If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - 11 months ago
I thought about singing in this, then I thought better of it. Thanks to all the production crew who made this happen: pull down the description for full credits!
Goofin on me bro Ya na
Goofin on me bro Ya na - 5 days ago
sakthi sd
sakthi sd - 9 days ago
Are you a relative of Joe Scott by any chance? (I know u r Brit and he's American. But just in case)
boumbh - 13 days ago
Thank you for not singing.
57thorns - 26 days ago
Thanks to whoever made sure you did not turn it into a song? :-)
Jason Henry
Jason Henry - Month ago
Has anybody thanked you yet for keeping your political views out of your videos? If not thank you
Just Saying
Just Saying - 6 hours ago
Can I buy this song on Itunes?
EgorShalvarov - 6 hours ago
The "All Rights Reserved" note is actually to allow youtubers to fair use this video for background music on their video under "Creative Commons".
Oh, and this was shot back in from 2022.
You're welcome.
William Joyner
William Joyner - 7 hours ago
Very nice of you, Tom. Thanks.
Илья Найдов
Илья Найдов - 15 hours ago
What did I just watch?.. Was it SCP-055?..
samo cerv
samo cerv - 18 hours ago
Can we just apreceate how they prepared weeks before
This mikrophone isn t even pluged in
Mark Tan
Mark Tan - Day ago
"It's not a song"
How sure are you about that, Tom?
Isla Giles
Isla Giles - Day ago
Y’all saying “where’s the education part?” I get it it’s kinda hard to realize, but he’s educating you by demonstrating exactly how music videos are made, and also describing. This is a “music video format” describing how music videos work.
Clinten Graham
Clinten Graham - Day ago
unmathematical, uneducational
SkyMaster Albani
SkyMaster Albani - Day ago
educational doesn't always mean math and science, teaching something about music video is also educational, since you're learning about music video, and that's what education is, learning.
Bekah Shook
Bekah Shook - Day ago
NamelessX - Day ago
Myka R.
Myka R. - 2 days ago
Keenan McCarty
Keenan McCarty - 2 days ago
This video taught me more about making a music video than film school.
Darkman 2000
Darkman 2000 - 2 days ago
yknow, i remember my cousin doing something like this with some parody of ghangdam style that kinda blew up. weird
thatoneawkwardturtle - 2 days ago
iat Woods
iat Woods - 2 days ago
I thought it was going to be an "educational mv" as in an actual music video but educational
Izumo - 2 days ago
Petition to release this "song" to the public
N6POP - 2 days ago
I can't wait for the remix to come out!
Porpadactyl Arts
Porpadactyl Arts - 3 days ago
o o
o o - 3 days ago
This has popped up in my recommended list for ages now, so I guess it was time to watch it, I was not disappointed to say the least.
Okamiobidala - 3 days ago
I make music videos for tv shows or films or games, all my footage gets set to music...This might be really useful for a new angle for my channel fan vids! Thank you, bro 😎👌
ChocoGamin3 - 3 days ago
Step 1: play Feels- Calvin Harris in the background, at 1.25 speed.
Step 2: Play this video with volume at 25%.
Step 3: *Enjoy. :)*
Step 4: Thank me later?
Amanda K. Hebert
Amanda K. Hebert - 3 days ago
I was waiting for you to sing about science. 0 out of 10
João Cabo
João Cabo - 3 days ago
This is basically every Maroon 5 pop song video clip
Yea ItsMe
Yea ItsMe - 3 days ago
I muted this and it actually looks like a music video
Alberto Benito
Alberto Benito - 3 days ago
Selena Gomez wants to know your location
ZCYT - 3 days ago
Monkeyboss1567 - 3 days ago
who's listening in 2019!!!!
Hannah M
Hannah M - 3 days ago
good video! 😊
Eri - 3 days ago
Someone need to edit this by putting song. I mean i can imagine it but i want the visual
Rine Night
Rine Night - 3 days ago
Yingying Zhu
Yingying Zhu - 4 days ago
0:44 i completely lost it
Bed Head
Bed Head - 4 days ago
Oh hello Dodie
Bobbi -Ann Brett
Bobbi -Ann Brett - 4 days ago
Ahhh dodie!!!!
Autumn Williams
Autumn Williams - 4 days ago
Luka Hawayo
Luka Hawayo - 4 days ago
Flower Boy
Flower Boy - 4 days ago
this is like the educational video version of pop 101 by marianas trench
kpøp_ tråsh
kpøp_ tråsh - 4 days ago
shortie JJ
shortie JJ - 4 days ago
Endmylife - 4 days ago
I cantar stress how much I loved it
akemi Jones
akemi Jones - 4 days ago
I know that I’m late but this video kinda reminds of the great gatsby🤔
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat - 4 days ago
2:10 you think that'll stop me?
AestheticGalaxy - 4 days ago
xinejx - 4 days ago
Here before this blows up- I LOVE THIS SONG you’re so underrated
kitty cat
kitty cat - 4 days ago
how old is this guy? i honestly dont have a clue
Sebastian Krause
Sebastian Krause - 4 days ago
2019 anyone?
Celia Ross
Celia Ross - 4 days ago
youtube recommended got it right
Woah There partner
Woah There partner - 4 days ago
I'm sure why this is in my recommendation but I like it.
FiG tE a Ne ImYa
FiG tE a Ne ImYa - 4 days ago
Озвучку в студию!
Maryjane Spaceplant
Maryjane Spaceplant - 4 days ago
ReadyMeme Everyday
ReadyMeme Everyday - 4 days ago
ill add it to my music playlist
Chen's I cant believe
Chen's I cant believe - 5 days ago
I kept waiting for it to start and then it ended
AkitoOtakuTrash - 5 days ago
Apiwe Mzileni
Apiwe Mzileni - 5 days ago
Everything I knew is a lie
6969 subscribers without any friends
Best song ever
100% would listen again
Alicia Littlejohn
Alicia Littlejohn - 5 days ago
also has TV Commercial vibes
Casey Hutchison
Casey Hutchison - 5 days ago
I’m so happy that dodie is in this idk why
Austux •
Austux • - 5 days ago
I expected to see what it looks like, not a stort
Oscar Leon
Oscar Leon - 5 days ago
You forgot the most important thing the music
Kev-Oh - 5 days ago
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