Millionaire's Shortbread | Basics with Babish

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JOSUE TITI - 22 hours ago
Is Jesus Christ not Good
Hades - Day ago
These are caramel slices
Lucas Lemonholm
Lucas Lemonholm - Day ago
Did vulfpeck write this intro
Edward Whitlock
Edward Whitlock - 2 days ago
I made it, and I really loved it!
Anil Palan
Anil Palan - 3 days ago
I can't wait to make these for Daylight Savings day.
Sophie - 4 days ago
Honestle, this has harvey specter vibes
TT12- Roblox and more
TT12- Roblox and more - 4 days ago
I just know this because of cookie clicker
The End
The End - 4 days ago
Is there a point for a tiny wisk?
ShojoBakunyu - 4 days ago
My Grandma made these for Christmas. I couldn't find her recipe so I'm using this from now on. 🥰
Sean Streams
Sean Streams - 4 days ago
This was my first vid that I watched when it was new
Sarah S
Sarah S - 5 days ago
I watched this on mute while watching tbbt
Chris Sayus
Chris Sayus - 5 days ago
Millionaire's shortbread? In Australia we just call it caramel slice.
Julia E
Julia E - 5 days ago
Millie - 6 days ago
Best way to cut millionaire shortbread is to flip the whole batch upside down and cut into the shortbread first.
Jackey XM8
Jackey XM8 - 6 days ago
is this not just an up scaled twix
Tim Jeffreys
Tim Jeffreys - 6 days ago
It’s just Tandy takes
Sven van Leeuwen
Sven van Leeuwen - 7 days ago
Dude, just add celcius. Put in on the sceen while mentioning it. The world is bigger than just the US.
Mi Sun
Mi Sun - 7 days ago
Made this last night...sooo good! I followed the recipe exactly and I even tempered it correctly! Thanks Babish 🙃
What’s a meme. Bob
What’s a meme. Bob - 7 days ago
lzrnurse79 - 8 days ago
Chocolate Tempered to perform at Cochella
Jonas Stockton
Jonas Stockton - 8 days ago
When is youtube going to make your like button into a love button? 107k likes and 700 dislikes has to be a record for a youtuber.
Trzynasty - 8 days ago
Would anyone like to throw me a good replacement for corn syrup or a recipe for such a creamy caramel that just doesn't use it?
Little Mango
Little Mango - 8 days ago
Bent Ice
Bent Ice - 9 days ago
1:18 im thinking of a different one...
Python721 - 9 days ago
You've heard of Millionaire's Shortbread,
Now get ready for...
*P O O R M A N ' S L O N G B R E A D*
Moe J
Moe J - 2 hours ago
The Black Bear Omg
The Black Bear
The Black Bear - Day ago
So, a baguette?
snoop dogg dank kush
snoop dogg dank kush - 10 days ago
Kit Kat
ICant Cook
ICant Cook - 10 days ago
You and all the other salted caramel Freaks need to be shipped off to a Faraway Place so you can stop wrecking caramel for everyone else
Chris Hannam
Chris Hannam - 11 days ago
Imagine if Babish teamed up with Adam rugusea 🤤
Aedony - 11 days ago
Why use unsalted butter and then add salt just after? .... or just say "butter." You know. Confusing. I didn't even know salted butter was a thing until I lived in Ireland for a while.
Melike - 12 days ago
I love your channel
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith - 14 days ago
I'd give you the Scottish approval... but you used corn syrup and called it a cookie... disgusted.
Muted unknown
Muted unknown - 14 days ago
*wet fingies*
Xeak - 15 days ago
He had his own ad
Oceanseeker - 16 days ago
As someone who has never been able to eat Twix bars because of allergy warnings, I appreciate this immensely
BitCrushed - 16 days ago
Yay this episode was posted on my birthday :D
Elias Stark
Elias Stark - 19 days ago
It's so strange that you call them cookies. Here anything like this- something with a biscuit (yes, it's biscuit 😂) base cut into bars like this or triangles- we just call it a slice.
Elias Stark
Elias Stark - 19 days ago
Yoooo, I ALWAYS have a lil taste of the condensed milk when I'm using it, and other people tell me it's gross (not the licking, literally just the eating of condensed milk is somehow gross) and I do not understand what they mean. It is so delicious. Thank you for validating this.
Luke Punneo
Luke Punneo - 19 days ago
If this is millionaires shortbread what would billionaires shortbread look like, or even Trillionaire’s shortbread
Onlythetruth247 - 20 days ago
I believe I'm gonna subscribe...
Jeff L
Jeff L - 21 day ago
It is "Daylight saving" not " savings".
Ryan Maciver
Ryan Maciver - 22 days ago
When keto is over I’m going to have one cookie from this recipe
Baking with Jay plus Dan
Baking with Jay plus Dan - 22 days ago
Soo decadent!!!
xRedhill - 22 days ago
I have a practice now where i kinda watch the intro and then skip to the part where i dont see a website or perhaps paper towels being advertised and let it roll, knowing i’ll skip another 30 seconds about a minute before the video ends
christine evans
christine evans - 23 days ago
I suggest cutting the end product with a knife dipped in hot water. It helps.
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen - 23 days ago
His voice is so expressive and stoic at the same time
conordmcp - 23 days ago
these aren't cookies, Andy
Jeromme Ramirez
Jeromme Ramirez - 24 days ago
Man, you are going to hell... no way u can avoid It.
Richie - 24 days ago
*now that’s a lot of money
Kat2873 - 24 days ago
It is called caramel slice here in OZ....
Mr.Monokuma - 24 days ago
Fancy Twix
raffy begovik
raffy begovik - 26 days ago
Im watching your videos without any intention to recreate these dishes. So satisfying. But Also because i have not got half of the instruments you do
wal l
wal l - 26 days ago
When's the band?
Edible Cookie_Dough
Edible Cookie_Dough - 26 days ago
OvO I need to make these. 😃
Isabella Ruiz
Isabella Ruiz - 27 days ago
Look at 1:56
Triple Bud
Triple Bud - 27 days ago
docking means something WAY different around these parts
Annoying Goose
Annoying Goose - 27 days ago
Is it just me, or does Babish saying 'fingies' make the day just a little bit better
ben Jovi
ben Jovi - 28 days ago
there are a lot of different typees of sugar used in the various parts of this recipie, is there one that would be suitable to use throughout?
Edie Beacon
Edie Beacon - 28 days ago
Looks like a Twix bar
Cormac Donnelly
Cormac Donnelly - 28 days ago
These are caramel squares lol
Kevin Holt
Kevin Holt - 28 days ago
This is pretty cool.
Banana Dio
Banana Dio - 28 days ago
I knew something was off when he made cookies that tend to be rectangular in a circular cooking vessel
Steady Cleric
Steady Cleric - 28 days ago
In New Zealand we call these caramel and choc slices 2 dollars a piece at most bakeries
Aaron Catron
Aaron Catron - 29 days ago
Expedited Cookie Release sounds like an indie band.
Charles Helt
Charles Helt - 29 days ago
Just tried making this, this morning, I added some butterscotch to the chocolate as a personal touch. But my shortbread turned out like powder. The consistency of the dough seem to match the video, but taking a bite left a very unpleasant texture in the mouth. Any suggestions?
Kiran rose
Kiran rose - Month ago
Is this caramel slice? I made this a few days ago and just came across this video now and I'm like millionaire's shortbread?? That's a cool name 😂😂
Matthew Pipe
Matthew Pipe - Month ago
So millionaires shortbread is just caramel slice from what I'm seeing here.
Mad Lad
Mad Lad - Month ago
Millionare’s short bread looks like a fancy way to say Twix
jackmarksman - Month ago
Well, daylight savings time is coming up. Better practice tempering chocolate
Exhausted Barista
Exhausted Barista - Month ago
Why does it seem like this video was years ago but it’s only been six months...
Gonlorn - Month ago
dude babish dude my boi its time for a new intro
Sora Nakahara
Sora Nakahara - Month ago
In Australia thats a caramel slice
Vance Bollinger
Vance Bollinger - Month ago
God the theme song sounds so good
peadarmc91 - Month ago
In Ireland we call these caramel squares
Lander Bennewith
Lander Bennewith - Month ago
I didn't appreciate the linguistic differences between the UK and America in regards to cooking until you called a biscuit a cookie and a bain marie a double boiler.
Kick Nollingwood
Kick Nollingwood - Month ago
Not the docking video I was hoping for
Nini Duval
Nini Duval - Month ago
Hello there! Is it possible to do the caramell part without a thermometer?
Alex Zhou
Alex Zhou - Month ago
Nini Duval yeah but you have to be careful not to burn the sugar
Derek - Month ago
By chance do you have a gluten free recipe for this?
Tamar Berger
Tamar Berger - Month ago
wth is that whisk
Soft-feather - Month ago
Fahrenheit *cries in metric*
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - Month ago
tapping on the counter to pop bubbles, is called the "Oooooooolll Tappa-Tappa." just ask John.
Callum Hunter
Callum Hunter - Month ago
As someone that comes from the land of shortbread, please stop calling it a cookie. IT IS NOT!
Spark Danielson
Spark Danielson - Month ago
I want binging with babish to cook for Gordon Ramsay
Danielle Allen
Danielle Allen - Month ago
Word of advice, if you live at a higher altitude your boiling point is lower, so you will want to lower your end caramel temperature to match or else it will be too stiff.
ARoyalPigeon - Month ago
why not tall bread tho
uninvolvedthirdparty - Month ago
Now do Nanaimo bars
Tmccreight25Gaming - Month ago
Heads up if you're making this, Milk Chocolate is better than dark 😉
Alexis Langlois
Alexis Langlois - Month ago
Why aluminum foil over baking paper if I may ?
jesus is cool
jesus is cool - Month ago
But is it as good as the ones at tesco
Atkins Paints The World!
I think Babish is just Tim Ferriss with a fake beard.
ComicBookVengeance - Month ago
My moms was better 💯
Andres Card3nas
Andres Card3nas - Month ago
So basicly a twixs
matt hovey
matt hovey - Month ago
Fluffynator - Month ago
That thing gives me diabetes by just looking at it. Now i want some
Mr Miner
Mr Miner - Month ago
I can confirm this is the best cookie for dayloght savings
J Isles
J Isles - Month ago
Ratio is all wrong. Is that bugging anyone else....
AJ Egs
AJ Egs - Month ago
*cough* caramel slice *cough*
Sxuxmansam - Month ago
If the caramel is not cooked enough when you make this put it into the oven if you need at 180c (dunno farenhieght) and let it crisp
SH SH - Month ago
The thinking man's Twix
TheNightOwl - Month ago
It's the perfect snack to eat with your fingies on Galentines Day
The3/5ThsAct - Month ago
Don't search docking in urban dictionary
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