Recreating The Hamster Picture

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Megan H
Megan H - 3 hours ago
Still watching this
Victoria Rambo
Victoria Rambo - 3 days ago
How did I never see this
nothin ‘
nothin ‘ - 3 days ago
do a how to grow a cermet VIDEOO!
Nani!? - 3 days ago
Jenna: hey, can you come over and help us film Julien making out with our hamster in a car?
J. Cyrus: fuck yes...
Kitty Meows
Kitty Meows - 3 days ago
Still one of my all time favorite videos. Absolute gold.
OhLookAWoodenSheep - 4 days ago
how does jenna look younger in this than she did when she started on youtube
Joi Berry
Joi Berry - 8 days ago
Why did I never get the notification for this video?
kittenswithbows - 10 days ago
That second to last photo when Ad looks straight at the camera
Keegan M
Keegan M - 26 days ago
Oh my god I drive by la cañada all the time.....
Lily Herbig
Lily Herbig - 28 days ago
Rest In Peace ad
animalsandiphones - Month ago
This was my favorite video
Aurelie Grenier
Aurelie Grenier - Month ago
« You were actually born for this momment »
Nicodemus - Month ago
You guys gave this sweet little hamster, in only around two years, a more stable & happy life than most people could dream of from their own parents in two decades. Ad must have been so happy to have such a cozy, loving home. A short life, but a very full one. :'^)
Rhi Kate333
Rhi Kate333 - Month ago
"People were like is this Julien" hahahha so good. I miss Ad, I'm sure the little guy watches over you all x
k no biggie
k no biggie - 2 months ago
R.I.P. Adword Sponsorhands ❤️
Beatrice Bianca
Beatrice Bianca - 2 months ago
love it!
Courtney Buras
Courtney Buras - 2 months ago
omg, i thought you guys were going to play with the photo in photoshop and that's why you took all the other random photos - to get the mountains behind him, change the color to red and cut off the roof putting the mountains behind. But it was still good.
Tvn hq115
Tvn hq115 - 2 months ago
3:14 did he said this guy is asian? Lol
SuperMaradyWorld - 2 months ago
"That guy's ancient" 😂
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets - 2 months ago
rip ad
Lilly Nicodemus
Lilly Nicodemus - 3 months ago
I'm in Tucon
jon perez
jon perez - 3 months ago
KitCat898 - 3 months ago
Why the FUCK did 953 people dislike this wholesome ass content?! It’s perfection! 🤣
Novineux - 3 months ago
I miss my hamster so much. :'(
Jacinda Rose
Jacinda Rose - 3 months ago
Julien was looking like a whole dad 😍😫
RAMON ANAYA - 3 months ago
PLEASE come to tucson.
CuppaTea _Please
CuppaTea _Please - 4 months ago
I love how when a car was driving by Jenna put her arm up to cover Ad in his carry bag for safety. Best Ma!
Carmen Wojtowicz
Carmen Wojtowicz - 4 months ago
Recreate your favourite vinesss
Laizee RBLX
Laizee RBLX - 4 months ago
Jenna, I love you 😂
Aquarius - 4 months ago
Recreate this video with Kermit and Marbles
Bineapple Bizza
Bineapple Bizza - 4 months ago
Pearly Pakarang
Pearly Pakarang - 4 months ago
where is AD now?? die?
Deja Bowers
Deja Bowers - 3 months ago
yes, he is die
Peapod - 4 months ago
lol this is literally in my neighborhood. like legit i live 3 houses over
Meg Strauss
Meg Strauss - 5 months ago
lwt ftbrendon
lwt ftbrendon - 5 months ago
*tucson drivers are wack*
me a person from tucson who literally almost crashes everyday: *Soulja Boy meme* WWWAAACCCKKK
Thecla Shubert
Thecla Shubert - 5 months ago
This is the content the world needs
Angelbabylove1218 - 6 months ago
something.wildd - 6 months ago
Brooo I had a red convertible Miata when this was filmed😂 Too bad we’re like 3 states away😂😂
MissPronounced - 7 months ago
What the hell is the original photo from? I feel so left out, I don't get the joke
CumCrust - 7 months ago
“That guy is ancient”
Drift Ata
Drift Ata - 7 months ago
Lol of course in a Miata
Teresa Manger
Teresa Manger - 7 months ago
Your videos are so funny
Angela O'Leary
Angela O'Leary - 7 months ago
Pause at 1:26😂
Jimmy De Biase
Jimmy De Biase - 7 months ago
Jenna looked so gorgeous in this video she looked so fuckin cuteeee I love this look
Rachel Quinn
Rachel Quinn - 8 months ago
Omg you look gorgeous in this vid
Veva - 8 months ago
Love how this is a fucking production
ᴛʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ
I can confirm Tucson is a crazy place
Talie Mcculloch
Talie Mcculloch - 8 months ago
Rest in peace Ad ❤️
Ilyanna Ricqui
Ilyanna Ricqui - 8 months ago
Juliens sweater string is giving me anxiety
Miracle Jai
Miracle Jai - 8 months ago
Ripperoni ad :(
zullmmaa - 9 months ago
yesss come to Tucson!!
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