Tina Turner - The Best

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KacperWKK - Day ago
Nie da się opisać jednym słowem tej piosenki. Po prostu Najlepsza...Najlepsza piosenka wszechczasów. Uwielbiam ją..
oOPraetorianOo - Day ago
Love this song!
Two reasons, a girl from a covers band sang this to me in a club when I was down from a break-up!
The second time was when I held my Rotty, Starlet as she was put to sleep because of old age and a shattered hip!
My partner put Heart station on the tv and this played as the vet gave Starlet the injection.
Patrick Stocks
Patrick Stocks - Day ago
I call you when I need you, my hearts 💕 on fire 🔥
You come to me, come to me wild 😜 and wired
Oh, you come to me, give me everything I need
Give me a life time of promises and a world 🌎 of dreams
Speak the language of love 💔 like you know what it means
Mm, and it can’t be wrong, take my heart 💓 and make it strong 💪 babe
You’re simply the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I ever met
I’m stuck on your heart 💖 I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby 👶 I would rather be dead 💀
In your heart 💓 I see the start of every night and every day
In your eyes 👀 I get lost, I get washed away
Just as long here in your arms I could be in no better place
You’re simply the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I ever met
I’m stuck on your heart 💖 I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby 🍼 I would rather be dead 💀
Each time you leave me I start losing control
You’re walking 🚶‍♀️ away with my heart 💓 and my soul
I can feel you even when I’m alone
Oh, baby 🍼 don’t let go
You’re the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I ever met
I’m stuck on your heart 💖
I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart
Baby 🍼 I would rather be dead 💀
Oh you’re the best
Любомира Дойкина
Tom Rowan
Tom Rowan - Day ago
Seeing Ms. Turner in concert were two of the best nights of my life. God bless Tina Turner!!
sona chawla
sona chawla - Day ago
Simply awesome
Pa weł
Pa weł - Day ago
Elizabete Cardozo
Elizabete Cardozo - Day ago
We dont need another hero / cause / youre simply the Best*
Elena Leana
Elena Leana - 2 days ago
Bravooo Tina🥁🎸🎸🎸🎧🔊🔊🔊🔊🎼🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎸🎸🎸🎸😚🤗🌏🌏🌏🌏
sabrina meddah
sabrina meddah - 2 days ago
Amanda - 2 days ago
This song is my childhood. So glad the NRL has it back this year. My love affair (as tough as it has been) with the Raiders started when I was a kid listening to this song.
GrubWarp - 2 days ago
this version seems so slow
Joaci Nandi
Joaci Nandi - 2 days ago
Eu aqui tomamdo uma gelada e curtimdo
Ольга Лапшина
Толеуcgf7 Бурамбаева
Казаты джбар. Другитинр.😉
Last Ninja
Last Ninja - 3 days ago
OMG! Love her! she is the Best!!!!!!
Tomasz Paszek
Tomasz Paszek - 3 days ago
best song of all time
I love U Tina
Jackie Bitte
Jackie Bitte - 3 days ago
Schitts creek brought me here!
Pedrina Darcy Pena
Pedrina Darcy Pena - 3 days ago
Tina é, simplesmente a melhor! Love!
T B - 3 days ago
Patrick brought me here
Honey Lee
Honey Lee - 3 days ago
Omg Tina looks amazing in this video!
Nicola Hughes
Nicola Hughes - 3 days ago
Amazing woman! She is my inspiration and my go to song for my vocal ability!
Sarah Baylis
Sarah Baylis - 4 days ago
Miss you dad on your birthday
IMK - 4 days ago
Tina Turner is SIMPLY THE BEST
Тимур Боярский
а как переводится The best
Solange Dos Santos
Solange Dos Santos - 4 days ago
simplesmente a melhor
Maria - 4 days ago
A symbol of the possibility of having your greatest success, personally and in your work, later in life. If you keep working hard and staying true to yourself. An inspiration.
megasfrankdavid - 4 days ago
Today is Valentine’s Day 2020 but you’re still SIMPLY THE BEST Tina! 😍
Giovani Fernandes
Giovani Fernandes - 3 days ago
σοφία μαγγου
Simply the best!
Gayatri Pandey
Gayatri Pandey - 5 days ago
One of the best songs ever!
Betty Mota
Betty Mota - 5 days ago
Poderosa! Intensa!!!
Каншауби Машуков
Бывает же когда случайно сходяться случайно нежданно старые друзья, как в этом клипе и музыка и слова и красота!!!
chickinshock - 5 days ago
I remember watching this as a child and it struck me how much she was beautiful, strong and free. When she's riding the horse OMG !!!! She did have a very hard life and she deserves all her sucess +++
Tamila Cecxladze
Tamila Cecxladze - 6 days ago
Márcio Bouzon
Márcio Bouzon - 6 days ago
I Love you
Вера Вишневская
Гимн Герболайф😙
Lohan Morais de farias
Lohan Morais de farias - 6 days ago
Sou brasileira e só fã da tina amo linda
Mohamed Abdelnaby
Mohamed Abdelnaby - 6 days ago
Gorgeous ❤️
Debora Kelly
Debora Kelly - 6 days ago
Simplesmente Maravilhosa 👑
Val P
Val P - 7 days ago
Dado Peric
Dado Peric - 7 days ago
I know Tina
jdrose1000 - 7 days ago
Love this song!
GoldenBwoy Daniel
GoldenBwoy Daniel - 7 days ago
Damn! Im still grooving into this🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤
Anita Belluga
Anita Belluga - 7 days ago
Pet Llazy
Pet Llazy - 7 days ago
How great is Tina. Only voice better is Whitney
Warley Jesus
Warley Jesus - 8 days ago
11 anos atrás 🤫☝️
Vashti Jones
Vashti Jones - 8 days ago
Ms Corrine you are the best and dont you ever forget it!!!
Vashti Jones
Vashti Jones - 8 days ago
I have been in love with her music and legs since birth, lmao
JU VIEGAS - 8 days ago
tina tuner canta e danca muito sou fa dela demais
Dr. Melanie
Dr. Melanie - 8 days ago
Anna Sloan
Anna Sloan - 8 days ago
She looks more beautiful in this video then any other time in her life..imo..she just looks so confident and sexy and HAPPY..wonder how long she had been away from ike at this point.
Nixolas - 8 days ago
Anyone out there behind the screen... you're simply the best!
Ines Kurtisi
Ines Kurtisi - 8 days ago
The Best Tina foreverrr...
François Adel
François Adel - 8 days ago
Астанда Авидзба
Моя любимая Тина! Эта песня на века!
Michael Leon
Michael Leon - 9 days ago
New moon to tibet. Luke chapter 6 verse 7.
Leonan Ferreira
Leonan Ferreira - 9 days ago
Leonan Ferreira
Leonan Ferreira - 9 days ago
Tudo bem aí com você eu estou vendo que não vi nada a ver
nguyenduy HN
nguyenduy HN - 10 days ago
Monique Côrtes
Monique Côrtes - 10 days ago
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