Human Pizza Challenge

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I'm so funny
I'm so funny - 5 months ago
did it feel good dough?
Georgie Burns
Georgie Burns - 2 days ago
I'm so funny yo you got Pinned
sugneA - 16 days ago
[InsertDeadMeme] 58
[InsertDeadMeme] 58 - 17 days ago
0:01 i wasnt paying attention to my screen
Lil Noodle
Lil Noodle - 19 days ago
Link is always the one who gets covered
Lisa  Bradley
Lisa Bradley - Month ago
No pizza puns I don’t knead that 😉
Yoshi Zero
Yoshi Zero - Day ago
This is how cannibals prepare meals
JackyBoy9090 - 2 days ago
Why was Links dingaling erect?
Nick Wu
Nick Wu - 2 days ago
Papa Rhett’s
toeafe meafua
toeafe meafua - 5 days ago
If a canniball just walked in
Ellioth Adolfsson
Ellioth Adolfsson - 6 days ago
Waste of food 👎 Think about the environment!! 🌍
Lauren Hayes
Lauren Hayes - 7 days ago
The wastefulness upsets me. XD
Hollie - 7 days ago
Love the intro.. ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW MR KRABS??!!
Jennifer Daniel
Jennifer Daniel - 8 days ago
In the intro link is just like save me please god
YiBei Cheng
YiBei Cheng - 9 days ago
wife: hows work today Link?
BTS is the best fangirl
Why is it link all the time for the sushi, nachos, cheetos and now pizza
the beast
the beast - 9 days ago
Somebody watching this video discovered that they have a weird food fetish...
Matthew - 10 days ago
Sometimes I wonder how you guys do things
LTrop - 10 days ago
Why...Why again
Superhero Wolf 2
Superhero Wolf 2 - 12 days ago
I kinda want that pizza box
Shadow Zaron
Shadow Zaron - 13 days ago
Link doesn't even doubt anymore he just rolls with it XD "ohh.. okay!"
ALL HAIL BATAAR - 14 days ago
Is it gay or neigh
Mister Weeby
Mister Weeby - 15 days ago
Should've just put him in a tanning booth guys.
Kass Reynolds
Kass Reynolds - 16 days ago
How did I know it was going to be link that was pizza’d
sugneA - 16 days ago
Rip genitals from red pepper
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 17 days ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 17 days ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 17 days ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 17 days ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 17 days ago
bryce wilson
bryce wilson - 17 days ago
ramen make him ramen
[InsertDeadMeme] 58
[InsertDeadMeme] 58 - 17 days ago
0:01 i wasnt paying attention to my screen
Kevin Lombardo, Jr
Kevin Lombardo, Jr - 18 days ago
I dont know but something about link being covered in marinara makes me hungry
David Lynch
David Lynch - 18 days ago
How to basic
CHERRYINTHESKY 1932 - 19 days ago
I was so glad to see that box close. XD
Leilane Santos Silva
Leilane Santos Silva - 20 days ago
Link's Foundation has a different color than the body
The Canine Nutritionist
This was too gross to watch!
Ana Iscoa
Ana Iscoa - 21 day ago
One pizza to go please. Extra cheese and pepperoni 😋
Margo Bettigole
Margo Bettigole - 21 day ago
Was this what the founding fathers thought would happen in America?
Do American do it anyway?
Heeeeeeeelllllll yaaaaaaaaaa
Sudden - 22 days ago
This is like a really PG Filthy Frank
Pier wally
Pier wally - 23 days ago
Noooo...cannibalism is not good guys!
Mica Gladding
Mica Gladding - 23 days ago
Imagine being part of a fraternity and having a huge box with an Internet star in it show up at the front door... oh yeah, and that internet star is made into a human pizza...
Mia Shengaris
Mia Shengaris - 23 days ago
Man I love these segments
Caroline Norvanis
Caroline Norvanis - 24 days ago
The thumbnail looked like someone just got muredered
CaptainAvocadoMan96 - 25 days ago
Pizza Steve’s origin story
BookMilla - 27 days ago
Imagine Chase answering the question
''How was your day at work?''
Isinu Isthatweirdetngirl
Isinu Isthatweirdetngirl - 27 days ago
Rhett:You ok?
Me:how is that good while YOUR BFF IS NOT BREATHING IN THE BOX ASS A HOOMAN PIZA?! U IZ BAD BFF XD (Nah hez gud bff)
IV-I-XIV-XIV - 28 days ago
Should've put him under some infra-rhett lamps for that melt!
Bill Sci The Nyeence Guy
Bill Sci The Nyeence Guy - 28 days ago
1:15 *W A K E U P L I E U T E N A N T*

it’s me, Connor
MisterAmuse - 29 days ago
Honestly, you guys should have stored the sauce in the cooler so itnwas really cold when you poured it in him and you guys should have put jalapenos toppings and started to pour them on his face.
guddest woofer
guddest woofer - 29 days ago
Feel like I'm watching a more modern how to basic
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - Month ago
"you okay?"
brittany guntang
brittany guntang - Month ago
Link is a human cake or fruit tart? That would be cool.
Unboundplace773 - Month ago
Love this but the start is cringie
Nicholette Dueñas
Nicholette Dueñas - Month ago
I love the comment section so much😂
FLOJO XOXO - Month ago
“ link, your gonna be the dough boy “
“ Are you saying I’m doughy? “
Anna Grebenyuk
Anna Grebenyuk - Month ago
what if Link just had a boner in the middle of any of these videos where he's turned into something XD what would he say?
Mia Wiginton
Mia Wiginton - Month ago
When he was getting floured he look like Katy Perry in Bon Appetite 😂
hazzycx - Month ago
This is great guys, love the video lmao
Devil Flare
Devil Flare - Month ago
Two men one mid life crisis
SunshineRays Again
SunshineRays Again - Month ago
Hm, strangely enough I’m going to order a pizza this week, if I order from you will you have to ship Link across Canada?
I’m Da Cookie
I’m Da Cookie - Month ago
Rhett: you ok?
AvyWar 5000
AvyWar 5000 - Month ago
Did you get this idea off of Cards Against Humanity or what 😂
hesham mohmmed
hesham mohmmed - Month ago
for some reason im watching that while im eating pizza and im watching some guy doing human pizza and i get an pizza ad before watching the pizza link i guess its a pizza day for pizza lover :D
Elora Commons
Elora Commons - Month ago
human egg roll!!!!
Purple Pig Gamer
Purple Pig Gamer - Month ago
Link got murdered, then they dumbed cheese and pepperoni on him with other toppings.
Loud Guy
Loud Guy - Month ago
Spirit Heart
Spirit Heart - Month ago
TheTiger - Month ago
Rip ingredients
NisseFar - Month ago
I forgot that classical song aria thing they use during the video and I just can’t seem to remember the name. Could anyone tell me?
Yoyo Baillon
Yoyo Baillon - Month ago
Why are links nipples so far apart?
Katie Edelman
Katie Edelman - Month ago
Link did you take a shower and change your clothes?
Swift show
Swift show - Month ago
One of my favorite parts of these are Links short shorts lol 😂
TheAntonyDude - Month ago
You said you were going to get fries
I want to see you eat the fries
kity kitkat
kity kitkat - Month ago
That's one big pizza
no name
no name - Month ago
i almost threw up but i kept watching cuz i was also laughing
Yoshi Zero
Yoshi Zero - Month ago
Rhett: Alright you’re gonna be the dough boy
Link: Are you saying I’m doughy?
Rhett: Uhhh i mean I’d say p-pretty good for a 39 year old man
Monolisa - Month ago
What a huge waste of food.
The_Wilsonator - Month ago
man i can see this becoming a fetish, just cover me with those pizza toppings an get someone just lick it all off me :P female preferably
Wafflefive - Month ago
This is how i want to be buried
Cringe Gaming Gg M8
Cringe Gaming Gg M8 - Month ago
This reminds me of a book named pizza pete
Lexi Glow
Lexi Glow - Month ago
Me and link have something in common we don’t like tomatoes and mushrooms
Mythical Beast
Mythical Beast - Month ago
"You ok?"-rhett "Noo"-link "Good"-rhett 😂😂😂😂😂
Maddie Mayhew
Maddie Mayhew - Month ago
Why does this remind me of that one Katy perry music video “bon appetite” 😂.
It’s like their version of it.
Daven Gamer
Daven Gamer - Month ago
Laughing at 0:30
FrankyXopGaming - Month ago
I love eating human pizza!
That sounds wrong...
Nicolas Hayes
Nicolas Hayes - Month ago
1:15 link had a boner
Ug Ne
Ug Ne - Month ago
-You okey?
Omg that kills me😂😂😂
DanDazedXD - Month ago
I feel like I'm in the wrong section in the whole internet
Kelsey Hunt
Kelsey Hunt - Month ago
Bon Appetite baby
Terry Seronko
Terry Seronko - Month ago
Isn't he going to die because there isn't any air in the Box
Dulce Belen Zarate
Dulce Belen Zarate - Month ago
Do the human pop torrent
tjgr17 - Month ago
I was waiting for them to put Link in an oven. lol
ANOKU NO OUJI - Month ago
You look like ur in ur 20s wow u guys look young
ANOKU NO OUJI - Month ago
You guys look young for 39
g33kman16 - Month ago
This reminds me of the childrens book, "Pete's a Pizza"
Eric Salazar
Eric Salazar - Month ago
He just clapped his checks 😂
Any Rebel
Any Rebel - Month ago
you should have put him in an oven
Destiny Boykin
Destiny Boykin - Month ago
Where do they get all of this? The box?
Ayera - Month ago
i got a pizza ad before this which was... nice
unique carvalho
unique carvalho - Month ago
He's the next master of disguise
Lucas Choi
Lucas Choi - Month ago
Rhett: Alright Link I'm ready to put this all over your face. Are you ready to receive it?
Link: I guess, Yeah
Amelia H
Amelia H - Month ago
Overland Skate
Overland Skate - Month ago
This reminds me of that pizza guy from space balls
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Good mythical pizza, I like that name.
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