LIVE: President Trump 2019 State of the Union Address & Democratic Response (C-SPAN)

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Shula Hangel
Shula Hangel - 3 months ago
trump is the best president menny countrys wish to have him for a leather
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
AWOK_1 thank you for your service to The former world leader.
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
Cause I got some shit for free cause I NEVER ASKED.
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
Cause science is jealous of MONEY.
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
Why not?
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
And no one wants to learn a FUCKING THING ANYMORE.
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
My life’s work of being murderd is worth NOTHING. I invent for nothing. I work for nothing.
Camon X. Hawking
Camon X. Hawking - 4 months ago
Secundus - 4 months ago
That old dude really wants Melania.
Lisa Griffith
Lisa Griffith - 5 months ago
We love you TRUMP❤
Charlie Bayer
Charlie Bayer - 5 months ago
I was shocked when I realized Nancy Pelosi is 78. Republican, Democrat or none of the above, that is pretty amazing considering the majority of people retire at 65.
investbo - 5 months ago
I had an epiphany. The way that Trump is draining the swamp, is that he is the quicksand! The more the Dems and Rhinos struggle against him, the more (and faster) they sink to their demise. They could stop and request someone throw them a line (aka, work with Trump and make Americans their top agenda). Its the ‘Trump Train’! Continues to gain momentum and move with more force as it continues. Better be on the train; definitely don’t want to try to stand in front and ‘try’ to stop it. This is some serious, Dragon style, Kung Fu s***; but in reality, and in particular, the culture of how Washington operates. This President is LITERALLY changing how things SHOULD be done by our elected officials in Washington!! It’s very apparent that the ones who continue to fight against Trump’s pro-America agenda are sinking! We are are literally witnessing President Trump shake the establishment and change the long time gov’t corruption and culture to match what our US Founding Fathers intended for us: the US Gov’t serves America , we do not serve them.
Kayla Montanez
Kayla Montanez - 5 months ago
Another good reason for Brian Kemp to win Governor of Georgia, compared to the beautiful, outstanding speech from Donald Trump, Stacy Abrams's speech was totally lame, falsely untrue, and nothing but brainwashing lies!!!!!!! But great way to compare which is much better, and in my opinion, I'd say Trump speech was so much better, like at least 50 times or much more so much better than Stacy Abrams's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She'll be remembered as stupid and ignorant, I can assure all of you out there that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kayla Montanez
Kayla Montanez - 5 months ago
The February 6, 2019 Speech will always be the best, most excellent State of the Union Speech, and this sure will be expected of other presidents in the future, and if they simply just can't, well their loss!!!!!!!!!!!! Most remarkable moment of a State of the Union Speech, and no other of the State of the Union could compete to that or be just as great!!!!! I'm so impressed Donald J. Trump could actually cure HIV-AIDS, cause for many even decades since HIV-AIDS was discovered, nobody would do anything to cure it, though at least they just knew it existed!!!!!!!! And in my opinion, what really sucks is so many people said it couldn't be cured, nothing can be done!!!!!!!! In my opinion, I questioned them in my thoughts like, "Why not can it be done?!!! Something has to get done to rid of HIV-AIDS!!! People can't possibly just sit around, do nothing about it to stop it, and yet expect everything to be okay while many people are actually out there suffering it!!!!! How stupid what people think, that it's so impossible to do!!!!!" And finally, I see a dream come true that something gets done to stop HIV-AIDS, and not just that, but also something getting done to stop a lot of things too, that still, so many people say it all just is simply impossible and just can't be done, but stupid people with no common sense, hey you hypocrites who don't want to do anything about any issue at all cause you're all just plain lazy and ignorant in wickedness, it's already done, you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, 💩💩 💩-mar, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Watters, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Mazie Morono, and all you domestic-democrat or crap colleagues who all are so dearly collaborated with the corrupted media to make up all your lame, sick lies and abusive gossip about Trump and all his supporters, f*** you and take that fact and shove all your asses in Hell, God's got a perfect place there for you on your Judgement Day right after you die, hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kayla Montanez
Kayla Montanez - 5 months ago
This February 6, 2019 State of the Union Speech, excellent!!!!!!!!! I'm sure Trump's Response in the State of the Union are wonderful, but this one that everyone somehow seems to think is sooooo long was the best most remembered speech of all time, in my opinion!!!!!!! There was absolutely nothing he said wrong, it was all perfect, and much in the future someday will be expected from other presidents after Trump's terms in November 2024 and January 2025 for the inauguration of another president, so any other president by January 2025, don't f*** it up, cause Donald Trump officially who always was a great president since 2016 is the best president out of all other presidents of the United States, with both Nationality and common sense, people!!!!!!!! We finally have a good president who actually will do something, so what has the democrats or any Trump-hater got to complain about of Donald Trump, he's done a lot that other presidents just simply failed to do, plain simple people!!!!!!!! Okay, if anyone wants to doubt on maybe Abraham Lincoln or disagree with him, or be a little upset feeling a bit down or negative a little about several other presidents, well fine, that's alright!!! Who all hates Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, you know you've got a perfect reason to and so do I, because those two presidents f***** everything up, of course!!!!!!!!!!!! No president, not even Abraham Lincoln, or well I would really hate to say this, but maybe even George Washington, as great and fantastic as a president he was among many other presidents after him, but though in my opinion I think he was better than Abraham Lincoln, however especially George Washington could never be as great as Donald Trump, because Trump is the best president above all other presidents, so much will be expected from other presidents in the future, and by then, it'll be okay if you either like or dislike a president depending on how much he does, because Trump is a great example of what a good president ought to be, and if they're not, well their loss, of course, you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristi Parson-Smith
Kristi Parson-Smith - 5 months ago
Absolutely fantastic! BEST speech to date!! Just now got to see all of it and I’m so glad I took the time, well worth it! I loved the 5 elderly gentleman, the little girl, and Alice and Matthew. It was very disappointing to see the women in white hoop and holler in celebration for themselves when they didn’t even stand up for the lowest unemployment rates in history for minorities nor for several other wonderful accomplishments and successes here in and for America. Their vitriol, hatred, and refusal to work with our President shall surely cost them dearly. Shame on every single one of them for putting politics and partisanship above what is best for our nation and for Americans. Stacy Abrams was also a disappointment. Americans are better off than they have been in years and to hear Abrams, you’d never believe it. Her talk about voting rights is completely ludicrous. She’s right about one thing. We need serious voting reform. Every person needs to show ID or even have a special voter ID card. The voting laws are so ridiculous in some states there is definitely serious abuse going on. She claims the LGBT community is under attack when in reality they’ve never had it better. And she seems to be confusing a woman’s right to choose with outright infanticide. More black babies were killed than were born in NY last year. Doesn’t seem like there’s any shortage of abortions going on to me. Babies have a heartbeat at 18 days and their own DNA from conception. The democrats are well aware of this fact yet they advocate for abortion proudly. It’s an absolute crisis of epic proportions yet it’s viewed as though it were just like any other ordinary and routine medical procedure. It actually has become routine but it is anything BUT ordinary. So all in all I’d have to say it was a great night for President Trump. Sadly, not so much for the democrats.
God Bless America, President Trump, and his family as well as his entire Administration! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joyce B
Joyce B - 5 months ago
All I saw was dems not caring if people have jobs, are dying and have the right to try something new. Well it looked like they just don't give a shit about the regular working folks at all, just about themselves. Looks like they don't care if your killed by illegals or if drugs poor across our border. Look at the ones who did not clap and are for killing babies after their born. These morons have gone mad. Damn...people need to see this for what it is and vote their asses to the curb because who wants someone that is supposedly speaking for you who does not give a damn if you live well or die. The left want you starving and broke if you do not do as they say and vote their way.
MrGGPRI - 5 months ago
julius ceasar
julius ceasar - 5 months ago
madame speaker ,"the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" that says it all MAGA
lil Snuff
lil Snuff - 5 months ago
Beautiful Churches Of Christ
Jeremy Scott Mc MGMASSM MJTJJD Guire awaiting a saving Grace
Justice Denied
Justice Denied - 6 months ago
Best SOTU ever!
gwx11 - 6 months ago
WOW, just saw my tax return done for 2018, and I say fuck you to every trump supporter, hope you all get what you sow. And I even took the supposed "doubled" standard deduction. FUCK ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS.
joe cole
joe cole - 5 months ago
Y?ou must be from New York
Adam Duerwachter
Adam Duerwachter - 6 months ago
8:35 start
patricia klein
patricia klein - 6 months ago
schumer looks satanic
Amir John
Amir John - 6 months ago
This is your state of union
Joe Benavides
Joe Benavides - 6 months ago
What is Speaker Pelosi reading? Why does she look like she is stoned or not all there?
Caleigh Knight
Caleigh Knight - 6 months ago
She does realize there's video evidence of multiple voting machines not letting people vote for Trump and forcing people to vote for Hilary right? Literally, no wonder Hil won the popular vote in the end, we couldn't choose otherwise in many places
Anthony Dam
Anthony Dam - 6 months ago
Welcome to Vietnam!
Poind3xt3r - 6 months ago
53:50 WE'RE FUCKED!!
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B - 6 months ago
Pelosi looks like, she has less than 10 days
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B - 6 months ago
Oh my God!!! those womens in white they look so angry, so bitter them faces they are very scary, wow how they hate can change the looks. I wish i can ship them to cuba or venezuela just for one month, see if they like, maybe they love it. They don't deserve to stay in USA, less to represent us.
becky amador
becky amador - 6 months ago
This was an amazing state of the union address. You can really see the haters of Trump. I would vote for my president again just because of 1:07:36-1:09:44. Please I dare everyone to watch this in its entirety and ask yourself if you truly disagree with trump and if you truly agree with the women in white who are liberal Democrats. It almost looks like Nancy Polosi is controlling them. She signals them several times not to react against Trump. They should let their true feeling out. I guess Polosi doesn’t want to show the American people what her followers truly believe or feel about Trump. Nancy needs to get voted out.
Chen Jian bin
Chen Jian bin - 6 months ago
halo3odst - 6 months ago
in response to the democratic response: okay, if you want to support the downtrodden who are falling on hard times, why do you continue to raise taxation on them? why do you continue to then utilize this tax money for frivolous social spending? where was the outrage when the government shut down under obama? labor unions are the reason most government agencies cant get work done efficiently in the first place. the right is more than willing to come together towards a common goal, but you must offer actual compromise, not try to get your way for nothing in return.
halo3odst - 6 months ago
okay, any president who will act as maestro to a congress singing happy birthday to an old man is a legend. period. :D
alexis comey
alexis comey - 6 months ago
I'm on the winning side
I'm on the winning side - 6 months ago
Seems to me it would take someone special to be Secret Service!
Mr. Tabares
Mr. Tabares - 6 months ago
Pence was fingering Pelosi through the whole speech.
dahlke_ - 6 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the beginning of Stacey Abrams speech, then her true purpose was shown when she blamed Trump for the shut down, that's when I remembered she's just another democratic pawn.
Gee Smith
Gee Smith - 6 months ago
There playing with imaginary power's there all fake as fuck it's a fucking piss take. You no are you not entertained
Gee Smith
Gee Smith - 6 months ago
If he's going to release one release all of them. Because there's load's more in the same boat
Gee Smith
Gee Smith - 6 months ago
How the fuck did we get here. Who are these to play God with our lives
sobest - 6 months ago
God bless America, without you this world would be like hell! But I still like P elosi than him.
LibertyMatrix - 6 months ago
Trump Derangement Syndrome is destroying the democrat party! The Russian collusion story has failed dramatically.
It's hilarious watching the democrats' identity politics, tear each other apart in their epoch race to the bottom.
Renee Conlan
Renee Conlan - 6 months ago
Fucking Brilliant Speech ! Trump 2020 - GAME OVER !
Real Deal
Real Deal - 6 months ago
Trump still a rapist and racist.. A con man who doesn't pay taxes. Makes fun of veteran's.. Disabled ones at that.. No way me as a black man will never follow such trash.. Hell I look like supporting a person who grab women by the pussy without consent.. Walk in on little girls changing at beauty pageants.. I just can't.. He a despicable person that needs to be jailed
Nathan Stice
Nathan Stice - 6 months ago
We need some sort of reform in immigration it’s that simple. Also, we need to help border security if that’s going to be enforced. It’s like Baghdad on the southern border with 78% of the border inadequately monitored. No matter who you voted for it has still been a problem that the last two administrations have tried to address. Now with “caravans” coming up in the tens of thousands each month its only getting worse. Either fund a x10 increase in border personnel, border vehicles, infrared monitors, personnel housing, supply depots, vehicle garages, drones, barricades, armored vehicles and stun equipment ...or fund a wall structure in those specific areas.
zcasper123 - 6 months ago
“You wanna know the difference between the left and right? Had Obama offered to the right in the way Trump does to the left and spoke in the same way and manner about the greatest country on earth, which saw fit to elect him, the right would've given him a never ending standing ovation. The difference is there never was Obama derangement syndrome because the right hated what he did, not who he was! The left breeds a hatred that is insatiable and cannot be quenched. Hatred is their motto and what bonds their many intersectional factions, while bigotry towards those who differ from them is their only Creed. I don't see how anyone can bridge the gap they relentlessly keep widening in this country, from the Covington kids and judge Kavanaugh to the shooting of Scalise, it's only getting worse.
Brendan Day
Brendan Day - 6 months ago
Senator hirono , Rosen, , ocasio. All three vile
Tim Gallegos
Tim Gallegos - 6 months ago
Thank you King Trump, screww the midget pelosi
OrangeJackson - 6 months ago
Fantastic speech. Thank you Mr. President.
Shuhao Lu
Shuhao Lu - 6 months ago
Donald Trump: *breathes*
Everyone: *claps for 5 minutes*
647warner - 6 months ago
We’ve all seen SOTU addresses in the past from other Presidents...”we’re going to do this, that and the other thing”.
Trump has already done it.
your doomed
your doomed - 6 months ago
Boy those facts shut the demos in denile up.
tokenjoy - 6 months ago
So that's what a witch's coven looks like.
Yesica1993 - 6 months ago
35:00-ish I don't understand this prison reform stuff. I'm all for prison reform as far as working to exonerate & free those who are imprisoned for things they didn't do. That's different. But if you did the crime, why is it wrong for you to be in jail for it?
James James
James James - 6 months ago
President Trump got my vote! End of story!!
genesis5864 - 6 months ago
whose the racist horrid witch behind "Alice" who couldn't be bothered to even clap, much less stand, for her freedom?! wow.
Jonny Ingram
Jonny Ingram - 6 months ago
Democrats are full of shit........hey Democrats you had Obama for 8 yrs and didn't do shit for anything you have to say now is bullshit. PLEASE LADY YOUR FAMILY IS COVERED UNDER YOUR HEALTH don't try to compare your father to real Americans!!
Vincent Vargas
Vincent Vargas - 6 months ago
Dan B
Dan B - 6 months ago
Dump the drumpf
Dan B
Dan B - 6 months ago
Tronald Dump
Dan B
Dan B - 6 months ago
Trumps a douche
Blake Marb
Blake Marb - 6 months ago
Regardless of What people think of Trump as a Person, everybody should Agree that he is really doing Great for the Country so far as a President👏👏👏
Ben Lee
Ben Lee - 6 months ago
stacey abrams? ain't she out a job. mickey d's hiring so is walmart. she can go and make the $15 minimum wage. who's attacking the LGBTQ community? what bullshit is she pushing up in here?
Cohen Carv
Cohen Carv - 6 months ago
S.T Browne
S.T Browne - 6 months ago
-GOD BLESS, > President Trump + his TEAM. - (excellent speech) !!!
-Frustrating cameras, for the MOST part, -not showing the "Democrats," -I wanted to see "who" refused to acknowledge the "good" President Trump + TEAM did - + trying to DO for the nation.
-Disgusting Demo-craps, most wouldn't even stand for "greatness" -folks, you need to "vote them OUT."
Danny Meeks
Danny Meeks - 6 months ago
Trump just created history right there. He got Democrats to chant USA . . . USA . . . USA
Constance Yen
Constance Yen - 6 months ago
Trump stole China’s 600 tons of gold which were saved in NY banks for the use of WTO. Trump also illegally kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and technology. Trump’s behavior was and is no better than that of a gangster. What a shame.
Danny Meeks
Danny Meeks - 6 months ago
Isn't it nice to have a president with whom we can say, "more than expected" about something at all that we want? Remember when Obama and the Democrats controlled things. They kept telling us we would gain this or that, and it was always way more than that in the wrong direction. However, there is one way the Democrats were always getting way "more than expected." Every time they told us how much we would lose during a given month, quarter, or year was always like 5 or 6 times more than expected.
Liam Casserly '18
Liam Casserly '18 - 6 months ago
Do the judges and military leaders only clap for bipartisan statements?
Tatarize - 6 months ago
They generally should never clap. It's a tradition.
David Slater
David Slater - 6 months ago
🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸
Perry skier-man
Perry skier-man - 6 months ago
Trump didn't mention that the various stock market indexes have dropped typically 16% since the November elections. And still hasn't recovered.
HELLH0WND - 6 months ago
I'm a Canadian and I love "The Donald".
Chris Hoebich
Chris Hoebich - 6 months ago
Only one negative to President Trump's speech. Unfortunately, a big one. The idea of federally mandated paid leave time for mothers is TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Violates the spirit of the 10th amendment. Moreover, it would be hard to ask a new originalist jurist to the U.S. Supreme Court to support such a measure. He would have to compromise his own judgment and integrity. Even the smallest drop of liberalism is PURE POISON. This kind of legislation would not only hurt the American economy ... but women as well. President Trump, please trash this rather socialist idea.
ruth gara
ruth gara - 6 months ago
Those goons in white made me throw up in my mouth 🤢 sitting there all pouting until president Trump mentions women in power they jump clapping up like “oh that’s me, I’m a woman, yay”
Baby killing hypocrites 😡
Young Wiz
Young Wiz - 6 months ago
This would go so much faster if they didn't clap after every sentence he says.. 🤤
Oakie - 6 months ago
Lots and lots of bots in here...
Chris Bentson
Chris Bentson - 6 months ago
The Democratic rebuttal might be the worst speech I have ever heard delivered by the most self serving person. Just one of the hilarious moments was truck drivers are forced to buy their own rigs....who is supposed to buy them? That angry business owner millionaire you want to tax 70%. Man the left knows no limit to hyprocrisy. I thought they want to outlaw fossil fuels and all vehicles???
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