DaBaby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 9 days ago
Looking for the best deal on a pair of sneakers? We just launched an app for that. Download the Sole Collector app now!: https://solecollector.com/app
Kelvin Odia
Kelvin Odia - 5 days ago
How does this have so many likes.lol
Aj Kkk
Aj Kkk - 6 days ago
Xflexforicex  .
Xflexforicex . - Day ago
It’s nice shoes main
Lakerboii Mamba
Lakerboii Mamba - Day ago
da baby need some lotion in his mouth
Eternity Snead
Eternity Snead - 2 days ago
The cashier tho😭😂😂 shes funny asf tryna flirt
gautam timalsina
gautam timalsina - 2 days ago
Guys i lost at the counter!!
Razer Ken
Razer Ken - 3 days ago
homie's whispering
J.Manuel Pacheco
J.Manuel Pacheco - 3 days ago
he sound like he talking at 3am
Mariyah OC
Mariyah OC - 3 days ago
That man said u were early today thought dababy yeah yeah let me finish talkin
Mariyah OC
Mariyah OC - 3 days ago
I feel like he was losing his voice may be
Riley Reid
Riley Reid - 3 days ago
NastyNas - 4 days ago
Dababy short af but that nigga can fight. RESPECT
Martin Bostre
Martin Bostre - 4 days ago
Damn bro he got them flu ga.... I mean food poison 12s
Carlos Isaac
Carlos Isaac - 4 days ago
When he rapping I understand him more
Ryvaold Lochard
Ryvaold Lochard - 6 days ago
who else heard the cashier said nigga
Teresa Rowe
Teresa Rowe - 6 days ago
Hell yea the sneaker man come thru lol
Queen asia
Queen asia - 6 days ago
Dababy is so fine🥵🥵
Shamecia Washington
Shamecia Washington - 7 days ago
his voice was getting annoying
Temptt - 7 days ago
1:25 what are those shoes named that DaBaby knocks on?
Isai Benavidez
Isai Benavidez - 7 days ago
I had to clear my throat for him during this whole interview.
Daniel Guy
Daniel Guy - 7 days ago
Baby is da goat at rappping
Charlotte Minnon
Charlotte Minnon - 7 days ago
Love da baby
ThatSaltyGuy - 7 days ago
This kid is annoying just let him buy the stuff and stop asking stupid stuff
C. Bobb
C. Bobb - 8 days ago
Lets go
NERO_ Ex - 8 days ago
they de fuck he bee talkin so quite
Chris Perez
Chris Perez - 8 days ago
Dababy tryna flirt wit da cashier
Rafael Oliveira
Rafael Oliveira - 8 days ago
Dababy got a library voice 📚
leo lienne
leo lienne - 8 days ago
Sacai 160? Lmao I dont' think so
A from the Big D
A from the Big D - 9 days ago
Why this nigga talk like he a godfather???
XXXUnixcorn XXX567
XXXUnixcorn XXX567 - 9 days ago
you guys should watch da baby answer kids question
Giovanni_ Scattolin
Giovanni_ Scattolin - 9 days ago
This is a scam! I can buy that shoes for less at any other resell store in the world
WRS_Bleachdrinker69 - 8 days ago
U sure those real tho
CitiAppleTv - 9 days ago
This beats go hard
Happy Potter
Happy Potter - 9 days ago
man what tf is wrong with his voice smh
Osn’s Dirty hat
Osn’s Dirty hat - 9 days ago
Hearing dababy talk makes me wanna clear my throat
Zucumber - 10 days ago
Dababy is short
Carter King
Carter King - 10 days ago
So we’re just going to ignore the fact that it zoomed in on one of the most expensive shoes in the world, Kanye west red October’s at 2:38?
Rahul Ahmed
Rahul Ahmed - 10 days ago
Dababy was defo high
Aareon Williams
Aareon Williams - 10 days ago
Dababy rock
Jvciy - 10 days ago
what’s her @ tho?😳
Primitive Boy
Primitive Boy - 11 days ago
I wish everytime complex had a question he’d say Ha?
Sylwek Milewski
Sylwek Milewski - 11 days ago
Ya’ll should ask Token to go sneaker shopping😁
Nick - 12 days ago
Dababy know damn well them baby shoes was for him
ABDALLA JUMA - 12 days ago
0:31 some sneaKearrrshh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nyasia Crews
Nyasia Crews - 12 days ago
you need to get king von on here
Baird Morley
Baird Morley - 13 days ago
be raggin
OK IM TRASH - 13 days ago
Is he speaking english ?
WaryaKaas Go
WaryaKaas Go - 14 days ago
Short nigga hahahahahah. Drink more milk g
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman - 13 days ago
His money is long enough.
DrewBurn - 14 days ago
Dababy short
Liam Graham
Liam Graham - 15 days ago
Bigmac - 15 days ago
you should do 6ix9ine next!
Harith Asraff
Harith Asraff - 16 days ago
Astrit Zeqiri
Astrit Zeqiri - 16 days ago
Dababy got baby yeezys for his baby
Evelyn Olivares
Evelyn Olivares - 17 days ago
I could tell yo ass everything he lyin bout
Evelyn Olivares
Evelyn Olivares - 17 days ago
I still respect dude tho
Evelyn Olivares
Evelyn Olivares - 17 days ago
This nigga off the drugs lying about everything
Young DC
Young DC - 17 days ago
I need that cashiers IG 🥵😩
VERT - 17 days ago
Dababy flirting wit da cashier thooo got me dead
And why it look like she was ready for him to ask her to smash
shay demonic
shay demonic - 18 days ago
What's wrong with his voice 😩😂😂
Yacine Idir
Yacine Idir - 18 days ago
Go sabscrabe to this channel is for sneakers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrlzaIQQd0ZDHa59GowIlg
ThankYou - 18 days ago
Is it just me but does Dababy sound like he is whispering?
69icoon - 18 days ago
7:04 why tf is he whispering
Paris Jones
Paris Jones - 18 days ago
he is my boy f
777 prinspoke
777 prinspoke - 19 days ago
Hahah baby looks fat and fit at the same time.
Trinity'sMessyDiary - 19 days ago
he so quiet omg😂
Lil Kany
Lil Kany - 20 days ago
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Lucas Pereira
Lucas Pereira - 20 days ago
This nigga a midget
Eric Tan
Eric Tan - 21 day ago
The dude talks like he's gonna pass out in any minutes
Mohammed Haseeb
Mohammed Haseeb - 21 day ago
0:00-0:22 Going. Homebody-Topic
Ti Ti Gucci Baby
Ti Ti Gucci Baby - 22 days ago
What no
Deepaayan Mukherjee
Deepaayan Mukherjee - 22 days ago
Anyone know the song that comes on when they're showing what he bought at the end?
Ace Collin
Ace Collin - 23 days ago
He was definitely high at :35
Stefan - 23 days ago
ow x Jordan 1s are around 1,3k and they sold him for 2.6k
maan he got scammed
Kreativ Tina
Kreativ Tina - 23 days ago
When I see Kirk I hit like ,Bop on Broadway🔥🔥 Toes
mohamed omar
mohamed omar - 23 days ago
Chumlung rai
Chumlung rai - 23 days ago
i think i 've seen the cashier in the porn movies or smth ! smh
Daniel - 24 days ago
Anybody know what beat was used in the beginning of the vid
RHECTennessee VFL
RHECTennessee VFL - 24 days ago
Mumble rap at its finest ! Multi platinum yet I’ve never heard a song worth anything ? Hmm
Jerkas Memoarer
Jerkas Memoarer - 25 days ago
That baby of his be fresh af
Rahman Choudury
Rahman Choudury - 25 days ago
Bro at 8:38 the girl is so HOOOTTT
Slavery is big homo Boi yo goyo
He lets off I want to kill you then call the ambulance vibe
victoria - 25 days ago
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