Lamar Jackson vs Packers | 08•15•2019 Highlights | EXPLOSIVE!

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Yosef Ben Avraham
Yosef Ben Avraham - Month ago
With all the greatness, you forget about this gem of a run. The run that started it all
David Britt Affiliates
David Britt Affiliates - 2 months ago
Daniel Aguilera
Daniel Aguilera - 4 months ago
So worried about his arm and passing when watching the preseason...... well not anymore. Ravens really kept secret about our offense this yearr!
WV Hoopie
WV Hoopie - 5 months ago
Ricky McFlare
Ricky McFlare - 5 months ago
The same guy Jacksonville passed on to get Blake Bottles.....the 2nd time in recent Jag history that they had done that. Hes the 2nd star QB they passed on from Louisville actually. They also passed on Bridgewater to get Blaine Gabbert. Now you know the league is rigged. Ain't no way you pass on quality players like that.
James Willey
James Willey - 5 months ago
Lightning quick,
Jason Kassa
Jason Kassa - 5 months ago
Does a great job of using body language and sight-line 'looking-away' to freeze a defense. It's tough with a guy like Jackson, because as a team, you are afraid to use him hard and take the punishment. If you have 2 or 3 guys and don't heavily invest in any one guy, you can use them hard in the running game.
Info Junkies
Info Junkies - 5 months ago
If Micheal Jackson Would Have Played 🏈...He Broke The Defender Down From 15 Yards Away...
Dee Pipes
Dee Pipes - 5 months ago
You can just hear the crowd jumping to there feet’s as soon as they seem him start to run. Truly an exciting quarterback to watch
winz - 5 months ago
he can't throw over 10 yards.. other than that he's nasty
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 5 months ago
Them lethal deep balls, I called it!
Diabeetus - 5 months ago
Did u see today’s game against the dolphins.. he threw the ball all over the field
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 5 months ago
winz his deep balls is one of his best throws, you’ll see when the season starts
HMIL420 - 5 months ago
Maybe I’m just a biased packer fan but what the fuck was explosive about this besides that last play lol he just threw 4 yard passes and let his receivers do the work
t - 5 months ago
Jackson mahomes and Watson, the NFL is in great hands.
Mr. Ryan
Mr. Ryan - 5 months ago
Hope he stays healthy and continues to improve and doesn’t end up the next RG3
Robbie Blue
Robbie Blue - 5 months ago
That run was nice
Lwazi - 5 months ago
The fact that he is developing around a defense that was number one last year and most likely going to be number one again this year or at least top 3 is going to make him even more of a better passer and runner he is seriously a duel threat.
Paul Arbuckle
Paul Arbuckle - 5 months ago
Eh, nothing special. Just a bunch of check down passes and a scramble or two. Gonna take more than that to succeed in the NFL.
thetrib1 - 5 months ago
@Paul Arbuckle haha I wouldn't either...but when you say "Gonna take more than that to succeed in the NFL", that would be where I came in. but yeah nothing here was explosive other than that run which got called back. I would say he is ahead of the other 2nd year QBs besides Baker, and Baker has an insanely talented team.
Paul Arbuckle
Paul Arbuckle - 5 months ago
thetrib1 We shall see. But I certainly wouldn’t call these highlights EXPLOSIVE, as the title reads.
thetrib1 - 5 months ago
you act like that's now how offense works. Very rarely will a pat mahomes come around and buck that trend. TB, DB, BB all throw many times under a 10 yard pass. Explosive plays will come with talent. Give tom brady Moss, and suddenly he throws downfield a lot. Give Lamar jackson a polished "hollywood" brown, and he will be throwing deep a lot. that's how the NFL works.
Mr. Twelve
Mr. Twelve - 5 months ago
bruh if he constantly releases the ball quick like that, he's gonna be an issue for majority of the defenses in the league. His ability to move out of the pocket to extend the play is just another huge plus to his game.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen - 5 months ago
Thats a bad man right there...
Steve Ridgeway
Steve Ridgeway - 5 months ago
lamar vick.
Christopher Hale
Christopher Hale - 5 months ago
On that first throw, the TE was way more open trailing right behind the guy Jackson threw it to. Idk why he hit the RB instead.
Corey Harper
Corey Harper - 5 months ago
Next Micheal Vick and going be on madden cover oneday
Joshua medrano
Joshua medrano - 5 months ago
Lamar is a stud
Slattermer Slab
Slattermer Slab - 6 months ago
Damn, that was just dumb nice
Sean Henderson
Sean Henderson - 6 months ago
It gotta nice beat in this video. I wonder what it’s called.
Bronco World
Bronco World - 6 months ago
Man.... He's improving! He's not run happy as much, he's looking to get rid of the ball.
thetrib1 - 5 months ago
he's not a run happy QB...has never been. Tim tebow was a run happy QB, cam early on was a run happy QB, Josh Allen is a run happy QB, Atlanta Michael vick was a run happy QB, Colin Kaepernick was a run happy QB. If a qb run play gets called are you supposed to pass? his scrambles are out of necessity, and if he was slow, they would just be sacks. His o line is good on one side. The left side has been poor which is strange, because Joe flacco is right handed. He is a better QB than everyone in his draft class besides baker, and rosen. And I think they're about equal.
john teague
john teague - 6 months ago
Let's see how long he lasts defenses are going to game plan for his option run. And try to destroy him. He better hurry and get a new Big Time contract. His going to take alot of hits, cause of this type of offense.
Crinj - 6 months ago
That run was saucy
Mark Rodrigue
Mark Rodrigue - 6 months ago
Little Mike Vic
oPiffel - 6 months ago
Short pass god lmao
What The Fudge
What The Fudge - 6 months ago
sholove Sholove
sholove Sholove - 6 months ago
That guy is a back up. By the end of the year, he'll be hurt. Either because he's benched or injured
sholove Sholove
sholove Sholove - 5 months ago
@Keeping It Real See it to often. His legs are his number one option. And i hate to say that, because in college, he took a whole year PURPOSEFULLY not running. Now it's like, they're still trying to run aread option with a 220lb QB, and he still believes that he's just going "make the extra yard" or "beat somebody to the goal". Hehasn't learned that he has to slide a split second before he "thinks" he can get one more yard. But i hope im wrong! I like seeing him play
Keeping It Real
Keeping It Real - 5 months ago
If you say so man
Henry Nunez
Henry Nunez - 6 months ago
I’ve never seen a HB throw a good ball wow😂
Nathaniel Taylor
Nathaniel Taylor - 6 months ago
The omen birds need to shit on that referee for life
batmanmotherfucker - 6 months ago
Injury waiting to happen.
Uylae Kim
Uylae Kim - 6 months ago
1:22 😂😂😂
cajenner10 - 6 months ago
He's going to get himself killed if he doesn't start getting out of bounds, like @1:14. Won't last long unless he learns to avoid contact.
C M - 6 months ago
They called it back cause he’s black but if it was Peyton Manning or Matt Ryan or the others then it would have been a td
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix - 6 months ago
At 1:36, I was like man thats a good block, then I facepalm when I saw the replay. Yeah I wish the Packers had Hard Knocks for one episode too see how that one turned out.
Junkman2000 - 6 months ago
That last run was EPIC JACKSON. I watched that shit for 4 years at Louisville and I still get the chills seeing him doing it!
Wickgoon Rudeboi
Wickgoon Rudeboi - 6 months ago
Future Hof🌟🌟🌟i guarantee my life on it they never think A black QB can prosper fuck the NFL they care less about the players racist plantation that's all just like NCAA
Jslowbro - 6 months ago
The boy is awesome. His touch is better. He's not as excited. If he puts it together a'la Louisville sophomore year.... whoa buddy...
Sir Toliver
Sir Toliver - 6 months ago
If he was a runningback..... nvm, he's not so whatever 🙃
John Lewis
John Lewis - 6 months ago
Most improved NFL player?
Trent Lopez
Trent Lopez - 6 months ago
Ravens super bowl contenders with him at QB. Facts
anton james
anton james - 6 months ago
Looking good LAMAR just one little tweek though YOU GOT TO TIGHTEN UP THAT SPIRAL!!!!!!!! You do that and the world is yours
My favorite qb in the league
Horrible4 - 6 months ago
So we're all just going to ignore that ball he had no business throwing being almost picked because he still sucks at throwing?
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 5 months ago
Horrible Four even in the preseason before the game. You can see it in his mechanics, just admit it you don’t want him to succeed
Horrible4 - 5 months ago
@La’ Garv what makes you say that? Lamar week 1 making the easiest throws vs. the worst team in the NFL? Hmmm...
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 5 months ago
Horrible Four either way it’s obvious that he’s improve vastly as a thrower
Horrible4 - 6 months ago
@La’ Garv it looked like he was staring his receiver down the entire time and Jaire was daring him to throw the ball that way. It was totally Lamar's fault, if he's not open, he's not open but Lamar made a dumb throw. It doesn't matter if the receiver didn't run his route properly, that doesn't mean you need to throw that ball anyways.
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 6 months ago
Horrible Four if you’re good at evaluating things, he thought the receiver was going to come back to the ball and he ended up making a rookie mistake by doing so. Not on Lamar, it’s the receivers job to work his way back to the ball.
Jon u
Jon u - 6 months ago
the ball looks like a ball peyton manning would throw in his last season
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 6 months ago
Jon u throughout his career*
French News
French News - 6 months ago
LAMAR Jackson il est un très bon QB et aussi il peut marquer des touch down .
God - 6 months ago
Checkdown charlamagne
Brian Francis
Brian Francis - 6 months ago
If he can stay healthy he's going to be special. I'm impressed with his growth since last year. Bmore Ravens.
J. -Seay
J. -Seay - 6 months ago
About to better Than Mike Vick
J. -Seay
J. -Seay - 6 months ago
Charles Pope I’m Glad Cuz LJ Look Better Than Him
Charles Pope
Charles Pope - 6 months ago
Charles Pope
Charles Pope - 6 months ago
James Walker
James Walker - 6 months ago
Who wanted him to play RECEIVER??
Donny S
Donny S - 6 months ago
Lol explosive I guess I can pass in the NFL as well dude didn’t throw one pass over 7 yards lol 😂
La’ Garv
La’ Garv - 6 months ago
Donny S first pass went over 7 yards dick face
Colin Booher
Colin Booher - 6 months ago
Congratulations he can throw 5 yard passes
Cosmic Charlie
Cosmic Charlie - 6 months ago
Gotta get this guy another weapon on the outside. Could be really exciting to watch
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - 6 months ago
Ref waits 10 sec after the amazing TD run and grabs his flag and says not on my watch ninja, Haytor
Shawn B
Shawn B - 6 months ago
Exactly. Lol
T Rell
T Rell - 6 months ago
Lamar Jackson is right handed Vick for sure. He has same throwing motion with the same flick. He has a cannon for an arm as well, and he is just as electric running the football. I honestly believe Lamar would run a 4.2 like Mike did.
Dre Stylez
Dre Stylez - 6 months ago
Diabeetus - 6 months ago
Asa Moultrie
Asa Moultrie - 6 months ago
I know I know this might be blasphemy but I think he’s a better athlete and runner with the ball than Vick 😔
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