Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

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Elizabeth Kulinna
Elizabeth Kulinna - Day ago
So what about the rootine vitamins company, that’s based off of your genetics and bloodwork?
InterVIsual Couple
InterVIsual Couple - 2 days ago
Laughing that a commercial supporting vitamins played before this video.
fishslab - 3 days ago
What's your take on cultured vitamins? What do you think about the a recent research paper showing that food has significantly less nutrients than it did 100 years?
ScorpionsFatality - 3 days ago
Ew. I got an ad promoting vitamins before the video idea who the woman was. But just....whhyyyyyy?!
Tyler V
Tyler V - 4 days ago
What about putting my two year old on the toddler version of Flintstones?
Dwink23 Vintage Love
Dwink23 Vintage Love - 4 days ago
You say ask your doctor so much.
Me: buuutttt I have no doctor. No insurance.. No money...
Also me: I'll be fine.
alissa crowe
alissa crowe - 5 days ago
Take epilepsy meds and i take vitamins to help with the side effects of my meds. Vitamin B and fish oil
Stephanie Bignall
Stephanie Bignall - 5 days ago
The super amusing thing about this video is the ad at the beginning tried to sell me vitamins
John Smith
John Smith - 6 days ago
My diet and lifestyle mean that I take a multivitamin pill as a safety precaution I get the cheapest store's own brand costs maybe $10 per year. Yes I know that I should change the lifestyle and diet but in the winter I go to work in the dark , go home in the dark, I do not get out of the building or see daylight during the week so I might see daylight one day per week if that. From say November -March. For peace of mind alone it's worth it.
Alex4me4 - 10 days ago
3000 iu of vitamin D
320mg of magnesium glycinate (30% oxide, 70% glycinate)
23mg of zinc bisglycinate
2mg copper glycinate
(Including 2 krill oil pills)
All this daily. Please tell me what's wrong with this.
Also if you're a female on birth control you should be taking a B vitamin daily. I disagree with the dismissive nature of this video towards vitamin supplementation.
Edward juarez
Edward juarez - 10 days ago
Is it me, or did anyone else find it ironic that a vitamin supplement ad came on right after the video? Just me? Ok. 👍
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez - 12 days ago
I’m vegan and I have been prescribed iron and B12. It was a miracle that I was waking up and functioning each day without these essential macronutrients.
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez - 10 days ago
Zvuk Zao yeah... apparently my body is bad with retaining iron. The iron in my blood was VERY low and I get nose bleeds when the iron is low so I have to take the iron.
Zvuk Zao
Zvuk Zao - 10 days ago
Dude unless you're struggling with retaining iron literally every veggie or bean you eat has it. the only supplement you really need is b12. Just saying. :/
Randy Robison
Randy Robison - 12 days ago
I am broke and pretty much live on top ramen because it costs about twenty bucks a month, then my multivitamin costs ten bucks a month... thirty bucks a month is much cheaper than a week of a more healthy diet ;.;
Heidi A. Thomson Life Coach
I so agree!!!! FYI I did have chronic anemia (before I was vegan and due to excessive bleeding during menses - that never seemed to end). Once I became vegan, the chronic anemia stopped. This was due to the amount of greens I ate per day with added lemon juice for absorption.

The only vitamin supplement I take is B12.
Anastasia Rosenkrantz
Anastasia Rosenkrantz - 13 days ago
What is your point of view on dieting pills? Like "the miracle cure" to loose weight. My mom keeps on pressuring me to loose weight, and have been mentally bullying me since I was a kid. A couple of days ago, she brought me some diet pills (which she bought in russia), which made me think of what you think of it.
The voice from your pillow
Would still rather take a b12 once a week than have 200+ ldl.
Courtnay Power
Courtnay Power - 17 days ago
Do you really know about vitamins. Most doctors (yes, I know doctors are smart) don't umderstand how healthy vitamins are
Tessie - 17 days ago
Thank you for clearing the air on supplements and probiotics. Unfortunately I am one of those people who have been battling gut issues for almost 40 years. I definitely have IBS-D and have been tested for celiac 4xs now and it has always been inconclusive. Gluten intolerance was through the roof on last test and now following a mostly gluten free diet. I also have a lot of food allergies. Since I just recently ordered a multi I feel better knowing that I made the right decision. I already know I have a malabsorption problem. The poop transplant study sounds interesting (and gross too!). Very eager to hear more info on that. We have a family history of Crohns and Celiac. Thank you for putting your perspective on these topics. I think it’s super important for different doctors to weigh in. I have a friend that has a holistic practice and I always take it with a grain of salt. Never believed in many of the crazy supplements that are out there. Your videos came up on my recommended screen. Just recently started to watch them. Thank you!
Sam - 19 days ago
ARYAN 197 - 19 days ago
I literally got a vitamin ad on this video
Edit : when the video ended I also got a monster energy ad 😂
Dawee - Crochet Connoisseur N
Love watching you so passionate in your videos Dr Mike 💕🙏🏼 first video I think I’ve watched without you mention Code Blue
chest compressions
CHEST compressions
Kemo Says
Kemo Says - 20 days ago
Doctor Mike complaining about unrealistic body image 😙
Kodey Graeff
Kodey Graeff - 20 days ago
Lol suppliment ads on your video
Nakamoto Yuta
Nakamoto Yuta - 24 days ago
Should I take Multivitamins if I am Underweight? I am 5'7" and my weight is 39-40
Lightning Dash Productions
anyone else get vitamin ad right before this? XD
Diya Zeus
Diya Zeus - 26 days ago
Lol before this video there was as an add about vitamins
NixStellaNova _
NixStellaNova _ - 28 days ago
Supplement craze annoys me and so many people don’t believe me. I wanna be a dietician and the supplement craze will definitely be the death of me
eu mesma
eu mesma - Month ago
What are the differences among different countries? I mean, are the laws that involve medicines in US different than other countries? What do you know about that?
Sakunika Ganegedara
Sakunika Ganegedara - Month ago
People think vitamins are some kind of quick beauty enhancer. Specially the people who don't have any biological knowledge whatsoever
Lilinass Melinass
Lilinass Melinass - Month ago
Not eating fish at all,eating tona sometimes so am on Omega3 is that ok
Katherine Joga
Katherine Joga - Month ago
Night shift worker here. A few coworkers have told me that I should be taking Vitamin D due to a decreased amount of sun exposure. That actually kinda makes sense. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Anyone know if this is true?
Doina Marina
Doina Marina - Day ago
Night shift worker also. I’ve done a vitamin b and d blood test, and yes it turned out that I’m vitamin d deficient. So I’m taking vitamin d supplement. So is best if you take a blood test :)
saammmy7 - 22 days ago
it's definitely possible. you could ask your doctor to run a blood test to check if you're actually deficient.
Avelina - Month ago
justin h
justin h - Month ago
Would you say this chart is a decent chart to use?
justin h
justin h - Month ago
1:39 Dude.. that suit is wayyy too tight. Was that the suit you wore at your high school graduation? Be careful when you sit down or you're gonna rip the seam up your butt.
I get it tho. If I was fit, I would wanna show it off too, but its definitely distracting, in a funny way.
Don't Worry be Happy
Don't Worry be Happy - Month ago
Doctor Mike binge 2019 :-)
Boni Acuna
Boni Acuna - Month ago
I completely agree with you Dr. Mike. When I took the class Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 I learned that having too much of a vitamin in your system could actually be even more harmful and lead to greater health problems. As always blessing Dr. Mike.
Amber Ziral
Amber Ziral - Month ago
Is supplemensts recommend to college students especially medical MBBS students who isn't getting proper nutrition through food because only food available in the mess are carbohydrate rich food With less or no protein and greens.
Ashley ASHLEYM - Month ago
I take prenatals with folic acid, iron and DHA (because of pregnancy) and magnesium because I have a history of critically low potassium and magnesium helps to absorb potassium and potassium supplements are potential lethal because potassium overdoses are lethal. I also make sure to get adequate sleep to help retain the potassium instead of wasting it in my urine (kidneys throw out potassium due to lack of sleep). I used to take a prescription potassium supplement but doc determined I no longer needed such a high dose.
Natasha Mazumdar
Natasha Mazumdar - Month ago
What supplements do you recommend for vegans (besides B12)?
Ashley ASHLEYM - Month ago
Well honestly you probably aren't getting enough of a lot of vitamins and minerals in particular things like Omega 3s and iron. And a vegan diet means you need a bit more than the typical RDI of most vitamins and minerals. And you also need more protein than the average person as well. Eating tons of non animal products makes it harder for your body to absorb nutrients so be ware. And of course B12 is a mush supplement on a vegan diet. Also some vegan sources of certain vitamin and minerals aren't bioavailable forms of them so that's another thing to keep in mind.
Sara Loves Makeup
Sara Loves Makeup - Month ago
Tati is quaking
Amanda M
Amanda M - Month ago
Would love to hear your thoughts on pcos. I know I take supplements rather than taking pharmaceuticals for hormone balancing. I also changed the way I eat. Love your videos and would love to hear you touch on the subject.
Jayee - Month ago
Let's say hypothetically, I need vitamins but can't eat fruits and certain veggies because I'm on a keto diet... should I take supplements then?
sang01me - Month ago
I wish I watched this video two years ago.
Cheryl S
Cheryl S - Month ago
Hearing a lot about people CuraMed (Curcumin/turmeric) for daily use to combat inflammation and arthritis. Can you overdose on these types of supplements?
Chelsea L.
Chelsea L. - Month ago
Definately recommend talking to your doctor but mine actually recommended turmeric to help with my fibromyalgia pain and inflammation.
Jak h
Jak h - Month ago
What do you mean unrealistic?? You have an amazing body, great teeth and a beautiful face??? Some ppl are just beautiful. It's not unrealistic.... rant over. I just hear you say that a lot
Hafsa Moussa
Hafsa Moussa - Month ago
Im always trying to explain that to people who take vitamins and thinking that it's healthy😣😧
Alessandra Ugarte
Alessandra Ugarte - 2 months ago
I’m a vegetarian and someone recommended that I take Vitamin B-12 daily. Shall I go for it?
Dorthea Maria
Dorthea Maria - Month ago
Short answer yes :)
CindyLouWhoXO - 2 months ago
I take vitamin D in the winter because I live in a snowy state with little sunshine and it was recommended to me by a doctor, you should also look into the correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and breast cancer. I don’t drink milk and I also have depression so it’s a decent idea to supplement. I also take hyaluronic acid, collagen, glucosamine hydrochloride, and chondroitin because I have a joint disorder (hyper mobility) and it honestly helps with the overall pain better than stretches which is all I’ve ever really been told to do for it. Supplements are okay if you have a legitimate condition but if you’re overall pretty healthy, they’re probably useless to you. Always make sure you check the labels to avoid bad ingredients and buy from a reputable brand, aka probably nothing at Walmart. I do this for a living, and I can def tell you some of it really works but some of it is total bullshit lol.
Wasay M
Wasay M - 2 months ago
I have been taking Biotin Supplement Rs500/month and AntiHair lost shampoo Rs1500 for a 200 ml bottle for hair because my greedy dermatologist doctor gets a cut every time I buy that supplement here in India.. Even though he never tested me for Biotin defeciency.... and I later found that most docs say Biotin deficiency is very rare... Many Doctors in India are so unethical and money minded stingy set of people here, will make patients spend unnecessarily to get their cut...
Linsey Le
Linsey Le - 2 months ago
What is with ;) this
Moises Adame
Moises Adame - 2 months ago
What the best way to find out if I need vitamins?or which type of doctor should I go see ?
Nastia - 2 months ago
I don't take vitamins but i take lysine because its literally the only thing that helps with cold sores. Valtrex doesn't work anymore.
tushar vyas
tushar vyas - 2 months ago
I wish u spoke about wholefood vitamins .
Imforeveru - 2 months ago
Odds are I DO have an iron deficiency and needed to have a two month high dose iron course to make sure i didn’t faint again!
Happy days!
Ivan - 2 months ago
Pleasee, consult a Dietitian!
Lorentari - 2 months ago
Because statistics: I'm gonna assume that the majority of the 24% who has a deficiency belongs to the 14% who does not take any supplements while the remaining 10% just doesn't take enough supplements 🥴🤓🥴 (JK... don't eat anything in pill-form that your doctor hasn't prescribed..)
Xy Yang
Xy Yang - 2 months ago
Handsome... Sorry focusing on the wrong angel😂
Vanessa G
Vanessa G - 2 months ago
Veganism is not a health condition! 😂😂😂
Phoenix Studios
Phoenix Studios - 2 months ago
Me: * gets an ad for supplements *
Edie The Nerd
Edie The Nerd - 2 months ago
#RespondingToYourComments Dr. mike, what’s your thought on trans people
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