EATING All The WEIRD Cereals with Colby Brock (TASTE TEST)

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jiminion ARMY
jiminion ARMY - 3 hours ago
I pour milk then cereal.
Georgie Williams
Georgie Williams - 14 hours ago
Brennen :pours milk before the second cereal.
Me :he has already done it, WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD.
Colby :"dude why did you do that".
Me :he is the only one that HAS COMMEN SENSE.
Brennen: doesn't everybody do that.
Tasha Lopez
Tasha Lopez - 19 hours ago
It was so funny when he tryied to catch the cereal box and then they flew everywhere i was freaking cracking up it was so freaking funny bro😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂
amber scott
amber scott - 19 hours ago
why'd he pour such giant ass bowls for a taste test
Tempe Wood
Tempe Wood - 20 hours ago
Who else came to the comments to HATE on Brennan for putting the milk in first 😵
rocker chick
rocker chick - 22 hours ago
If you wanna get diabetes still eats it 🤣
Tori - Day ago
"Actually quite dank."
jade allison
jade allison - Day ago
The mess of that table was killing me
india rules
india rules - Day ago
omg u r pising me off well im stil subscribed and liked uwu
Viva La Devil
Viva La Devil - Day ago
Sour with milk.. I thought you were supposed to avoid sour milk..
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - Day ago
Who pours cereal first if so like if not comment I wanna know why
Moriah Lewis
Moriah Lewis - Day ago
Who else noticed that Brennen poured the cereal in first with the first bowl of cereal but then the second bowl of cereal he poured the milk first and said that it was weird to pour the cereal first.
Moriah Lewis
Moriah Lewis - Day ago
I have eaten the doughnut one and I loved it
The Schuyler Sisters
It REALLY pisses me off how Colby doesn't care that he's getting milk on the table top and it aldo really pisses me off how Brennen poured the milk first....I LOVE YOU BRENNEN AND COLBY❤💛💚💙💜💕💕
Venoms Keeper
Venoms Keeper - Day ago
1:57 I like mine with lactose free milk.
Sarah Woodling
Sarah Woodling - Day ago
Y’all love Colby until u realize he’s a messy eater and cant hold milk in his mouth
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 - 2 days ago
jordan bradley
jordan bradley - 2 days ago
As if Colby blew the cereal😂😂definitely haven’t done that before😅
Ash Casey
Ash Casey - 2 days ago
Don’t hate on Maple bacon donuts.... they’re the shit
Typical_ Helena
Typical_ Helena - 2 days ago
My ocd ass just got sooo mad when brennen put milk first instead of the Cereal 😂
Rachel Greenberg
Rachel Greenberg - 2 days ago
can we just take a second and ask why is Colby blowing on it like it's hot soup?!
Golden Depression
Golden Depression - 3 days ago
I’m eating coco puffs rn
Golden Depression
Golden Depression - 3 days ago
Who tf does milk before cereal?
Mariana Arrazola
Mariana Arrazola - 3 days ago
Not me because I did that once when I put my milk first then cereal 😂😂😂😂 but then I got mad because I can’t go back with my cereal so I never put my milk in first And y’all are so funny 😂 😂 I couldn’t stop laughing at the whole video But you and Colby made me happy 😃
sage theroux
sage theroux - 3 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Colby: blows on his cereal
Alina Siddiqui
Alina Siddiqui - 3 days ago
Before Colby ate the first cereal he blew on it as if it was hot. I-
Ashley Serraglio
Ashley Serraglio - 3 days ago
Okay but this is further proof that if Colby tried to seriously sing it would be actually angelic.
Destiny xoxo
Destiny xoxo - 4 days ago
excuse me @3:03 Colby blowing the cereal
It’s Desss
It’s Desss - 4 days ago
Lol Colby so high
Lauryn Motley
Lauryn Motley - 5 days ago
Who else was eating cereal while watching this👇🏽❤️
fortnite123wanna - 5 days ago
4:20 What the heck why did you do that
Bailey Brooks
Bailey Brooks - 6 days ago
The thumb nail looked like you where on crack
Georgia Jewitt
Georgia Jewitt - 9 days ago
Why did colby blow on the cereal as if it was hot 😂
Big oof Head
Big oof Head - 10 days ago
Delmar Rivera
Delmar Rivera - 14 days ago
Colby blew on the cereal 😂♥️ i wish i had met him yeeeaaars ago.
Lydia McDaniel
Lydia McDaniel - 16 days ago
i’m on my moms account btw
this is how many times brennen said dank
Kovács Szofi
Kovács Szofi - 17 days ago
(Casually says..)That's.. I would eat that on a morning day... yeah...
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez - 18 days ago
Harry's Beautiful Soul
Harry's Beautiful Soul - 18 days ago
Colby: it punched my esophagus. keeps eating it
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer - 18 days ago
Brennen: who am I going to p**s off
Me and my best friends: us u d**k 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
love fox
love fox - 19 days ago
Do you see how Brennan is holding his spoon like how
Carla Hummer
Carla Hummer - 20 days ago
9:32 is he talking about Skyflakes. Idk probably not🙃
Lovely Lunaxx
Lovely Lunaxx - 21 day ago
Reese Cup
Reese Cup - 22 days ago
Stop pouring milk like that
Hannah Mayers
Hannah Mayers - 25 days ago
Colby: “Yeah if you want diabetes”
**Carries on eating the cereal**
Jennah karpinski
Jennah karpinski - 26 days ago
this video made me happy i had a horrible day (my mom slapped me and scratched my back) so this video made me laugh and you guys are the only people that made me happy!
ItzGalaxyRobloxGirl /GalaxyGamer
Not scared of ghosts but scared of cereal flavors-
Shy Geist
Shy Geist - 26 days ago
dont hate me but I like to put my milk first but you like to put them cereal first because I dont like my cereal soggy.
Lena Schiffer
Lena Schiffer - 27 days ago
It bothers me how messy the table is
Kacey Jones
Kacey Jones - 29 days ago
I eat the sour patch kids cereal. Stay happy- BT
TRASH FAM - Month ago
them: "Thats not good at allll."
also them: "takes another bite"
TRASH FAM - Month ago
they made such a mess omfg
Ishvxxn.___ _
Ishvxxn.___ _ - Month ago
😂 when he said “lil peeps pee pee” I died hahaha
Ricky Hendrickson
Ricky Hendrickson - Month ago
I'm new to this channel .. I can't stand that blue hairs guy .. I wanna punch him in the face badly .. 😂😂. And poor the milk 1st !? The fawk
Daphne Almeida
Daphne Almeida - Month ago
Did you even check wen they expired you could eat 5 year old Circle
Sophia Ayala
Sophia Ayala - Month ago
The churro cereal actually tastes rlly good I’ve tried it before
Cameron Blackmon
Cameron Blackmon - Month ago
“Colby:have you ever tasted a fart”
Brenenn:”well there was this one time
Cameron Blackmon
Cameron Blackmon - Month ago
Yo they gon get dieabities
Mercy Howell
Mercy Howell - Month ago
when Brennan pulled out all the cereal reminded me of the ant farm episode when olive had all that different milk for the sleepover😂😂😂😂
Maddie Craig
Maddie Craig - Month ago
Colby: your gonna get so much hate for that.
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