Endgame Directors Reveal How Chris Hemsworth Reacted To Fat Thor

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Gary Mah
Gary Mah - 5 hours ago
Santa Claus of the year 2019 goes to Thor 🎅 who looks like a melted ais cream 😂
Seif Farag
Seif Farag - 23 hours ago
Who else hated fat Thor and sad Thor
psionicinversion - 14 hours ago
i thought he was hilarious. only Thor could have pulled it off really because of how light hearted he is. he loves his food and alcohol so theres only one outcome of staying in your house for 5 years drinking and eating and that is getting fat. i think alot of the fat acceptance movement hated it because it hits home that is what they have done to themselves.
Brian Roehrich
Brian Roehrich - Day ago
He is so much weaker while fat
Boots AreC00L
Boots AreC00L - Day ago
He does remind me of Odin now
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life - Day ago
I liked his new look. It’s hilarious and does send a great message that even though he was highly overweight and depressed he was still brave and lovable and most of still a hero.
Equinox - Day ago
"You look a like melted ice-cream cone"
curly headed
curly headed - Day ago
Looper next video:Why ant-man's taco tradegy is important to doctor strange's plan.
Xeno Vegito
Xeno Vegito - Day ago
Thor doesn't do hold my beer people
Error Error
Error Error - Day ago
At least I can cosplay Thor now
strangefruit42 - Day ago
Remember that video when Jack Black parodied Chris' workout? That's how we took it. IT WAS THE OTHER WAY ROUND! Hemsworth was doing the Jables workout to get into this unique shape! Hells to the yells, motherfather!
pokethunder - Day ago
Still worthy a hero is made for hes noble deeds not is muscles i do love fat thor
NoTown Izoe
NoTown Izoe - Day ago
So is thor gonna stay like that ?? Damn they really fucked up the avengers with endgame . first there was fat thor , then there was half hulk half Bruce banner , then there was iron mans death . I'm glad I didnt pay to watch that movie . No thx . I'll just stick to the comics 👍
Thomas Stuart
Thomas Stuart - Day ago
"Important message" indeed, kids. Remember, eat like crap and don't exercise and you'll be just as powerful. Real superheros have diabetes.
BrodashMx - Day ago
Fluffy Thor LUL
AspieJoeyJay Hill
AspieJoeyJay Hill - 2 days ago
So legit
Amara Winchester
Amara Winchester - 2 days ago
Thor’s character turned into a completely different person. This didn’t even feel like Thor. It was funny but very sad and pathetic. I disliked what they didn’t with him, turned him into a loser!
DeathStalker - 2 days ago
Thor is now more "realistic" than ever before to the Norse mythology. He also looks like he came straight out of God of War
Ari Gol Gol
Ari Gol Gol - 2 days ago
Are you already saw avengersendgame
Tia 2
Tia 2 - 2 days ago
Fat Thor could still get it. 😘
F U - 2 days ago
It's just another feminist attack on strong men
Zamani Zamani
Zamani Zamani - 2 days ago
Finally looked like the norse god he is
Showstoppa 007
Showstoppa 007 - 2 days ago
Wait so is he fat in real life?
Mist The Sabertooth
Mist The Sabertooth - 2 days ago
Marius1 DK
Marius1 DK - 2 days ago
Not gona Lie it fits a Nordic god more
JUMOWA - 2 days ago
I thought Im seeing myself. Love fat thor
RoboToaster - 2 days ago
Not a big fan of fat thor tbh. the beard was good though.
Skills And etc
Skills And etc - 2 days ago
2011: I want to have six pack like thor
2019: its perfect
Jungkookie !
Jungkookie ! - 2 days ago
When me and my sister first saw thor fat and chubby we just started laughing lol, he was still handsome though
Meyra - 2 days ago
His transformation was absolutely hilarious, mom and I cried laughing in the theater - minutes past the reveal scene. I just couldn't get past Rocket's "you look like melted ice cream" comment.
Evangelos - 2 days ago
I hated fat Thor. They have shown other characters go through pain with out anything like a fat suite so dumb.
potato savage
potato savage - 2 days ago
I like chubby Thor *don't judge *=/
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man - 2 days ago
Umm he’s not fat...he’s just thicc
Shxdow _
Shxdow _ - 2 days ago
The greatest sacrifice was Thors abs
Vengeful Gaming
Vengeful Gaming - 2 days ago
I guess you could call him the
DeadShot - 3 days ago
an Accurate Viking to me!
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury - 3 days ago
Preperations for endgame: all about food
Ld Potter lady
Ld Potter lady - 3 days ago
Welcome to episode 3 of why was this in my reccommendend
sessiz zenci
sessiz zenci - 3 days ago
holly shit did thor cosplay as me?!?
fuck I didn't even dream about it !!
Jack - 3 days ago
are we supposed to relate to thor, a character that's literally not human?
Valxiya’s Old Channel
Hey, losing Cate Blanchett is tough.
Valxiya’s Old Channel
I honestly feel like I'd go the Ronin route, but that's just me.
HellGuard H.G
HellGuard H.G - 3 days ago
Thor- Are you mocking me?
Star lord- "Hes trying to copy me"
Thor- Of course
Hey it’s me your girl RC
Actually it’s thicc Thor
UAHA ToxicBoi
UAHA ToxicBoi - 3 days ago
Gods can’t be fat
Jesus Christ this video just repeats itself over and over
Chris Marklowitz
Chris Marklowitz - 3 days ago
Thor let himself go following the trauma he sustained. But even though he did drink so much and tried to run and escape he was still worthy. Which resonated with me. I'm recovering from trauma and I like to think that even though Ive let myself go there's hope And it doesn't make me worse of a person and that's such an amazing message to send to fans who idolize Thor as this superhero
Bice Portinari
Bice Portinari - 3 days ago
FAT THOR ☹️🤨😐😶
Johannes Hockerup
Johannes Hockerup - 3 days ago
Did Hemsworth get his own belly, or is it CGI the entire movie??
Bruder Schwester
Bruder Schwester - 3 days ago
2018: I want a body like thor
2019: I have done it
D Hufflepuff
D Hufflepuff - 3 days ago
It's thicc Thor not fat Thor.
Clayton Clarke
Clayton Clarke - 3 days ago
Fat thor was the best, more accurate with the comics
Shazia Azam
Shazia Azam - 4 days ago
thor still has his super strength and worthy ness
Anne - 4 days ago
He's still hot
Bazil Faulty Jnr.
Bazil Faulty Jnr. - 4 days ago
Herr is a question for Looper . How did Rocket fit that Prosthetic Eye Thor has up his Arse? He must have some arsehole on him.
Chaotic Simon
Chaotic Simon - 4 days ago
Thicc Thor
Thicc Thor
xLight Shadow
xLight Shadow - 4 days ago
Thanos: „You should have gone for the balls“
Blaze Newton
Blaze Newton - 4 days ago
it did not even tell use how he got fat
Harrison Fok
Harrison Fok - 4 days ago
Thor: I got fat
Loki: I’m gonna take a break from you
*never made his appearance in endgame
ZYBA - 4 days ago
Is he really fat??
Madefuji - 4 days ago
For every fan of Big Lebowski, it was a greatest crossover in history, to put all-mighty god of thunder in pants or... in sweatshirt or robe, he mabye missing the glass of white russian... Never Mind. We were just loughing our ass out of it! Simply, Thor became THE DUDE, Though he did some great things later, and before, and in preasent and... Whatever.
Michelle Huff
Michelle Huff - 4 days ago
I loved Fat Thor!!
MrBeast Fan
MrBeast Fan - 4 days ago
My Dad Thinks They Used SGI :/
amy williams
amy williams - 4 days ago
people who unstanned thor after endgame are the weakest.
Amir Gouda
Amir Gouda - 4 days ago
The most inspiring? He is a god can not be compared to a human
Homero Negaraku
Homero Negaraku - 4 days ago
Me : Superheroes can't get fat!
Thor : Hold my beer.... Belly...
geekista - 4 days ago
He lost everything, literally everything. Of course he's depressed ! It makes sense !
Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham - 4 days ago
If you know anything about Vikings they where never clean cut, this is more accurate for a viking.
Nivetha T
Nivetha T - 4 days ago
Wow 10M views
Shashikant Yadav
Shashikant Yadav - 4 days ago
A very cute moment Chris
sailaja posina
sailaja posina - 4 days ago
thor in infinity war: get me Thanos
thor in endgame: get me noobmaster69
abhijit das
abhijit das - 4 days ago
Me before seeing endgame: Thor is so fit
Me after seeing endgame :Omg Thor is fat
Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis
Fat Thor > fit Thor. Nuff said.
Mr Llama
Mr Llama - 4 days ago
This was so disappointing He was much better and cooler before
WILLY Z - 4 days ago
Thor: You Know What's Corsing Through My Veins Right Now?
Sonic: Onion Rings?
Thor: Wrong.
War Machine: Cheez Whiz.
Thor: A Bit.
Iron Man: Lightning?
Thor: Slightly.
Ninja: Fortnite?
Thor: Almost.
Me: Endgame Memes?
Popular-llama-117 - 4 days ago
It works
He looks like a tank now kinda
ThunderousXshot Gaming
ThunderousXshot Gaming - 4 days ago
Fun fact : He is not even as close to as powerful , battle prime Thor didn’t happen yet , but in GoTG 3 he will eat asgardian apples and get skinny , he will also have to fight beta Rey bill. Maybe even the champion.
R B - 4 days ago
Next video..... writers reveal why the avengers hate brie Larsen.... and want Emily Blunt to be casted from now on or none will come back!!!
Anon Anon
Anon Anon - 4 days ago
Chubby Thor is peak Thor.
AL The Alien
AL The Alien - 4 days ago
Chubby thor was adorable and sad ;-;
moon thetic
moon thetic - 4 days ago
u are like a melted ice cream
- rocket
Hanibal King
Hanibal King - 5 days ago
This version reminds me of old man Thor from the comics
Sim with a Whim
Sim with a Whim - 5 days ago
The scene where he was threatening to go down to NoobMaster's home if he wouldn't quit it was Funny AF,
Sim with a Whim
Sim with a Whim - 3 days ago
+Emily Higgins oh my bad
Emily Higgins
Emily Higgins - 3 days ago
Sim with a Whim it’s noobmaster69
Puppy Gaming
Puppy Gaming - 5 days ago
Did u know that Thor is actually a fat ,alcoholic,red haired guy that every one is afraid of ( in real Norse mythology)
OLIVE DOGG - 5 days ago
Lebowski thor
Bronze Cube
Bronze Cube - 5 days ago
Um no he's not just as powerful he is weak he got beat up so easily even black panther could have killed him. He got so weak in endgame(thor)
Endiya Dacosta
Endiya Dacosta - 5 days ago
is it bad that i'll still wanna marry a 'fat thor' cuz idgaf he is beautiful regardless
Prepared Man
Prepared Man - 5 days ago
Fat is NOT powerful ....... it is profoundly unhealthy.
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan - 5 days ago
Emily dee Lindsay Cyrus
JustFunkinDandy - 5 days ago
Great video until you forced fat politics into it.
Being fat for whatever reasons sucks and its unhealthy. Do not defend it.
Jacob B
Jacob B - 5 days ago
When i was in the cinema a girl a couple of rows behind me screamed "Noooooooo!" at the reveal. I think it wounded her more than the ending
•Loki• - 5 days ago
Willdaberry Blue
Willdaberry Blue - 5 days ago
Cornelius Smith
Cornelius Smith - 5 days ago
Thor-Rai Cho😂
Peterkaboomi Train
Peterkaboomi Train - 5 days ago
Funny fact: Endgame Thor is more mythology accurate than the Thor in the other movies
IT AtomicAid
IT AtomicAid - Day ago
Spartan Calisthenics source?
Spartan Calisthenics
EXACTLY that’s what I’ve been saying.
IT AtomicAid
IT AtomicAid - 2 days ago
Imaybewrong _butidoubtit then don’t reply 😓
Imaybewrong _butidoubtit
+IT AtomicAid and you obviously don't realize that you're making a big deal out of nothing. I'm just going to go ahead and say it in hopes of getting back to my Sunday, arguing about mythology is the equivalent of arguing about art interpretation. You can read from multiple sources and it all vary in small ways. If you pay close attention both of our claims are technically still seen by Thor. I said that talking to the original commenter. For some reason it didn't tag their name, but what I'm trying to say is that I'm not about to get into an argument with you since it's clear you're.... *sighs* nvm I just said I'm not arguing with you so bye, enjoy your Sunday. 😒
IT AtomicAid
IT AtomicAid - 2 days ago
Imaybewrong _butidoubtit also source?
poop poop
poop poop - 5 days ago
I hope there's and avengers 5
Cathy Newbi
Cathy Newbi - 5 days ago
Russo brothers : you wanna be fat
Bryce Anderson
Bryce Anderson - 5 days ago
Dwarven warrior Thor is pretty tight.
Beer Thor is my spirit animal
boondockpaint - 5 days ago
Fat Thor? More like American Thor.
AJAB HUNZAN - 5 days ago
Fatguardians of the galaxy!!!!
Felix wilkens
Felix wilkens - 5 days ago
Get ya facts right
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