Russia’s “Rocketman” Censorship & How to Pronounce Rihanna’s Name | The Daily Show

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Adam Dixon
Adam Dixon - Day ago
Oh god, the amount of fake ass kissing this bloke does in this video is embarrassing. He’s not funny at all. Blimey.
The bit where he’s sucking off that gay bloke for having a nice body and it’s clear that man has never been in a gym in his life.
Even my hero Elton John, would detest this homephilic ass kissing. Fake guy, pandering.
Vance Wallace
Vance Wallace - 4 days ago
Wow... that Rihanna segment was a TOTAL waste of time... Quite possibly the lamest segment in Daily Show history.
Rob Bates
Rob Bates - 4 days ago
Better than Pokemon
Melina E
Melina E - 4 days ago
In Germany we always said Rihanna’s name like that 😂
Felix Steigels
Felix Steigels - 4 days ago
Ach. Auch deutsch? 😂
SketchyRazor - 5 days ago
"kremlin looks like a dildo factory" well. Ivan go get tervor, hes going to the gulag.
Fred Hung
Fred Hung - 5 days ago
Thank you Russia
Travys Artyst
Travys Artyst - 5 days ago
just do it with a Caribbean accent
khuang96 - 5 days ago
I actually watched Ashton Kutcher's speech when it came out, and it's actually a really good one, and was widely shared on the internet. The target audience was teens which fits with a high school graduation, but doesn't mean it's ok to steal of course 😅 and surely a high school principal should be capable of writing a speech
GOLD Y - 5 days ago
Stay bangable I fucking died
SithCats - 6 days ago
New Rihanna song? Has it already been 15 minutes since the last one?
junior kimbuta
junior kimbuta - 7 days ago
Trevor you disrespecting the christian orthodox religion by saying that they look like dildo! Im not Russian but you have no right of throw trash on religion🖕🏽
Axel Bauron
Axel Bauron - 7 days ago
Elton John without the drugs and the gay stuff is only John.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 6 days ago
BlackPiano - 7 days ago
Hey!....HEY! Ashton is a HERO!!! For real for real! He’s worked WONDERS in his drive to fight sex trafficking! In regards toRihanna’s name, people have always HEARD her say it like, “red-Anna”, but we all just assumed it was due to her accent. She’s not that big a part of my life on a day to day basis so it’s likely I’ll STILL just call her RIHANNA. 🤣 She’ll never know. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Plus, I think the “wrong” way sounds better, imo.
Ellie Snowcloud
Ellie Snowcloud - 8 days ago
So I pronounced it right all along
Jessica N.
Jessica N. - 8 days ago
Btw. I've always called rihanna that way
Edit: the right way
Munyaradzi Munodawafa
Munyaradzi Munodawafa - 8 days ago
they is nothing to be proud of sin period!!
Persiansweetcat1 - 9 days ago
Rihanna is turning into a Diva 🙄😒
Persiansweetcat1 - 9 days ago
A magical dildo factory 🤣🤣🤣🤣
jacklynw45 - 9 days ago
So the google voice pronounces her name wrong too. Fuck idk what do to now with my life how will I live
AndreySerov - 9 days ago
Hi Trevor, you got it wrong. The "magic dildos" we have on the Red Square is a secret Soviet-era weapon designed to use on The Pentagon building, whatever bodily opening of yet... Virginia it represents:)
thesparklingsalt - 9 days ago
Trevor actually committed crime by comparing chirch and dildos)
almost same as pussy riot
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 6 days ago
thesparklingsalt - 9 days ago
Even "secret life of pets 2" was censored here in Russia
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 6 days ago
Wow, maybe Rocketman and other movies are censored in China too.
Max Ramos
Max Ramos - 9 days ago
To be honest, I only know Elton John for his music, that's it
David Darquea Miño
David Darquea Miño - 9 days ago
I don't hear the difference?
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez - 9 days ago
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez - 9 days ago
I thought North Korea was rocketman
Star Blends
Star Blends - 9 days ago
Someone just said " I love you Trevor..."
Grace Lloyd
Grace Lloyd - 9 days ago
She’s beeeeen told us her name. Men. Smh they never listen.
Matt Ipock
Matt Ipock - 9 days ago
It's not Ashton Kutcher, it's Kevin Malone!
xavierrobinson55 - 10 days ago
In conclusion, College is a complete RIP! you get an F in English if you plagiarize your work from someone else, but if you're the Principal can do it at the graduation ceremony.
Travis Whitworth
Travis Whitworth - 10 days ago
Trevor, your good looks are the reason I started watching the daily show ^_^
Betty M.
Betty M. - 10 days ago
Be best.
Antu 005
Antu 005 - 10 days ago
U forgot Saudi Arabia . I heard that they celebrated with hanging gays with rainbow rope . Not sure though .
Soso S
Soso S - 10 days ago
Not to be that person but I have always pronounced Rihanna that way😂😂
(Just like everyone I know)
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 6 days ago
I pronounced it the other way, I'm confused now.
Mr Jee
Mr Jee - 10 days ago
Of course Russia censored Rocketman. It’s a fucked up country stuck in the 50ies.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 6 days ago
Maybe China too, because they censor a lot of stuff.
Flavia Dragoș
Flavia Dragoș - 10 days ago
With all due respect, those buildings you say look like dildos are churches. I know it's a joke and it's supposed to prove a point... but still...
indiana jones
indiana jones - 6 days ago
Their writers are Google educated...
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman - 11 days ago
Putin has his own copy .
Jerks off to it in his closet he really needs to come out .
Jansci - 11 days ago
go Rus !!!
joanne jones
joanne jones - 11 days ago
lol Ree Anna "your pronouncing it wrong".  I'm just going to say Robin
hereticpariah 6/66
hereticpariah 6/66 - 11 days ago
I _knew_ it was pronounced *bay-once!*
sean drew
sean drew - 11 days ago
Correction, Trevor's name is No-AH
franklin forson
franklin forson - 11 days ago
Dear LGBT,
If you don’t want to be treated differently for being gay, then stop acting like being gay somehow makes you special.
Your sexual orientation is neither an achievement nor a holiday.
You have not accomplished anything simply by being attracted to one sex or another.
Gnome Queen
Gnome Queen - 11 days ago
Fuck Russia
George Orwell
George Orwell - 11 days ago
the principal is doing the right thing, feeding some of the own medicine. Correcting essays that you have read on the internet a thousand times before, and the kids complain that he does the same.... Screw them.
eric porter
eric porter - 11 days ago
Fuck Russia
Kagome Higurashi
Kagome Higurashi - 11 days ago
Rhianna *didn't* change her name. It's always been said that way...She's *always* pronounced it that way...I knew this *_years_* ago...I'm surprised it's such a surprise to a lot of people...O.x
Vvmopz - 11 days ago
This show is so dumb. All around the world no one is celebrating pride month. In fact, you could argue it's only in very select parts of US. Yes, people should be more u understanding but you can't just say whatever.
Wyn Williams
Wyn Williams - 11 days ago
I never realized anybody thought you pronounced it any other way
Zglrd - 11 days ago
Stay bangable
chucku00 - 11 days ago
Deal with it, Trevor. Riri wants everybody to pronounce her name the French way. With a pass on the French "R". Not too cruel. It is not like if you have to pronounce "Kanye" the French way, you would have been really outraged.
StarlitLilies - 12 days ago
I refuse to pronounce Rihanna like that, just like I refuse to pronounce Zendaya zen-day-a, you can't make me! 😂
Fr CE - 12 days ago
Yet they lower. Our grades for stealing exams n give us Fs
Calvin Perkins
Calvin Perkins - 12 days ago
Good for Russia!!
Kaleigh W
Kaleigh W - 12 days ago
I feel like that’s how she has pronounced it in like all her interviews, but we were just like nah...and ignored it
tj hughey
tj hughey - 12 days ago
I agree with russia
Tommy Apollo
Tommy Apollo - 12 days ago
Buckley's been saying this shit on the name change since 2011
rosylipz - 12 days ago
YESSSS!!!! Let that Bajan accent come through!!! #246
Explore Greer
Explore Greer - 12 days ago
There is absolutely no Need to watch sex scenes of any kind, implied is good enough!! Why on earth is it a shock that not everyone isn't ok with the very graphic sex scenes!!! We get the damn point.
nikola jankovic
nikola jankovic - 12 days ago super interesting
S1L3NT G4M3R - 12 days ago
Principal: I don't have time to write this speech...
Kid: Do what I do... copy it off the web...
Principal: That's it, you're a genius...
Bahama Babe
Bahama Babe - 12 days ago
Rihanna - Ree-anna what's the difference? None! 😣🙄😒
M Flores
M Flores - 12 days ago
Not a hater Because US tends to show doing coke is OK, I mean westernize vices and disrespect.
Toy Burrell
Toy Burrell - 12 days ago
I think everyone from the Caribbean has always pronounced her name correctly.
iop erty
iop erty - 12 days ago
It was single-handed decision of Paramount company, it doesn't have to do with all the Russians
iop erty
iop erty - 12 days ago
"Dildo factory" is a medival church
iop erty
iop erty - 12 days ago
"Dildo factory" is a medival church
iop erty
iop erty - 12 days ago
EVERYWHERE in the world? Most counties don't do that, no Muslim country do it, most of asia don't do it, but yep, I guess we are here to shit on Russia alone
kevin lark
kevin lark - 12 days ago
White peoples always stealing sh🥴t
Chastity Dillard
Chastity Dillard - 13 days ago
To be honest... Rihanna has always pronounced her name this way...
firebearfl - 13 days ago
Go Pride!
TheWolfie234 - 13 days ago
The principal has probaly punished a student for plagiarism... But here this goes...
Young Swank
Young Swank - 13 days ago
My English teacher used the Kutcher speech sexy and all multiple times
Rob Cunningham
Rob Cunningham - 13 days ago
Implying that homophobes are closeted queer people is SUPER problematic, and I wish you wouldn't do it.

Thank you, Trevor, for reading my comment.
Im Right U’re Wrong
Im Right U’re Wrong - 13 days ago
I’m not one to remember speeches but Ashton Kutcher speech I remember as it was inspiring ! Don’t diss it
Angry Bushnell
Angry Bushnell - 13 days ago
The two graduates behind him were laughing, obviously recognised it.
Junayd Shakur
Junayd Shakur - 13 days ago
Made props to Russia for not being pressured into this fag play.
You can pronounce it both Rihanna and Reeanna and no one can tell the difference unless you put an emphasis on the first "A". If you pronounce the first "A" more subtle without emphasis then people hear what they want to hear. Plus the spelling "Rihanna" doesn't help you hear Reeanna either.
Roman - 13 days ago
In Russia, gay relations are neither forbidden nor punishable. Russia is simply against rubbing this thing in everyone's faces.
Pastor John Moore
Pastor John Moore - 13 days ago
Is Trevor Noah a homosexual?
first last
first last - 13 days ago
"I love vaginas the feeling inside"
Amjad Khan
Amjad Khan - 13 days ago
Yet students get in trouble for plagiarism
blue4me43 - 13 days ago
I liked the Russia joke. Putin is also Gay and loves Pride flag, Month of June and all the Colors that's why he choice Traitor evil trump to be his Puppet.
Ed R
Ed R - 13 days ago
This show still SUCKS!!
Explosive Burnout
Explosive Burnout - 13 days ago
1:44 на американском телевидении храм Василия назвали фабрикой самотыков, заебумба.
MichiganJack - 13 days ago
I always thought her name was, “Damn! You Got A Big Ass Forehead?”
Rachel X.
Rachel X. - 13 days ago
I thought joking about sexual preference gets you demonetized on YouTube, yet I still see advertisements...
Mr. Z
Mr. Z - 13 days ago
I'm surprised they even showed the movie at all. Russia thinks homosexuals don't even exist within their country. Literally.
Minh Pham
Minh Pham - 13 days ago
This vietnamese for trump who voted for trump who will vote for trump again Trump2020
Shandel Roll
Shandel Roll - 13 days ago
The Russians are making their own Chernobyl series because they think the CIA sabotaged them.
Zglrd - 11 days ago
Shandel Roll i wouldn't put it past the cia
P.G. - 13 days ago
Joking about a Basilius Cathedrale and the symbol of Moscow was simply disgusting. Low and unproffesional. 😟
M Standenberg
M Standenberg - 11 days ago
P.G. is an intriguing design. Not sure it cares what people say about it in jest though. Maybe you shouldn’t either as it’s clearly bigger and more impressive than both of us.
Natasha Clark
Natasha Clark - 13 days ago
The principal forgot to say #bebest. 😁
Ashitaka - 13 days ago
Really?! If you re going to call out Russia for being anti LGBTQ, you should go all the way and name the other countries where LGBTQ people are stoned to death. But they wont do it, because like everybody knows that would be Islamophobic!
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - 13 days ago
I laughed too much
Frank Conrad
Frank Conrad - 14 days ago
Yeah, its always fun watching people parade in gimp suits and dildo branded speedos while children march and parade in the background...
LadyHotdogOfTheBun - 14 days ago
Plagiarism deserves an "F"
mukund p
mukund p - 14 days ago
Tomato Tomayto ...all the same. It's all autotuned and yelling anyway since 2005.
Rexxa Mecca
Rexxa Mecca - 14 days ago
How did it go, blacks got a week....then after a while a month...Why cant america accept that homosexuality is not accepted everywhere shittttt....Fuck that germany does like it so what....
Musa Khan
Musa Khan - 14 days ago
Isnt Jay Z the richest?
FaggotEditor - 14 days ago
god bless russia
7j8f s
7j8f s - 14 days ago
commit channel death
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