Insane Relationship TikToks (w/ Danny Gonzalez & Drew Gooden)

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Shelley Palmer-Figueroa
Shelley Palmer-Figueroa - 8 hours ago
I love how on the last one they just fling the girl in the air! Why is no one talking about this?! 😂😆😅😆
celine - 8 hours ago
kurtis holding his phone looks like he’s showing his parents a meme
G l i c k
G l i c k - 9 hours ago
14:34 Thats one crazy stand
Y e a h
Y e a h - 9 hours ago
Not even kidding, you guys are amazing tik tokers.
AestheticGalaxy - 10 hours ago
i love cvpooot
Angela Sharykina
Angela Sharykina - 10 hours ago
7:23 tell me to my fACE that kid isn't at MOST 16
River Johnson
River Johnson - 11 hours ago
wow... the whole time that he was saying hello fresh I thought he was saying hella fresh
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - 12 hours ago
It’s a shame that scarves don’t exist in their universe. Maybe that’s why people keep grabbing other’s by the throat. Because they’re trying to keep that person’s throat warm. “Hey. Your neck’s looking a bit chilly. Let me help you.” **grabs person by the throat** **says through gnashed teeth** “Is your neck warming up?”
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - 12 hours ago
Others. I can english well 😅
helen_egal - 14 hours ago
god I love u guys
Just Alula
Just Alula - 18 hours ago
I have watched this for an unhealthy amount of time
glossysunmin - 20 hours ago
I thought it was James Charles when I saw that guy with that tattoo on his neck
**Wouldn't an upside down beard be our hair🗿
quinn - 21 hour ago
omg tea i use hello fresh!!!!!
Lavender 05
Lavender 05 - 21 hour ago
Y’all should react to cosplay tiktoks
sue j
sue j - 23 hours ago
god they make me laugh so much
pt. - Day ago
on kurtis’ channel, drew says danny’s intro...
Sweet Misery
Sweet Misery - Day ago
i took a while to realize that the random tik tok in the middle of the video that they didn't talk about was just a mid roll ad :/
Sean Zags
Sean Zags - Day ago
14:30 When you have full meter in a fighting game
Heliodorable - Day ago
the made me laugh out loud so many times... i hope my roommate doesn't think i'm insane
Grace Smart
Grace Smart - Day ago
They look so happy when they make each other laugh, pure 🥺
Grace Smart
Grace Smart - Day ago
DoopleDop uwu
DoopleDop uwu - Day ago
The giggly bois
Brie Tacos
Brie Tacos - Day ago
Does anyone know what the song is at 13min?????
Dewpedia - Day ago
I thought the “I see you” was from lord of the rings but alright
Atheena Jade
Atheena Jade - Day ago
I can watch them together all fucking day.
Sirius - Day ago
I swear all of you have the exact same laugh
Nadia Mikulich
Nadia Mikulich - Day ago
But like, why is Drew the emoest out of Drew and Kurtis?

*Science cant explain EVERYTHING*
Nadia Mikulich
Nadia Mikulich - Day ago
*Drew you're married.*
spiderdude2099 - 2 days ago
The one where the two dudes just yoinked that girl.....I was NOT ready for that. Like, wow that took a turn, I laughed my ass off
mel i
mel i - 2 days ago
These collabs are giving me the will to live that i thought i lost
account 112
account 112 - 2 days ago
On the first TikTok Kurtis has a beard on his stomach
Chloe Ann
Chloe Ann - 2 days ago
Plz make more videos together bc im literally cryinngg😂
dragon mlp lover plus popularmmos
1. Tic 2. toc 3. bad
1. Whats 2. up 3. greg
Hey Hey
Hey Hey - 2 days ago
Can we acknowledge the intro
Ester Cardoza Ramirez
Ester Cardoza Ramirez - 2 days ago
That choking looks reaaally. Homo erotic
Lateefa Fa
Lateefa Fa - 2 days ago
multiskype - 2 days ago
all three of them are so hot imo
Jordan Brey
Jordan Brey - 2 days ago
Lil Gacha Bean
Lil Gacha Bean - 2 days ago
14:30 😎
tinychubbybird - 2 days ago
i love cvpooot :›
Felicia Pattinson
Felicia Pattinson - 2 days ago
Finally someone roasted this cringy videos
uwuseokie - 2 days ago
Imagine someone was watching them make tiktoks from their window lmao
Kex Keks
Kex Keks - 2 days ago
Weird I can’t remember Evan Hansen having so many tattoos
mechi - 3 days ago
0:51 that look
Dayana Neri
Dayana Neri - 3 days ago
Does anyone know the song from 12:58?
Lily Calderwood
Lily Calderwood - 3 days ago
I love the dynamic of these three because it’s so adorable how they each smile when they make the other two laugh
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer - 3 days ago
I haven’t watched any of the videos with all three of them yet bc I’ve saving them but now I think it’s time
Cheyanne Forbes
Cheyanne Forbes - 3 days ago
13:52 has me dead 😂😭
Aesthetic Mess
Aesthetic Mess - 3 days ago
Tiktok bad
Pan Plaz
Pan Plaz - 3 days ago
I got your inkbox add before your vid
Drama Emily
Drama Emily - 3 days ago
I love cvpoooot
Emilia Modrusan
Emilia Modrusan - 3 days ago
What the actual fuck is the purpose of these tik toks??? 😂😂😂😂😂
Fluffy Mcguffin
Fluffy Mcguffin - 3 days ago
FuCk yUor PhoNe anD kiSs mA FacE
Big Papa Walking Down The Street
11:22 The gay panic On Kurtis' face is gold
Bag Head
Bag Head - 3 days ago
Why do I feel like their tour was just an excuse for them to have a giant sleepover
DudeitsMaddi - 3 days ago
6:02 has the same energy as the episode of spongebob called “spongebob, you’re fired!”
Gachagirl0910 2028
Gachagirl0910 2028 - 3 days ago
How many times did they say cvpooot? 😂😂
Eric Hbm
Eric Hbm - 3 days ago
We want more Kurtdandrew vids!!
Naomi Zarin
Naomi Zarin - 3 days ago
I got an ad for tik tok in the middle of this video
Alex Brockwell
Alex Brockwell - 3 days ago
i love cvpooot
cheekgyuns - 3 days ago
kurtis looks like the high school freshman that hangs out with seniors and is like their little brother
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