Questions Swirl Around AG Barr As Trump Impeachment Trial Begins | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Dana Sleeper
Dana Sleeper - 3 days ago
Donna Martins
Donna Martins - 10 days ago
Rudy is going to be vice president Trump loves you.Jay got 68 million for representing Trump still has 38 million of Ukraine maybe he'll give that. To you.Rudy you and Don are idiots.
Robert - 12 days ago
What questions ?
We know Barr is dirty.
Why ???
Barbara Clements
Barbara Clements - 13 days ago
Barr should have been removed after he lied about the results of the Mueller report and then held back on providing the unredacted form to Congress. That is a major coverup.
Question: what is holding up the extradition of Firtash to Chicago and his waiting trial?
Why has Giuliani not been indited?
notallheros wearcapes
notallheros wearcapes - 16 days ago
Indictments for all these F*CKERS! Plenty to go around!Let's go all real Americans!!!
ric barrera
ric barrera - 17 days ago
Democrats already on full CYA smokescreen mode to delegitimize Barr. This is gonna be fun.
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill - 18 days ago
barr is a HACK.
John Jordan
John Jordan - 18 days ago
Trump told the Ukrainians to call Barr like 8 times...
Domino Ryan
Domino Ryan - 19 days ago
Poor rudy more evidence is coming out regardless
claire bigelow
claire bigelow - 19 days ago
Barr...Moscow Mitch and Miss Lindsay Graham should ALL recuse themselves !!!!!
Dan Fremont
Dan Fremont - 19 days ago
Lev Parnas!!! Love him!
Patricia roe
Patricia roe - 20 days ago
After Bar, Trump became more emboldened. He was so sure footed, on thinking he could do anything he wanted that he slipped and fell. (on his face)
Patricia roe
Patricia roe - 20 days ago
The rabiits are running scared.
Patricia roe
Patricia roe - 20 days ago
Barr is as corrupt as Trump. its like a new Reich being set up.
Shirley Hill
Shirley Hill - 20 days ago
Giuliani circumspect and careful? Now there's another whopper.
amiho gatai
amiho gatai - 21 day ago
a.g. barr is a sellout. he cares more about approval from individual-1 than upholding the law the safety of america. he is also scared out of wits from a tweet from twit-in chief.
Carla Costa
Carla Costa - 21 day ago
Either way, your dumb add should have never been there in the first place. No wonder they didn't want Lev Parnas on the stand.
Al Somethin
Al Somethin - 21 day ago
Bill Barr in his appearance looks toxic and putrid like a cancerious tumor but apparently he is something far worse.
steve wakeham
steve wakeham - 21 day ago
Barr is one of the biggest criminals of them all. Literally and figuratively.
canuck - 21 day ago
This all has to do with Russia taking over Ukraine resources, oil and gas, using Parnas, Trump et al, and the former energy minister. That is what Marie Y was blocking I bet.
canuck - 21 day ago
Maybe Rudy didn't but someone did. Parnas needs to be protected. He could have a lot of people after him.
Pumpkin Paxon
Pumpkin Paxon - 21 day ago
Rudy comes out and covers for Bill Barr while Barr is silent!
Risto Virtanen
Risto Virtanen - 21 day ago
Celebrating the unpresidented triumph of the patriotic GOP Christian government corruption inspired by the chosen one, very stable genius with best words, thoughts and covfefe prayers bigly as usual in the land of the free and the home of the brave…😖
Annie - 21 day ago
With Rudy saying- "I told Parnas I wouldn't include Barr because it would compromise him," he's admitting that they were doing criminal acts for Trump.
Nate - 21 day ago
Again.. They are setting the Barr!!
David h
David h - 22 days ago
Barr needs to be investigated what a pathetic excuse for a human being lock him up
Patrick Swezey
Patrick Swezey - 22 days ago
Hes not a g hes Trumps criminal buddy. Hes in the loop. Looks like about 29 or so should be fired by the amercian people.
Steven White
Steven White - 22 days ago
The very fact the Rudy said that he would specifically not go to Barr, so that he did not "compromise him" shows that even in Rudy's diminished mental state, he knows that what he and Trump had been doing was illegal. If it was a legitimate, and lawful investigation, into possible wrongdoing, how would informing the Attorney General, be considered as compromised?
Ann Moore
Ann Moore - 22 days ago
Marcia Bramson
Marcia Bramson - 22 days ago
ALL MUST GO GO GO GO! A must for our country to survive. You can see how quickly dt did damage. Jabberwocky doesn't care about anything except $$$$$$$$ for him & all other (loyal only) cockroaches. Began immediately; when scheming r's cheated w/election. For real ,,,,,, dt DID NOT win on his own. NO NO NO NO. Jabberwocky ALWAYS ALWAYS
C-H-E-A-T-S 😨
Doesn't matter what. Everything and anything.
BAD BAD SEEDS ,,,,,, all of em.
micheal conley
micheal conley - 22 days ago
How can u elect this criminal president again . Cover up
xzqzq - 22 days ago
So, when is Barr gonna get off his fat butt and start indicting these clowns ? Start with Joe... Enough evidence to indite / convict HRC a half - dozen times... Not much point in winning elections if the AG doesn't have the balls to go after corrupt politicians....
Matthew Molina
Matthew Molina - 23 days ago
Barr🐽should be in jail with Giuliani.
laurie garber
laurie garber - 23 days ago
Barr is up to his eyebrows in the Ukrainian deal. He'll g e t his.
WWG1WGA! USA - 23 days ago
Leftists will hang. I hope all you fools are ready for a glorious 5 more years. I hope you all jump off a bridge to aid in saving the climate as well.
James Campbell
James Campbell - 23 days ago
The main question swirling around him is which one of the crooks to indict first.
J. Muller
J. Muller - 23 days ago
I hope William Barr and Durham bring down the Deep State before they bring down America.
dr. rae christopher
dr. rae christopher - 23 days ago
dr. rae christopher
dr. rae christopher - 23 days ago
Naomi Ogle
Naomi Ogle - 23 days ago
That's a lie. Trump gave them missiles. Obama gave them blankets to fight off a Russian invasion.
Walter Mcneill
Walter Mcneill - 24 days ago
Barr knew about the whole thing .
foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild
You know it's one thing to be a criminal. It's always been something else completely to be masquerading as law enforcement while being a criminal. It's always struck me these types of criminals do more to undermine faith in law than anyone else and should be punished double for the same crime. But to parade around as the AG of the United States while aiding and abetting the crimes of your gang and gang leader should only be punished like Mussolini was finally punished: Battered to death and hung up in the streets by your own people.
lmao6t - 24 days ago
every time Rudy talks he exposes every crooked plot!!!........GRANPA MUNSTER @ it again in tha dungeon cooking up some crazy shyt potion!!
Calkids Bradley
Calkids Bradley - 24 days ago
Any person with a working moral compass would never be involved with Trump. These people are motivated by greed, race dynamics and power. Hopefully, someday people of character will overcome gerrymandering, Russian interference & voter suppression or America will revert to when 90% owed their souls to the company store.
foamfingermaker - 24 days ago
Very careful not to compromise Bill Barr. Hmmmm. Everything about this statement is deceptive, first he was on a mission to find information that would help his client Donald Trump totally on the up&up. So why would honestly acquired truths compromise Bill Barr? Assuming that Guiliani didn't know about Parnas's corrupt campaign finance issues, he would not need to protect Barr from being associated with Parnas. So why did he need to make sure Barr was not compromised? The Truth plain and simple Barr did know everything. He knew about Rudy and Parnas what they were doing, he new about the quid pro quo, he new it all, infact he was probably the brains behind Guliani's little fact finding mission, because Bill Barr could not appear to be involved in a scheme to cover up a high crime committed by Donal Trump.
Rudy us no stranger to this game he knows that he is a lower ranking trump operative, he knows that he needs to take the heat off of his Boss, his own actions seem so inept that it is unfathomable that it was not orchestrated so as afford plausible deniability to Bill Barr. He got caught all that is left is to see Rudy fall on his sword. It's clear that Lev Parnas isn't going to.
Rich Winder
Rich Winder - 24 days ago
It's legal to lie on TV and the internet.
Neil Clarke
Neil Clarke - 24 days ago
Sandra Hicks
Sandra Hicks - 24 days ago
Barr is going to Prison💁🏼‍♀️ Wait and see 😎
Carolyn Talbot
Carolyn Talbot - 24 days ago
What would Hitler have been without Joseph Goebbels?
me - 24 days ago
Lithuanian Giant
Lithuanian Giant - 24 days ago
When I watch CNN, CNBC they have legitimate arguments presenting it with views that are well thought out. When I watch the Fox shows they use straw man and fear tactics.
Paul Henri
Paul Henri - 24 days ago
I do agree with some of the statements of what this woman is saying but the fact that there was actually a tale on a us sitting ambassador and everyone can read what those texts were saying that they were talking about putting a hit on a US ambassador. This is the difference between the rest of the world in the United States we're not brainwashed by our country like the United States has. So the hear of an actual assassination of a US ambassador and the doj not talking to Lev parnas is just incompetency on a level beyond comprehension. Cuz there is no doubt in any other democracy that person would be taken seriously. Unless the Americans don't really give a crap about their ambassadors
Astrobrant2 - 24 days ago
I actually did laugh out loud when Rudy said, "I have been circumspect, careful, exceedingly careful."
Paul Henri
Paul Henri - 24 days ago
And this is why No One believe in what Giuliani is saying cuz we know the facts to be true of what parnis is saying when it comes to Bill Barr we know this because of what happened with the previous Attorney General Jeff sessions. And this is why bar and more than likely going to end up in jail when this is all said and done
Chris Wise
Chris Wise - 24 days ago
Lev Paaaaaarrrnas
EUGENE KUPKA - 24 days ago
Questions have been swirling around Barr since Trump appointed him,started off bad and didn't improve a custom fit for Trump's uses as a defensive blocker !
ElPocho DelMundo
ElPocho DelMundo - 24 days ago
For Barr to be in on it, not necessary for Giuliani to converse with him. The Pig (Trump) told Zelensky (and a bunch of other Ukies) to talk to Barr about it, because he knows all about it. Or, as the Ambassador to EU says, "everybody was in the loop."
Rani Rich
Rani Rich - 24 days ago
As Lev Parnas is trying to save his own dingle berries by whoever is pimping him, AG Barr is not going to release any information regarding investigations, indictments and those going to a Grand Jury irregardless of accusations or pressure applied.
Shot out to Laura Ingraham ... That is what I call real investigative reporting!!! Looks like Pencil Neck Schiff's Mr. Kent and others will be going under oath but not necessarily the Senate Trial.
Gonny Govender
Gonny Govender - 24 days ago
This is a perfect crime, being tried by perfect criminal lovers, who will lie even under oath and not recuse themselves. It will be a perfect exoneration, even though this is simply a crime if tried in a court of law. GOP lost all respect. What has America become? This is the end of America. It will be ruled by the Russian Mobs.
Jack Gamboa
Jack Gamboa - 24 days ago
Barr's slimy with-holding then lying about then redaction of the Mueller Report was a clear indication of his contempt for America. "If you want the Grand Jury material, you can go to the courts for it." "If a sitting President cannot be indicted, then why even investigate him?" The words of William Barr, traitor.
Edward Lee
Edward Lee - 24 days ago
Well, everyone is in the loop, which was confirmed by both the EU ambassador and Lev Pamas, did two witness all tell the lie ?
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