If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - Year ago
I thought about singing in this, then I thought better of it. Thanks to all the production crew who made this happen: pull down the description for full credits!
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One
No drugs where filmed in the making of this harming
Ninnikins - 4 days ago
Singggggggggggg plz
SethN0tMeth - 9 days ago
I just really want the full release of "We Flew a Kite in a Public Place."
Big Purple M
Big Purple M - Month ago
This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you
Edward Idema
Edward Idema - 2 months ago
Did someone autotune/ruin this yet?
Kevin - 4 hours ago
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou - 9 hours ago
2020: 1338
Oussama Khamlichi
Oussama Khamlichi - 14 hours ago
"written and directed by Captain Disillusion"
Tobias Görgen
Tobias Görgen - 14 hours ago
We definitely need a making of to see the how filming in the wrong speed is done
hidden mustache
hidden mustache - 15 hours ago
But you could make a minecraft parody of it
phthalo blue
phthalo blue - Day ago
I was born in the right generation
Hodgey Hodge
Hodgey Hodge - Day ago
Who steps directly on the frame of the door when they walk through a doorway though, ew
Yeff - Day ago
Hi Bob
Untitled goose
Untitled goose - Day ago
Hjönk hjönk am goose
Patrickthebrony _
Patrickthebrony _ - Day ago
I feel like this very loosely described The Great Gatsby
Connor Maughan
Connor Maughan - Day ago
Alexandre - Day ago
And of course
*Category: Education*
Noah Osborne
Noah Osborne - Day ago
still better than anything by cardi b
Evalyn Dick
Evalyn Dick - Day ago
It always messes with my brain, the audio stating the video in an audio booth was filmed after the audio was recorded matching up with the video recorded after the audio stating the scheduling.... Its not hard to understand but it messes with my head and nothing makes sense anymore
Yoda - 2 days ago
This guy be like
*TiMe LoOp*
RobotTwrecks - 2 days ago
Now some one make it into a song... with his permission of course (:
MarvelExtra - 2 days ago
Brilliant :D
de Perago
de Perago - 2 days ago
who's watching this in 2020?!?
Kelvin Thenedy
Kelvin Thenedy - 3 days ago
Wait, this is the video?
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson - 3 days ago
Bobylein - 3 days ago
I just had to rewatch a lot of my favorite music videos and while there are lots of outliers who form a coherent story, somtimes within the context of the lyrics, sometimes they add a complete different context to the video I didn't think about before, which really gives the songs a new dimension.
But the majority just fits so nicely into what you describe above. It's really interesting how similiar so different perceived art pieces can be.
Cactus Queen
Cactus Queen - 3 days ago
Getting those die dropped on you must have hurt
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson - 4 days ago
FiXato - 4 days ago
what a banging track!
Ryan McSweeney
Ryan McSweeney - 4 days ago
Nobody talking about Dodie:(
D Castera
D Castera - 4 days ago
Where are the lyrics
Blort Slompson
Blort Slompson - 5 days ago
We need a drum track to this to make it a song
SomeHazyCaveman - 5 days ago
ReWriting 40 World Travel with Kids
Best Music Video ever. 🤘🏻
Gadolini Rutherfordium
Gadolini Rutherfordium - 5 days ago
Wow we really got nerfed.
my name
my name - 5 days ago
Not dressing like a 15 year-old makes him look so much older
HBL - 3 days ago
Hm, I don't usually see him in black t-shirts with TV show or movie references on them
Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper - 6 days ago
It’s like taylor swift’s music videos😂
ratjan s
ratjan s - 8 days ago
thomas scottish
Freaky Snuke
Freaky Snuke - 9 days ago
Black people be like: Travis Scott
White people be like: Tom Scott
Sir Daisy
Sir Daisy - 9 days ago
Where’s UMG to copyright this song?
Earl Murray
Earl Murray - 9 days ago
I'd love to hear a remix of this.
Astolfo - 9 days ago
Maarten Franken
Maarten Franken - 9 days ago
Wiat waht
Ben Wall
Ben Wall - 9 days ago
Dodie?! In a Tom Scott Video? *AAAAH*
goaram - 10 days ago
genius Tom, just genius :)
Sivart3 - 10 days ago
iTunes when?
The Ultimate Reductionist
2:09 You made me have to go look up the word "diegetic". Thanks a lot, jerk. :(
Snowy Penguin
Snowy Penguin - 10 days ago
Is this how American music videos look like? It's really different.
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy - 11 days ago
I'm tryna make this my ringtone
C104 - 11 days ago
that videos gives me a headache
Ed Slushie
Ed Slushie - 11 days ago
Fifteenth take? Them’s rookie numbers!
A-Voq - 12 days ago
Somebody autotune this into a song
Chimonakimi - 13 days ago
Can I get the lyrics?
De Jules B
De Jules B - 14 days ago
Wish it was a song
Jaime Vidrio
Jaime Vidrio - 14 days ago
Ayy what are the lyrics to this. I cant find it on Shazam.
John Doe
John Doe - 15 days ago
Title correction:
If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like *Apple Commercials*
Atomic Gaming
Atomic Gaming - 15 days ago
This is such a bop! I listened to it on repeat for weeks
KingDog - 16 days ago
this beat fire tho
CSquared Films
CSquared Films - 17 days ago
No ones gonna talk about 2:04?
sean h
sean h - 17 days ago
Take that! ,70s style rotary phone. You know what you did.
Onion_ Terra
Onion_ Terra - 17 days ago
Sahid Carrasco
Sahid Carrasco - 17 days ago
It even lasts the average of a song which is 3 mins 😃
CERJ Media: Game Clips
CERJ Media: Game Clips - 17 days ago
no mention of the Aspect Ratio? Missed opportunity
Jack Harrington
Jack Harrington - 17 days ago
Watching this makes music videos look like scams.
familiar, but unrecognizable
Ever since I saw this I can't help but see a music video and watch everyone act incredibly stupid.
Clarissa Rojas
Clarissa Rojas - 18 days ago
Trent Dirks
Trent Dirks - 18 days ago
I got to know, what did you mean when you said that you're going to play some diegenic sound to prevent people from just ripping this off YouTube. I don't understand what you mean by that.
MrFiendinpotter - 2 days ago
There are websites and programs that you can put a youtube video URL into and it will let you download all the audio in a video. So you could get the song for free, so music videos have a bit halfway through the song of random sounds, like people talking in a cafe so if you want the full song properly you have to buy it
Mentql - 19 days ago
OMG, who else didn't expect Dodie to actually be in here? 😂😂
Indian Here
Indian Here - 19 days ago
Amber Mitchell
Amber Mitchell - 20 days ago
I think you meant to say "If Music Videos were Filmed like Educational Videos"
Ties de Jong
Ties de Jong - 17 days ago
What? Filmed implies a visual component, the visuals are that of a music video... it's filmed in the way a music video is filmed. The voice-over is educational... but that's not the part that has been filmed, it's been recorded beforehand.
Phantomation - 20 days ago
You forgot the major key piano music in the background.
Stefán Dal
Stefán Dal - 20 days ago
British shoulders. It’s a term. Tom has it. Big time!
Rory Macdonald
Rory Macdonald - 20 days ago
Was waiting for the video to start.....
Sam Davenport
Sam Davenport - 20 days ago
I'm sorry but this guy is an absolute genius 👏👏👏
Jyotsna Arora
Jyotsna Arora - 20 days ago
Yes if this were true we will have prove it is useless
Arg Sel
Arg Sel - 20 days ago
I friggin love this video.
W Y - 20 days ago
Woah it was a bop.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - 21 day ago
Its even the same length as an average song
xavimacbash productions
Maths Gear didn't actually pay for product placement in this video. The dice were surprisingly painful.

copied and pasted from the description
Umar Shaikh
Umar Shaikh - 21 day ago
this is art.
SebiDieBiene - 21 day ago
step 1: mute video
step 2: turn on captions
step 3: now think of a melody and make your own song
dontcheckmychannel - 21 day ago
Why does google keep pushing this video? It's not particularly good by your standards.
7\ Reed 7\
7\ Reed 7\ - 21 day ago
i was waiting for a song to start playing
Imaproshaman - 22 days ago
That was SO good and amazing wtf.
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