Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

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Kaitlyn Barker
Kaitlyn Barker - Day ago
Oh, hey! I'm in that small percentage of having my doc tell me to supplement. I was having weird pains, so they tested my blood, and I was deficient in vit D! (But yes, only take it if your doc tells you too!)
Finde Frieden
Finde Frieden - Day ago
Vegans have a reason for B12
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher - Day ago
1:41 ...whom you address in the third person when he's actually you...
Talen 305
Talen 305 - 2 days ago
I have AIDS. I noticed when I take a multi vitamin and vitamin C supplement my T cells go up if I don't my T cells drop about 200 points
serve24 - 4 days ago
And please consult a medical doctor about a vitamin deficiency, not a chiropractor or naturopath
Lava Yuki
Lava Yuki - 4 days ago
Ive been taking a multivitamin, omega 3 and vitamin d supplements for years. Its too hard to get just from diet as I don't eat dairy or red meat to meet my iron and calcium/vit d levels
rawar2377 - 5 days ago
Um they don't have a deficiency because they take a supplement. Idiot. It's not a secret that our food only has a quarter of the nutrition that it used to. I have seen studies that show if you do not take a daily vitamin you are deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals.
Anna Brown
Anna Brown - 5 days ago
I carried and birthed three babies full term in three years 😬 (they are 2.5, 14 mo and 2mo) and I had such crazy symptoms and got my levels checked and sure enough I had several deficiencies. While my situation is unique-ish I still think that if you feel like you're lacking something to check with your doc to get a blood draw.
a Diorableguy
a Diorableguy - 5 days ago
I get B-12 injections once a month b/c I'm vegan. I'd rather the injection 1x mos than a pill everyday!
a Diorableguy
a Diorableguy - 5 days ago
@Anna Brown no adjuvant. Just B-12 deficiency precautions. ☺
Anna Brown
Anna Brown - 5 days ago
Are there adjuvants in those shots?
Blake Bake
Blake Bake - 6 days ago
Thanks for this video. The vitamin craze is out of control.
Ashley Saunders
Ashley Saunders - 7 days ago
I dobt take pills at all i like the homeopathic side i dont have any diseases that needs pills except vitamin d deficiency and i dont take pills for that i eat better
Yan Luo
Yan Luo - 8 days ago
I base in NY and work in a clinic with primarily Eastern Asian Americans who generally hate to get sunshine to avoid tanning and againg. I would say like 80% pts tested are low in vitamin D, many are severe. It's also rare to have a recently post menopausal women (usually late 40s to early 50s) tested negative for either osteoporosis or osteopenia in their first DEXA run.
Deemo Dogs
Deemo Dogs - 12 days ago
You dont mean flint stones do ya?
Jean Williams
Jean Williams - 18 days ago
After a serious illness for 8/9 months I took loads of vitamins and spent a fortune on this rubbish. After that time I was no healthier. What a load of rubbish. I then changed to improve my food. It worked.
Janelle Hamann
Janelle Hamann - 20 days ago
I am lactose intolerant and was on the Depo Provera shot for 8 years- is taking a calcium supplement/vitamin a bad idea or unnecessary?
Samantha Quant
Samantha Quant - 21 day ago
Also, besides pregnant, probably nursing too
Jeff Evans
Jeff Evans - 21 day ago
42% of the american population is deficient in vitamin D3 and 40% of the american population is deficient in vitamin B12. I asked my doctor to order a blood test for D3 and of course I was deficient. He asked me to start taking a supplement. Older people don't absorb vitamin B12 as well as the younger population and as a result most older people should be taking a vitamin B12 supplement. Doctor Mike needs to do some research before bashing vitamins. I've been eating a whole food plant based diet with remarkable results in lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure as well as shedding a lot of extra weight. However, doing this can result in deficiencies of some necessary nutrients usually found in animal foods. It's cheap insurance to take a multivitamin supplement.
Mia Sabathy白彌兒
Mia Sabathy白彌兒 - 22 days ago
The only one setting unrealistic standards is the ripped doctor with 4 million subscribers js
IlianaBlue - 22 days ago
Erica Spruill
Erica Spruill - 22 days ago
Woo pregnant with deficiencies! I get lots of vitamins lol
sheila evans
sheila evans - 23 days ago
I can’t absorb vitamins and nearly ended up in a wheelchair it was hellish I was off work for 9 weeks!! I now take B12 and Vit D in the form of a mouth spray.
Synick - 23 days ago
My diet is as follows: protein bar or chips or maybe a turkey (keto) wrap for breakfast (or nothing), chicken and cauliflower rice or gourds and mushrooms for dinner. Permission to take vitamins now? Lol
Courtnay Power
Courtnay Power - 23 days ago
For malabsorption, probiotics might work better than vitamins, but you already know that-I think
Travis Weitman
Travis Weitman - 23 days ago
ok quick question i have from time to time had leg pain in my caffs mainly .. when i was in bed if i streched out in the middle of the night it would cause really bad pain that would wake me up.. a friend told me its a lack of potassium .. so i had a bannana it helped for a day or so then i took a GNC Mega man multivitamin its says 150mcg of potassium..i took this for a few days now i am fine .. so is it wile you might need all the stuff thy put in them you can run low on sume ftuff its not a vitamin i guess its a minarule.. is this common? should i be worryed?
Vm - 23 days ago
Does this also go for vitamin drops? Such as biotin or collagen drops..
shockvaluecola - 23 days ago
maybe i'm missing something but how do we know people are testing well on vitamins BECAUSE of the vitamins they're taking? it seems hard to rule that with a number like 86% taking them. where's the control group?
Elly P
Elly P - 24 days ago
I got fibromyalgia and have noticed a difference after I started taking vitamins, I just started taking them 1 year ago but I feel the difference, I used to get sick sooo easily and about a little less than 1 year ago I barely get sick now. I used to get sick A LOT as a kid.
Jeff N
Jeff N - 28 days ago
Wouldn't it be totally unethical for a celebrity doctor to sell or lend his name to supplements that had never been tested for safety or effectiveness?
BTW, did you hear Doctor Oz has a new show?? (cough)
Catalina Gearbox
Catalina Gearbox - 29 days ago
my dad literally has an entire cupboard filled with vitamin products
Kye Talks
Kye Talks - Month ago
I have A LOT of dietary restrictions so I don't get much in the way of fruits of veggies in my diet.
So I just eat potatoes. Seriously they have most of the nutrients you need but not in the ridiculous amounts you find in supplements - plus bc it's food and not a pill it's healthier for you. And you're not getting mystery ingredients.
Ill Blues
Ill Blues - Month ago
Admit it, the chances are you DID SAY PEEWOOPP
Janice Adley
Janice Adley - Month ago
we need vitamins tho.. our body needs nutritions.. try USANA though, it has changed many people's life.
Makise Kurisu
Makise Kurisu - Month ago
I kinda need to start taking some vitamins
I been vegan for some years
And for the past two years i been dealing with an eating disorder and stuff
And aparently i have anemia (acording to my last exam)
I guess
Potato Fry
Potato Fry - Month ago
I don’t take vitamins. I hardly get sick. But I do miss a lot of school because of chronic migraines. Do you have any ideas of what might help to prevent migraines?
PotsAndPups - Month ago
¼ people deficient is a significant number
MasterTofu - Month ago
In my country, vegetables and fruits are typically about $1 and multivitamins cost $40+ and that is way more expensive than the total cost of fruits and veggies that has the same amount of vitamins so... It's useless.
Nichole Thompson
Nichole Thompson - Month ago
What do you think about thrive?
Emerald Emily
Emerald Emily - Month ago
I'm a good noodle. I take an iron supplement because my doctor said I have anaemia and should take it
Cakiestar - Month ago
The only reason I take vitamins is because I like the flavour
Dinky Pinky
Dinky Pinky - Month ago
My doctors always tell me I have to take vitamins even though I don't have any conditions and they don't test for deficiencies.
ElBardones Y.
ElBardones Y. - Month ago
My diet is complete shit. I mean there is no real healthy aspect in any way. So I think they help me. As my knowledge of nutrition and eating is nearly non existent. And I am european so the Vitamins are tested and approved. Crazy to not do that.
Skirt Pepe the frog
Skirt Pepe the frog - Month ago
Aw man but I really love my flinstone gummy’s
Melos Bunjaku
Melos Bunjaku - Month ago
Would it be possible to get diet tips on what to eat for breakfast, lunch etc. Also I heard that breakfast could sometimes be kind of unnecessary
Viviane - Month ago
When it's best recommend to start taking pre natal? I'm 22 not actively looking to get pregnant but also not avoiding it. I'm currently taking iron because I tend to be on the lower hemoglobin side (8-10) and also I'm taking folic acid.
What do you think about those. Definitely gonna ask my gyn/ob that question next month because he has my medical history, etc, but also want to know your thoughts on the pre natal and folic acid in general and when should a woman start taking it, and is it okay to take pre natal even if you're not trying to get pregnant and just want to have a (healthy and "prep" body for when the time comes)
Star Gazer
Star Gazer - Month ago
Veganism = Health condition?
SubToMePLZ? Can We Get this channel to1k subs?
No fucker vegan people don't get enough vitamins and nutrients they need from the food source they eat. Being vegan u loose allot of minerals and vitamins from other food sources
da gawd
da gawd - Month ago
I take zinc Bc of white spots on my nails
And calcium Bc I don’t eat dairy
Dusty Beddoe
Dusty Beddoe - Month ago
thanks again for the helpful tips DM! I know a couple IKA and the scary thing is they're influencing others.
TiaKatt - Month ago
I have issues with malabsorption of some nutrients due to medications, combined with the effects of medically necessary dietary restrictions, with resultant measured deficiencies. My doctor did recommend supplementation in light of those results and the underlying medication and dietary issues.
I've long been aware that some supplements can even be dangerous if you don't need them, so never touched them before being given specific instruction to do so by my doctor.
This is good info, and I'm glad you acknowledged the situations where they are valuable, while explaining why most people don't need them.
Laurens Brettschneider
Taking vitamins?
Regan Matthews
Regan Matthews - Month ago
During a stretch of time in high school, I decided I had to take vitamins everyday. About the same time, my appetite was increased for whatever reason. So, I developed a hypothesis that I did a science project on: some vitamin supplements don’t actually increase your levels of these micronutrients or other chemicals, they just make you crave foods that contain them or eat more to gain them. It was total crap, but upon researching for the project, I learned how useless most supplements are. I’m thankful to have learned it early on, because geez, they’re expensive snake oil(s).
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