Human Pizza Challenge

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kyle.c music
kyle.c music - Year ago
did it feel good dough?
Rachel Nevins
Rachel Nevins - 14 days ago
i thought of that joke as soon as he said he was dough
Eddie Drinkwater
Eddie Drinkwater - 2 months ago
Don't worry the video only lasted 5 minutes, so it wasn't that bad.
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - 3 months ago
Oh no
NoChoa - 4 months ago
Best joke ive seen on youtube
baboon lookin biatch
baboon lookin biatch - 5 months ago
Bella-Chanel Coory
Bella-Chanel Coory - 3 days ago
Happy one year anniversary to this video!
inbal - 10 days ago
they should have gone to a random house, ask them if they ordered pizza and then give them that. that'd be a story to tell...
Cucumber Mustard
Cucumber Mustard - 16 days ago
Remember there 40 year old men
Kidos Kookies
Kidos Kookies - 18 days ago
You got some sort of fetish going on here😂😂
Kayagorzan - 19 days ago
*T H E P I Z Z A P R O T E C T O R*
Tokyo ghoul fan 53
Tokyo ghoul fan 53 - 28 days ago
Galaxy Cupcake
Galaxy Cupcake - 28 days ago
*Son* : Why didn't they cook em?
*Me* : Are you trying to kill em..?!
Stephen Shillan
Stephen Shillan - 29 days ago
Links 39?! He looks freakin 23!
Shane Ricks
Shane Ricks - Month ago
Rhett: YOU OK?!
Link: NO!!
Rhett: GOOD!!
I'mweird - Month ago
the thumbnail reminds me of American beauty
Ebrahem Almohammadsalem
Such waste of cardboard
Trittysmalls - Month ago
Does link volunteer to do this he is the one always this.
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson - Month ago
Great way to start a video
Jennifer Viets
Jennifer Viets - Month ago
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - Month ago
The first time I saw this, the teaser at the beginning scared me. I thought the stunt had gone wrong and Link had fainted.
Souijin Ferdinand
Souijin Ferdinand - Month ago
Mussolini was executed this way. His last words were “Oh-a No-ey! Not-A the pasta Sauce!”
Bitter ฺ Sweet ฺ Lemonade
Katy Perry bon appétit who?
Nebulosis - Month ago
Actually looks good
Dark Moon The Wolf and Pony
Chase: does everything normally and gently
Rhett: *dumps everything on Link's crotch*
Xaylius - Month ago
Wow. Shocking that link said no to being disrobed by his lover boy
sa tan
sa tan - Month ago
Why always link? 😆
Spence Mundorf
Spence Mundorf - Month ago
This is how I want to go
Anthony Zielinski
Anthony Zielinski - Month ago
Why is the editing so awful
Aksa Bibi
Aksa Bibi - Month ago
This reminds me of Katy Perry’s bon appetit music video 😂
Halle Sklivas
Halle Sklivas - Month ago
I wish they had actually sent him to a frat house that would've been hilarious
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen - 2 months ago
Hilarious how Link ia always the human food item!!! But somehow it always seems to work........
ginoxio2004 - 2 months ago
pIzZa TiMe
It’s Katelyn ya bish
It’s Katelyn ya bish - 2 months ago
1:43 is me on my period for the first few days
Hakashi Tako
Hakashi Tako - 2 months ago
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson - 2 months ago
Rhett lives to torture Link doesn't he?
ewoud          van aalst
ewoud van aalst - 2 months ago
Well, it's actually true. At domino's the delivery guy does make the pizza. My friend works there and he has to make and deliver
DJ _PURPL3 - 2 months ago
39?!?!?!??! O_O
Irish_Jedi 115
Irish_Jedi 115 - 2 months ago
Rhett: u ok?
Link: NO!!!
Rhett:..... good
Weird Satyr
Weird Satyr - 2 months ago
Is it just me or in all of these types of videos they are just trying to kill link
happyyyoung - 2 months ago
Andre Uyterlinde
Andre Uyterlinde - 2 months ago
This has GOT to be a fetish for someone, eh?
Waldo Summers
Waldo Summers - 2 months ago
This looks like something filthy frank would do.
Anti- MagicDemon458
Anti- MagicDemon458 - 2 months ago
Put Something on Link FOR THE LOVE OF GOD XD!!!
l a n a
l a n a - 2 months ago
why was he shivering?
Bts Stan
Bts Stan - 2 months ago
Rhett: You okay?
Link: NO
Rhett: Good
Wattpad Fan
Wattpad Fan - 2 months ago
It’s always link 😹
Jack Hussey
Jack Hussey - 2 months ago
It's always link
ur mom
ur mom - 2 months ago
it's like a coffin..
I know what my funerals gonna look like now
Alexander Nguyen
Alexander Nguyen - 2 months ago
This is art
kitty levins
kitty levins - 2 months ago
I have that hair dryer
xOticz 1
xOticz 1 - 2 months ago
But I’m vegan 🙁
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez - 2 months ago
Is this pornhub or what?!?
Smileyacr Randomness
Smileyacr Randomness - 3 months ago
For some reason this reminds me slightly of the music video for the song “boys” but specifically when the roses are falling on Brendon Urie

If this flops I didn’t write it
julia gulia
julia gulia - 3 months ago
Why it always Link 😂
Safir - 3 months ago
I’d eat him
Shannon Lezama
Shannon Lezama - 3 months ago
bon appetite baby
Shannon Lezama
Shannon Lezama - 3 months ago
Sofia Iseul-Cha
Sofia Iseul-Cha - 3 months ago
Duolingo is coming for your families
how did this not get demonotized
Alonso Moreno Montero
Alonso Moreno Montero - 3 months ago
What episode of Hannibal is this?
Your Majesty
Your Majesty - 3 months ago
I'm thinking that one of the first requirements of their first official office was a giant shower.
With a garbage disposal....
pop pop
pop pop - 3 months ago
I'm kinda surprised that they didn't put Link in a cremation oven to melt the cheese
bd hd
bd hd - 3 months ago
How come its always link why not rhett
Iwantnoodles - 3 months ago
I Hate Rhett
I Hate Rhett - 3 months ago
I would ask for a refund if i got rhett.
andrew sutliff
andrew sutliff - 3 months ago
This is the second weirdest thing I've seen on this channel....
Kayla - 3 months ago
Get a "pizza" this, I liked and subscribed!!!!
Willow Collins
Willow Collins - 3 months ago
Okay but everyone's ignoring the fact that they have a box that's like 7 ft tall?
Classic Jk
Classic Jk - 3 months ago
Do a burger or a burrito
chaoslegacy 4k0
chaoslegacy 4k0 - 2 months ago
do u wanna be cooked like katy perry?
Phoenix Raney
Phoenix Raney - 3 months ago
Soylent Green (2018)
Junior Studios
Junior Studios - 3 months ago
I really hate when people ask for likes...

What were you expecting?
Gentch Nelson
Gentch Nelson - 3 months ago
Can I see this things delivery vehicle 😂
Graham’s Wacky Garbage
Graham’s Wacky Garbage - 4 months ago
Was going to say it should’ve been Rhett turned into a pizza since he loves them so much, but after watching Links reactions and expressions made me realize why it was Link.
karsata - 4 months ago
ooow poor Link was shivering so hard
Ungraceful Archimedes
Ungraceful Archimedes - 4 months ago
poor link shivering
ANGELAAA - 4 months ago
ill take 20
david marshall
david marshall - 4 months ago
all i see is a bunch of dudes in love pretending to be happily married
Stale Cracker Jack Box
Stale Cracker Jack Box - 4 months ago
letsprocras - 4 months ago
What was the point of this?
DANTE - 2 months ago
Mawimawia Mitea
Mawimawia Mitea - 4 months ago
Just like katy Perry bon appetit
Emmett OprGaming
Emmett OprGaming - 4 months ago
“I like a thicc sauce” Rhett
K F - 4 months ago
Props to the props team!
Random Penguiness
Random Penguiness - 4 months ago
This looks like someone’s weird fetish.
MadAnili - 4 months ago
Link is 39??
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - Month ago
In the video, yes. Right now, he's 40. He'll turn 41 on June 1st.
Sarah Kerrigan
Sarah Kerrigan - 4 months ago
a couple of cannibals called. they will take a large.
Youngster Joey
Youngster Joey - 4 months ago
“And now we put him in the oven”
Luke Merten
Luke Merten - 4 months ago
You need to try again with him covered in dough
noe picture man
noe picture man - 4 months ago
I'm not cannibalism
Machuan Wang
Machuan Wang - 4 months ago
Links 39😮
Spying on your history
Spying on your history - 5 months ago
TrashCan IsHome
TrashCan IsHome - 5 months ago
Is it strange that I believe this pizza looks actually delicious?
Howard25 - Gaming and More
"Pretty good for a 39 year old man." "Thank you!"
Catie Cox
Catie Cox - 5 months ago
I don’t know why but I rather be Link 😂
Andrew Mcduffee
Andrew Mcduffee - 5 months ago
U are waiting in for vid to start looking through comment hear clap clap clap on skin 🤣
Joshs vlogs
Joshs vlogs - 5 months ago
Willow Chance
Willow Chance - 5 months ago
I’m a Person
I’m a Person - 5 months ago
You look good for almost 40
haley lumbert
haley lumbert - 5 months ago
feeders all over the world are enjoying this more than neccesary
Kay May
Kay May - 5 months ago
Who ever comments "i would eat that" your f#cking weird
BMVS - 5 months ago
Pizza for cannibals
Norberto Flores
Norberto Flores - 5 months ago
I’d eat that 😈
baboon lookin biatch
baboon lookin biatch - 5 months ago
kinda looked like link had a stiffie in the flour scene
Logan Mortensen
Logan Mortensen - 5 months ago
I honestly don't know what I just witnessed
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