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Miroslav Nath
Miroslav Nath - 29 minutes ago
I fell in love with You :D
I have tiny house with 300m squares garden, have membership in gym for workout and shower, using local laundry. Live in Prague :)
v i o l e t
v i o l e t - 30 minutes ago
it looks fun to demolish that can i come :)
Edward Elkins
Edward Elkins - 48 minutes ago
There are some really cool outdoors equipment items you might take a look at on amazon. Like the portable shower, portable privacy tent for showering and toilet. Outdoor kitchen stuff. wood stoves that are portable. different awnings to extend the amount of living space you might have while parked.
The Next Houdini
The Next Houdini - Hour ago
Ok, no offense, but I have mad respect for you and you're amazing channel. But THAT INTRO WAS DISGUSTING AND PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE THAT!
Audrey - 2 hours ago
Low key I kinda have the biggest crush on u 😬
Abella Wyatt
Abella Wyatt - 2 hours ago
I’m excited to see the next ep! ❤️
_Maria_ortegon - 3 hours ago
i.. how tf did u do that the research the knowledge I... it looks so complicated
captin covid1984
captin covid1984 - 4 hours ago
A strong wahmans of empowerments👏👏👏stunning and brave👏👏👏showing off them b.l.m. riot skills destroying something and then running away!
Olivia Lane
Olivia Lane - 4 hours ago
If I were her I would keep the bathroom cause it really wasn't that bad
rossalind horne
rossalind horne - 4 hours ago
Nominated for best Youtuber.... JENNELLE ELIANA.... AAAAAND the award goes to...... JENNELLE ELIANA!!!🏆🏆🏆
DG509MOMO - 4 hours ago
You are awesome.
Gin hv DV g Hdhdbjs
Gin hv DV g Hdhdbjs - 5 hours ago
Who in the hell
Audrey Graves
Audrey Graves - 5 hours ago
Can’t wait to see part 2!
Lauren Spruce
Lauren Spruce - 5 hours ago
Absolutely love it💕💕💕
Starchild Universe
Starchild Universe - 5 hours ago
Wow you are actually surprisingly very strong and a hard worker, you’re very smart too haha, by the way I didn’t mean anything mean by I was suprised but it’s just you dint see too many women taking on projects like this by themselves infact I’m admiring over here 🙏🏽👌🏽 hope it’s turns out so dope and I’d help you but you’re probably far from we’re I live.
Dominic Wilson
Dominic Wilson - 7 hours ago
She's hot... that's the type of girl I need
MyAsia Jarrett
MyAsia Jarrett - 7 hours ago
We’re living for the overall moments
maurice brown
maurice brown - 8 hours ago term!! cant wait for next vlogg. BigLoveXx
To: Lack/Out of Money '20/08-10

How to Survive/Live Out on the Road?
REDUCE volume
less volume/smaller
less visible(existence
less possessions/trash
less to see/more security
REDUCE weight
lighter/more agile/temporary
can move quickly to safety
scope/off hours/security
nomadic(near need(s)
REDUCE density
less density
more openness
less overcrowding
better living standard
less visible+nomadic+less density>received Better by Community!
less visible,by reducing volume+weight
nomadic,moving by season, less visible
less density,overall population densities
transgress not for security, wealth, work and charity
reduce weight increases agility, which is more security
reduce volume decreases visibility, which is more secure
reduce possessions, for Max Value, increases more wealth
reduce volume, more acceptable, more likely get work&charity
reduce density decreases overcrowding, provides more openness
Target Goals
B&M Destinations
Born Again
Shanah Boye
Shanah Boye - 10 hours ago
LeMICKEYS - 10 hours ago
This was satisfying
AyO LilBaby
AyO LilBaby - 11 hours ago
Can I have your old van?
Shandra Barnett
Shandra Barnett - 11 hours ago
This is so inspiring, now I have an idea for what to do when I’m forced to move out at 18
D_Cali_Life - 11 hours ago
I love this girl lol
Phat Vibez
Phat Vibez - 11 hours ago
I know your sister neighbors don’t like you lmaoooo
Emma Does stuff
Emma Does stuff - 11 hours ago
Men: building is for boys
Jenelle: hold my power tools

Edit: I’m a lesbian if you couldn’t already tell...boys are weird
Phat Vibez
Phat Vibez - 11 hours ago
Slow it done we wanna see everything I love vanlife
Phat Vibez
Phat Vibez - 11 hours ago
The intro I’m weakkkk asfuckkk
Julia The Potato
Julia The Potato - 12 hours ago
I like how the whole ev is a mess rn but she has a cute fuzzy steering wheel cover lol
Claudia Cho
Claudia Cho - 12 hours ago
Intro gives me rugrats vibes
Synapse - 13 hours ago
Youtube are great demolition experts.
915MONI - 14 hours ago
You work pretty fast
Kayles S
Kayles S - 15 hours ago
Ohh buddy that cloth mask isn’t protecting you from shit it catches your spit and stuff so
you don’t infect people but you are still breathing in all that nasty shit you’re trying not to
DogsForDisabilities A Service and Therapy Dog Vlog
You're a genius. And I'm ready to get a van...and wander aimlessly....for real.
Beep Rot
Beep Rot - 15 hours ago
One person demolition crew!
Skullstar - 18 hours ago
I've never been more excited about something than how this is going to turn out
Kaya Fender
Kaya Fender - 22 hours ago
Her van is nakey now 😳😼
fllower knight
fllower knight - 22 hours ago
This makes me wanna demo my dad's RV lol. I cannot wait to see this all finished and beautiful
Yvette Armour
Yvette Armour - 22 hours ago
Remember that day when she became famous within months of videos on YouTube 😘
Rising Zombie
Rising Zombie - 3 hours ago
@Richie Richardson is automatically subbing ppl to accounts is promotions with out the consent
Rising Zombie
Rising Zombie - 3 hours ago
@Richie Richardson but how is it a theory if there are so many accounts automatically subbed to her?
Richie Richardson
Richie Richardson - 16 hours ago
@Rising Zombie That was a conspiracy theory by jealous USa-videor's that are jealous of Jennelle's popularity. USa-video did promote her channel when she posted her first video but USa-video promotes thousands of channels every year.
Rising Zombie
Rising Zombie - 19 hours ago
USa-video subbed ppl to her without their knowledge
Katelyn Nicole Davis
Katelyn Nicole Davis - 23 hours ago Katelyn Nicole Davis Rip in loving memory 💚🖤
CHUCKBALLER - 23 hours ago
watching you work made me tired...nite
Wal Ford
Wal Ford - Day ago
Now I don't feel so bad about making an RV out of a camper trailer no demo just an empty box
Carl Hopkinson
Carl Hopkinson - Day ago
I would have just thrown the whole RV into the trash.
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez - Day ago
I’m in shock on how badass she is. 🤯
jeffybooo - Day ago
That is one hard working WOMAN & this is coming from a guy saying this & i could never get down like that wow!!
Arianna Guillen
Arianna Guillen - Day ago
Kicking and pulling and breaking stuff looks so fun!
Joey Funez
Joey Funez - Day ago
Now we wait another month for a video
Paramonster - Day ago
If a dude did this he would not be getting near as much praise
Love Birdxo
Love Birdxo - Day ago
Love Your Positive Vibes Gal.
Jonn Blvck
Jonn Blvck - Day ago
I don’t know how I came across this video but cool! Now I want an RV!
Abby Merrillッ
Abby Merrillッ - Day ago
Has anybody else noticed how brave and positive and fearless she is I mean that girl is a god
D K - Day ago
Richie Richardson
Richie Richardson - 13 hours ago
The video clearly shows Jennelle removing the interior of the RV all by herself. Another Hater that is jealous of Jennelle's popularity.
G Schuyler
G Schuyler - Day ago
Kid1303 - Day ago
Just your blue van while getting Starbucks. I knew I’d see you some day as I live along the 1!
Darrin Fry
Darrin Fry - Day ago
why ..
Maria Avalon
Maria Avalon - Day ago
Girl with everything going on, can you get like tinted bulletproof windows? I want you super safe out here 😩😩😩
Nae - Day ago
Good point!!!
1 1
1 1 - Day ago
Can I help?
Woow Strength and power of a woman
Meghan Andriulli
Meghan Andriulli - Day ago
Giiiiirrrllllll imma need a curl routine 💁🏽‍♀️
D Walker
D Walker - Day ago
Rock and roll
Stephen Hinkle
Stephen Hinkle - Day ago
When designing your rebuild, I would consider the following:
* Space. Make sure you consider everything you need in the utilization of space.
* Internal system lines: Consider where you need lines being built for water, low voltage electrical (12V), line voltage electrical (120V), and propane and all the places you will need them and how to run them to safety codes. Make sure you allocate space for water tanks, sewage tanks, propane tanks, batteries, chargers, inverters, and generators. Make sure you have enough capacity of each.
* When it comes to your kitchen, consider which refrigerator type you will want based on how you plan to camp. If you plan to camp with hookups everywhere or plan for extra batteries or solar, you can probably get by using a compressor refrigerator. If you mostly boondock, an absorportion model will work better as you can run on propane. You should also consider which type of stove or oven you want and the size of it.
* Consider your heating and cooling needs. Do you need a furnace or an air conditioner in the climates you plan to camp.
* Decide what your needs are for beds, cabinets, shade, blinds, storage, etc.
* Think if you want a TV, radio, or other types of sound systems.
* Decide which kind of lighting you want, incandescent, LED, or flourescent.
There really is a lot that goes on inside an RV rebuild.
James Burgess
James Burgess - Day ago
Nice work tearing the inside out of that RV 👍
Lynne Mcdonald
Lynne Mcdonald - Day ago
You are amazing
Boomer Starbuck
Boomer Starbuck - Day ago
Wait what! Wow
Saing Khay
Saing Khay - Day ago
Where's episode 2 ? Do not disrespect to ur fan! Ur fans are waiting!!!! You take a month to upload the episode one after posting the trailer? Like what???? Had this process done or not? Bcoz we r so exciting and that excitement become anger but I still love you bcoz you are the best!
Maria Avalon
Maria Avalon - Day ago
I can watch this all day
Ronkala Wilcher
Ronkala Wilcher - Day ago
This is going to look so good.
brandon lago
brandon lago - Day ago
Peek the new intro 😤
fallcity St.Louis
fallcity St.Louis - Day ago
Please don't get any more adorable... It's already too much!
Lily Diaz
Lily Diaz - Day ago
I don’t even know her but I love her sooo much ❤️🍓
Yumeko - Day ago
I can't wait to see the build 💖
aniamzione 3.2
aniamzione 3.2 - Day ago
Chi sa se inveteranno un Camper spaziale e come sarà
cynthia salomon
cynthia salomon - Day ago
Giiirl yass!!! I’ve been subscribed since your very first videos & I loove watching you doo yo thaang!! Its so cute! I admire you but I could never!!!! The way you ripped that RV made my jaw drop! Can’t wait to see how you build it back up & decorate it
Ace Lost
Ace Lost - Day ago
Derrick Thairo
Derrick Thairo - Day ago
I have been waiting for this video like forever
Derrick Thairo
Derrick Thairo - Day ago
Yap can't wait to see what's next. But remember please safety first.
The Phantom
The Phantom - Day ago
Nice job! Two thumbs up for being so brave!👍👍
Eli G
Eli G - Day ago
The intro 😂👌🏽
Laura Echegaray
Laura Echegaray - Day ago
i looove how you did it all by yourself! we want part 2💕🥰✨🌈👏
Liz - Day ago
To fast✨
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams - Day ago
I have to admit I have never seen a young woman do that level of demo all by herself and it was super impressive to watch!
TrapHouseZombie - Day ago
These comments are dumb.. People "shocked" a female human can tear stuff apart "by herself"😆
Ali Dolloso
Ali Dolloso - Day ago
Independant lady
Starberry Puff
Starberry Puff - Day ago
Don't get in a fight with her... She broke that whole thing down...
Salty bee
Salty bee - Day ago
She could be an engineer tho
Daria ANDREI - Day ago
okay but jennelle is the only person who looks so good alone in the middle of nowhere
D'slifenotes - Day ago
Ayri - Day ago
Hi please do a video on all the cons of vanlife, like safety and such like that and please tell us how you handle it. I think vanlife can be very troublesome and dangerous at times and we need to be more aware of those problems so we'll know how to prevent or face it. Pls like this so she sees 💕
cele reyna
cele reyna - 2 days ago
Natalie Olmstead
Natalie Olmstead - 2 days ago
what a queen shes doin the mechanicals omg
Solyn Goddess
Solyn Goddess - 2 days ago
This video proves, that women don't need a man!
Deziree Ridgeway
Deziree Ridgeway - 2 days ago
LeslieZSide - 2 days ago
I love it and sorry I’m late I had school
John Brown
John Brown - 2 days ago
Why is this in my recommended. I don't watch videos like this.
Catherine - 2 days ago
You are the definition of “the girls are doing it for themselves “ 👏🏽👏🏽
Hector Halo
Hector Halo - 2 days ago
Эх пожить бы с ней))
Rita and Cat
Rita and Cat - 2 days ago
You inspire me so much 💕
Notice Me Cherry Pie
Notice Me Cherry Pie - 2 days ago
Thank you YouTube recommendations for this video I did not ask for but thoroughly enjoyed
Choco Cookie
Choco Cookie - 2 days ago
wasn’t this uploaded before or am I delusional
Mia R
Mia R - 2 days ago
Jennelle is such a vibrant and hard working person. I love this channel ❤️❤️
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