Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

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Guto Garrote Hernandes
I like Kimmel, but he WOULDN'T LET GLOVER ANSWER QUESTIONS! Kept cutting him off, very annoying!
Nia Jones
Nia Jones - 3 hours ago
It’d be nice if Simba’s mouth actually moved while singing..😒
dominique danyel
dominique danyel - 3 hours ago
Lol he's hilarious
John Simmons
John Simmons - 4 hours ago
what can this guy NOT do?
Daniel Zuluaga
Daniel Zuluaga - 7 hours ago
Why this seems so scripted?
Fernando Gandara
Fernando Gandara - 8 hours ago
Waiting for atlanta!!!!
Johann Schmidt
Johann Schmidt - 9 hours ago
Who writes these interview questions? Donald was bored asf by what was asked, and so was I about 4 min in...
Sean from Hot Ones has ruined me... I can no longer watch borning celeb interviews where the interviewer doesn't care about the guest haha.
Marko Popović
Marko Popović - 10 hours ago
oh! that's not that tuxedo dress guy from the Oscars … keep mixing them :D
Emanuel Santos
Emanuel Santos - 11 hours ago
Nala: Do you slay lions?
Simba: Well.. This is America
dmc2020 - 12 hours ago
All the Beyoncé questions struck me as extremely disrespectful. Nauseatingly so. I don’t know squat about Beyoncé. I mean, perhaps I could pick her out of a small lineup, but Glover is wickedly talented, like on the order of creative genius, judging by some of his work. Awful interview 🙄
Matthew Gower
Matthew Gower - 13 hours ago
Part of the reason I like Glover so much is because of how down to earth he is.
Camila Teixeira
Camila Teixeira - 14 hours ago
Esse homem é tudo para mim
Thayane Elias
Thayane Elias - 14 hours ago
He's so funny 😂😂
J H - 15 hours ago
at home throwing paper in a trash hahahahah
Rudament Producer
Rudament Producer - 16 hours ago
He's actually way funnier than I expect everytime he speaks. Lol.
Wilma FistFit
Wilma FistFit - 23 hours ago
Ugh wtf was that clip. I thought it was supposed to be realistic
Angel Morales
Angel Morales - Day ago
He was way too upset about the interview. The part of ''this is a script for Atlanta'' reveals it
Raina Barnett
Raina Barnett - Day ago
11:01 he looks so insanelyyy bored!!!!
BigBoss7777777 - Day ago
This guy absolutely sucked as Simba, completely forgettable performance. And you can barely even hear him in the 'Can you feel the love tonight'. Overrated.
brownsugarglamour - Day ago
He’s kinda like a more present/talkative Kanye during interviews LOL
Shea la Cadena
Shea la Cadena - Day ago
Glover kind of seems irritated each time Jimmy mentions Beyonce
Ashley Cheatham
Ashley Cheatham - Day ago
We need another stand up special from Gambino
Sarah DIN
Sarah DIN - Day ago
His humor is dry and intelligent reminds me of Richard Ayoade
Conner Lang
Conner Lang - Day ago
I thought the movie was pretty good
GunScott HDgaming
GunScott HDgaming - Day ago
I never knew This is America guy can sing
Timmy G
Timmy G - Day ago
I love Donald's super dry sense of humor. He's hilarious, not to mention mega talented!!
Ruth Cuadrado
Ruth Cuadrado - Day ago
Am I the only one who is not fascinated by or even interested in Beyonce?
I don’t dislike her but she feels so overhyped that it takes away her charm
Edna Louis
Edna Louis - Day ago
Gushers definitely hit.
مرسي جاسر
مرسي جاسر - 2 days ago
The lion king stolen from anime kimba the white lion
BlackSH0veldeath - 2 days ago
God damn. My niggas beard is on point
I didn't even realize this remake was happening. The animation looks absolutely incredible tho. I may actually see this. And Billy eichner and Seth Rogan as timone and pumba is awesome. Great casting on this film
Gregorio Mangisel II
Gregorio Mangisel II - 2 days ago
The original's on right now!
M D - 2 days ago
Thumbs up just for the Gushers
Olivia Stecewcz
Olivia Stecewcz - 2 days ago
I don’t think people realize how hilarious Donald Glover is
ErinIona - 2 days ago
Seriously getting the impression Donald doesn't like Beyonce and I love it XD
Danial Shafiq
Danial Shafiq - 2 days ago
He was kinda trash in the movie. A trash simba
Nico Stefano
Nico Stefano - 2 days ago
dissapointed, I felt like Nalaa was going to sing all the single ladies
Yelena Maslova
Yelena Maslova - 2 days ago
I just watched the Lion King remake and I was pretty sad about how poorly Donald Performed. His characterization of Simba was very emotionless. All of his lines felt rushed and empty.
Miguel Orantes
Miguel Orantes - 2 days ago
Buddy your laugh is so fake and soooo fukin annoying ehhhhhh ehhhhhh ehhh ehhh e e e
Brutal man
hewie - 2 days ago
talking about his son...

“Sorry, AIDS beats baby by this much”
serious - 2 days ago
Jimmy's transitions are crap
Butt Why??
Butt Why?? - 2 days ago
They should've just used human actors instead of animals.
J.Rene - 2 days ago
The movie suck. Voices were too plain. No joy in them. The movie would of been better with no voices. Ahahaha.
Hello Lipsey
Hello Lipsey - 2 days ago
Idk but he's giving me Kanye vibes pre-Kardashian 🤷🏿
Homeslice Brice
Homeslice Brice - 3 days ago
Its crazy. He was doing the voice of Simba back when Solo was still new. It's crazy how long these things take and how they keep it all a secret until the trailer is released.
Andres Ramirez Cartagena
I always think he must miss Abella Anderson hehehe. Lucky Danny!
Proud Kiwi
Proud Kiwi - 3 days ago
I have to say Beyonce and Gambino sung beautifully. Loved their melodies together. But as far as voice acting went they were definitely not the best actors for the job. Disney should have casted actual voice actors or better actors who can voice better. These two were just lucky they were black.
PrOd Délices
PrOd Délices - 3 days ago
In the interview, with his head covered, Donald Glover looks and talks like Ben Affleck’s younger black brother.
Channelblue123 - 3 days ago
Does something about him just seem geniusly😍
Emerald Stuff
Emerald Stuff - 3 days ago
lola llowerty
lola llowerty - 3 days ago
I'll just leave my comment up under the lion channel not here ..wake up people
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