30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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emotionalhoney 22
emotionalhoney 22 - 2 hours ago
1:48 is the only one I’d swipe right on tbh
Call me Milly
Call me Milly - 3 hours ago
Every guy she picked was no attractive.
Cito Bop
Cito Bop - 3 hours ago
That is so mean. I could not swipe someone in person. Ouch
Aysia Livae
Aysia Livae - 3 hours ago
Tyler is so cute from AYTO😍🤩
Atheist Paravian
Atheist Paravian - 3 hours ago
Boring video! The asian ones are better
cleverest cantaloupe
cleverest cantaloupe - 3 hours ago
i l o ve th e offic e if tha t s a ho bb y
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris - 4 hours ago
That's the guy from MTV
Dncl ĸawaιι
Dncl ĸawaιι - 4 hours ago
more interesting if she were to talk to the ones who she thought weren't her type...lmao. It may teach us something if she were to find someone nice in the other group of guys
It's Kate
It's Kate - 4 hours ago
The guy that compliments her leaves. Ha. Wtf
Ashley Bissett
Ashley Bissett - 4 hours ago
Lol highkey relate being from Ohio and saying “would it make it more interesting if I said it with a smile”
Gemma Hipkin
Gemma Hipkin - 4 hours ago
I just wanna know why no one is wearing shoes
Andrew W
Andrew W - 5 hours ago
Just gonna say there is NOTHING wrong with having the Lion King on your list of favorite movies 😌
weird potato
weird potato - 5 hours ago
I like that tall guy 😮 but im only 11..

*all around me are familiar faces..*
Galixzy - 5 hours ago
The ultimate battle royale
Cardio 123
Cardio 123 - 5 hours ago
So....Women a magicians and she like dark chocolate if it's available.
The Least Of Best
The Least Of Best - 5 hours ago
I would get all the Asian looking ones =_=
Jennifer McCombs
Jennifer McCombs - 6 hours ago
She was so not into glasses haha
LoadingSkills - 6 hours ago
3:47 did he really just say his baby was 16 months?
The Chameleon
The Chameleon - 7 hours ago
Get some hotter girls! She's a 3/10 and the last one was 3.5/10. I know you are in America and that american woman aren't hot, but still you can do better than this!
Dorrion Clarke
Dorrion Clarke - 7 hours ago
Everybody with a glass to the left loloooool
Jack 666
Jack 666 - 8 hours ago
I would swipe myself out lol
Brochacho III
Brochacho III - 8 hours ago
Why are these men even trying? She’s no gem.
Sips Tea
Sips Tea - 8 hours ago
christopher mcmahon
christopher mcmahon - 9 hours ago
This showed me women don’t know wtf they want lol
Its Laura
Its Laura - 9 hours ago
The guy at 1:53 looks good damn
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte - 10 hours ago
why don't they have shoes?
Education Solution
Education Solution - 10 hours ago
I think she is going to have to put her self out a lot. I think it’s great that she is so confident, and not wanting to settle for anything less. I thought she was being to picky to be able to find a husband let alone a relationship.
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits - 12 hours ago
1:52 WHY?!?!?
jennifer jenni
jennifer jenni - 12 hours ago
I think this dating app we all want in our life..!!😢🤓🤓
Shawn A
Shawn A - 12 hours ago
Disgusting. Goes to show you how egotistical and entitled these women are. She had all these men but still couldn’t pick one.
Camilo - 12 hours ago
Oh man, I want to date her! Lol
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez - 13 hours ago
Are they all not wearing shoes ? 🤔
Omar Abughanam
Omar Abughanam - 13 hours ago
Most of them are asian
MR. BLueITAChi - 14 hours ago
1:25 *That was his last smile*
Miss Zain
Miss Zain - 14 hours ago
If I were her, I would choose the tall guy
Gitana Fox
Gitana Fox - 14 hours ago
Awkward is right!
Oooh "Arturo" lol
Stefan Kesic
Stefan Kesic - 16 hours ago
Fix your neck
Witz The King
Witz The King - 16 hours ago
Where's everyone's shoes?
User - 18 hours ago
Anybody know the song 2:50?
Alexandria Nykyi-bish
Alexandria Nykyi-bish - 19 hours ago
That one dude she said no to just nodded his head like yeap that's what I thought. And tbh that's a mood 😂😂
cbstarchild02 - 20 hours ago
hey the tall guy was on MTV's Are You the One...a dating show
edug - 20 hours ago
ok but whos the guy at 1:52 thoo
Amanda Banks
Amanda Banks - 20 hours ago
So for the guy swiper they bring in tons of beautiful women....for the girl swiper they bring tons of completely unnatractive men. Its clear that Men definitely run this channel
Secura Manchet
Secura Manchet - 21 hour ago
Can you actually put good looking guys? Out of all the guys that showed up there were probably 3-4 decent looking guys. I guarantee you if you bring a male model it doesnt matter what he says she will find a way to establish a connection. I got to say this was kind of what I expected coming from jubilee though.
- Naomi -
- Naomi - - 23 hours ago
Unknown - 23 hours ago
3:05 can’t stand when people sit like that!!! Specially when they don’t even know you at all! DISRESPECTFUL!!
LauraMarie Taylor
LauraMarie Taylor - 23 hours ago
This is probably a weird thing to say - but I think the results would have been different in this case if they all had been wearing shoes. They seemed awkward without shoes. Hmm. I wouldn’t do this without a dress. Old school 💄💋
Caroline Guthrie
Caroline Guthrie - Day ago
Is that Tyler from are u the one?
Helene Tjoumakaris
Helene Tjoumakaris - Day ago
okay the guy at 1:26 was ADORABLE and such a squish ugh it broke my heart when she swiped left
Hidden Power/Prophcey Channel
Jaye De Black is about to go in on this one. I bet he's in the editing stages already
B RB - Day ago
pbilk1 - Day ago
Could you do more of these videos?
pbilk1 - Day ago
2:20 So the guy that said she has beautiful eyes left... Huh?!
Alyxia B
Alyxia B - Day ago
lol wTF “you have beautiful eyes”
bruh 😂😂😂
MakennaKelia Rose
MakennaKelia Rose - Day ago
The girls tend to swipe down on more guys then the guys do to the girls lol
Chelsea M.
Chelsea M. - Day ago
The first guy was cuteeeee
Kendra Owens
Kendra Owens - Day ago
Does anyone watch AYTO? Is that Tyler?
thicky bre
thicky bre - Day ago
for everyone asking i believe they don’t have shoes on so they
don’t get the white floor dirty.
Kidkwad ak
Kidkwad ak - Day ago
pickers can't be choosers
Brenda Roberts
Brenda Roberts - Day ago
Wonder why they do this barefooted
Anna Sin
Anna Sin - 4 hours ago
To see their actual height :)
aliciabrillante - Day ago
She should’ve picked the Christian and the white guy with the non shaved face
Lilly May
Lilly May - Day ago
*you have beautiful eyes*
tptCJ - Day ago
I don't get the feeling that Jubilee picks from a pool of people whom represent "the average" person. They are all like below average younger 3-5s out of 10 on personality and looks (and I can say that since this is the one with guys instead of girls, lmao)
Yannolys Jesús
Yannolys Jesús - Day ago
I would've chosen the tallest one. He was so hot and has a beautiful smile😁😁😁
Kooky katt
Kooky katt - Day ago
Why did they put all asians or practically NO WHITE GUYS ffs
ShipFree Video
ShipFree Video - 21 hour ago
Kooky katt Interracial breeding is sexy, especially with white women.
Flakycornz - Day ago
Imagine it without the music
Awkward.potato26 - Day ago
Wait wait wait the dude that was like “u have beautiful eyes” left when they asked who would not swipe right
hung wang
hung wang - Day ago
Awkward.potato26 is call spitting game
no further west
no further west - Day ago
it would be funny if as a prank Leonardo DiCaprio was last in line
Chase Davison
Chase Davison - Day ago
She got some cake
Elize Do
Elize Do - Day ago
why did she swipe right on Gru? like c'mon there were better looking guys than Gru
MrMcNickelston - Day ago
Her: Goes to deal life speed dating , chooses 8 guys, doesn't fall in love immediately, says she needs to put herself our there more, disses everyone.
Um what😑
Kirstin - Day ago
I wanna do this with lesbians please haha
Marco Riviero
Marco Riviero - Day ago
RIP short guys.
40dbelow0 - Day ago
Super tall guy is 😩♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Peperronil 1234
Peperronil 1234 - Day ago
All the tall ones were picked instagram gabrielkafka
EvilSpirit - Day ago
It should be banging 30 guys who is wild on bed sukcers!!!
Sommer Drainer
Sommer Drainer - Day ago
HONESTLY in Ohio..there is NOTHING 😂😂
Star Warriors
Star Warriors - Day ago
why are they all asian with glasses
Poadingus - 2 hours ago
They’re short
Kooky katt
Kooky katt - Day ago
I dont know but its pissing me off.
lolita - Day ago
ohmygod that girl is me. i’m from ohio and i LOVE the office
vojdreyes - Day ago
1:48 he smiled like he expected it and i'm like 'dude, I feel you'
A. Catarina A. M.
A. Catarina A. M. - Day ago
not one cute guy, 0 match
it.s.lewis !
it.s.lewis ! - Day ago
+A. Catarina A. M. sorry but she was a...6?
A. Catarina A. M.
A. Catarina A. M. - Day ago
+no further west I'm not a guy so I don't know what is attractive to men, but I think she's pretty.
no further west
no further west - Day ago
it ain't like the girl was all that
Jawaan Hagins
Jawaan Hagins - Day ago
Coming from a chick would no profile pic 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
BurningRose915 - Day ago
There were a lot of Asian dudes lol
Monica C
Monica C - Day ago
3:55 they look like a good match
Monica C
Monica C - Day ago
+Flakycornz OMG IKR
Flakycornz - Day ago
Monica C I was hoping she picked him cause they seem like they had a good time getting to know each other but NO SHE DDINT PICK ANYONE (sad)
fleurette _lila
fleurette _lila - Day ago
Those guys were all not attractive ,well its my view
fleurette _lila
fleurette _lila - 11 hours ago
+- maybe for you but not for me lol !
- - 11 hours ago
they were all cuteee af
fleurette _lila
fleurette _lila - Day ago
+Violet Sickness black tall men but not this kind of black mister !😂
Violet Sickness
Violet Sickness - Day ago
+fleurette _lila What's your type?
fleurette _lila
fleurette _lila - Day ago
+Violet Sickness nop well this black dude is not my type 😂
CognitiveFuckUp - Day ago
Soy boys. Holy shiet, is this real life?
Kooky katt
Kooky katt - Day ago
Yep. All non white soy boys too It's almost as if they have an agenda.....
Louisa - Day ago
I would hate being on either side of this SO FREAKING much!
faberho - 5 hours ago
grow some balls aka self-esteem
Ana hoho
Ana hoho - Day ago
1:09 2:18 all men do is lie 😂😂😂
Ana hoho
Ana hoho - 16 hours ago
+Masahiro Saruwatari i just want to put that meme out there
Masahiro Saruwatari
Masahiro Saruwatari - 16 hours ago
Hmmm you can compliment someone's eyes beautiful but you don't have to be dating them or be interested in them 🤷‍♂️ It's like if a guy has a nice physical trait but on over all he's an okay guy to hang out with but you have no interestin him; it's like having a piece of art that you can talk and have fun with so your statement is kind of pointless 😂🤷‍♂️ and then if a guy dates a girl for her physical trait it's called shallow and vice versa so here you have entered this loophole 🤷‍♂️
crestfallen. - Day ago
Monica C
Monica C - Day ago
Lmao the dude that said u have beautiful eyes lEft
Gabriela Ortiz
Gabriela Ortiz - Day ago
So awkward.
Jytrone hush
Jytrone hush - Day ago
1:25 cuteeee😂😂
Alex Loskutov
Alex Loskutov - Day ago
Just as I expected in the last video (same experiment but with a guy and 30 girls).
The 50/50 and 20/80 rule that as much as I remember "OkCupid" have came up with actually worked in both videos.
Grape Soda
Grape Soda - Day ago
Just came here for the comments lol
Alexandra Tansey
Alexandra Tansey - Day ago
She swiped no to so many sexy men with glasses
WeatherYourStorm - Day ago
Do a lgbt one please!
Annie V
Annie V - Day ago
WeatherYourStorm a bisexual one would be interesting. I’d like to see that or a circle speed dating one.
Brionee Mitchell
Brionee Mitchell - Day ago
Tall guy was Tyler from are you the on season 6 lol 😂
SoSa SoSTRONK - Day ago
1:55 IS THAT SEAGULL?!?!?!?
WordsAreLikeRivers - Day ago
Is there a version of this the participants are less dumb and more attractive.
Connor Lipke
Connor Lipke - Day ago
Can relate to the instagram thing. Got like 80 tinder matches that watch my IG story. It's kind of weird.
Sena Nur Yüksel
Sena Nur Yüksel - Day ago
Let's appreciate the guy at 1:52
Teresa K
Teresa K - Day ago
Wasn't the tall dude on Are You The One??
Teresa K
Teresa K - 8 hours ago
+napoleaXdynamite How is no one not talking about that??
napoleaXdynamite - Day ago
Yeah, it is him, lol!
Timeea .x
Timeea .x - Day ago
The 13th guy (the ome with glasses) is so cute and he seems smart
how could she swipe left..
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