Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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Vesper92 - 50 minutes ago
It's a James Bond film song sung by one of the most popular singers right now. How is that it only has 87 million views? I expected so much more
Desere Fouché
Desere Fouché - Hour ago what do you guys think about my friend's cover
Deepak Iyer
Deepak Iyer - 2 hours ago
billie: no time to die
covid: well yes, but actually no
imrane zainab
imrane zainab - 2 hours ago
i love you billie eilish ... you're my favorite singer...i love you're feelings ... you always make me cry ... i'm crazy about you .. iwish you the best .. big love from morocco
ирина клинчина
тебя любят в России
Dago Bomb
Dago Bomb - 4 hours ago
this give me hard Death Parade's ending vibes dude
Three ZeeZZ
Three ZeeZZ - 6 hours ago
The Freemasons messed up so bad hahaha!
Jana’s World 616
Jana’s World 616 - 7 hours ago
haters: billie eilish always whispers to her songs how do you like her?

billie: sorry?
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle - 9 hours ago
The night is pretty.
The moon is almost round.
What is this star on the right ?
So shiny.
The nights are still warm here.
It's so cosy close to you,
In your sweet nest.
I want a kiss.
And a cuddle.
Air is warm and perfumed,
You should take off your pyjamas.
The night is pretty,
Hold me tight.
Under stars...
Good night Billie love, Billie honey.
Good night dear Puppy, so cute.
Sweet dreams...
Jacob Lando
Jacob Lando - 12 hours ago
My New Fav Song
Jacob Lando
Jacob Lando - 12 hours ago
Absolute 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yadira Morales
Yadira Morales - 13 hours ago
Did y'all hear about that Ellie Bennet girl
Juan de dios
Juan de dios - 13 hours ago
1- Skyfall
2- Writing on the wall
3- No time to die
Bianca Cee
Bianca Cee - 13 hours ago
All her songs Are RLY RLY good still tho!!:) XD :)))
Bianca Cee
Bianca Cee - 13 hours ago
I also like Ocean Eyes and You Should See Me In A Crown a BIT better
Bianca Cee
Bianca Cee - 13 hours ago
I like it but personally i like Everything I Wanted,IDONTWANNABEYOUANYMORE,When The Partys Over better
SOLLEIRO - 15 hours ago
Existe algum br aí que é fã da billie?
SADAMI Otro Bufón
SADAMI Otro Bufón - 16 hours ago
a song and thousands of mixed feelings
Demonic Beats
Demonic Beats - 17 hours ago
who likes my theme tune trap remix haah?
its not bad......right now id but it high middle of the pack if i was ranking....
U like billie?
Yes. No.
👇. 👇
Billie have pressent:
mari bispar
mari bispar - 19 hours ago
hino ♥️
Adéla Moravcová
Adéla Moravcová - 19 hours ago
♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕠𝕟𝕘♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎
Marcus Fullerton
Marcus Fullerton - 19 hours ago
Okay so I was pretty disappointed that Billie was going to be singing the bond song... I hope to god they didn’t ruin this movie
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle - 20 hours ago
I want to be a little thing.
You will put me in your pocket.
Your pants pocket.
I will be close to you all the day.
Yes Puppy, and a long walk, cute little dog !
I wish you a day like a stroll in a meadow in bloom.
رحال الرحال
رحال الرحال - 22 hours ago
فش ولا عربي غير انا
Lemon. pie__
Lemon. pie__ - 22 hours ago
Neel James
Neel James - 23 hours ago
2:01 Hans Zimmer is a fucking god when it comes to music.
Edit: And 3:09 Jesus
Neel James
Neel James - 16 hours ago
Hay Day Everyday Bille sung the song, yes, but Hans Zimmer made the music in the back.
Hay Day Everyday
Hay Day Everyday - 19 hours ago
It's billie
Дарина Лигоцькая
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle - 23 hours ago
On my plane,
With angels,
I do the poppy meditation.
It's relaxing to be a poppy.
A pretty poppy.
The rising sun is beautifull,
I come to you.
I flew all night,
Escaped the big dog,
And found the ladder,
At the bottom of the garden.
In sun light,
A sexy babe in pyjamas.
Oh, I am hearing like a scratch at the door...
Birds are singing,
"Oh, this Puppy !"
Sun is smiling.
Good morning Billie sunshine.
Here, a coffee,
You're so smoothy there.
No Puppy, don't !
Sunny today.
george ghazal
george ghazal - 23 hours ago
Tha High Rollaz Ent
🏴‍☠️MrVowz Lovez This❤️
Abbie Myers
Abbie Myers - Day ago
i love this song:)
Crownholi - Day ago
Lol i can already imagine the long opening credit with this song
luka luka
luka luka - Day ago
Lol you so trash
Sara Corner Corner
Sara Corner Corner - Day ago
Benno Fischer
Benno Fischer - Day ago
Dose anyone feel Billie’s song reminds them of “sky fall- Adele” song or just me alone?
Sky 1
Sky 1 - Day ago
No , but both are amazing
rahaf.55 j.66
rahaf.55 j.66 - Day ago
Jean Marin de L'Isle
The night is beautifull,
In this moon light.
A tender blue.
The night is beautifull.
It's a natural law,
My eyes go where my lips go.
And you know me,
I can resist.
My lips are on your skin.
May I a bite,
There ?
A soft one.
Under stars...
Good night jolie Billie so sweet.
Good night dear Puppy, so cute.
Sweet dreams...
Kay Race
Kay Race - Day ago
I love singing this song!
William Webb
William Webb - Day ago
Trump supporters singing:
Was I stupid to love you?
Was I reckless to help?
Was it obvious to everybody else
That I'd fallen for a lie?
You were never on my side.
William Webb
William Webb - Day ago
If you haven't heard Billie and Finneas' interview on World Cafe, you owe it to yourself to give a listen. It's awesome!! It includes a live version of 'No Time to Die" about 13 minutes in and lots, lots more! :)
Macd Malware
Macd Malware - Day ago
Obra maestra
Farias Sánchez
Farias Sánchez - Day ago
This song is going to win the Oscar 👑
Fouad Mohamad
Fouad Mohamad - Day ago
She is just make me cry
Melina Sanchez
Melina Sanchez - Day ago
Alguien de argentina pasa?
Hehp me to Reach 100 sub with 1 video
Everyone's gangsta until Seth gets a heart from billie
superiorhart - Day ago
[Verse 1]
I should have known
I'd leave alone
Just goes to show
That the blood you bleed is just the blood you owe
We were a pair
But I saw you there
Too much to bear
You were my life, but life is far away from fair
Was I stupid to love you?
Was I reckless to help?
Was it obvious to everybody else?
That I'd fallen for a lie
You were never on my side
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you'll never see me cry
There's just no time to die
[Verse 2]
I let it burn
You're no longer my concern, mmm
Faces from my past return
Another lesson yet to learn

That I'd fallen for a lie
You were never on my side
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you'll never see me cry
There's just no time to die
No time to die, mmm
No time to die, ooh
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you'll never see me cry
There's just no time to die
Borbo Calogero
Borbo Calogero - Day ago
James Bond 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣
Borbo Calogero
Borbo Calogero - Day ago
Borbo Calogero
Borbo Calogero - Day ago
sadece ekin
sadece ekin - Day ago
i dont really like her songs but im in love with this song
Josh A
Josh A - Day ago
I'm a Bond guy
Seth Bailey
Seth Bailey - Day ago
Pirate Baird O'Connell. Best name ever. Apart from Claudia winkleman
Genaro Olmos Olmos
Genaro Olmos Olmos - Day ago
con tus cansiones me espire adibujas tu retrato
Shaden Is #1
Shaden Is #1 - Day ago
If you hate billie....

*I hope you hit your toe against a corner then later step on a Lego*
وئام ستيشن العبوش
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh - Day ago
Y i hear Minecraft music in background.
CryingStarS - Day ago
Credit to the one and only great Maestro Hans Zimmer for the orchestra composition on this song and the movie as whole.

Moment of silence to those who’s doesn’t freaking know who HANS ZIMMER is.... 😂😂
Jean Marin de L'Isle
On my plane,
I am in a hurry,
Angels have to hang on,
I go to full speed,
I want a kiss,
I come to you.
In cool morning,
My heart is beating strongly,
On the ladder.
This light is joy !
I want a kiss,
A tender one,
And warm too.
A kiss on the rose pulp,
The delicate velvet.
And your hand in my hair.
What a beautifull morning !
Birds are in swoon,
Sun is smiling.
Good morning Billie blue sky.
Here, a coffee,
Give me one more kiss.
Sunny today.
David Bulat
David Bulat - 2 days ago
My depression is depressed
ci u
ci u - 2 days ago
nicolò sarti
nicolò sarti - 2 days ago
Very, very nice. The song, melody, and Billie's voice is PERFECT for a James Bond film. Only criticism, if they could have added the iconic James Bond theme music incorporated in the bridge of the song. You'll notice especially in the older movies they did that. It just gives it that added quintessential "James Bond" feel.
Iris Smith
Iris Smith - 2 days ago
any body else think that the 007 next to the "TO" looks like the word "oof"?
Nope just meh?
Pianist Ling Ling
Pianist Ling Ling - Day ago
Me too
EVidz - 2 days ago
People Say that "Billie Eilish only has American fans"
*Like if you're not American*
Pianist Ling Ling
Pianist Ling Ling - 3 hours ago
I'm Turkish
dieuwkeplays roblox
dieuwkeplays roblox - 3 hours ago
Im Dutch
Daria Butnaru
Daria Butnaru - 4 hours ago
Im romanian
Ben Munday
Ben Munday - 8 hours ago
No one says that
Meggy Moo
Meggy Moo - 18 hours ago
Okay but..nobody says that love
EVidz - 2 days ago
"I pray that whoever reads this becomes successful"
BILQEES VADIA - 2 days ago
Here before 1 billion
VITAL - 2 days ago
diana l
diana l - 2 days ago
Zyp - 2 days ago
Me: Waiting For Seth Evermans Comment

Also Me: OK He Isn't Gonna Comment
Syed Muhammed Abdullah
Syed Muhammed Abdullah - 2 days ago
You dont realize until u ve heard it a couple times that it this one is an amaaaaaazzzzing bond song
Dejamever Toros
Dejamever Toros - 2 days ago
Leaping Larry The Large Lad
I simply cannot find the time to die
Jeauntileau - 2 days ago
The live performance of this tho!
Vitto Labaass
Vitto Labaass - 2 days ago
Who is downloading this before the shut down of youtube, yeah, 2026 its not fare enough btw
Sora Topa
Sora Topa - 2 days ago
Still listening to this in 2022 💙
Black Bieber
Black Bieber - 2 days ago
Can't wait to peep the movie
Talia Norman
Talia Norman - 2 days ago
I’ve been listening to this song since it came out and only now I relate to it 😭😭
Arya - 2 days ago
Shes my hero🖤
Ola Kotus
Ola Kotus - 2 days ago
Full me once full me twice
C h e r i
C h e r i - 2 days ago
Dang, these comments are so freshh!! Let's keep it this way
Naveen Zafar
Naveen Zafar - 2 days ago
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Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle - 2 days ago
For you,
These are daisies,
It's sunday morning !
I want a kiss.
Yes Puppy, a good day for a stroll, little cute dog !
I wish you a luminous day.
maricota kk
maricota kk - 2 days ago
tava pensando em fazer cover dessa música. Minha voz é feia, mas né akka
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle - 2 days ago
On my plane,
When it's cold,
Angels put a plaid on my shoulders.
They are so kind.
I can see ocean,
I come to you.
In sun light,
That you are so cute,
Is not innocent...
Over a small piece of silk,
Softer still,
The grain of your skin,
On your belly.
Your belly...
Your hips...
My kisses.
What a beautifull morning !
Birds are doing loopings,
Sun is smiling.
Good morning Billie sunshine.
Here, a coffee,
You're so smoothy there too.
Sunny today.
soonermagic24 - 3 days ago
Cornell’s was the best.
forest yves
forest yves - 3 days ago
c'est pas mal, choupette !
T Lo
T Lo - 3 days ago
This sooo can be in a Bond movie
マーメピヨの祠 - 3 days ago
Loony Jack
Loony Jack - 3 days ago
James bond has hit a new low.
FloBraMan - 3 days ago
No hate (it's a beautiful song), but...the chorus sounds like copy/paste from "Writing's On the Wall" and "Skyfall."
Loony Jack
Loony Jack - 3 days ago
It’s a awful song
Misia Brawl Stars
Misia Brawl Stars - 3 days ago
Mohamed Ahmid
Mohamed Ahmid - 3 days ago
Miguel angel Montero saldaña
Beautiful music no time to die
Loony Jack
Loony Jack - 3 days ago
Awful for the bond franchise
Joao Ferreira Luz
Joao Ferreira Luz - 3 days ago
Uma doce,eu amo .
Graham Collins
Graham Collins - 3 days ago
The more I here this the more I like it than Sam smiths version of last movie😂
viktor lebedev
viktor lebedev - 3 days ago
Я фильм хотел покупать в оригинале а теперь хрен знает буду или нет тока из за трека не хочу покупать в коллекцию а я люблю фильмы о бонде
BluBlaDe - 3 days ago
This is shit for a James Bond movie.
Come at me bros.
You know my name and OHMSS themes are the defining songs of the series.
Loony Jack
Loony Jack - 3 days ago
You know my name was fire
viktor lebedev
viktor lebedev - 3 days ago
За главный трек говно проста щняга я фанат бондианы зачем такой трек говно
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