Chris Meal Preps Lunch For a Week | From the Test Kitchen & Healthyish | Bon Appétit

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violettegia - 34 minutes ago
I want to know the great brittish baking shows Chris is watching
a guy
a guy - 4 hours ago
Yeah Chris has a wife. It's almost as if you had no basis for thinking he was gay in the first place. Crazy ik.
Katie - 9 hours ago
I love watching Chris. He has such a good and calm but excited energy 🤗
Lucki Foxx
Lucki Foxx - 20 hours ago
I like meal prepping but not a big fan of the recipes :/
Morgan Bush
Morgan Bush - Day ago
the pen behind the ear is 100% iconic
Erika Vanessa Espinosa F
So, was this the 100 episode of Test Kitchen?
Antonia Stoyanova
Antonia Stoyanova - 2 days ago
In 2019 I'm gonna learn how to cook some higher level stuff + start eating better!
victortg95 - 2 days ago
Im loving these series. More, please.
Robby Peterson
Robby Peterson - 3 days ago
Please make more episodes!!! I need this in life
Patrick Saucier
Patrick Saucier - 3 days ago
pop ups don't stay on the screen long enough for me, a slow but still normal reader, to read them. I'm always having to pause and back up.
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete - 4 days ago
Lakshita - 4 days ago
*Love this guy !!!* 🖤
AKJackie - 4 days ago
It’s super hard to watch this at 12:30 and be quiet when I have to turn the volt up so high just to hear him! Looks super yummy though 👍🏻
John Del Rosario
John Del Rosario - 4 days ago
"assiduous mashing"
100 points for vocabulary
kieran zautsen
kieran zautsen - 5 days ago
Did he say this salad is vegan? Uh.. boo, did you forget the eggs?
ChristinaJKim - 5 days ago
adding curry to the chickpea sandwich mix is also delicious!
Magdalena Lukač
Magdalena Lukač - 5 days ago
3:45 Andy is everything okay 😂
Magdalena Lukač
Magdalena Lukač - 5 days ago
Please give Chris and his spoons a meal prepping show I love watching him hes amazing 😊👍🏼
Inner Child Inklings With Sekmahki Etiuny Ra
Yaaaa My sweet potatoes girrrrl🤗 the tahini ranch was a great touch
Inner Child Inklings With Sekmahki Etiuny Ra
I like how you take into account the day and are realistic while also very informative. Thanks for the tips! New sub🤗
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson - 5 days ago
Chris, please work to get rid of your "up speak" where most of your sentences end up at the end, as if it were a question or that you are asking for the audiences approval. Short declarative sentences please. Your up speak stopped me from watching the full video.
Mary Jo Cole
Mary Jo Cole - 5 days ago
Chickpeas! Little bites of amazingness. The sandwich is a take on egg and olive. Yum.
Channel - 5 days ago
please please continue with this series!
DefinitelyNotDan - 5 days ago
This is not Brad. Where’s Brad. Get brad.
Chris Katsafanas
Chris Katsafanas - 6 days ago
How long should I soak my chickpeas for? I know it says overnight but should I be worried about soaking them for too long?
kneidell - 6 days ago
Ok, the lemon peel idea is GENIUS!!! I make hummus all the time and I never thought of adding lemon or onions to when boiling the chickpeas. Just tried it and it's AMAZING. Thanks BA!, Chris, you're wonderful!
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC - 7 days ago
Morning salat) i eat amlet+ mix wot fined fridge oo calories)
Pamela Pelosi
Pamela Pelosi - 7 days ago
Can ya'll please fix the audio for these videos? I turn it all the way up and I still can't understand what's being said in the kitchen.
vineofthedead - 7 days ago
You guys have some sick satanic fascination with the devils lettuce or cilantro? Do you all like adding dish soap to everything you cook?
Efrén Martínez
Efrén Martínez - 7 days ago
wait so Chris isn’t gay????
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun - 7 days ago
When you see a man wrap a sandwitch so quick and easy, that's when you know he's a dad
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun - 7 days ago
Awwe, i want a man that cooks for me too, that would be so cute!
Mohammed Alabdan
Mohammed Alabdan - 7 days ago
My OCD is killing me 😭💔
DerCoolsteFroschImWald - 7 days ago
*puts an egg on the plate*
>min later
“Yeah, thats vegan“
TheHermitArcana - 8 days ago
His name is Chris Meal now
arwill19 - 8 days ago
pls fix audio
vanecaptures - 8 days ago
that sandwich looks bomb. will have to make.
Nathan Krebs
Nathan Krebs - 8 days ago
Just had my first sandwich of the week with this recipe and it's awesome!! Thankd for the video Chris👏
Barbour Alexandre
Barbour Alexandre - 8 days ago
Chris: " I prepare lunch for my Wife"
Me: paused the clip, and went to check why my gaydar screwed up!!!
Shavone - 8 days ago
YES YES YES. more healthy ish! More plant based meals! Love this new concept!!!
Dana Leigh
Dana Leigh - 8 days ago
Spent a lot of time on a not very impressive salad...
undacovabby - 8 days ago
romaine lettuce?? no papa
Sf Kml
Sf Kml - 8 days ago
I love Chris so much! Please make more videos with Chris, he’s my favourite out of everyone in BA.
Palatine of facts
Palatine of facts - 8 days ago
vegan eggs
Phuoc Tran
Phuoc Tran - 8 days ago
Hi Chris! Where’s your good ole pal Claire?
Pillow Fighter
Pillow Fighter - 8 days ago
I'm deeply bothered by the right strap of his apron.
Richard John
Richard John - 8 days ago
the strap twisted, driving me coco.
Aleph Null
Aleph Null - 8 days ago
anyone else was shocked when he said "his wife" haha
Oona - 9 days ago
Chris' so fun
Mike Thomassen
Mike Thomassen - 9 days ago
And above all, always remember to listen to Timecop1983 while cooking :-)
Zillion Alb
Zillion Alb - 9 days ago
If you leave out the eggs it's vegan?
Nasa - 7 days ago
Zillion Alb um... yea?
Lucy Hawse
Lucy Hawse - 9 days ago
As a fellow Liverpoolian, I approve Chris’ scouse accent 👍🏻
Mr Cabbages
Mr Cabbages - 9 days ago
You and Andy should video together..good combo!
Anne Dunn
Anne Dunn - 9 days ago
Just spent a few hours shopping, preparing and cooking chickpeas. Its not as carefree as Chris would make you believe. However, the results are worth it. Making the tahini ranch dressing was a bit trickier. It would have been helpful to start with the oil to coat the spoon before starting on the tahini and miso. Also, not having the water listed in the recipe was confusing. Overall, I am enjoying the results . Thank you Chris.
Alexandra C.
Alexandra C. - 9 days ago
The audio it's terrible. What a shame.
DAT BOI - 9 days ago
boom vegan!
Make America Great Again
Pamela Shuler
Pamela Shuler - 9 days ago
I'm loving this. More, more, more.
lowkey_fla - 9 days ago
Looks good on 😎😍
Marc de Montbron
Marc de Montbron - 9 days ago
Come on Vinny, boost audio, re-upload...
Dorrit - 9 days ago
The audio sucks
JLOC 214
JLOC 214 - 9 days ago
Thought that was Tim Westwood in the thumbnail
Leah Ross
Leah Ross - 9 days ago
I love this!!
Eddy van Gerven
Eddy van Gerven - 9 days ago
All these comments about his sexuality...who cares...its a cooking video
lifeof_Colin - 9 days ago
Wait... wife???
Rachel Gunter
Rachel Gunter - 9 days ago
I had no idea Chris was this funny. More Chris please! More healthy recipients also please! With Chris! Thank you !
Camila Gomez
Camila Gomez - 10 days ago
Of course I watched off-focused Andy for half the video. Because, Andy, duh.
Trippy Bobba
Trippy Bobba - 10 days ago
I thought i had good hearing.
Kevin Toly
Kevin Toly - 10 days ago
"its dairy free, is it vegan? it's vegan boom." eggcept for that egg part.
Kevin Toly
Kevin Toly - 10 days ago
"... but on the weekend you know in the afternoon light of a Sunday where you're feeling optimistic and positive about the world" Translated means after you've recovered from being beat down by the crushing despair of the work week and now have a slightly less negative outlook on life.
rummuds food channel
rummuds food channel - 10 days ago
More chris please
iko128 - 10 days ago
Ionic woodsman
Ionic woodsman - 10 days ago
How are the eggs not vegan?
Ionic woodsman
Ionic woodsman - 7 days ago
+Nasa Eggs are not vegan, and he said the salad dish was vegan
Nasa - 7 days ago
Ionic woodsman what??
Tubir - 10 days ago
Dont forget to turn your volume down after you finished watching the video. You're welcome
Ghostof1925 - 10 days ago
Chris Morocco bringing joy to my day :D
actuallysougly - 10 days ago
my problem with meal prep....... its already ready and prepared for me to eat ... I've tried so many times to meal prep and I just eat it all 😫
Snejkop - 10 days ago
....I thought he was gay.....
Bodies After Babies
Bodies After Babies - 10 days ago
I love how he says he sticks to Sunday’s to make dressing and chickpeas on a day when he’s positive about the world 🤣
Kayla L. C.
Kayla L. C. - 10 days ago
not my fav episode tbh
Perfect for munchie food
Chad Drake
Chad Drake - 10 days ago
Who else was surprised when he said wife?
Miki BV
Miki BV - 10 days ago
Is there a Bon Appetit video/recipe for the tahini ranch?
Shuhra Abdul Jalil
Shuhra Abdul Jalil - 10 days ago
Next time just get right into the video instead of talking about chickpeas for half the video. But I love this channel:)
ORYX X - 10 days ago
Hey Andrew Schulz didn't know you cook too, I hope you get your Netflix special man you're funny af.
Elizabeth Wilkes
Elizabeth Wilkes - 10 days ago
More Chris for 2019 please!
James Holmes
James Holmes - 10 days ago
Turn up his mic
Legion Slots
Legion Slots - 10 days ago
Chicken pea makes me fart a mountain
Steve Abitante
Steve Abitante - 10 days ago
I'm Hungry What's On the DISH?
nida_r - 10 days ago
I wanted to fix his apron strap so bad! Lol
Julie Stam
Julie Stam - 10 days ago
I can barely hear this and I don't lipread so, bye!
ccap3211 - 10 days ago
His wife? Man I thought my gaydar was better than that!
Brett Ellard
Brett Ellard - 10 days ago
I can't hear you! More volume plz.💖
Süpreme Novah
Süpreme Novah - 10 days ago
Now I have to google why radicchio doesn't have to be washed...I guess bc the leaves are cabbage-like, but I wash my cabbage
Caitlin Kurnit
Caitlin Kurnit - 10 days ago
I just made those chickpeas because of this video and I am obsessed. The chickpeas are good but that aquafaba- Garlic and lemon and umami and deliciousness.
confusedwhale - 10 days ago

That just happened.
android boi
android boi - 10 days ago
where is the ramen noodles
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez - 10 days ago
Did he just say “...if you don’t have a sidecar for your dressing”?
Firm Grip
Firm Grip - 10 days ago
Uhh, Chris's twisted apron strap is driving me insane.
James Weldon
James Weldon - 10 days ago
Egg isn't vegan 🐣🍳 they are tasty though
Civilized Delinquent
Civilized Delinquent - 10 days ago
*This guy looks like Tim Westwood’s son...*
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