Endgame Directors Reveal How Chris Hemsworth Reacted To Fat Thor

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Renny Datoy
Renny Datoy - 9 days ago
RangerFR5 - Month ago
Me in 2012: I want a body like Thor!
Me in 2019: Mission accomplished.
A180CombatBowser Game pro
how was he just done with ragnaraok if it came out like 2 years before
Cody Copyright
Cody Copyright - 2 months ago
इस पन्ने का पिछला साल
Imma _BIRD
Imma _BIRD - 2 months ago
My reaction was.....
How to say that...
HughJass - 2 months ago
I’m have a fat suit to but I’m having trouble taking it off
spin spinner spinner idiot stupid
Thanks for the heads up and I'll have any other ideas
shana Daniels
shana Daniels - 2 months ago
Not gonna lie, I thought the actor had to ACTUALLY gain weight to play fat Thor
Nathan Siukuta
Nathan Siukuta - 2 months ago
Please does anyone know the background music used in this video?
SKYFALL - 3 months ago
Jacob Finkel
Jacob Finkel - 3 months ago
After EndGame:
Captain America and Thor enter a bar, and order a small beer and a large beer, Captain America picks up the big one
Thor: No, you take the small one!
Christos Kettenis
Christos Kettenis - 4 months ago
No guys, being overweight and obese from "beer and chips" and still be "powerful" is something only Thor can do. Humans on the other hand can't! It's not an empowering message. Even Hemsworth himself didn't actually put on the weight. Leave the political correctness out of the films pls!
Rosemary Sagen
Rosemary Sagen - 4 months ago
very nice
Ionasku Alexander
Ionasku Alexander - 5 months ago
I'm concerned about his drastic body changes. In 1 movie he's muscular un other he's fat and in the next he looks like having anorexia. There was a movie with Hemsworth called the heart of the sea where he looked like that
Frank Filippone
Frank Filippone - 5 months ago
Veronica Jones
Veronica Jones - 5 months ago
Am I the only who ship Thor and Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans...
sharp sniper3
sharp sniper3 - 5 months ago
Bruh we need skinny Goldie locks Thor with his hammer ( I'm sorry)
Sandra Vermeulen
Sandra Vermeulen - 5 months ago
He proved he's still cool when his beard instantly braided. That's a superpower I'd like to have for my hair
Picture it Perfect Art Works
I get what they're doing and I get the theory they've proposed here. Ultimately they're trying to make Thor relatable through how he deals with his misery and grief. The problem is, people like myself want the suspension of believe that someone as incredible as Thor can rise above the crutches of every day human shortcomings even in the worst possible times and maintain their drive and motivation to be great, including their physique. I guess I'm somewhat alone here but I didn't want Thor to be just another brick in the wall human who deals with grief and loss in a lame human-like way. I wanted more out of my heroes; an inspiration to rise above and be better than that. I guess others just want Thor to deal with it like any other human so they can relate since so many deal with it this way. I hear misery loves company. I wish more wanted it like I do.
hashi Abdi
hashi Abdi - 6 months ago
Liberty Connects
Liberty Connects - 6 months ago
Maybach Music!
BrianEditz :3
BrianEditz :3 - 6 months ago
Me 2018 : I want my body to be like Thor one day
Thor : Hold mah *beer*
Fire Water
Fire Water - 6 months ago
Thor's body:
2018 - Anthony Joshua
2019 - Andy Ruiz Jr.
I Love Loki
I Love Loki - 6 months ago
Thor is litteraly me and how I deal with trauma's. Lol I feel exposed.
Alex Stone
Alex Stone - 6 months ago
Jony Nedeky
Jony Nedeky - 7 months ago
I love fat thor
Saucy Sauce
Saucy Sauce - 7 months ago
"He's still as strong as ever"
Well yeah, he's a God
Bibek Acharya
Bibek Acharya - 7 months ago
I have a fat suit too but I'm having trouble taking it off .
reid tanner
reid tanner - 7 months ago
I remember after me, my two uncles and my little cousin went to see the film and went to get some food after, my little cousin was so upset and we asked him what was wrong and he said. "I can't belive we got fat thor." lol😂🤣
Adria Jenkins
Adria Jenkins - 8 months ago
Fat or Fit he’s still cute🤷🏽‍♀️
brothers of wrath
brothers of wrath - 7 months ago
He is a god
Antoine Paquin
Antoine Paquin - 8 months ago
What is the movie at 3:00?
Joseph Reyes
Joseph Reyes - 8 months ago
After leaving the Guardians, Thor went back in time to form ZZ Top.
Ubaid Malik
Ubaid Malik - 8 months ago
Thor is my super hero
Poulomi Hari
Poulomi Hari - 8 months ago
Thor was dude. 3:54 Now he is a daddy.
Phillip Jordan Ikezawa
Phillip Jordan Ikezawa - 8 months ago
Thor:Hold MY beer

Cap: *Holds It*

THOR:Oh NeverMind Hold my Mjolnir
WeirdoBurrito - 8 months ago
Noob Master69
Noob Master69 - 8 months ago
Well I better go then
Samy Montoya
Samy Montoya - 8 months ago
What Sheep Want. Who gives a S ** T! Boycott Hollywood. Boycott Blue States. Go Broke u Jokes
Ago Contealia
Ago Contealia - 8 months ago
Thats it, thats all. That what we can do here. Ok?
Ago Contealia
Ago Contealia - 8 months ago
So I will Exept My salad to be tossed. But only my salad to be tossed if this is the way of the new world.
Ago Contealia
Ago Contealia - 8 months ago
If i didnt see it with my own eyes I wouldnt belive it. But the vidio does not lie. 👀
Ago Contealia
Ago Contealia - 8 months ago
A lots changed Toney.
Chris Moore
Chris Moore - 8 months ago
You forgot to mention about noobmaster69.
*Sxftie J0sh*
*Sxftie J0sh* - 8 months ago
Why did noobmaster69 didnt get mentioned
- - 8 months ago
It’s an accurate depiction of the typical American
Disney Rules
Disney Rules - 9 months ago
In one scene, Rocket calls Thor "tubby".
25/75 Gaming
25/75 Gaming - 9 months ago
I find it funny that we have to talk about Thor and "fat" Thor like they are two different ppl...u really got nothing better to discuss and make a video about?
TheLun4tic - 9 months ago
exactly. Fat Thor is a reminder that EVERYONE can become a superhero if he decides too whether you were addicted to videogames and chips or not. You can always make the concious decision to take action.
Blep Head
Blep Head - 9 months ago
I think when Chris read the script for Thor getting bodied by thanos, he prolly decided to change his characters appearance that’ll make viewers think he was in a weak state (when he prolly wasn’t) in order to save thors reputation as one of the strongest characters. So making Thor seem like he’s in weak state would make ppl believe he can still easily redeem himself to be the one of the strongest again
Ceyron - 9 months ago
Eric - 9 months ago
I think they did that to make a god that white supremacist look up to look like a dumbass.
phoenixman8569 - 9 months ago
I though Chris gained weight for the film, and I believed this for months and just a couple weeks ago I found out he was wearing a realistic prosthetic fat suit!!!
Bonani Blake-zin Phaweni
Bonani Blake-zin Phaweni - 9 months ago
What if the snap(earth being the centre of cosmic epicenter) creates the mutants??
Douglas Bull
Douglas Bull - 9 months ago
Loose your entire family Wich happened to me and all my friends due to drugs.its not for comedy you loose people close to you your body and mind will crumble for enough time it takes to heal and u out never really heal.i also got fat took Xanax like gummie bears and did nothing but get fucked up and eat
Sarah - 9 months ago
who cares, it was hysterical.. Loved it ..
KristianPlayz - 9 months ago
Benjamin Cross
Benjamin Cross - 9 months ago
Damnit Chris like I get the message and all but 🤦🏻‍♂️
I'm Back
I'm Back - 9 months ago
They should have let him do a belly flop on Thanos.
I'm Back
I'm Back - 9 months ago
If you believe the media then there are way too many people out there that are upset over fat Thor. If anyone is upset then they are way too serious and probably live in a fantasy world most of the time instead of facing real life. People, the world isn't perfect, there are real life obese people in our world. Instead of complaining about a fictional movie characters weight gain go out and do something constructive like volunteering your time, helping someone less fortunate than you and even lose weight and get in shape if you're obese. Did he say something like I want to be like humans and be fat, drunk and lazy? No Did he say I'm making fun of people who are fat, drunk and lazy? No The character he played was funny but wasn't meant to offend anyone. This politically correct crap is getting ridiculous. Lighten up people and get a life!!!
Armond Welch
Armond Welch - 9 months ago
Fat Thor was hilarious. I am actually happy Endgame didn't take itself as seriously as IW. Both are awesome in their own way.
kricku - 9 months ago
A fat viking. Who would have thunk it?
brothers of wrath
brothers of wrath - 7 months ago
Volstagg is jealous
Imane - 9 months ago
Thank you Thor for showing us that our depression doesn't make us any less worthy
Ramy Ram
Ramy Ram - 9 months ago
Random person: I wanna look like Thor!
Random person: yes I did it!
Random person goes to endgame and sees Thor: NOOOOOOOOO!!!
boomboom ashhole
boomboom ashhole - 9 months ago
plot twist: they made him a suit so he’s fat
Anna L
Anna L - 10 months ago
plot twist: Loki is noobmaster69
Mohsen Anani
Mohsen Anani - 10 months ago
Name of the backgroung music please!!
Sami Valavaara
Sami Valavaara - 10 months ago
Finally a super hero i can relate too
I am a Man
I am a Man - 10 months ago
I’m so happy that Thor became fat so I can look just like him
ライトニングRaijin - 10 months ago
😂 I bet if you hit him hard enough he will cough up beer 🍻
ライトニングRaijin - 10 months ago
I fucking love fat thor, he's hilarious! I don't want normal Thor back any time soon 🤣🤣🤣
Tony Wouters
Tony Wouters - 10 months ago
I'm curious how many will make it about fat acceptance.
Or has that movement passed already?
Bmwmotorsportguy - 10 months ago
So they left him fat so that fat people have a hero to relate to?
secret channel gaming video
secret channel gaming video - 10 months ago
East or West thought is the best
Jekjek Laron
Jekjek Laron - 10 months ago
Thor god of viking
Hey Man
Hey Man - 10 months ago
Well, I guess it's time to turn into a fatass.
CaptainAmericaShazam - 10 months ago
First of all, Thor is a Norse God not a mortal. Fat Thor was a crime against Mythological Deities/ Fat Thor proved the Russo brothers are FAT HEADS. I will Never go to see another Marvel Movie again after seeing the mockery they made of the Thunder God/ The best part of the movie was the tribute to Stan Lee at the end of a WAAAY Too Long Movie. Marvel fans deserved Better/
DelireWeb - 10 months ago
The writers have made a slight error (imho): Thor is supposed to have friends, but although he's hit by PTSD, they mock him and put him down even more rather then encourage him. If it wasn't for his hammer, he would've end up in a ditch while his pseudo friends would've made fun about it.
9 years ago
9 years ago - 10 months ago
He wore a Fat suit
DIGITAL 01 - 10 months ago
Isnt it racist to turn a famous avenger to a couch potato in the greatest movie in history
ModestHawk - 10 months ago
Even though Thor is fat, he still has better abs than me
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