Human Pizza Challenge

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kyle.c music
kyle.c music - 8 months ago
did it feel good dough?
NoChoa - 16 days ago
Best joke ive seen on youtube
Georgie Burns
Georgie Burns - 2 months ago
I'm so funny yo you got Pinned
sugneA - 3 months ago
[InsertDeadMeme] 58
[InsertDeadMeme] 58 - 3 months ago
0:01 i wasnt paying attention to my screen
Graham’s Wacky Garbage
Was going to say it should’ve been Rhett turned into a pizza since he loves them so much, but after watching Links reactions and expressions made me realize why it was Link.
karsata - 4 days ago
ooow poor Link was shivering so hard
Ungraceful Archimedes
Ungraceful Archimedes - 7 days ago
poor link shivering
ANGELAAA - 10 days ago
ill take 20
david marshall
david marshall - 12 days ago
all i see is a bunch of dudes in love pretending to be happily married
Stale Cracker Jack Box
Stale Cracker Jack Box - 15 days ago
letsprocras - 18 days ago
What was the point of this?
Mawimawia Mitea
Mawimawia Mitea - 18 days ago
Just like katy Perry bon appetit
Emmett Francis
Emmett Francis - 18 days ago
“I like a thicc sauce” Rhett
K F - 20 days ago
Props to the props team!
Random Penguiness
Random Penguiness - 21 day ago
This looks like someone’s weird fetish.
MadAnili - 24 days ago
Link is 39??
Sarah Kerrigan
Sarah Kerrigan - 24 days ago
a couple of cannibals called. they will take a large.
Youngster Joey
Youngster Joey - 24 days ago
“And now we put him in the oven”
Luke Merten
Luke Merten - 25 days ago
You need to try again with him covered in dough
noe picture man
noe picture man - 26 days ago
I'm not cannibalism
Machuan Wang
Machuan Wang - 27 days ago
Links 39😮
ClutchPlays0514 - 28 days ago
TrashCan IsHome
TrashCan IsHome - 29 days ago
Is it strange that I believe this pizza looks actually delicious?
Howard25AJ Gaming
Howard25AJ Gaming - 29 days ago
"Pretty good for a 39 year old man." "Thank you!"
Catie Cox
Catie Cox - 29 days ago
I don’t know why but I rather be Link 😂
Andrew Mcduffee
Andrew Mcduffee - Month ago
U are waiting in for vid to start looking through comment hear clap clap clap on skin 🤣
Joshs vlogs
Joshs vlogs - Month ago
Yolo Yo-yo
Yolo Yo-yo - Month ago
Mark Self
Mark Self - Month ago
You look good for almost 40
haley lumbert
haley lumbert - Month ago
feeders all over the world are enjoying this more than neccesary
Kay May
Kay May - Month ago
Who ever comments "i would eat that" your f#cking weird
BMVS - Month ago
Pizza for cannibals
Norberto Flores
Norberto Flores - Month ago
I’d eat that 😈
MyChem 42
MyChem 42 - Month ago
kinda looked like link had a stiffie in the flour scene
Logan Mortensen
Logan Mortensen - Month ago
I honestly don't know what I just witnessed
lol lol
lol lol - Month ago
I feel like this is one of linkyys kinkysss
IJustCantThinkOfaGoodName !
Am I the only one who thinks link doesn't look 39?
Brailey Logsdon
Brailey Logsdon - Month ago
Oh look It’s Katy Perry’s Bon Appetite on steroids.
jimbowgaming22 Camacho
Ziggy and Becca
Ziggy and Becca - Month ago
Sunshine Squad
Sunshine Squad - Month ago

Link: Uhhh K
Isabelle Estrada
Isabelle Estrada - Month ago
Rhett and Link have a very unique friendship
Art Vein
Art Vein - Month ago
This some kinky sh**!!
Precious Reyes
Precious Reyes - Month ago
this is so sensual.
*”mind if I disrobe you?”*
*rhett rubbing link’s body*
*”I’m gonna put it all over your face, are you ready to receive it?”*
Mike Hostetler
Mike Hostetler - Month ago
Why is this frighteningly sexy?
RagnarisFellhanded - Month ago
which frat house did they send him to? I wanna taste
mariethesizzler 9492
mariethesizzler 9492 - Month ago
"I'm ready to put this all over your face are you ready to receive it?" Close your eyes and replay that 😐😐 sounds like you're watching another type of video
Space Captain Marshal
Space Captain Marshal - Month ago
Why didn’t you bake him
Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt - Month ago
Why is it always Link doing these???
Keely Occhio
Keely Occhio - Month ago
LOL did link taste good ret?
Xhriztian Lopez
Xhriztian Lopez - Month ago
Did anyone else see a tongue ring
Zoe Scott
Zoe Scott - 2 months ago
Poor Link 😂
Primrose Martin
Primrose Martin - 2 months ago
Wh....what did I just watch? And why couldn't I look away 😅
BRAD Piselle
BRAD Piselle - 2 months ago
Can they just eat link already? They keep teasing us... just do it already! I’m sure his meat is succulent...
Enolp - 2 months ago
i liked the way they did that intro
Endie - 2 months ago
Filthy Frank: 2
TheBeyblader 1
TheBeyblader 1 - 2 months ago
Wow got pizza add seems legit
Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana - 2 months ago
i love the suttle death cab for cutie reference with the pizza joint name 😂😂
the stormtrooper who drank phd flopper
*i like a thicc sauce*
the stormtrooper who drank phd flopper
*we are gonna gluttenize you*
the stormtrooper who drank phd flopper
the giant pizza box killed me
wolfdragonhybrid - 2 months ago
Ja Lo
Ja Lo - 2 months ago
i need to work for u
ExxRay - 2 months ago
I wonder how it would taste
# kiwi
# kiwi - 2 months ago
1:52 :) the mostest awkwardest momento evrrrrrr :) :) :) :) :)
caviar_sandoosky - 2 months ago
It would have been so funny if they actually took it to a frat house
Arianna Cooper
Arianna Cooper - 2 months ago
you should turn link into a poptart
jacob martinez
jacob martinez - 2 months ago
"Are you ready to receive it." THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!! LOL
RandomGuy93 - 2 months ago
the beginning sounds like my little brothers room at 12 am
Vitória Polyakov
Vitória Polyakov - 2 months ago
What a waste of food lol and of my time as well
Bjørn Vind Abildtrup
Bjørn Vind Abildtrup - 2 months ago
entertainment for the first world
Averi Grace Lian Applegren
Lol, poor Link 😂
It’s Clinton Boi
It’s Clinton Boi - 2 months ago
Mahdee - 2 months ago
“Im ready to put this all over your face. Are you ready to receive it?” Lmaoo😂😂😂
Lazar Boss Lukic
Lazar Boss Lukic - 2 months ago
Are seriously all of you stupid enough to think that this is PizzaGate?
Wow... just wow...
Benjamin Graham
Benjamin Graham - 2 months ago
Gets mega gay around 1:46
Dumb Stupid
Dumb Stupid - 2 months ago
hahahahhaahaa why?
Yoshi Zero
Yoshi Zero - 2 months ago
This is how cannibals prepare meals
JackyBoy9090 - 2 months ago
Why was Links dingaling erect?
Nick Wu
Nick Wu - 2 months ago
Papa Rhett’s
toeafe meafua
toeafe meafua - 3 months ago
If a canniball just walked in
Ellioth Adolfsson
Ellioth Adolfsson - 3 months ago
Waste of food 👎 Think about the environment!! 🌍
Lauren Hayes
Lauren Hayes - 3 months ago
The wastefulness upsets me. XD
Billy Bing bong
Billy Bing bong - 3 months ago
Love the intro.. ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW MR KRABS??!!
Jennifer Daniel
Jennifer Daniel - 3 months ago
In the intro link is just like save me please god
YiBei Cheng
YiBei Cheng - 3 months ago
wife: hows work today Link?
BTS-gacha UK
BTS-gacha UK - 3 months ago
Why is it link all the time for the sushi, nachos, cheetos and now pizza
the beast
the beast - 3 months ago
Somebody watching this video discovered that they have a weird food fetish...
Matthew MTB
Matthew MTB - 3 months ago
Sometimes I wonder how you guys do things
LTrop - 3 months ago
Why...Why again
Superhero Wolf 2
Superhero Wolf 2 - 3 months ago
I kinda want that pizza box
Shadow Zaron
Shadow Zaron - 3 months ago
Link doesn't even doubt anymore he just rolls with it XD "ohh.. okay!"
ALL HAIL BATAAR - 3 months ago
Is it gay or neigh
Mister Weeby
Mister Weeby - 3 months ago
Should've just put him in a tanning booth guys.
Kass Reynolds
Kass Reynolds - 3 months ago
How did I know it was going to be link that was pizza’d
sugneA - 3 months ago
Rip genitals from red pepper
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 3 months ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 3 months ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 3 months ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 3 months ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 3 months ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 3 months ago
ramen make him ramen
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