Human Pizza Challenge

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I'm so funny
I'm so funny - 3 months ago
did it feel good dough?
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald - Day ago
lisa ROXXI sandoval shut up just shut up
L0ST S0UL - 5 days ago
Peanut Butter Baby
L0ST S0UL - 5 days ago
Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer - 19 days ago
sleepytime bear I doubt it lol
Lena Tran
Lena Tran - 23 days ago
I'm so funny a
cf Adventure vivi
cf Adventure vivi - 4 hours ago
my dad is older then link my dad is 41
Leigh Anne
Leigh Anne - Day ago
The first few seconds of the vid was played over a million times 😂😂😂
wafiro - Day ago
Do a HOT dog next
Slime For you
Slime For you - Day ago
Real life version of Katy Perry’s music video Bon appetit
Nikki-Nik L
Nikki-Nik L - 2 days ago
39?!?!?!?!?! JESUS
the gaming turkey
the gaming turkey - 2 days ago
This is so sad can we turn Rhett into a egg roll?
Agnes Wiman
Agnes Wiman - 2 days ago
Awww... such a waste of pizza stuff🤤
yessin redjeb
yessin redjeb - 2 days ago
How Many pizzaz could have you done with all that food
XxbublegumxX Bitch
XxbublegumxX Bitch - 4 days ago
What did I just watch...I love it
Walter Mulicz
Walter Mulicz - 4 days ago
Star Wolf
Star Wolf - 5 days ago
This reminds me of an episode of TMNT
SHELLEY WALTERS - 5 days ago
Rhett : I like a thicc sauce
》 Kaleidoscope 《
》 Kaleidoscope 《 - 5 days ago
katy perry back at it again
D0g g0
D0g g0 - 6 days ago
I know a pizza joke but it would be too cheesy.
Lit Cat
Lit Cat - 7 days ago
Ha link
Anna Zhang
Anna Zhang - 8 days ago
U ok???
Thats awesome
Dragon Beast
Dragon Beast - 8 days ago
I saw this on pornhub
lexi crenshaw
lexi crenshaw - 8 days ago
This is the same day as my brothers birthday like when he was born in 2018
Zion Nuby
Zion Nuby - 8 days ago
You guys should make an ecosphere and do updates on it
HaileyThoo - 8 days ago
*thinking of video ideas* LETS COVER LINK IN PIZZA INGREDIENTS
LD - 8 days ago
"You okay?"
Zaria O'Reilly
Zaria O'Reilly - 8 days ago
"Bon Appetite baby"
Martin Wichmand
Martin Wichmand - 9 days ago
What a waste of food. WTF man!!!
Ro Mo
Ro Mo - 9 days ago
1:46...I'm ready to put this all over your face. Are you ready to receive it? 😄😄😄😄
Lizard Lord
Lizard Lord - 9 days ago
Wheres the pineapple
Everettrice Rice
Everettrice Rice - 9 days ago
Us should have melted the cheese first before you put on the pepper
Rocнelle Doυglαѕ
Rocнelle Doυglαѕ - 9 days ago
Johnson Bowen
Johnson Bowen - 9 days ago
#1:27 oh it's cold !
Kay Ortega
Kay Ortega - 9 days ago
Why does this remind me of katy perrys bon appetit music video
Shiloh Doggo
Shiloh Doggo - 10 days ago
Everything about this seems wrong
P Becker
P Becker - 10 days ago
It's disgusting to see this waste of food for the sake of facile entertainment. Typically USA!
iiElise lovesroblox
iiElise lovesroblox - 11 days ago
Wait,39 year old men ? more older then dad.
Blank Page
Blank Page - 11 days ago
I watched this while eating pizza!!!😂😂😂
Debora Espinosa
Debora Espinosa - 11 days ago
Anyone else notice how much he was shaking ??
K H - 11 days ago
So did they get the idea from Katy Perry or did Katy Perry get it from them?? 😂
Jennifer Eisenberg
Jennifer Eisenberg - 12 days ago
You need to knead the dough more for optimal stretch and ingredient lay. Good try overall.
Filip Porebski
Filip Porebski - 12 days ago
Howtoobasic is better in this category
Squidward Tears ::
Squidward Tears :: - 13 days ago
*bon apitite baby*
Sydney Losey
Sydney Losey - 13 days ago
Jenni Clark
Jenni Clark - 13 days ago
Make Link into guacamole!!!
Morgan Strømberg
Morgan Strømberg - 13 days ago
you forgot pinaplle
Elias Zaccari
Elias Zaccari - 17 days ago
Gotta say that's a massive waste of food cmon guys
Shimmergirl - 18 days ago
Katy Perry bon appetite
Animations 2.0
Animations 2.0 - 18 days ago
One large Sallie is on the pizza
Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer - 19 days ago
Bon- bon appetit, baybeh
pip pip cheerio
pip pip cheerio - 20 days ago
"The remains go to hungry kids in Africa"
Business Shark
Business Shark - 20 days ago
Are you ok
Dang Quang Pham
Dang Quang Pham - 21 day ago
Can you turn Link in to KFC
Puppyman 97
Puppyman 97 - 21 day ago
Why is it always link? LOL
Noodle Tee
Noodle Tee - 22 days ago
the real MVPs of the videos are the mythical crew having to make all the props, prepare, and clean up after all this
I need to send this videos _Link_ to my friends 😂
CoNbAT lUG - 24 days ago
Katy Perry bonus appetite in a nutshell
Rabiez - 24 days ago
Looks like the next 50 shades of grey.... Human food style.
Razzmatazz - 24 days ago
all we need is a human burrito
Kronus - 25 days ago
Hannibal lecter approves
Random Poop
Random Poop - 26 days ago
wheres gmm
SDseb - 27 days ago
1:52 Me on a Sunday Morning.

Emily_ galaxy
Emily_ galaxy - 27 days ago
"You ok?!"
Ali Ross
Ali Ross - 27 days ago
Is... Is this what cannibalisms like?
LEO #man
LEO #man - 27 days ago
Will it link ?
静火傷那 - 28 days ago
How do you feel about this episode ladies?
Shantslolobird - 28 days ago
To me Link looks like a vegetarian and Rett looks like a meat eater
CurryKingWurst - 29 days ago
The “Death Cab for Pizza“ shirts!
L W - 29 days ago
when i saw the thum nail i thought some one died.
isela martinez
isela martinez - Month ago
Throughout my whole entire life, I never knew the little table thing they put in the middle of the pizza was for the pizza to not touch the box... until now
Anthony Lane
Anthony Lane - Month ago
nOW lEtS tAstE TeSt IT.
Madeleine Mellgren
Madeleine Mellgren - Month ago
1:24 Katy Perry in Bon appétit
Plushie Martin
Plushie Martin - Month ago
"Death Cab for Pizza"?... When your favorite band also makes pizza XD
Karl hymers
Karl hymers - Month ago
T H I C C sauce
Kaleb Snio
Kaleb Snio - Month ago
i have to say 1:15 is the best part
Ebag tay
Ebag tay - Month ago
This could be a good funeral procession, you could even put me in the oven after that
Kaitlynn Henderson
Kaitlynn Henderson - Month ago
1:23 I have never laughed so hard
EpicMarioFan101 - Month ago
Imagine your parents walking in while you're watching this...
the planet pluto is here
It’s the Bon appétit music video all over again.
Benxcx - Month ago
Caydenlol - Month ago
The flour scene looked like the flour scene from Bon Appetite by Katy Perry
Jenna Elise
Jenna Elise - Month ago
My friend: What's Good Mythical Morning?
Me: Shows her first few seconds of video
My friend: Oh...
Mei the wolf Hey
Mei the wolf Hey - Month ago
If I was an adult I would have to wear a bra and panties
Nordic Gamer
Nordic Gamer - Month ago
Are you making pizza with human flavor or human with pizza flavor
Sly White Wolf
Sly White Wolf - Month ago
If its pizza wouldn’t we have to bake him?
Jaxon Bowen
Jaxon Bowen - Month ago
Link is it ok if i put it on your face?
Sky Couture
Sky Couture - Month ago
what if he gets acne?
Ireland Hunt
Ireland Hunt - Month ago
katy perry flash backs 1:19
Clorox bleach
Clorox bleach - Month ago
It kinda looks good tbh xD
Tracer x Weeabo
Tracer x Weeabo - Month ago
Is this on Pornhub™?
Ninja 3089
Ninja 3089 - Month ago
It’s so funny when you said dough boy!😝😝🎩
Eleni Mauropoulou
Eleni Mauropoulou - Month ago
Some people would say this is a waste of food but I say its totally worth it😂
Matthew McCabe
Matthew McCabe - Month ago
39! Yrs!
Spyro TheDragon
Spyro TheDragon - Month ago
Well, at least he's safe from skunk spray
Megan Munday
Megan Munday - Month ago
sheogorath the daedric prince of gaming
Mythical's version of katy perry's song
Kiy Moore
Kiy Moore - Month ago
Bon appetite baby 😂😂 (that Katy Perry song 😂)
theoatmilk - Month ago
The giant stuff was so cute :’)
theoatmilk - Month ago
39? Woah talk about eating age!
Aquatic Plays
Aquatic Plays - Month ago
Simply looking at the thumbnail only, I thought it was a horrifying murder scene.
Red Paandas
Red Paandas - Month ago
Rhett: *Are you okay?*
Link: *No.*
Rhett: *Good.*
Momoka7 - Month ago
_So much_ Wasted Food ...
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams - Month ago
I was gonna make a pizza joke nevermind it's extra cheesey
killjoy who draws
killjoy who draws - Month ago
life on the murder scene
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