Tina Turner - The Best (Official Music Video) [HD REMASTERED]

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ciprian gabriel chiriac
ciprian gabriel chiriac - 7 minutes ago
tina turner una din inconfudabile voci are doar din partea mea , regie 7 .. mesaj de 9 , text de 8 , multumesc mult ....
Silvia Patricia Zanfino Rodriguez
Un ejemplo de fémina
Voula Panag
Voula Panag - Hour ago
Tina you are THE BEST!!!💋💖
nancy lucas
nancy lucas - 13 hours ago
I love the music 👍 great
Greta Petion
Greta Petion - Day ago
Tina Tina I pv❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹Dieu vous aime🙏🏻
MrHilton 59
MrHilton 59 - Day ago
Simply the best mon rangers 🇬🇧🇬🇧
IntoTheBlue - Day ago
She is amazing. Not only as an musician but as a person aswell.
Deepika - Day ago
Schitts Creek brought me here and I'm not disappointed. Masterpiece. 🥺
Oscar Vianna Vianna
Eu confesso que quando eu vejo essa mulher cantar eu me dá um frio por dentro mas tem aula algo diferente eu não sei é o jeito dela cantar a música tudo tudo tudo ela me encanta Nossa é incrível é incrível é inexplicável não tenho nem palavras para explicar maravilhosa
Oscar Vianna Vianna
Bill sanyam I think I'm sure you knew that baked Brussel decimal abusa de musica nothing go out now your source for me to find
William Blasius
William Blasius - Day ago
Setembro de 2020...
Vasile Macovei
Vasile Macovei - Day ago
,tumultoasa,tina,tarner,0buna,si,marE,cintareata,de,muzi a,,uasoRa,a,americii,,o,stiu,de
Jeff Dumm
Jeff Dumm - Day ago
I danced with my mother to this song at my wedding
Evans Ganyo
Evans Ganyo - Day ago
incredible song
Thomas Hayden
Thomas Hayden - Day ago
alberto bolívar cocina con freddy
La mejor sin lugar a dudas..!!.
Joseph Schiro
Joseph Schiro - Day ago
I am still loving Tina after 46 years
Giacomo Caira
Giacomo Caira - Day ago
I prefer the original version by PorkBand
Ty Marshall
Ty Marshall - 2 days ago
Freaking love Tina Turner she's the GOAT
william perfetti
william perfetti - 2 days ago
big tina i like loves..
Laura Padovani
Laura Padovani - 2 days ago
Questo motivo è un crescendo travolgente . Lo adoro
Stefano Mercadante
Stefano Mercadante - 2 days ago
Go Go
Go Go - 2 days ago
Still the best !!
Clint Will
Clint Will - 2 days ago
When you didn’t Even need to Twerk to make a hit record 🙏🏾.. wish I lived in these times
Ethan Tran
Ethan Tran - 2 days ago
You're the best Tina Turner! Forgive me Tina! You're the best Tina! Sorry to bring up your abusive husband.
ILove KinderCards
ILove KinderCards - 2 days ago
31 years ago
Gabbie McGuire
Gabbie McGuire - 2 days ago
Yes yes and yes!
All the lyrics resonate. This one's for you momy YOU ARE THE BEST!
Luc Dewaele
Luc Dewaele - 2 days ago
Yes she is simply the best ! Seen in Sportpaleis Antwerp in year ????
Ewan Witherow
Ewan Witherow - 2 days ago
80s Music
80s Music - 2 days ago
You are listening to this because you know it is a great tune and the eighties were the greatest musical decade we have seen.
Carlo Michael
Carlo Michael - 2 days ago
Gladys Corbett
Gladys Corbett - 2 days ago
Good motivation song
Marcia Machado
Marcia Machado - 2 days ago
Isso sim que é música ela é musa uma estrela eterna
Gonzalo Del momte
Gonzalo Del momte - 3 days ago
Inmejorable. La mejor.!!!
Andre Luis
Andre Luis - 3 days ago
Tina Turner,The Best!!
Mo - Do
Mo - Do - 3 days ago
Дерзкая бабка.
Marie Conway
Marie Conway - 3 days ago
I am simply the best...hahaha
Jaime Castro
Jaime Castro - 3 days ago
Ami me fasina tina turner
Andrej Milutinovic
Andrej Milutinovic - 3 days ago
The Best or What's Love Got To Do With It
YM Tang
YM Tang - 3 days ago
Hong Kong promotion advertisement in 1995, and the song performed by Elisa Chan.
Arzen Kryeziu
Arzen Kryeziu - 3 days ago
Tina ...........sempre Tina
Mrb Kitkat
Mrb Kitkat - 3 days ago
Anybody got a clue as to Tina's horsepower? Always loved this video. Wouldn't it have been cool when we were young adults to have all this contact instantly, while we watched the video live, no less!
安田和男 - 3 days ago
Keea Lasha
Keea Lasha - 3 days ago
Better Than All The Rest🤘🏾👑❤️🤘🏾
Heavenly - 3 days ago
Jaime Castro
Jaime Castro - 3 days ago
Ami me fasina todas las canciones de tina turnee en espcial the best
Billy Good Life
Billy Good Life - 3 days ago
im here becoz of Schitts Creek and i thought its a guy 😂
Mary lou McClatchie
Mary lou McClatchie - 3 days ago
I agree
Sylvia Hoyer-Kupfer
Sylvia Hoyer-Kupfer - 4 days ago
so gut kann ich das nicht. Dafür gibt es Profies
Ice Queen
Ice Queen - 4 days ago
Diva maravilhosa! Mulher superação !
Oldemar Gloria
Oldemar Gloria - 4 days ago
Olá Tina Turner, gosto muito das suas canções, sou de Marumbi-Pr Brasil.
speakingofrolls1 - 4 days ago
Here because of James Bay IG live.
Эдуард Оглы
Эдуард Оглы - 4 days ago
Paty Mmm
Paty Mmm - 4 days ago
Талантливая красавица
Саид Саидовский
Thanks Tina you are special 🍎of my eye. 💕
Best legs ever. For my brave LEDGENDS LOVE YOU ALL MY SUPER HEROS 😍💖
bouisri youcef
bouisri youcef - 4 days ago
Hot wild crazy woman and I love it so much
Bren-A-Boy - 4 days ago
Who's here from The Good Place?
Mohamed Riaz Jaffer
Mohamed Riaz Jaffer - 4 days ago
Amazing song ... truly classic ... so many years and still the freshness and effect of the song lives ... one of the truly great songs of all time
Anita Shaw
Anita Shaw - 4 days ago
Everything about Tina is so powerful. Her voice, her energy, her incredablely taught body and her soul. She is the best.
Design Wittgren
Design Wittgren - 4 days ago
Still the best song 🎶 💖 !
Плитка и не только! И не только, плитка!
Я люблю любил и буду любить, Тина ты самая Чëрная Женщина, ты Самая
z litle vaz
z litle vaz - 3 days ago
Que genial canción Tina Tunder ! :) MX
Rabia Ismail
Rabia Ismail - 5 days ago
Who's listening at 14 07 Thursday 2020 she is same with my mum 60 millions vieuws💜
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson - 5 days ago
Tina is the best one of the true ultimate classics and she is the ultimate Divaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Love you Tina always will :)
WeraLasota - 5 days ago
Stefano 500vintage
Stefano 500vintage - 5 days ago
Tina Turner è sempre BBBBONAAAAAAAAA
Richard B
Richard B - 5 days ago
Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee - 5 days ago
Been to Zurich. Checked out needle park . Gsp exit 4 much worse no. Comp
Arison. Oh . Gotta play steamy windows and take photo of car. 2. Hrs of camp funtime at last.
Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee - 5 days ago
Its 2019.
Craig Dowling
Craig Dowling - 5 days ago
The first line, sounds like she said my farts on fire!!!!!
Mr Green
Mr Green - 5 days ago
Sil lut
Sil lut - 6 days ago
Excelente tema!!!!❤
Gemma Blair
Gemma Blair - 6 days ago
Νikolaos - 6 days ago
Τι μεγάλη επιτυχία κι αυτό το τραγούδι τότε!
Teresa Amorim Pais
Teresa Amorim Pais - 6 days ago
Teresa Amorim Pais
Teresa Amorim Pais - 6 days ago
My good incroyabli maravilhoso vídeo Beautiful Nice :-) MUSIK Forever like song for you my LOOOVEEE BABY LOVE FANE TOO YOU BEAUTIFUL NICE MESSAGGIO like voice beautify video Thanksgiving Tina Turner and photo quality and
Ruth Jacobson
Ruth Jacobson - 6 days ago
Love this song. Katrina's fave karoke song
l murphy
l murphy - 6 days ago
The year 2020 needed this song bc this bc everyone told 2020 that it sucked lol. Theres always a silver lining though. Keep on livin. Good song
L Welkey
L Welkey - 6 days ago
Nothing...nothing is like Tina Turner. Icon.
Jessica Rae Cortez
Jessica Rae Cortez - 6 days ago
Schitt’s Creek brought me here
Sérgio de la Orden
Sérgio de la Orden - 6 days ago
Adoro Tina Turner....nesse ano maldito, que jamais será esquecido pela humanidade, me resta ouvir música boa.
Mary Agyapong
Mary Agyapong - 6 days ago
Yeah!!! I'm here. She's simply the best. Lots of love MomTina Turner
Duc Norman
Duc Norman - 7 days ago
Ionela Costea
Ionela Costea - 7 days ago
Simply the best forever!!!
Comissão Processante CNH 1a DRPC
tina the best . Cantora incrível. Muito top :)
Katie Brown
Katie Brown - 7 days ago
Rosana Cuber Muonima
Rosana Cuber Muonima - 7 days ago
Bons momentos... 💯🔥💋
Patrick Hopkins
Patrick Hopkins - 7 days ago
Tina Turner is simply the best.
Anuradati Kulshrestha
Anuradati Kulshrestha - 7 days ago
So grateful to Schitts Creek for introducing me to this beautiful song. Absolutely love the original as well as Noah Reid and Jazzagals version. So grateful for this song! 🥺❤️
giorgio lapper
giorgio lapper - 7 days ago
Anna mae, many many female singers in 2020 could just be your housemaids
( with all My respect for housemaids)
Djilali Ramdane
Djilali Ramdane - 7 days ago
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Nathalia Matias
Nathalia Matias - 7 days ago
Simplesmente a melhor! Tina é linda demais, perfeita!👏👏👏
Рафаиль Алмаев
Подобия нет.это супер
Матлюба Мирзаева
Жора Кулик
Жора Кулик - 8 days ago
yo, Argentina
yo, Argentina - 8 days ago
Es la mejor!!!!
Mikołaj Bieliński
Mikołaj Bieliński - 8 days ago
*Who* *Listened* *Fans* *1989* *Tina* *Turner* *~* *The* *Best* *.*
lillyray mandoake
lillyray mandoake - 8 days ago
I love Tina for my sister used to play her all the time
Karmen Jazbec
Karmen Jazbec - 8 days ago
yeah tina babe i am happy because mr tambourine man loves me
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