next stop pies!

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Kristen Lehmann
Kristen Lehmann - 21 minute ago
Omg just like in friends for their thanksgiving and two of the pages are stuck together and Rachel cooks half one recipe and half another
карась - 32 minutes ago
Really cool
heyitstaryn - 5 hours ago
heyitstaryn - 6 hours ago
Gina Thorpe
Gina Thorpe - 13 hours ago
I don’t know why but I wanna see him make goldfish
Laureta Huit
Laureta Huit - 13 hours ago Way better
Jssanna Holmes
Jssanna Holmes - 13 hours ago
mrs macs pies are way better than pie face source: am aussie
Hogaza - 14 hours ago
Look for agar in the vitamin/supplement area (it's sometimes used as a laxative), or at Asian grocery stores. You might be able to sub in a safe cornstarch or pectin, depending on what you're using it for.

Not sure about gluten free dough, but a touch of lemon juice or vinegar and an hour or two in the fridge do wonders for regular pastry dough rolling out nicely. It gives a chance for the fat to chill and moisture to distribute, which keeps it from sticking and cracking as you roll.
Ava Grace Haller
Ava Grace Haller - 14 hours ago
Jenna and julien are so freaking sweet. I love their relationship
Hope Fritz
Hope Fritz - 15 hours ago
Oh God your hot plate does something terrible to the sound of this video. It makes this absolutely TERRIBLE high pitched whine as soon as you turn it on. Jesus my ears
awesome5657blink - 16 hours ago
The ending with all three of them is just so wholesome
PunkPlumbell - 18 hours ago
Watching julien bake does me a real concern
Keona - 19 hours ago
I found the dehydrated cane juice on a website. Julien you need to decide your recipes at least a week or two ahead, and then order what you need online. I get you're, aries but come on.
john rogers
john rogers - 20 hours ago
left at gluten free and vegan
darian owens
darian owens - 20 hours ago
He flipped me off when he said ramen burger
Alyssa - 20 hours ago
Make pizza rolls
Elizabeth Harris-Fain
Elizabeth Harris-Fain - 20 hours ago
Julien: It's hot! *continues to bite into a steaming hand pie* 😂😂
Chloe Harris
Chloe Harris - 21 hour ago
I'm rewatching this to destress for finals. rip me......
I am Retarted0
I am Retarted0 - 21 hour ago
29:34 had me dying with mango in the background trying to jump on the counter
Björnkram - 22 hours ago
Where do you find vegan Worcestershire sauce? I didn't know they made it without the anchovies
Gabriel bautista
Gabriel bautista - 23 hours ago
Anyone else hear that noise at 6:04?
eevee - 23 hours ago
make vegan pavlova!
Brenna Rose
Brenna Rose - Day ago
When he pulled out the strawberry pies I teared up a little. My grandma recently passed and she was an avid baker, whenever she would try something I made for her she would say “ooh baby” JUST like that 🥺
Evan Matravers
Evan Matravers - Day ago
i was tweaking at 27:20
Rocket Garcia
Rocket Garcia - Day ago
You can find agar in most Asian markets!
The FBI - Day ago
I was so so so happy when I saw Debbie 😭😭❤️
Chelsie Hale
Chelsie Hale - Day ago
I was watching this video and the old ppl I live with told me Julian sounds like T.J Miller from Deadpool lol
PaRi5x - Day ago
Anyone else cringe when he put the butt of the banana in the pie 👀
Mallorie McKinney
Mallorie McKinney - Day ago
my louisiana self cringed when he tried to say pecan
div inity
div inity - Day ago
my husband just came over and said 'whatcha watchin?' and leaned over the stove to see my TV.. i said 'watchin Joolen do it to em' ... he says, 'is that a real mustache?' 😆
Stephanie Jasper
Stephanie Jasper - Day ago
Hello Julian and fellow vegan friend.
Just wanted to let you know Worcestershire Sauce isn’t vegan as it contains anchovies and or fish oil!
So make sure you buy vegan Worcestershire sauce!
Emily - Day ago
julien: "It's not for you"
peach: *pays no regard and jumps vertically trusting julien will catch her*
cactusaurus _
cactusaurus _ - Day ago
Julien give the aussie Pavlova a shot next time!!
Alyssa Torres
Alyssa Torres - Day ago
29:35 peach: Hey! Where’s my pie!? 🥧🐕 😆
Dyllan Becker
Dyllan Becker - Day ago
Y'all should do a video where you learn to do at home composting!
Christina Scullin
Christina Scullin - Day ago
Not right!! Hello rome where u at..this is not a kiwi n def not kiwi...i still love yall..plz cone to New Zealand so i can buy u a real pie xox
orphcnqueen - Day ago
01:08 what did u say to me sir
maira gomez
maira gomez - Day ago
When you question the creators of the recipe instead of the Questioning if it was the evaporated cane substitute (liquid) to cane sugar(solid).
Dude this is my favorite because thats something I would totally do!
Emily BURNS - Day ago
The pies are Australian no debate aussie only no kiwi crap shitting on our famous meat pies ever!
Mikayla H
Mikayla H - Day ago
i love u but like as the resident australian (slightly drunk commenting disclaimer) it isnt pieface the brand thats important. its just meat pies that are important. every bakery has their own, and every country town has a great one-- lorne is the best in victoria and theres a great one in nsw that i cant remember the name of but we used to take the hour drive from merimbula up to go to it, it may have been tathra. pieface is a brand. meat pies and sausage rolls are a way of life and a cultural important thing
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