Who Can Punch The Hardest? - Challenge

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Drew Nowell
Drew Nowell - 4 days ago
Jarvis this is the best video ever, vids have been fire lately
Thunder pro the gamer
Thunder pro the gamer - 12 hours ago
Lol 😂😂😂😂
Exotic stiltzr
Exotic stiltzr - 18 hours ago
The SaltyCreeper can u shout me out
FaZe Fishy boi
FaZe Fishy boi - 21 hour ago
VisionッCodM - Day ago
@The SaltyCreeper nigga has over 6k
Cayden Chandler
Cayden Chandler - Day ago
Extra Terrestrial
Extra Terrestrial - 10 hours ago
Y’all should invite Francis Ngannou over to do it I guarantee he will break it
MexMartin 12
MexMartin 12 - 10 hours ago
😂his pfp
Noah Sise
Noah Sise - 10 hours ago
Let’s see we exposed y’all in the word FAZE
Lennon Mcdonald
Lennon Mcdonald - 10 hours ago
They think they are bad when they get a high score on something that mostly measures accuracy
Landon Luong
Landon Luong - 11 hours ago
Notice faze Kay number is 666
Louis Txdd.
Louis Txdd. - 11 hours ago
Jarvis packing the punch for the rivals for summer.
Yelp help help
Yelp help help - 11 hours ago
Get aimbot for your punches
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 11 hours ago
Nobody: Girl in background: OH MAH GAWD
cheater on ARシ
cheater on ARシ - 11 hours ago
those lil guys culd punc it whit head😂
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 11 hours ago
Alex: rages towards bradley Me: when's the funeral??
Gaspar Andres
Gaspar Andres - 11 hours ago
Everyone like the vid
_schepy - 12 hours ago
FaZe adapt is the Guy that goes to the McDonald’s for a McLaren
Val Vortex
Val Vortex - 12 hours ago
Do arm wrestling
Young North
Young North - 12 hours ago
3:00 sounds like the handcannon in mw2
Flame Pancakes
Flame Pancakes - 12 hours ago
Thunder pro the gamer
Thunder pro the gamer - 12 hours ago
U think Jarvis is gonna heart ur comment lol stoopit
Amari Da god
Amari Da god - 12 hours ago
Adapt is a 🐐
Lee Swordy
Lee Swordy - 13 hours ago
Brother nature:your about to lose this sh*t
Kay:yes sir
Mahir Faisal
Mahir Faisal - 13 hours ago
6:01 Frazier’s Score
Kobe Vang
Kobe Vang - 13 hours ago
Adapt all grown up
Yazan Alsoub
Yazan Alsoub - 13 hours ago
Best I love you
King_estrada _
King_estrada _ - 13 hours ago
Can I join faze plz
Louis Petrucci
Louis Petrucci - 13 hours ago
I love how that Bradley guy is screaming that he won but he is a big bodybuilder and adapt beat him and that big bitch got fourth
AndrewFanStar298 - 14 hours ago
6:00 Frazier better beware of the devils curse!
Supreme - 14 hours ago
What you don’t understand is that some of them are using their body not their actual raw arm strength
RISKy YT - 14 hours ago
Alex: *rages towards bradley*
Me: when's the funeral??
ThatsoJUSTIN - 14 hours ago
I can tell your bored you probably got a different account to play fortnite
Dim - 14 hours ago
jarvis getting banned got him swearing lol
lemme nut
lemme nut - 14 hours ago
Kian Wrigh
Kian Wrigh - 15 hours ago
Guess what the vid has 200000 likes
Jeremy Livshitz
Jeremy Livshitz - 15 hours ago
Adapt looks so wasted
x2_Fades - 15 hours ago
Adapt is on a fucking emo mode or some shit
chevas holden
chevas holden - 15 hours ago
savagesgod 216
savagesgod 216 - 15 hours ago
Dude I'm 17 smacking a 937
Alejandro Delao
Alejandro Delao - 15 hours ago
Why teeqo flex when he got 824 or soemthing
Nick Iafrate
Nick Iafrate - 16 hours ago
Alex was on some crazy shit
Trav_killaboy - 16 hours ago
Bro adapt on that meth tho no cap look at his face bro he tripping
Mario Velazquez
Mario Velazquez - 16 hours ago
Its funny how jarvis bro says ouch after 500
Petrit Deskaj
Petrit Deskaj - 17 hours ago
824 for kobe
J STARWALKER - 17 hours ago
Banks would’ve punched tf out of that
Jack Hopper
Jack Hopper - 18 hours ago
when jarvis said bruv at the start i threw up
CK_Jezza - 18 hours ago
Yea Jarvis Love the vid💕
Adam Said
Adam Said - 18 hours ago
Did you change the thumbnail
Cheeky Burger
Cheeky Burger - 18 hours ago
This is a good video keep up the work
LJ 12
LJ 12 - 19 hours ago
Alex looks like a young Johnny depp
Tikofishy Gang
Tikofishy Gang - 19 hours ago
3:13 how did he do did that
Hasan Hammoud
Hasan Hammoud - 19 hours ago
Finally alex is doing something useful
Aliyev Huseyn
Aliyev Huseyn - 19 hours ago
How Alex is stronger than Bradley
Jarred Kuiler
Jarred Kuiler - 19 hours ago
when adapt said we going for 999 rip juice
Baykrr Toofly
Baykrr Toofly - 19 hours ago
Everyone drop a like for the faze and brad out the gloves on
Jashua Ruiz
Jashua Ruiz - 19 hours ago
Why does adapt look tired in every video lol
Bolis John
Bolis John - 19 hours ago
MinoKH - 20 hours ago
Adapt do be looking messed up
99k. Rude
99k. Rude - 20 hours ago
People need to realise you need to hook you cant straight punch on this machine, hooks are more powerful
adrian regalado
adrian regalado - 20 hours ago
Alex do be getting hickeys tho
Bananas soldiers
Bananas soldiers - 20 hours ago
Alex looks like he took a pill🤣🤣🤣
Bakro Jaskiewicz
Bakro Jaskiewicz - 20 hours ago
I punch 773 and i am 11
lxffyz on iPad
lxffyz on iPad - 20 hours ago
lol, I just watched the first round and now I know Bradley martyn will win.
just watched second and changed my mind
AleX GameZ
AleX GameZ - 21 hour ago
They got 260k likes
woiour loin
woiour loin - 21 hour ago
Well Jarvis has aimbot so he should win
Matt A
Matt A - 21 hour ago
It's sad that they can't break 900 I got 930 when I was 16 and 160 lbs 😂
woiour loin
woiour loin - 21 hour ago
i real do care about my subscribers it means alot to me that you guy can come to my channel
Melchior Steur
Melchior Steur - 21 hour ago
Mees dix kan punch harder
Charlie Deeks
Charlie Deeks - 21 hour ago
Can i join faze
Raymond La
Raymond La - 21 hour ago
Adapt the fat muscles
Football Skills
Football Skills - 22 hours ago
Roids producing magic
thrillsbreh - 22 hours ago
Eric Arende
Eric Arende - 22 hours ago
adapt looks like a homeless guy now
Bigmac games KFC
Bigmac games KFC - 22 hours ago
My friend is your friend in Fortnite
Quinn Hoang
Quinn Hoang - 22 hours ago
Why does adapt look like he got punch multiple times
Miguel Lopez-Lopez
Miguel Lopez-Lopez - 22 hours ago
Whatever brad gave him got him looking like a New York rat buuut that got him strong asf!!!
JF Gamer
JF Gamer - 22 hours ago
Nordan exposed you and jay lol 😂
gsquad assistant
gsquad assistant - 22 hours ago
bruh jarvis and alex surprised me
CrazE rum
CrazE rum - 23 hours ago
5:07 they cut the video and made someone else punch it. It would have been way harder than that
Lanwil Pinto
Lanwil Pinto - 23 hours ago
Who else feels like smashing that thing
MrTopNoob5 _Playz
MrTopNoob5 _Playz - 23 hours ago
Who else noticed that on round three Faze Kay got 666
sprite nation x
sprite nation x - 23 hours ago
adapt crying xD
Saber Unleash
Saber Unleash - 23 hours ago
i real do care about my subscribers it means alot to me that you guy can come to my channel
1L CAPØ - 23 hours ago
Alex at the end though lol
DxrkSiD3 MiXX
DxrkSiD3 MiXX - 23 hours ago
Sway should’ve been here, he would’ve raised his fist to make it look like he’s gonna punch it and then out of nowhere throw a PS4 controller at it
ValdX Gaming
ValdX Gaming - 23 hours ago
Fight it got 254k
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