Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

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No Newfriends
No Newfriends - Day ago
It's impressive to go from backroom writer to movie star all while being a successful musician.
Jungkooks Child
Jungkooks Child - 5 days ago
Does he play Marshal Lee? From adventure time
Jeremiah Dunham
Jeremiah Dunham - 13 days ago
Donald is amazing in the lion king
Gamemonster90 - 13 days ago
Guest: says their own name.
Jimmy: Laughs uncontrollably fake.
hope less
hope less - 15 days ago
he looks like a big teddybear wowow
Dj Patterson
Dj Patterson - 17 days ago
I love Donald Glover to death
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 20 days ago
I only hear Simba omg help me 😂😂😂
0liver -
0liver - - 21 day ago
Monty mont
Monty mont - 22 days ago
these guys are laughing so hard as well as jimmy and he’s just like “okay is that enough “ this is what famous people are coz they know how to react in a simple way
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez - 29 days ago
Snoop Drake
Snoop Drake - Month ago
From the day, Wii arrived on the planet, and blinking stepped into the sun.
Donomecci Porter
Donomecci Porter - Month ago
He should play marvin gaye
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez - Month ago
This feels like an episode out of Atlanta.
James Payter
James Payter - Month ago
Trolls the crowd with "well, this IS Hollywood.."
VampireLily - Month ago
He's so damned beautiful...
Johnny Wemps
Johnny Wemps - Month ago
Heyy donald. Wanna do a community movie real quick and then you can get back to being talented at everything?
Caronia - 2 months ago
oh god he is the only person now i wanna watch live so PLEASE where ever he is ill go watch i live in hong kong but CG WORTH IT
Tarot guidance queen
Tarot guidance queen - 2 months ago
Princess Solo
Princess Solo - 2 months ago
Marie Davidson
Marie Davidson - 2 months ago
I love Donald Glover in anything but I miss the energy he had from community days. He seems a little burnt out more than chilled and I hope he's okay.
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal - 2 months ago
This is the cutest thing I’ve ever saw.
Starma Karma
Starma Karma - 2 months ago
Why is he talking on Donald Glover's behalf? I bet he barely even knows him.
Ariela Siren
Ariela Siren - 2 months ago
Troy took a boat and became a lion.
Artemiza Miramontes
Artemiza Miramontes - 2 months ago
I have orgasms just by watching and listening to this man jeez...
Peter_Panda - 2 months ago
I hate those disney remakes. Such a shame. If you have a kid and want them to expirience the lion king, just show them the orginal animated film. Please
Heena Shamsheer
Heena Shamsheer - 2 months ago
You're so handsome marry me 😭😭😭
Retro917 - 2 months ago
Lucali in Carrol Gardens.. a taste of Brooklyn, gotta see for myself ..
Enkh-Oyun Amarbayasgalan
Enkh-Oyun Amarbayasgalan - 2 months ago

Ronald glover : This is AMERICA
Neb Man
Neb Man - 2 months ago
Seeing him now after recently watching community has completely changed my perspective on him
Manuel Gomez
Manuel Gomez - 2 months ago
Donald Glover, you're better than Beyonce and idc who like it
Dumisa Lengwati
Dumisa Lengwati - 2 months ago
6:41 I watched 2019 The Lion King in an arthouse cinema where you can drink alcohol in the theatre, and it was at this point in the film when I fiiinally heard Donald's voice that I actually squealed and exclaimed 'I LOVE DONALD GLOVER!!' - He was phenomenal and just a brilliant and inspired choice for this role
GriffyMurphyJr - 2 months ago
i feel like he has split personality. like donald glover and childish gambino are two different people. donald is funny, extroverted, animated. gambino is stone cold. emotionless. forces smiles. its hella crazy
stephanie kings
stephanie kings - 2 months ago
Damn. Imagine going to an interview for yo self and being asked Beyonce beYonce BEYonce BEYONCE
Justin Gaines
Justin Gaines - 2 months ago
He and Beyoncé did a great job as simba and nala in the movie I love it
Nick the Greek
Nick the Greek - 2 months ago
I really didn't liked him as Simba.
Adham Kassem
Adham Kassem - 3 months ago
"Can I be honest? Like Gushers" is by far one of my favorite lines ever
Samantha MacDonald
Samantha MacDonald - 3 months ago
Funny guy
Fairy Peppa
Fairy Peppa - 3 months ago
Am I the only one thinking it’s scary that animals are singing and dancing gah
Jen - 3 months ago
The movie was good, if y’all want the cartoon go watch the cartoon I don’t understand 🙄🙄
art art
art art - 3 months ago
Kiera Atkinson
Kiera Atkinson - 3 months ago
i love how donald makes a joke and then goes "😐" right after😂like he doesn't even laugh😭
Пожиратель Жирафов
Niggas sing?
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall - 3 months ago
Love him he is so talented.
não é oque você pensa
não é oque você pensa - 3 months ago
here in Brazil this scene was criticized because the voice actors here dubbed so badly
NoLimitJayB - 3 months ago
🤨🤨what the hell?
Dalia G.
Dalia G. - 3 months ago
this was posted the day after my birthday uwu
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick - 3 months ago
Y’all bandwagons need to stop cuz last I checked y’all ain’t a millions making cgi movie this same with sonic if they did lion king like sonic y’all would still talk trash
D'Nae Lewis
D'Nae Lewis - 3 months ago
I don't blame him, Gushers are oh la la
MORGAN THE MIGHTY - 3 months ago
Skip to 6:41

Nawaf AlDulaijan
Nawaf AlDulaijan - 3 months ago
I feel like Donald is confused
cielo514 - 3 months ago
i have a big big crush on him.
unkn0wn4041 - 3 months ago
All of the animals in the lion king: 😶😐
HAON - 3 months ago
Donald Glover is too underrated
Mayhem2Medicine - 3 months ago
Saw him at bonnaroo sooooo goood!!
Italo Lucas
Italo Lucas - 3 months ago
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 3 months ago
Estevan Garcia
Estevan Garcia - 3 months ago
6:42 you’re welcome.
Iromo Sushi
Iromo Sushi - 3 months ago
Wait Simba is the This is America guy?!!!?!?!?!!?
Sirio Van es
Sirio Van es - 3 months ago
Beyonce never comes on these things. Ooh she’s to famous...😂
Samalama Xxx
Samalama Xxx - 3 months ago
Disco Spider
Sir We Are About to Die
Sir We Are About to Die - 3 months ago
It would be even crazier if his son knew that his dad was Mufasa (which he was not); however, just think about it. O_O
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