Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Special Look

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R K - 5 days ago
Say goodbye to the MCU...Captain FemiNazi is about to ruin everything. Politics in Star Wars has ruined it for us all and made Luke totally behave in a pathetic way... now...the MCU is on the verge of failing due to Brie Tard. Why not use all the amazing female characters we already had for the past 10 years? Scarlet Witch can warp reality!!! Use her as the most powerful...not some crap actress that has to be added because of political agendas. She is not even the best female Captain Marvel! Monica Rambeau would have been better and not some young child in a crap hope they dont let Cap Feminism ruin this finale?
Devan Beadle
Devan Beadle - 5 days ago
I’m glad she’s our hero
Eduardo AJ Aliaga
Eduardo AJ Aliaga - 5 days ago
Whatever It Takes
andrew mroz
andrew mroz - 7 days ago
Sai Chaitanya
Sai Chaitanya - 8 days ago
I love the bgm😍😍
Watts up Drew
Watts up Drew - 9 days ago
Monica Rambeau
Jhade Margallo
Jhade Margallo - 9 days ago
Im Watching Now In March 17 2019 In Cinema I Love It 😇😊😍😍
Mewo - 9 days ago
Best Marvel Movie (In my opinion)
l υ ѕ н n̸ i̸ n̸ x̸
I literally just watched the movie and I’m absolutely in love with Captain Marvel, Thank you Marvel for once again a really good movie. However, more importantly thank you Stan and r.i.p. I can’t wait to watch Endgame next month! 😁
Priska Kshiar
Priska Kshiar - 10 days ago
Find the pretty face
Can't find it
Cause the person who is reading this is the pretty face
Have a nice day
Edit:I liked my own comment cause nobody will 😭😭😭
Tenny Shabong
Tenny Shabong - 7 days ago
You too :-)
Arcsecant - 11 days ago
This isn't feminist garbage, I don't care what anyone says.
Arnold Patterson
Arnold Patterson - 10 days ago
This really isn't. I can understand people pointing out the weaknesses in its script and direction but it's definitely not some feminist propaganda people feared it to be.
NEMKO MASTER - 12 days ago
0:22 show of.....
Top it Up
Top it Up - 12 days ago
can i use this trailer for my channel?..
Ptetnt - 12 days ago
Higher, further, faster! Marvel delivers once again!
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan - 15 days ago
I watched this movie, it's quiet boring & she is not so powerful even at her best form.
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan - 11 days ago
+Jorge Maldonado Yeah the hell that what I'm talking about
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado - 11 days ago
Mahadi Hasan what the hell are you talking about?
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan - 11 days ago
+Jorge Maldonado You know what, why we are so much interested about these things cause supper power is not common in this planet......!?
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan - 11 days ago
+comics-movie studios where I commented? 'Captain Marvel'.
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado - 11 days ago
comics-movie studios don’t you have something to do?
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel - 15 days ago
I'm here after the movie!
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck - 15 days ago
Nick: *Prove your not a skrull*
*Carol shoots the TV with a photon blast*
Nick: *......*
Carol: *It’s a Photon Blast*
Nick: *And?*
Carol: *A Skrull cannot do that*
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah - 15 days ago
The movie was kind of bland...
If Captain Marvel is supposed to be such an important character in the MCU that she gets her own movie, why did the movie suck big time...abd Brie Larson certainly didn't have the X Factor to carry the role of Captain Marvel...
Bad casting call... I would prefer either Milla Jovovich or Sandra Bullock or Sienna Miller or Naomi Watts or Jennifer Connelly in that role...
L Train
L Train - 15 days ago
Ok, so now the world knows Captain Marvel’s back story and how Nick Fury lost his eye, but at the end of the day, this movie was not good.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 12 days ago
Yes it was 😒
Darren Chavez
Darren Chavez - 16 days ago
Better than Wonder Woman
Moderator - 16 days ago
that Nine Inch Nails tshirt tho, ugh
raj s
raj s - 17 days ago
Man this movie was boring AF.... only good part were post credit scenes... Was really disappointed
raj s
raj s - 15 days ago
+THE XxAndreéxX Nah mate... Not at all... It was more a Nick Fury movie than Captain Marvel
THE XxAndreéxX
THE XxAndreéxX - 15 days ago
Is good movie my broda
Truck Diver
Truck Diver - 18 days ago
Plz Read--->
I wouldn't be speaking out right now if there wasn't some serious BS going down right now with this film and corporations but I'm here to say what i think about Captain Marvel and why it was a waste of money and am now very leery that Avengers End Game may end up bing a huge disappointment. Ill have to wait to buy 9 Imax tickets for a later date instead of on opening day. ( I'm Semi truck driver and have 6 kids & 8 grandchildren ) If marvel had just came out and informed me that Capt marvel is intended for a younger audience like 9 & under (AND NOT FALSE ADVERTISE THE FILM AS YOU DID. AS A LIFE LONG FAN HAS LOST MY TRUST IN ANYTHING YOU PITCH OUT TO ME TO BUY ANY PRODUCTS YOU REPRESENT ) I wouldn't be judging anyone responsible for the making of the film, nor have to write this comment!!! that she will be connected to the mcu but not as the one to take part into killing Thanos. Being connected to Marvel & DC since I was born in 1976 I have spent well over 4500.oo movies, DVDs,toys extra.. into the MCU 10 year time period. And even a lot more $ before the MCU years.
I'm not tring to single out Larson but she needs to own 25% of the blame, because she already knew this acting position for this character wasn't even qualified in these multi combo kind of category's: fantasy/superhero/comics/physical/fight/space travel. Larson may be brilliant in other categories in film industry (IDK?). Plus she was never into comics,tv toons, or anime -NEVER EVER BEFORE IN HER LIFE-. The TOP HEAD people of Marvel, Disney & any others are to Own the rest of the %75 blameage of this film. Thats from the false marketing, the favoritism to the actor and writers , the political garbage out put, the Forced feed push that Larson is the now the lead of MCU. So now my KIDS, Wife, and I I are going to have to listen to the political, activism subliminal messages of Captain Marvel's mouth for the next 10 years just in order to see other huge characters like Galactus. I'm a 43y old male and Our family is so mixed that it would match a color chart from black to white. But a word of advice to everyone if your targeting out one particular race, male or female at any age then you loose everyone & everything 6 kids 4 boys 2 girls , grandchildren
1ST. BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO MAKE YOUR SELF LOOK EVEN DUMBER THEN YOU ALREADY DO. Because 1 of my son's & i just went and seen the movie. I won't be paying to take everyone else to the Seats that larson was told to say in that follow up interview that was so stinking obvious that my 10 year old near black skinned granddaughter seen through the fakeness when i showed her the youtube clip ) Please Don't threaten the one thing my family & i have been anticipating for years now by ruining the ultimate climax of 24 films equaling to a tons&tons of hours. Kind of crappy CGI graphics that look equivalent to a playstation 3.
PS: the Cat was the biggest disappointment because I wanted to believe what the now new fake critics said in their fake review comments
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 18 days ago
Guess I’m too white to see this movie.... battle angel looks better anyway
Sancheezy - 18 days ago
For those who are coming here after seeing Captain Marvel & asking about the whole tesseract situation
Mar-Vell got the tesseract through working her way into shield & while she was working on the project "Pegasus" & then she stole it & hid it into her ship.
Then once Goose threw up the tesseract, Nick Fury just hid it for years until the tesseract became live again in 2012 (Avengers)
REMINDER: The tesseract was dormant after the events of First Avenger
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado - 18 days ago
To all those people who are hating on Brie Larson and saying she can’t act, well yeah that’s why she’s an OSCAR winner so there’s a reason why Marvel chose her and she already signed a 7 film contract so she’s staying for quite a while whether you like it or not. So be it!
Richard C
Richard C - 11 days ago
Captain Marvel sucks
Phill Simmer
Phill Simmer - 18 days ago
You copy/paste this from the Captain Marvel trailer.
Moises Valadez
Moises Valadez - 18 days ago
I don't care, I can't get a date to a movie anyway!!!!!
Arjun Ghimire
Arjun Ghimire - 19 days ago
Who is going to watch the movie tomorrow morning??
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 19 days ago
already seen it last night :)
张英一 - 19 days ago
Rogue Spider5
Rogue Spider5 - 19 days ago
This is the best Captain Marvel trailer out of them all! So hyped for Captain Marvel tomorrow
camilo - 19 days ago
0:31 name of the song?
Frank Yu
Frank Yu - 20 days ago
Just watched the movie. Very nice. Subscribe to pewdiepie
Amirul Firdaus
Amirul Firdaus - 20 days ago
I just watch the Captain Marvel movie. It's dope man. I give 10 out of 10 for Captain Marvel. Can't wait for Avengers: Endgame. Anyway, I live in Malaysia
Nick Fahmi
Nick Fahmi - 20 days ago
If it super heroes movies I wil support it 100%
Gg ğģ
Gg ğģ - 21 day ago
This film set bring back memories from the 90s
Robert Rand
Robert Rand - 21 day ago
Sabelo Brnh
Sabelo Brnh - 21 day ago
Where does announcing your identity in clothing help with the cover part of your job!? 👌😂😂😂
Szaby Fehér
Szaby Fehér - 21 day ago
Brie Larson
David - 22 days ago
Well, at least it's not as _Valerie Solanas_ style of manhating as GB2016 was.
Ryakki Kio'jyn-Ji
Ryakki Kio'jyn-Ji - 22 days ago
Doesn't look as good as Wonder Woman or Alita but at least this trailer makes it look watchable.
the dark one
the dark one - 22 days ago
Idk but BL looks like a major misfit in the role, also she looks very uncomfortable on screen🙃
sam b
sam b - 22 days ago
what's the song that starts at 1:02?
Dave Luna
Dave Luna - 22 days ago
Soundtrack?? Please.
Iker’s movie And tv obsession
Im see ing it wednessday
Richard C
Richard C - 23 days ago
Will not see because I am half white over 40 and Brie comments
Richard C
Richard C - 23 days ago
no thanks
melody drew
melody drew - 23 days ago
I am a dc fan, but I am really excited for this film!
Mikki O
Mikki O - 24 days ago
Is it too much to ask to get an Ant-Man/ Captain Marvel post credits scene in Endgame where they use the quantum realm to universe hop and run into Deadpool? I mean they can even have "Mr Pool" rage when some weird bleeping keeps blaring out his speech.
Nick Talks Flicks
Nick Talks Flicks - 24 days ago
My faith in this film is restored I will be there on premiere night!
Yi kes
Yi kes - 12 days ago
Nick Talks Flicks how was it? I’m seeing it this Saturday. No spoilers please.
Максим Кушниренко
*У меня на канале русский трейлер!*
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
dull looking movie- and nobody knows the character captain marvel so I don't really care what happens to her and I hope she doesn't get any screen time in endgame :( is anyone actually dying to see this movie?
Mr McGregor
Mr McGregor - 26 days ago
Boycotting anything with her.
Boycotting anything Marvel.
Richard C
Richard C - 23 days ago
me too
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
I might be able to forgive marvel but i couldent care less for this movie
The Right Time
The Right Time - 27 days ago
Anyone know what the song playing is from 0:30 seconds until the end?
A New America
A New America - 27 days ago
A New America
A New America - 23 days ago
+comics-movie studios ok I'll play, no you are.
comics-movie studios
comics-movie studios - 24 days ago
You are
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
Stranger Jones
Stranger Jones - 27 days ago
William Hayward - Painter
I hope during Fury and Danvers car interaction one of them says "we gotta get this car off the road" at some point, I would love that so much :D
DragonNinja 365
DragonNinja 365 - 27 days ago
They actually took down the "I want to see" ratings on Rotten Tomatoes because Captain Marvel was at 23% want to see.  How can Marvel be screwing up this badly?
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
right? did they let Lucasfilm take over the business?
justin downton
justin downton - 28 days ago
I can't wait to not watch captain marvel since I'm a white straight male.
justin downton
justin downton - 23 days ago
+comics-movie studios Check out all the movie listings in theatres for march 8th. the only movie playing is captain marvel. They're so worried it's gonna flop they got every other movie to not show. You can even see cancellations on most of the movies that were playing. I don't have a mental illness. This woman shunned her fan base. She's an idiot.
comics-movie studios
comics-movie studios - 24 days ago
Stop uninformed troll. She never said that. So she's hate his own father because of his skin? You have some kind of mental illness
Mitchell Ries
Mitchell Ries - 28 days ago
If the DC Extended Universe makes a Supergirl movie, Brie Larson would be perfect for that movie.
Sam M
Sam M - 28 days ago
I'm looking very forward to this!
Sam M
Sam M - 26 days ago
+Jonothan Peanut LOL uhhhh no ..... while it does seem to play on humor, as most of the MCU movies do, I am looking forward to seeing the most powerful hero yet to be deployed by Marvel in their movies. Thankfully it is another hero with a powerset beyond punching. I can only assume by your response you really know little about this character from the comics.
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
why? because you think captain marvel character is super funny or something?
Mbah Dukun
Mbah Dukun - 28 days ago
captain flatass
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
tony montana
tony montana - 28 days ago
It suks marvel suks you should save your money
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
JasonTheMagnificent - 28 days ago
Really Marvel? Rotten Tomatoes score is down to 27% so you just have them remove it? GET WOKE! GO BROKE!
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
Lucasfilm took over marvel
Derek - 28 days ago
Brie Larson is braver than any US Marine.
Richard C
Richard C - 23 days ago
no, not braver, just more stupid
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
Joan Sibbald
Joan Sibbald - 29 days ago
Boycott. We want movies not leftist sermons.Nazi propaganda minister said the only effective propaganda is masked as entertainment.
J1824 - 29 days ago
smile more
Xpzilla - 29 days ago
Now THISSS is a trailer
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
it did a grwat job convincing me to wait till this comes our on VHS to see it
UNCHAINED SHAMAN - 29 days ago
Hate it: like
Support or love it: comment
Vladi Braga
Vladi Braga - 29 days ago
I'm not going to watch Captain Marvel because actress Brie Larson is not taking into account who the comic book fans are, and they promote this kind of movie in the world! And I find her unfriendly and from what I saw a champion of gender ideology! A politics not an actress worried about fans of the genre! It's a shame but if the situation gets worse for here with Marvel!
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
this movie is gonna suk
Mister Clash - Clash of Clans
So... We need a HER O. OH PULease. And destroying a business owners jukebox just because is a good example to who exactly?
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
should have done the balck widow movie marvel, at least we care about her
Bryson the Mad Pencil
Bryson the Mad Pencil - 29 days ago
She hates white men thank god im not white I'll be attending this movie upon release
Bryson the Mad Pencil
Bryson the Mad Pencil - 29 days ago
Everyone please go see alita battle angel it's such a great movie with an amazing actress and the most crisp action and choreography I've seen since the raid. The sound design is out of this world literally making alitas powerful punches shake the theater. You don't want to miss alita battle angel the story is simple to follow with a good amount of questions that you will ask yourself at the end of the movie that you know will be answered in the sequels just know that it's definetly worth watching twice.
dante sparda
dante sparda - Month ago
Only watched this for Samuel Jackson!
Jonothan Peanut
Jonothan Peanut - 26 days ago
poor Jackson though right? with this role?
mellow magic
mellow magic - Month ago
This movie looks lame, but man if I wouldn't lick every part of Bree Larsen.
Rehman Baig
Rehman Baig - Month ago
Bald Eagle Productions
Iron Man: some are built
Captain America: some are made
Thor: some are born
Captain Marvel: some are the byproduct of political agenda
I think I can speak for a lot of people. No one would see this if it wasn’t for End Game coming out in the following months. It’s an unknown boring character with an unlikable actor (not like the legends in the beginning of the trailer) I mean Marvel starved us of movies for almost a year knowing we would flock back to the theaters for the next big release which is sadly this. We know this movie will receive high praise from critics such as rotten tomatoes (similar to Black Panther) purely because a “minority” is being represented and Hollywood feels the need to overcompensate. This apparent by the text in another trailer “her” which shifts into “a hero.” Men and women are equal so it is fool hardy to make such a big deal about Bri Larson’s film. Compounded with the fact Gal Gatod’s Wonder Women pushed a similar agenda but in a way that was not “all in your face.” It’s just dumb. It draws several parallels to the dumpster fire which is Star Wars. Last Jedi was in your face with a political agenda and it alienated the fan base. I fully believe Kevin Fiege and the majority of the Marvel creative team were not behind this but rather Disney forced the agenda. It just draws too many similarities to the handling of Star Wars. Political agenda managed to ruin a strong Franchise in Star Wars and I fear a similar fate for the MCU. Am I saying it will not make money? No. But it will be a clear decline. I didn’t go into this hating Captain Marvel, I am simply laying out my personal opinion. These trailers don’t have me hyped. Every other Marvel movie I have combed through the trailers to find Easter eggs but this one, I just don’t care. Despite this I do plan to see the movie because I am an invested Marvel Fan desperate for hints at the plot of End Game. Which lets be honest will be in a 30 second after credit.
These are more tricky preferences at this point but since I have ranted for this long, why not? The musical scores for prior marvel movies have been amazing. This one really isn’t. The techno, synth feel reminds me of a lower budget tv series than a flagship movie franchise. It’s just not good. Disney, again trying to make this a feminist statement, hired a female composer (Pinar Topeka). While this is not inherently bad you can tell they sacrificed quality purely because she is a women. And the VFX are just not up to par. Guardians of the Galaxy pulled off the cheesy sci-fi effects, you could tell it was intentional. This on the other hand again just looks bad. The 3D renders just look plastic and lifeless. The laser beam she shoots out of her wrist (a main ability which will be seen several times) is just crappy. Again it looks like something of the sci-fi channel with a low budget. I swear there is a free app that can make some VFX more convincing. While I am exaggerating, you get my point, it just not up to the same standard because even the Marvel development team knows in their heart of hearts this movie doesn’t matter. It is purely a forgettable filler leading up to End Game as it desperately tries to solidify a new “her-o” next to characters people have literally grown up with. It’s fool hardy. Whatever I have ranted enough. I am sure when I wake up in the morning my inbox will be flooded with hate. Whatever.
ROCKETJEFF Matejek - Month ago
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!
Dedalus69 - Month ago
OMG! I sooo can not wait to skip this movie! For reals!
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 28 days ago
Anthony Benash
Anthony Benash - Month ago
Lol, nope! I’ll pass
Julia B
Julia B - Month ago
the hype is real
that dude gamer
that dude gamer - Month ago
captain feminist
tu sam
tu sam - Month ago
I see ...marvel is buying comments for this crap movie 😂😂😂
Rehman Baig
Rehman Baig - Month ago
Best of luck Captain Marvel.
Donatos Aphael
Donatos Aphael - Month ago
Considering the main actress is racist and sexist, i will drop this one....
In Her mind it is a crime to be a white male and so yeah ..... on the fans that are the foundation of Marvel...
Xena Alien Wonder Woman Gone with the Wind Kill Bill.....thats good Female acting....
Donatos Aphael
Donatos Aphael - 12 days ago
+Yi kes You know that "Radical Left" Feminism means not more inclusion for all it means more inclusion for people who share "her/their" Agenda. I for myself dont believe that masculinity is by default toxic the same as feminism isnt by default. Brie Larson never made any attempts to hide her "inclusive" Agenda. Inclusion can mean inclusion in Reallity (Univercity / Big Firms / Social Media) it means only for people who share my kind of point of view and everyone else is a toxic mysogynistic racist etc. Inclusion has become one of the most hypocritical words in the last years.
Yi kes
Yi kes - 12 days ago
Donatos Aphael what are you talking about? Brie Larson just said that she wants the press screenings to be more inclusive of the people this movie was made for.
Jay W
Jay W - Month ago
I'm waiting to see what Brie Larson's capable of in this role. Her as Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim excited me and that was, like, 10 years ago
Sandr Muse
Sandr Muse - Month ago
Do not pay your money for this product of feminazism. Remember what they did with the Star Wars. Feminism (feminazism) does not create anything of its own, but disfigures the classics.
Timothy  Mclaughlin
Timothy Mclaughlin - Month ago
I go like this i like of being altogether with her..
That's a photon blast.
Nick: and?
The skrull cannot do that!
Nick: I'm supposed to take your word for that.
Isaac Holyk
Isaac Holyk - Month ago
90% of people are going to watch this movie for the last 15 seconds.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - Month ago
Beef burger
Beef burger - Month ago
Feminist movie
Hafizi Manap
Hafizi Manap - Month ago
i know her, son goku daughter
Pascal Pitz
Pascal Pitz - Month ago
Geil geil geil geil geil geil geil geil geil heil geil geil geil geil geil usw..🙏
Allo Film Productions
Allo Film Productions - Month ago
More propaganda. Awesome 👍
countdown start
countdown start - Month ago
I think she is the sister of captain amarica.
Yi kes
Yi kes - 12 days ago
Top 10 in world what are you talking about?
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - Month ago
she isn't
L K - Month ago
Yi kes
Yi kes - 12 days ago
L K and? What’s your point? I’m pretty sure they’re gonna call him captain marvel in SHAZAM! Just look at the cast list and different interviews. They never call him Shazam.
Arman - Month ago
MotoSapien - Month ago
Larson is sexist and racist... keep the social justice warriors out of the mcu... we haven't had to put up with this divisiveness from any of the previous mcu cast....bad casting choice for sure!!!
Xebys - Month ago
you mean man-babies are sexist and racist.....don't turn it around
II Benito II
II Benito II - Month ago
TK421ps S
TK421ps S - Month ago
I'll pass.
Gerhard Rost.
Gerhard Rost. - Month ago
Why is everyone hating on Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? Yeah, some of her lines are kinda eh, but I can definitely see her doing a decent or good job in the movie.
Default Name
Default Name - Month ago
Cant wait to see her Gillette ad
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