next stop pies!

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Angel K
Angel K - 4 days ago
when he didn't take the banana seed out of that one slice at the bottom of the pie i started screaming
Elisha Godfrey
Elisha Godfrey - 9 days ago
'Uh oh' I'm cryingggg😭🤣
Sherele Bosman
Sherele Bosman - 10 days ago
South Africa also makes amazing meat pies! Pepper steak(Pepper Fake for us Vegans) for the win (:
Midnight Estrella
Midnight Estrella - 11 days ago
Oooo what if you made Mexican sweet breads 😭😭😭😭
Midnight Estrella
Midnight Estrella - 11 days ago
Idea: Have peach “cook” in your absence
dettitted - 12 days ago
"I'm going to be using this as my bible..." More like pieble. :)
Elizabeth the adorkable
Elizabeth the adorkable - 12 days ago
Person: how’s your stress level this year? Me: ya know kinda like julien making them pies 🥧
Martina Verga
Martina Verga - 13 days ago
Jenna please don't leave!
Sam Gover
Sam Gover - 14 days ago
I wanna try it
Caitlin Maxfield
Caitlin Maxfield - 14 days ago
Probounced ‘wooster’
Nirell Layug
Nirell Layug - 15 days ago
Nobody at all:

Julien: *Heavy breathing noises*
Evelyn Eats Soap
Evelyn Eats Soap - 13 days ago
He may be asthmatic. I don't know the story but generally asthmatics breath a little heavily.
お y s
お y s - 15 days ago
the dough looks so pale😟😟 thats so unappetizing
ReyBeltane - 15 days ago
He's putting ketchup on a pie?! My British husband screamed. Tell me this is not a real thing in Australia?!
xstasi gutierrez
xstasi gutierrez - 15 days ago
he really rachel greened in real life... i never thought it would happen
Sarah Kuppert
Sarah Kuppert - 16 days ago
Love the slow mo's with the dope music... high production value Julien!
Charlizar - 16 days ago
I want them to do a remake of “Julie & Julia” (a cooking movie) and remake it with Julian and call it “Julie , Julian & Julia” 🤣🤣
.o.O.o. - 17 days ago
Someone needs to get Julien one of those fancy bookstands with a tiny dingy-thing in it's center that holds the pages in place. (I'm a broke ass bééch, eating cheap bread with milk - would support, but can't :') )
Edit: I never saw someone make dough in a food processor before. Won't that f up it's consistency? Or is this ok cus this is a gluten free recipe?
Christin - 17 days ago
😂 rename this as “I wanna try it”
Garrett Skilton
Garrett Skilton - 18 days ago
Amber Something
Amber Something - 21 day ago
Peach’s little perked up ears omfg
Michel Numer
Michel Numer - 24 days ago
Emily Brewer
Emily Brewer - 27 days ago
I am dying laughing at his realization that the page turned on him
Ada T
Ada T - 27 days ago
...I think if you melted the coconut oil it should help make the dough more wet
Julen : 👁👄👁
Jenna’s mom : I see London , I see France , I see someone’s underpants !
Julen : 👁👄👁 *intense confusion*
the fastfood employee
the fastfood employee - 28 days ago
I wanna tryy it!
XxmonstragloxX - Month ago
2:03 this is why I love your content
Kaydee Mchorse
Kaydee Mchorse - Month ago
Baking in general is difficult, being vegan and baking looks so fucking hard but worth it
Amanda - Month ago
Did this kid really just pull a Rachel Greene and merge two pie recipes together by accident
Stefan Sarrazin
Stefan Sarrazin - Month ago
No lemon is use to thicken the cream
Courtney K
Courtney K - Month ago
but did he save the first filling to make a pumpkin pie later or-
Cailyn Thomas
Cailyn Thomas - Month ago
when julien shows jenna stuff at the end of the videos and is all excited explaining how he made them
Sam Sackett
Sam Sackett - Month ago
10 minutes in and all I can think about is how Julien pronounced pecan
Jada Long
Jada Long - Month ago
He straight up pulled a Rachel from friends with her lady fingers
maddie button
maddie button - Month ago
2:10 Yw
Never give your real name
Julien.. PLEASE practice making gluten free dough/pastry/etc, its painful for all involved watching you make divine recipes with crumbs lol
Anna Pruitt
Anna Pruitt - Month ago
The pies are so pale tho! Normally, you’d brush on an egg wash to help it become golden brown, so is there a vegan option for that? Can you brush on the egg replacer or?
Tentacle Hub
Tentacle Hub - Month ago
for some reason the sounds of blenders really freak me out and i hate them - but julien editing really soft music over it was absolutely DELIGHTFUL. 11/10. love him
Rosie Kong
Rosie Kong - Month ago
Julien: We have god and anime on our side
The book: turns page
magical_kim - Month ago
Gluten free pastry rolling tip: Throw out your rolling pin and buy a f*cking tortilla press!
Ephemeral Petrichor
Ephemeral Petrichor - Month ago
he...he gave me a hand pie for lunch. im sobbing, i dont deserve this hhhhhhhh
Emily Harrington
Emily Harrington - Month ago
How on earth do you manage your mental health with 2.41 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS? What a mind-fuck. I get about a hundred visitors to my website a day, and sometimes when I'm writing (about living well with mental illness: I feel weighted with overwhelming responsibility because people listen to me and take my advice. I have to be ethical and sensitive, and I don't think I could do it if I had more than 500 subscribers.
Morgan McCauley
Morgan McCauley - Month ago
I have never left a video more convinced that Jenna is just a younger clone of her mom. I'm on to you, ladies!!!
Olivia castillo
Olivia castillo - Month ago
6:03 rip young ppl who can hear the high pitch from his induction burner
Jenna Scribner
Jenna Scribner - 18 days ago
My dogs said: !!
Lauren Welker
Lauren Welker - Month ago
After watching Sweeney Todd, I can't look at any pie without thinking of it. 🥧
FigJam - Month ago
I don't see how he thinks anything is gonna "firm up" without the gelatine/agar the recipe called for.... but we'll see.
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell - Month ago
*Agar warning * I had a bad reaction, my stomach seized up and I was hospitalized! Every time you used the word I saw that horrible screen in my careful and so glad you didn't use it! Xoxo
Andrew - Month ago
I’m not gonna give you the whole thing
Literally narrates the books instructions
Steph - Month ago
The way julien was manhandling that expensive mixer was giving me anxiety lol
Hope Abigail
Hope Abigail - Month ago
16:06 slowly picks hair off of food with out saying a word
Manatee J
Manatee J - Month ago
Debbie machine and Jenna are basically twins.
mallory - Month ago
the agar agar gives pie a weirdly tart flavor, so arrowroot was actually the better option imo. i just use an excess of corn starch when i make a custard pie. it works just as well, imo, and doesnt have that gross agar flavor.
Hippocampus ingens
Hippocampus ingens - Month ago
If you're still having trouble with your doughs not being the right texture, try sifting into the measuring cups or spooning the flour into it. When you use it as a scoop it ends up compressed so you get more flour than the recipe intended. It's another reason baking by weight makes life easier!
Reece - Month ago
You saying we are gonna be late for school activated my flight or fight response
Camille I
Camille I - 2 months ago
1:08 julien why do you list with your middle finger first ahaha
Charlotte Byrnes
Charlotte Byrnes - 2 months ago
Australian meat pies are usually smaller but great job julien
foreshadowing_panda - Month ago
For a dude whose never been to Australia they came out well, I was very impressed.
Jes - 2 months ago
Miss Nobody
Miss Nobody - 2 months ago
Just throwing this out there, New Zealand has the best meat pies. Don't come for me.
Isabelle Vasquez
Isabelle Vasquez - 2 months ago
I rlly can’t believe u tried to make 3 pies in one day just one pie is a whole day activity
Gina Snyder
Gina Snyder - 2 months ago
29:09 OwO!
Kylie Loeks
Kylie Loeks - 2 months ago
I love how there's always an office or parks in recs joke in every single video like next stop pies appears in the office when they're on the work bus
Heathbunny - 2 months ago
This is the first time I have really seen Debbie in a video. It is crazy how similar she and Jenna are. Like mother like daughter. :)
Lysi Jordheim
Lysi Jordheim - 2 months ago
In the beginning i was SO scared he was going to accidentally drop peach on her head🥴💀
Cari Winter
Cari Winter - 2 months ago
Great video! My favorite is when Jenna and the Debbie Machine sounded like the exact same person 🤣❤
crazynirvanalover - 2 months ago
So do Americans just not have savoury pies? I'm so confused
Rebzy Rebz
Rebzy Rebz - 2 months ago
As an Aussie, I don’t remember the last time I ate a meat pie with a spoon (usually its a handheld adventure) but the ketchup is 100% accurate!!!!
Jessica Yetman
Jessica Yetman - 2 months ago
why is no one mentioning Debbie's "peace" at the end I fucking died
Jordi P
Jordi P - 2 months ago
HAHAHAA the page flip
Paige Robbins
Paige Robbins - 2 months ago
20:15 Makeshift Meatpie, band name CALLED IT.
kaysey jane
kaysey jane - 2 months ago
Jenna: what's wrong with this one?? he didn't do anything!
julien: LoOk aT HIM!
Kylie VanDine
Kylie VanDine - 2 months ago
In every video he has a food processor in he can’t remember what it’s called 😂
Joanna K
Joanna K - 2 months ago
I love these Office references so much
Baby Carrot
Baby Carrot - 2 months ago
I love how comfortable julien and the Debbie machine are
Lady Grimm
Lady Grimm - 2 months ago
11:38 I had this video playing in the background while I was doing something else and I got really stressed and upset but this part broke through my frustration and calmed me down. Thank you
Tabby - 2 months ago
Aus has good meat pies but New Zealand’s are better
Samantha Sargent
Samantha Sargent - 2 months ago
The fact that Jenna and mom sound exactly the same.... nuts lol
Bria Hogan
Bria Hogan - 2 months ago
Papa's bakeria
MORRIGANSPEAKS - 2 months ago
Wostershire sauce isn’t vegan though? I thought there’s anchovy paste in it. Did you find a vegan version?
Nyxxii - 2 months ago
He literally had a Rachel trifle situation!!!! 😂😂😂😂
arikeshi - 2 months ago
lol traditional aussie meat pie you mean party pies
launa - 2 months ago
Julien roasting Kermit actually made me wheeze
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