Oliver Tree - Let Me Down [Official Music Video]

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Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree - 4 days ago
Gothboy Suicide
Gothboy Suicide - Hour ago
2:26 me when im sad thinking about death when olivertree loses veiws
songs but every word is a Google image
Ꭰɾօք էհҽ ʍօէհҽɾ ƒմçҟìղց ąӀҍմʍ
Ash Forner
Ash Forner - 3 hours ago
JMNLThat - 6 hours ago
Bruh june 12 is My brithday
gredethw - 7 hours ago
Julien Delrieu
Julien Delrieu - 27 minutes ago
I don't remember how I discovered you, but now this music is my alarm clock !! Fucking best music !
Natalie Ngonela
Natalie Ngonela - 38 minutes ago
My sister sent me the link to this, so when I saw the thumbnail, I was like, "damn, Colours really lettin' loose during lockdown" and then I saw the channel. And then laughed. And then subscribed :)
Death by Proxy
Death by Proxy - 44 minutes ago
I can smell his sandwich
Zann Christo
Zann Christo - 45 minutes ago
1:18 Polnareff when he tried to fight DIO
Remi Vanderz
Remi Vanderz - 48 minutes ago
Great to know vectors finally down from the moon
Alan Delgado
Alan Delgado - 57 minutes ago
maybe in a few months this could be the new song like buttercup or it could be a famous song
sabre - 2 hours ago
June 12th is my bday!
INFAM0USXXI - 2 hours ago
It sucks that i just found out about him right now and not earlier smh
Falco Vladimir
Falco Vladimir - 2 hours ago
Kinda got hungry on that sub right there
beanis nmp3
beanis nmp3 - 3 hours ago
Filipe Alexandre
Filipe Alexandre - 3 hours ago
Damn, this is the first time I listen to him, and I'm so fucking glad I found him, such a nice style and voice
S0mEtImEsItSfUnNy - 3 hours ago
Red dude in a red screen suit:
*ah shit that's my cue*
Nilson Mora
Nilson Mora - 3 hours ago
That's a filthy frank reference?
Emanuel Mel
Emanuel Mel - 3 hours ago
Me encanta aunque no entienda ni una mierd
Sam Dolan
Sam Dolan - 4 hours ago
What would you do... if there was a child right in front of you?

crapyolie man
crapyolie man - 4 hours ago
ugly is the new beautiful
Trippy Do
Trippy Do - 4 hours ago
3:06 there all green in the camera on the left
JDAS OLO - 4 hours ago
Bose didn't want to sponsor huh too bad for them
Jetjewel - 4 hours ago
Dads Home
Dads Home - 4 hours ago
That sandwich looked pretty good tho
Awesome Aaron
Awesome Aaron - 5 hours ago
Looks like Victor from "Dispicible Me"
"Oh yaaaaa squid gun"
Skizzle Emerald
Skizzle Emerald - 5 hours ago
DAMN OKAY- he really pushed the pink man.
Nana RBLX - 5 hours ago
His album is dropping a day before my birthday
AspectsBtw - 5 hours ago
This man broke the internet with 2 mil comments and we get asmr This is why I love the internet
Ryan Creech
Ryan Creech - 6 hours ago
Wait was that pink guy?!
Shane Williams
Shane Williams - 6 hours ago
Lowkey this song should be in 2k
Devilish Itay
Devilish Itay - 6 hours ago
Wait u go the album back les gooo
Kinsley Worthey
Kinsley Worthey - 6 hours ago
me seeing this hey its melanies MANZ
Carlos Ssj
Carlos Ssj - 6 hours ago
Pensar que este wey es el novio de melanie Martínez alv suertudo
Beatrix Jones
Beatrix Jones - 6 hours ago
this is vector from despicible me now. feel old yet?
Elastical - 6 hours ago
Isn’t this the guy in despicable me?
Jareth Ponce
Jareth Ponce - 6 hours ago
Those purple mf's came out of this vid?
Zlawm - 7 hours ago
Hi juul god
Blurr - 7 hours ago
He hits home
Fluid Mars
Fluid Mars - 7 hours ago
Oliver the dude that loves his scooter
Daynee Logann
Daynee Logann - 7 hours ago
Who else is just waiting for the new song
xZaneplayz227898 000
xZaneplayz227898 000 - 2 hours ago
Are you serious i was just about to comment on this
Eternally Sad
Eternally Sad - 3 hours ago
Daynee Logann hell yeahhhh
Ash Forner
Ash Forner - 3 hours ago
Bro I’m friken hyped
KelCoon P
KelCoon P - 8 hours ago
He looks like that damn neighbor from Smosh.
Norma XBL
Norma XBL - 8 hours ago
I am sorry this is just sad
XInfinity NinjaX
XInfinity NinjaX - 8 hours ago
if you like minecraft then check out this youtube its all caps it is JOE_CUBED try its fun
dragnar05 - 6 hours ago
Don't advertise other channels on a comment section
ApexGrizzly - 8 hours ago
Me when video stars: this is gonna suck
Me when music plays: *”This song is lit. Give this man an Emy award!”*
RyMi Logiic
RyMi Logiic - 8 hours ago
beautiful. i love it
Ivan Arruda
Ivan Arruda - 8 hours ago
Primeiro brasileiro ?
Defaulty Bee
Defaulty Bee - 8 hours ago
He clearly isn’t singing in the pink room because his voice doesn’t change when the mic moves away. People these days don’t stop lip syncing
Wilbur Soot Stannie
Wilbur Soot Stannie - 7 hours ago
yuhh cause its,,, a music video,,,
Lord Vonderhaar21
Lord Vonderhaar21 - 7 hours ago
DragonPlayz - 8 hours ago
dam them headphones are bigger than your head how do u fit them LMAO
OJ Mayo Light
OJ Mayo Light - 8 hours ago
Is he wearing Jnco Jeans? 😂
OJ Mayo Light
OJ Mayo Light - 8 hours ago
Omg just saw the logo when he went up the ladder 😱😂
Hxneyy_ Xibes
Hxneyy_ Xibes - 8 hours ago
I liked the asmr at the beginning lol nice job
Diego Armando Hernandez hernandez
Ta chido karnal
Rock Infatuation
Rock Infatuation - 9 hours ago
New song at 9PM PST/12AM EST!!!
ϗoogi - 9 hours ago
ASMR song
Nighthawk - 9 hours ago
At 1:01 you can see his stunt double climb up the ladder instead of him
SKSK ANNAOOP - 9 hours ago
this is the only scooter kid we can accept
Letlovehavethelastword - 10 hours ago
Is he making fun of colors?😭🤣👊🏾👌🏿
AL Aviation
AL Aviation - 10 hours ago
he be having dem 1980s pants
MANGEL FIRST PLAYER - 11 hours ago
like, si biniste por la publicidad
Enzo One
Enzo One - 11 hours ago
Why does Joji appear
Penguin Guitar man
Penguin Guitar man - 11 hours ago
0:16 Oliver tree muckbang
x_sky_x - 11 hours ago
Like si te recuerda a gru de mi villano favorito
Tyler Burt
Tyler Burt - 11 hours ago
Those headphones look comphy
Jesse Moreno
Jesse Moreno - 11 hours ago
Ew wtf is this
Rock Infatuation
Rock Infatuation - 9 hours ago
*Go away*
Bad Advertisements
Bad Advertisements - 11 hours ago
The instrumental is amazing, but the vocals are a little too annoying and the vocal effect is a little too much. I’m a huge fan of Oliver tho
Sparky 7536
Sparky 7536 - 11 hours ago
How do people like watching a grown man scream at a microphone?
Game Clips
Game Clips - 12 hours ago
This song Let Me Down
MR dued
MR dued - 12 hours ago
Tiff Anne
Tiff Anne - 12 hours ago
I think this is my most favorite music video on you tube
MR dued
MR dued - 12 hours ago
Hi man how are you?
Yt Gaming
Yt Gaming - 12 hours ago
It’s funny how has his crew moving things in the background with the freaking pink suit 😂
wifuWattson - 12 hours ago
1:15 he gets that 300 Ping
IzzyB24 - 12 hours ago
Hoodie_ie - 12 hours ago
this the guy that tried stealing the moon from gru right?
Twister - 13 hours ago
When I started listening to this guy I did it for the memes but his music is so good lmaooo wtf
Gavin - 7 hours ago
top tier free advertisement at work
Burp Reynolds
Burp Reynolds - 13 hours ago
Can't get enough of this sweet, sweet stuff. Strong work!
tonykke5 - 13 hours ago
Just wait till he steals the moon..
Random Noodle
Random Noodle - 13 hours ago
when i first saw this guy i was like wtf, but know i see why hes so respected, because his music is good, and he is over all silly, in a amazing way
Olorunjunon Adeoye
Olorunjunon Adeoye - 13 hours ago
Your music is rlly absurd but cool and funny and sounds amazing
Olorunjunon Adeoye
Olorunjunon Adeoye - 13 hours ago
It’s a vibe this song
ADRYAN CHIOT CASTRO - 13 hours ago
É realmente bem ruim
Hyper Bot
Hyper Bot - 13 hours ago
I’m already down.
Dario Hernandez
Dario Hernandez - 14 hours ago
sounds amazing!!
WSKR Jeremy
WSKR Jeremy - 14 hours ago
My man from Charlie and da chocalote factory with his smile lol
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