days ago
I would bang that store clerk
DĒADËND KID - 4 days ago
"Fuck Him"
GarryLee214 - 4 days ago
1,000 likes and subscribers and I'll release me and Da Baby song
RIP In the chat
RIP In the chat - 4 days ago
Da baby to cool to talk
emily m
emily m - 4 days ago
w his fine ass
Chino Chino
Chino Chino - 4 days ago
I can barley understand him 3:06 ya know im sayin
Ebtessam Raja
Ebtessam Raja - 4 days ago
Hassan Minhaj goes sneaker shopping
Channa Taylor
Channa Taylor - 4 days ago
Love him!!!
Sensei Jam
Sensei Jam - 4 days ago
We need a “Joe goes sneaker shopping with complex.”
Mohammad Sufyan
Mohammad Sufyan - 2 days ago
The host of the show
Saint - 2 days ago
Sensei Jam who’s joe?
PopEmXaniezz - 3 days ago
Sensei Jam wHo‘S jOe?????
TREZ BANKS - 4 days ago
Shoe mans
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