Northamptonshire v Derbyshire | Madsen Hits 28-Ball 50! | Vitality Blast 2019 - Highlights

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Ben Gibling
Ben Gibling - 2 months ago
He does play for Derbyshire Wayne madsen
RML - 4 months ago
Great to see Madsen perform on his promotion from Ticknall 1st XI.
DailyDose - 10 months ago
all these are scripted matches
Bhaskar Sachdeva
Bhaskar Sachdeva - 10 months ago
M i d only one who feels reece batting stance is kinda similar to malan!?!?!?!?!!??!!
NSiri#1 - 10 months ago
At 3:47 does any1 know why du Plooy was on strike when the wicket fell even tho Madsen had just hit 3 consecutive fours
NSiri#1 - Month ago
@kinggimped thank you!!
kinggimped - Month ago
I noticed this as well! I checked the scorecard on cricinfo and it appears that the TV graphic is still one ball behind when that delivery is shown - score should be 138/2 and the over should say 4 4 4 1lb, not just 4 4 4. They ran a leg bye on the 4th ball of the over and the batsmen crossed; the wicket at 3:47 fell on the 5th ball of the over. Mystery solved
Akash Agrawal
Akash Agrawal - 10 months ago
Ken Wt
Ken Wt - 10 months ago
Who cares about Vitaly blast . I am watching Ashes 🙄
Xey - 10 months ago
@Ken Wt Yeah I know it is but If you don't care about vitality blast don't watch it haha. Some people love it, good bit of fun.
Ken Wt
Ken Wt - 10 months ago
@Xey Ashes is gold
Xey - 10 months ago
ken wt don’t watch it then?
Gopal Malpani
Gopal Malpani - 10 months ago
I don't like the current starting music of Vitality Blast highlights. Last year their videos started with great tune, music. A lot of time I used to see their highlights just to listen to that music. It was addictive.
Shravan Vallaban
Shravan Vallaban - 10 months ago
madsen definitely has an eye on the English jersey
Sai Rajesh
Sai Rajesh - 10 months ago
It is at 4:05
Thank me later.
Sai Rajesh
Sai Rajesh - 10 months ago
@Hairy Chinese Kid the shot hughes played
Dare Devil
Dare Devil - 10 months ago
Want these matches live in India
Shah'Nawaz iqbäl
Shah'Nawaz iqbäl - 10 months ago
How many of you think that it was Glenn Maxwell in thumbnail with new bat GM.
Seyed Ibrahim
Seyed Ibrahim - 10 months ago
Only u
Mark Jones
Mark Jones - 10 months ago
These highlights are very poor. Need to employ someone who knows what they're doing.
Sadhanabrata Roy
Sadhanabrata Roy - 10 months ago
The games of vitality blast are great but the presentation and video editing team does a really bad job. I don't if the ECB is lacking funds or not... But this isn't the way how make cricket lucrative to the common brits.
A better marketing team and high injection of cash in really required in the vitality blast.
JE 77
JE 77 - 20 days ago
Sadananda Patel as a white Englishman, common people do play cricket, and I’m looking forward to the hundred immensely
Sadananda Patel
Sadananda Patel - 10 months ago
@Alistair S , 100 will decrease cricket interest . They have 18 counties. 9 teams in division#1,other 9 in division#2 .2 team promotio and relegation system . Just like football and a salary cap of £2million for division#1 and £1million for division#2.
hameed urrehman
hameed urrehman - 10 months ago
Lack of funds????????What world are you living in mate?ECB the second richest board in the world and cosidering the size and population of the country to that of India they have way too much money..... Any way cricket has never been and will never be a game of common man in the UK as this has always been the game of the Gentlemen class that is why the british colonies play it more than the people of Britton. Common people in the UK like Rugby and Football. Having said that the cricketing infrastructure,facilities and clubs are much better in the UK than they are in India. More world class play grounds and first class facilities are available everywhere in the UK for any one who wants to play cricket than they are in India.Even little clubs outside county circle pay good money. Think before you comment as your comments can always be viewed outside India where they wont make any sense.
Alistair S
Alistair S - 10 months ago
Now they have the hundred, the blast will fade into obscurity
Lahori Star Pranks
Lahori Star Pranks - 10 months ago
The Tiltle is wrong The title is saying that madsen inspires Steelbacks to win But its not a big Deal so dont make a fuss of it
M.Zaigham Raza
M.Zaigham Raza - 10 months ago
Please post highligts of Somerset matches also
Just wow
Just wow - 10 months ago
Last night I watched a match b/w surrey and samersat....Live streaming was Not worth watching. ... and their match highlights are also very poor..........There is no fun in watching coz of bad vedio...
Why is there a bad coverage, commentary & even bad highlights for south group?
I ask u.....
Why don't u upload such kinda highlights for matches of South group?
Amir Shahzad
Amir Shahzad - 10 months ago
luis reece Great Batting
ayushman bhalla
ayushman bhalla - 10 months ago
Reece and madsen gone mad 🤗🤗
Raja Kasu
Raja Kasu - 10 months ago
Why ecb did not put all t20 blast vedios
Raja Kasu
Raja Kasu - 10 months ago
@George Woods so I cannot have sky account what should I do now
George Woods
George Woods - 10 months ago
It has to have been broadcast on sky
Just wow
Just wow - 10 months ago
I ask the same question.....
SMIT DEDHIYA - 10 months ago
Fighting and Energetic win by Derbyshire and well played by #rampaul #madsen #reece
Well played and wonderful shots by #cobb
Farhan Talati
Farhan Talati - 10 months ago
Cobb play like a Rohit sharma
Who's agree?
Seyed Ibrahim
Seyed Ibrahim - 10 months ago
@VolTagé speak English bro
VolTagé - 10 months ago
@Seyed Ibrahim tumhare udhar papa bhi bolte hai usko
Seyed Ibrahim
Seyed Ibrahim - 10 months ago
Who is Rohit Sharma ? Ooh Yes the Flat Pitch Bully
Russ s
Russ s - 10 months ago
Stfu Indian
Gayantha Dilshan
Gayantha Dilshan - 10 months ago
Snudzyy - 10 months ago
wheres somerset vs surrey
F Meh
F Meh - 10 months ago
How do I watch the video without reading the title so I don’t kno who wins??
arshad aslam
arshad aslam - 10 months ago
Huda .K
Huda .K - 10 months ago
It's not a big matter, steel backs was a mistake written as title.. Stunning to scroll down comments, seeing all making it a fuss 🏏🔥✌️
Amir Unar
Amir Unar - 10 months ago
Upload Somerset video
WavyQuix - 10 months ago
Who do you guys think will win the vitality Blast?
Kam Badesha
Kam Badesha - 10 months ago
englishcat19 - 10 months ago
Wavy Quix Worcestershire again
Mehdi Raza
Mehdi Raza - 10 months ago
OscarM452 - 10 months ago
Great atmosphere at the county Ground today, hopefully sky can be there more often
Jamal Choudhary
Jamal Choudhary - 10 months ago
OscarM4 soo true they miss a lot of games witch would be good to watch
MS thesmart
MS thesmart - 10 months ago
Why exposing result every time?
Predator - 10 months ago
Muhammad Sohaib wrong result this time 😂
ChaandSitaaray Sajid
ChaandSitaaray Sajid - 10 months ago
Thank You
Elliott Atkinson
Elliott Atkinson - 10 months ago
Where's the Durham Lancashire game?
The Master Of Content
The Master Of Content - 10 months ago
Is it just me or is it hot!!!
It's probably me
Saif Ullah Khan
Saif Ullah Khan - 10 months ago
Just you
Oliver Wilford
Oliver Wilford - 10 months ago
Didn’t know madsen played for steel backs, pretty sure he played for derbyshire
Dubious Nz
Dubious Nz - 10 months ago
They got annoyed with people complaining about the result being in the title so they mixed it up
Miché - 10 months ago
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious - 10 months ago
Steel backs? Madsen is a Derbyshire player
Archer Ryan
Archer Ryan - 10 months ago
1st view
Wasim Khan
Wasim Khan - 10 months ago
The Keeper
The Keeper - 10 months ago
Firdaus ki Laun aapki hui Archer sahab!🙃
Archer Ryan
Archer Ryan - 10 months ago
All rounder of what we like YES
The Master Of Content
The Master Of Content - 10 months ago
Subhan Zahid
Subhan Zahid - 10 months ago
1 view 10 likes hmmm
Louis - 10 months ago
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