Human Pizza Challenge

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I'm so funny
I'm so funny - 4 days ago
did it feel good dough?
Lps 453
Lps 453 - 13 hours ago
I'm so funny Yes
Jan Higgins
Jan Higgins - 21 hour ago
Holy holy
Voo Too
Voo Too - Day ago
Grade 3 St. Peter4
Grade 3 St. Peter4 - 3 hours ago
Where did you even get a pizza box that Big?
Carlos David Rangel
Carlos David Rangel - 4 hours ago
U should try fully clothed sometimes. In a nice business suit
Vlatiania TheWolf
Vlatiania TheWolf - 4 hours ago
Rhett: You ok?
Link: NO!
Me: Umm he's uh yeah a pizza
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner - 6 hours ago
Gmpizza with every order comes a buzzer of link saying random words ex:covfefe
Leolighter Leolighter2
Leolighter Leolighter2 - 7 hours ago
This is like the book
Ex Machina
Ex Machina - 10 hours ago
I like a T H I C C sauce.
MetalMilitia - 10 hours ago
Papa Frank is that you?
Alynn Lee
Alynn Lee - 11 hours ago
Why doesn't Rhett ever turn into the human food?
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim - 12 hours ago
wtf..? why are they doing this such a waste of food
Isabeau Miller
Isabeau Miller - 12 hours ago
You’re a saucy boy!
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson - 14 hours ago
Buy lots of frsh
Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller - 16 hours ago
WTAF is up with the comments on this video today? It's like 90% of the people commenting have collectively lost their minds
Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller - 16 hours ago
Cold pizza sauce - stiff buns, soft wiener
integrated intel graphics
integrated intel graphics - 18 hours ago
A cannibals dream.
Katie Manos
Katie Manos - 19 hours ago
Rhett has become the Little Fat Chef!
amanda - 21 hour ago
I didn't know you guys were buddy buddy with John Podesta! Explains everything.
Beef curtain
Beef curtain - 21 hour ago
So I have your consent to disrobe you
Juhi Mittal
Juhi Mittal - 22 hours ago
Kk Westbury
Kk Westbury - 22 hours ago
How is this a challenge? This is Terrible, and extremely incentives to the world wide problem of child trafficking. Every year 800 Thousand Children go missing in the US alone. All pizza references are confirmed FBI pedophilia code words. I hope this brings awareness to the global problem of child abduction. If you MEN are not evolved in that network, the person that told you to do this moronic stunt is. Stop being fools, do something useful and report your handlers.
Genevieve Rachelle
Genevieve Rachelle - 23 hours ago
This makes me gag
Rhys XVASQUEZ - 23 hours ago
The new bon appatete video
kiramichaelchan - 23 hours ago
I just watched a trending video of a Japanese guy making American sushi. It is very good cooking video with good editing and music. And now I am back to American cooking video. Feel so embarrassing.
Steven Gauna
Steven Gauna - 23 hours ago
The bumbing down of society.
Alen Šakinović
Alen Šakinović - 23 hours ago
Crumbles of society.
Bon Qui Qui
Bon Qui Qui - 23 hours ago
What a waste
Fely Badiola
Fely Badiola - Day ago
Lol they made a linkzza
click bait
click bait - Day ago
AC Garcia
AC Garcia - Day ago
How did they get such a big pizza box?
Jimbo amaranthus
Jimbo amaranthus - Day ago
He should be totally naked
coco nightingle
coco nightingle - Day ago
Dudes think they're funny....but this is ONE OF THOSE DESENSITIZING THE PUBLIC ON CANNIBALISM...👎
amanda - 21 hour ago
coco nightingle yup spirit cooking right in front of us with Masonic flooring and a logo that's flames.
Marcus Laboy
Marcus Laboy - Day ago
This is disgusting! People open your eyes to the hidden meaning here. This is garbage!
Mister Moster
Mister Moster - Day ago
Don't forget to bake at 425 for 12-15 minutes.
Kurliz Makara
Kurliz Makara - Day ago
Are you okay
a - Day ago
Bon Appetit by Katy Perry
Assad Elhadi
Assad Elhadi - Day ago
NOT COLL at all, wasting all that food man!
Hannah Kent
Hannah Kent - Day ago
Link got lost in the sauce
Sorry, i'm done with these cheesy pizza jokes
Hannah Kent
Hannah Kent - Day ago
Pizza face
Steven Seserko
Steven Seserko - Day ago
If they don’t put him in the oven I don’t wanna see it
Hungry Hen
Hungry Hen - Day ago
The intro haha 😂
J Mendez
J Mendez - Day ago
Trending really?
Ant Mx-5
Ant Mx-5 - Day ago
Before i watched this i wondered how they where gonna cook it, i was right 😂
Voo Too
Voo Too - Day ago
Im sorry but this is just stupid. What actually happened too this channel.
amanda - 21 hour ago
Voo Too they sold out
Billy Chin
Billy Chin - Day ago
Did you guys hired howtobasic?
Levy Madrigal
Levy Madrigal - Day ago
me: sees title and thumbnailalso me: are they recreating bon appetite by Katy??
اشرقت الراوي
back to the days when you guys had good videos
cannoN T
cannoN T - Day ago
I wouldn't like to taste this pizza :/
Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan - Day ago
Are we all just gonna ignore how that _giant pizza box_ is clearly the best part of this entire situation?
SuperChivasLover - Day ago
Renon May
Renon May - Day ago
Papa Frank proud of you boiz
IZZY'S PLACE - Day ago
No your just sombody that I used to know.
Wil d
Wil d - Day ago
Do you make a donation for wasting all this food?!
Etymology Of Life
Etymology Of Life - Day ago
Pizza hinged-framework-barrier.
Emmy Em
Emmy Em - Day ago
ive never been more turned on
amanda - 21 hour ago
Emmy Em calm down lefty
Sumin Park
Sumin Park - Day ago
This is just plain nasty
Onion 10
Onion 10 - Day ago
why is link always the one being turned into food and m favorite type of pizza is also pepperoni and mushroom
Donald Piniach
Donald Piniach - Day ago
No bubbly molten cheese? You can't call that a pizza!
DeKaylie Thompson
DeKaylie Thompson - Day ago
Link needs a BODY MASK to get his probably super clogged pores
jx592 - Day ago
You artsy fruity effing hipsters you ruined a beautiful thing!
Robert George
Robert George - Day ago
Fun Fact in most pizza chains the delivery drivers do actually make and cook the pizzas.
Kenny Du Ren
Kenny Du Ren - Day ago
I know it's probably not the case, but how high was someone when thinking this up? I've never been more confused by an idea...
amanda - 21 hour ago
Kenny Du Ren right? In America there's a huge push right now in media to normalize cannibalism. Katy Perry has a cannibal video, we have Santa Clarita diet where she eats flesh and is living her best life, the movie raw about a young coming of age story of a girl eating human flesh, there's also videos on USa-video about how beneficial it is to eat artificial human meat and what it can do for the society. They're brainwashing and desensitizing.
Chloe Sanders
Chloe Sanders - Day ago

They always trend to me!...😊😊
They're great! ❤❤❤
virgen virgen
virgen virgen - Day ago
White guys doing the stupidest things because they have white privilege
Destinyskullbro - Day ago
Imagine if someone was watching gmm for the first time
ooze Bear
ooze Bear - Day ago
So stupid wth am I watching. Next.
flames5566 - Day ago
This is how fetishes are made
amanda - 21 hour ago
flames5566 you do know this is a fetish already right? It's called cannibalism.
Mr. Proxy XDX
Mr. Proxy XDX - Day ago
Food waste 2018.
Martin Escobedo
Martin Escobedo - Day ago
Should of been in a Speedo or a jock strap. Lol.
themagicbean ,
themagicbean , - Day ago
Now eat him
Rachel Neff
Rachel Neff - Day ago
The details and artistry of this show are really amazing.
Naomi S
Naomi S - Day ago
Their dedication to their props is amazing!
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - Day ago
What's up, Humans? It is Terrance. I live and breathe on Earth. The sun shines, the grass is often green. Nothing mean about tomorrow. Even though, I might need some fish and rice to borrow. Oh, shit. What does that mean? It's not easy, leaving the universe behind. As so many seem so blind. Look to the sky and remind, remind, don't look behind. As the shadows walk you back. The water of the moon will grant you immortality as you walk on Earth.
Gravi Master
Gravi Master - Day ago
Waste of food challenge
A - Day ago
Depop @cinq5 cute clothes all under $20 ik it’s random but gotta promo somehow
texaschick74 - Day ago
Did Link lose a bet???
El Mr Bean Jones
El Mr Bean Jones - Day ago
Solo le falta meterlo al horno por judio asqueroso
trenton gibson
trenton gibson - Day ago
Why didn’t you put him in the oven?
Cats, crafts, and Cake
Human cake
1113 Cntrl
1113 Cntrl - Day ago
Now put him in the oven
ExemptBody - Day ago
Pizza face
James Luong
James Luong - Day ago
Turn link into a human hot dog
Peetah Griffin
Peetah Griffin - Day ago
Not the first time rhetts' slapped links cheeks
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza - Day ago
He got lost in the sauce
Unboxing Lps Mythical Jen
This is on the trending list!!!! Yay!!!
Freedom isn't free!
More phyco crap! The lucerferian Perry would be proud, idiot's!
ken, the creator
ken, the creator - Day ago
Need to bake lol
Liyah Messiah
Liyah Messiah - Day ago
Wypipo are weird
mikefreakinhart - Day ago
If you aint got no sauce then your lost, however you can get lost in the sauce...
lockergr - Day ago
I don't want to live on this Earth or in this Society. If this is considered entertainment than f*** our f****** world. James Comey was on both fresh air and Stephen Colbert and this b******* is number one in trending. This is why our society is f*****.
Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia - Day ago
Just .....Why?
Hungry Alien
Hungry Alien - Day ago
I'd have a bite..
Tyonne - Day ago
Good Mythical Cannibal
Lauren S.
Lauren S. - Day ago
Congrats guys this got to at least #22 on trending!💖
ephem98 - Day ago
Hope its kosher pizza
Erick Vazquez
Erick Vazquez - Day ago
Brendon Urie did it first
Jar1211 - Day ago
These Link -> Food vids are my least favorite
stinknus - Day ago
Found my new fetish
patbasterd 762
patbasterd 762 - Day ago
Wow! A bunch of adults acting like children what a joke. While people are dying from starvation around the world you do this, these people need to grow up! Satanism at if finest.
RurouniStarchild - Day ago
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