Endgame Directors Reveal How Chris Hemsworth Reacted To Fat Thor

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Soldierboy Dunkon’em
This shows anyone can lose weight, hendsworth gained a lot of wait on purpose and became chubby and then went back to ripped under two years, this shows that obese people have no excuse to not lose weight and shows chubby people or overweight people can quickly lose weight... but people are lazy.
Aloysius O'Hare Air
Aloysius O'Hare Air - 4 days ago
In short words he doesn't give one fuck, he's still getting paid
Justin Harvey
Justin Harvey - 5 days ago
I think it was pretty obvious Chris had fun with the role.
Those Indian Guys
Those Indian Guys - 6 days ago
I got a fat suit like Chris. But only problem. I couldn’t find the zipper😔. Can anyone help😥😑
TheHulkbuster13 - 7 days ago
Girlfriend wanted me to have a 6 pack like Thor. After seeing the film I asked her
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Why would you want a 6 pack when you can have a keg like THor?
Sacrificial Lamb
Sacrificial Lamb - 7 days ago
Thor "The Dude" Lebowski
Koala Guy
Koala Guy - 8 days ago
I really wanted to become Thor

I am now
Sureizu - 7 days ago
Wish I could but no matter how much I eat (including junk food) I can never gain weight so I just look like a twig. 😔😔
pewyoutuber - 9 days ago
The main question, did chris actually get fat for that??
Dhede Madong
Dhede Madong - 10 days ago
Black Panther
Black Panther - 10 days ago
Thanos: I Destroyed the stones.
Thor : On whose direction?
Thanos: My master, Noobmaster69
Rocket: Thor, you should have gone for the victory royale.
GTA Action Theater
GTA Action Theater - 11 days ago
I sat next to a fat guy in the theater for end game and he didn't laugh at any of Thor's fat scenes.
Mr. Emerald The Green
Mr. Emerald The Green - 11 days ago
I think it was handled beautifully,,, I totally understood where they were coming from in that everyone handles grief and sever sorrow differently and that sever depression can make you give up on yourself. And I LOVE how Thor didn’t have to return to being fit to get his mojo back
Da’Jour Thompson
Da’Jour Thompson - 12 days ago
Thor went from having the body of the Comic Book superhero, to having the body of a comic book fanboy.
tara degelmon
tara degelmon - 12 days ago
BFT Big Fat Thor
patrick - 13 days ago
of course it was for a cheap (or $$$$$$$$) laugh. its ridiculous to think otherwise.
SHCcomics - 14 days ago
Thor fights war
Thor fights iraq
But most importantly
Thor drinks that
Ketofication - 14 days ago
Nigga sclave
Nigga sclave - 15 days ago
When i finally got thor's body,he became old me,like we switched places lol
Magni Thorson
Magni Thorson - 16 days ago
To be honest that thor in endgame was the worst version of mcu thor...instead of letting thor learn from his mistakes and allowing him to become the protector and all father of the universe as Odin is dead and never let threats like thanos make chaos like that....the Rossos give us a fat and weaker than captain America version of thor...i mean this is thor we are talking about not ironman or cap or ant man, Thor a god...God damn man...
Hems"worthy" fat Thor 😂😂😂
Mike Hedrick
Mike Hedrick - 18 days ago
No homo but I actually like fat thor
Jackson Sandell
Jackson Sandell - 18 days ago
I got a fuckin Chris hemsworth workout ad on this video...
Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich
Chris Hemsworth vs Jason Momoa, surfing contest!
NightSeaBreeze - 19 days ago
They just wanted to make the hot guy unattractive. Hollywood likes to "try" to change our opinions forcibly. So when someone asks you now who your favorite Avenger is, you won't say Thor and if you do, people will say, "but he got fat".
ayu kursia
ayu kursia - 21 day ago
2019 : I AM THOR! SON OF A BIT**H!
Nino DeJernett
Nino DeJernett - 22 days ago
He has a fat suit in him that has a zipper in and that suit is about 60 to 80 kilos
Nino DeJernett
Nino DeJernett - 22 days ago
Oops I did a typo I meant on*
Jacek Kuc
Jacek Kuc - 22 days ago
Stop watching after cut Thor hair ! Thor have blond long hair !
Khoa Do
Khoa Do - 23 days ago
my girlfriend keeps saying i need to work harder to have a body like Thor... well looks like i'm one 6 pack and 2 boxes of tacos away. Hard work does pay off
ninji sedemai
ninji sedemai - 23 days ago
Atleast thor has his hippe hair back...
Jerryskeeper O
Jerryskeeper O - 23 days ago
Chubby Thor made him more real
Adelia Hammond
Adelia Hammond - 23 days ago
That’s what happens to footballers when they are no longer professionally competing.
Francis Abriam
Francis Abriam - 24 days ago
Overused jokes that arent funny anymore
"I never imagined thor being me!!!" (There are some others that changed it a little bit but it still counts)
"Superheroes cant be fat!
Thor:Hold my beer
Thor:No wait give that back"
M. Ch.
M. Ch. - 24 days ago
In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Thor has his own video game vlog.
V Tae
V Tae - 24 days ago
Thor was the funniest in avenger endgame.. 😂😂😂
Cinora - 25 days ago
Woah, now fat people can play Thor too
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog - 25 days ago
He isn’t just as powerful though
HelloBunnysPhil HBP
HelloBunnysPhil HBP - 26 days ago
bruh her fat was old, and then.. he have abs btw im not gay i have gf..
Webby The Dino
Webby The Dino - 26 days ago
I just want to know if the actor actually gained weight or just wore a fat suit
maglot the panda bear
maglot the panda bear - 27 days ago
Thor in Endgame was a DISGRACE! The russos treated depression like it was a JOKE! NOT FUNNY! This was extremely offensive to people with weight issues,alcohol issues, and gaming issues. ALSO the fat suit was harmful on Chris's back. I vote for fat thor to not come back. I vote for fitness montage at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. Thats it. :)
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 27 days ago
Fat Thor Always Makes me Laugh When I see him I just can't get over it🤧😂
1 Subscriber! Goals Lol
1 Subscriber! Goals Lol - 27 days ago
*Thor, come help us!*
*Hold my beer..No, wait, give it back.*
Adam Basta
Adam Basta - 28 days ago
I have to agree with the Russo brothers for the character fat Thor shows a different approach ad the biggest turns of events can affect people in mant states from mental, physical, and spiritual....
Polski_ - 29 days ago
But is thor fat now in real life too or not?
Luke Hickey
Luke Hickey - 29 days ago
It's called a fatsuit
TZ3C - Month ago
They used a slub and put Thor’s head
Julia 1984
Julia 1984 - Month ago
Communists have officially taken Hollywood. They emasculated Thor. At the end he gave up his royal authority, handing it over to a female. All the most masculine characters surrendered to political correctness. The Hulk turned into a coward. Captain America gave up his iconic shield. Star Lord pussy-whipped, beat up by girls.
SonicTroll - Month ago
did chris hemsworth get fat for this version of thor??
TheGalGamer - Month ago
I'm just going to say, it's really boring listening to this monotone voice. I thought I was going to HEAR Chris Hemsworth.
Ty Gaming
Ty Gaming - Month ago
Now it's easy to cosplay thor
lqzy artist
lqzy artist - Month ago
he thicc
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