Abby Huntsman Announces Departure from ‘The View’ to Help Run Father’s Campaign | The View

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Galdy Mendoza
Galdy Mendoza - 7 hours ago
We’re going to miss you
Intelligence Hurts
Intelligence Hurts - 10 hours ago
Abby said she couldn't get behind impeachment unless it was criminal act. Same week she leaves Government Accountability Office concluded withholding aid approved by Congress was illegal
Job Armure
Job Armure - 11 hours ago
I can't believe they fired the sweetest Abby, who respects her interlocutor.
And not the one who interrupts others, who speaks loudly and the worst she begins her arguments with "My family is rich"
Steve Testa
Steve Testa - 11 hours ago
The evil has been defeated....
Melissa S
Melissa S - 14 hours ago
Great. We can all go back to not knowing you exist.
Ryan V.
Ryan V. - 14 hours ago
Bye twit 👋🏽
Tim Barba
Tim Barba - 15 hours ago
Fun fact: her family is the wealthiest family here in Utah.
antmagor - 18 hours ago
I’ve been giving it a little bit of thought, since Abby is leaving and they’re probably going to want to give that seat to a conservative, would now not be a good time to bring Gretchen Carlson out of exile? I don’t agree with everything she’s ever said (To put it politely) however the seat is probably going to go to someone on the right anyway, why not to somebody who is open minded and has experience being on a panel discussion show?
Dolcevita USA
Dolcevita USA - 22 hours ago
bring some levity to the show....bring Mario Cantone
Tony D
Tony D - 23 hours ago
L.Corp. - 23 hours ago
Man wish it was Meghan leaving.
Kyle Werth
Kyle Werth - Day ago
These pigs actually think what they do is important.
Kyle Werth
Kyle Werth - Day ago
msnbc then fox then this crap show.
Kyle Werth
Kyle Werth - Day ago
hahaha. No one cares what these pigs think
Marshall Boyd
Marshall Boyd - Day ago
Abby H. and Meghan M., both should leave the clown show.
I'm Out
I'm Out - Day ago
Well, the show will be less without Abby.
I wish she didn't leave on these terms.
I like Meghan also.
I like them both a ton,
But I need these ladies to be even stronger.
Yes, I am demanding and no, I am not strong myself.
Jay D
Jay D - Day ago
Thank god
beckyr - Day ago
The View should be cancelled anyway it is a s*** show!
Chris DiDomenico
Chris DiDomenico - Day ago
Lmao lmao, who is she and who cares? Lmao. Just another airhead dope from the view lmao lmao? Go help your father's campaign, will make it that much sweeter when he loses lmao lmao.
Mary Allen
Mary Allen - Day ago
These women give me a headache. I had to stop watching them too much nonsense and bitching.
Hands II Hugs Love
Hands II Hugs Love - Day ago
Ana Ana Ana Ana fill this seat.... fill this seat🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Charlotte Slaughter
When is Megan leaving?
Natalie Nikolaidis
Natalie Nikolaidis - Day ago
She is so gracious she will be missed!
Molly Maid
Molly Maid - Day ago
Why couldn't it be Me-Again leaving instead?!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - Day ago
Abby: "But, today I'm leaving" person in the audience: "oH nOoO"
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright - Day ago
I don’t agree with her views but she is one of the nicest and calmest people that’s ever been on the show.
Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson - Day ago
No more daughters of politicians please‼
Maryam Mohamed
Maryam Mohamed - Day ago
Her dad is very good looking
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - Day ago
Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson - Day ago
If Anna can't do it bring back Jedediah Bilal.🦊
Majidah Hitam
Majidah Hitam - Day ago
Time for a progressive with who does their research should be considered ..
PSRXTECH - Day ago
We need a true progressive voice on this show.
Miss B
Miss B - Day ago
Why couldn't it be Megan McPain?
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez - Day ago
Didn't they literally just talk about keeping big wealthy business people out of politics and here comes her dad trying to run for governor of Utah. I wonder how much money he is going to spend and if Meghan will say anything about it the same way she talked about wealthy Democrats buying themselves into the presidential race.
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez - Day ago
Please have Anna!!!!!
Charlotte Vale
Charlotte Vale - Day ago
She knew she was getting fazed out anyway. The ratings for her were not good. The news came out later.
Broke News!
Broke News! - Day ago
I mean she is good looking and all :..but she flip flop too much ....she can’t take a stand
Ne_nenyc - Day ago
Hey don’t replace her! Have a viewer sit at the seat a few times a week. Let’s hear the voices of the people, questions from regular people when 2020 candidates are on the show.
nadeemalyassin - Day ago
Bye felicia.
Zack Attack84
Zack Attack84 - Day ago
I have ended up loving you.
Shelia Fears
Shelia Fears - Day ago
Meghan is soooo dry!
Robinette Hood
Robinette Hood - Day ago
Take Megan with you.
JenSince88 - Day ago
Both Abby and the one before her didn’t have any spark. They seem to have this role to fill- the always pregnant, “all- American” right wing sweetheart.
Cindy Mauldin
Cindy Mauldin - 2 days ago
A K - 2 days ago
Yesss! Now I can watch the view again👏
William Weinberg
William Weinberg - 2 days ago
This panel is ‘special’ 😂😂😂 not even subtle
diane whalen
diane whalen - 2 days ago
Wonder if she is telling the truth
Taylor Toft
Taylor Toft - 2 days ago
I think she is struggling with it.
Chad Coley
Chad Coley - 2 days ago
Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.
freedom fighter
freedom fighter - 2 days ago
The last things America needs is more of these zionist in power....Enough with Their corruption
Nana Qazplm
Nana Qazplm - 2 days ago
Who cares.
J D Smith
J D Smith - 2 days ago
Yeah, she's leaving to help her dad run as governor of Utah, right?😉😉 And she loves Meghan...😉😉
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 2 days ago
The world breathes a collective sigh of who cares.
Deron Bennett
Deron Bennett - 2 days ago
I'm cringing with embarrassment for her during that little speech. Everyone's thinking they don't care
C L - 2 days ago
Abby: I’m leaving
Meghan: my father...
Elpida Epaminonda
Elpida Epaminonda - 2 days ago
Who cares ???
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 2 days ago
Her husband is a OLD BALL'S 🤢🤢
CURTIS HAWKINS - 2 days ago
Earnest T Bass
Earnest T Bass - 2 days ago
I wonder how long it takes to get the stank out of being on The View for all those years..🥴
Roni - 2 days ago
Take meghan with yiu
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver - 2 days ago
Whoopie next please, get rid of the pig with the mop on its head.
Newlie - 2 days ago
Emma Vigeland, should replace Abby Huntsman! Google and YouTube her!!
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