Giant ROBLOX Game in Real Life! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) | Rebecca Zamolo

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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo - 7 months ago
Hey ZamFam- Who thought our giant ROBLOX game in real life would end like this? Let me know if you're in my notification squad!
Zoe Chelsea Bredenkamp
Zoe Chelsea Bredenkamp - 17 days ago
Adriana Martínez López
I am
Tracey Haresceugh
Tracey Haresceugh - Month ago
I am!!
Zain Alkhan
Zain Alkhan - Month ago
Rebecca Zamolo Rebecca give me a check or
Ashia Khatun
Ashia Khatun - 4 months ago
Athena Sanchez
Athena Sanchez - 38 minutes ago
I prefer roblox I love it my friends and my family come and join me on roblox and it is a surprise that they come and join me it’s amazing
Marlen Bernal
Marlen Bernal - 6 hours ago
Stella Beattie
Stella Beattie - Day ago
Lydia FITZJOHN - 2 days ago
Roblox is better than fortnite
Princess Peyton
Princess Peyton - 2 days ago
He wasn’tsupposeto get the creppy doll🥺
madalyn harris
madalyn harris - 3 days ago
the gamemaster would not do anything like that but he looked a little taller
Adreyan Gibson
Adreyan Gibson - 3 days ago
Pumpkin patch took Daniel just now
Eugene Park
Eugene Park - 3 days ago
Eugene Park
Eugene Park - 3 days ago
lisa swift
lisa swift - 3 days ago
Edilberto Lara
Edilberto Lara - 4 days ago
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Edilberto Lara
Edilberto Lara - 4 days ago
Roblox gaim
Miracle Woods
Miracle Woods - 4 days ago
I love fortnight and I love roblox so I’m not sure which one I like better Rebecca
kundana sivala
kundana sivala - 4 days ago
Kirstin Goldring
Kirstin Goldring - 4 days ago
you should do roblox youtube vids
Kayla - Gamer's girl
Kayla - Gamer's girl - 4 days ago
why did the game master choose the creepy doll instead of DANIEL???
Aivah Hewitt
Aivah Hewitt - 4 days ago
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez - 5 days ago
Me too
LatinRMXvidz Oficial Youtube Channel
Rebecca and Matt can you give me some Murch because I just love your videos and I am I gave I gave you the like button and I love you videos so cool guys are the coolest like the other and we have three dogs because one of my dogs died on the world so we’re all set then my dog our dog died bye-bye love your channel by but the but but by I don’t know why go to the Y
Kevin Lemus Ronquillo
Kevin Lemus Ronquillo - 6 days ago
i love roblox
Abenezer Burke tewolde
Abenezer Burke tewolde - 6 days ago
can you send me the name I want to see you guys had to place I'd like to help you and he just missed some of them parts Charlotte to help
Stephanye Madalion
Stephanye Madalion - 7 days ago
Ipick Roblox
Stephanye Madalion
Stephanye Madalion - 7 days ago
Isaura Arias
Isaura Arias - 7 days ago
I prefer Roblox than Fortnite
Valeria Odllakoff
Valeria Odllakoff - 7 days ago
Maria garcia
Maria garcia - 7 days ago
Rachelle Truting
Rachelle Truting - 8 days ago
I don’t have fortnite so I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Roblox
Rachelle Truting
Rachelle Truting - 8 days ago
It’s my fav
Althea Shepherd
Althea Shepherd - 9 days ago
Yovani Aragon
Yovani Aragon - 9 days ago
bo go in the gam please 🙏
Anastasia Vayner
Anastasia Vayner - 9 days ago
I chose ROBLOX!!
Zaira Khan
Zaira Khan - 9 days ago
I play roblox
Ally Twining
Ally Twining - 9 days ago
Who loves roblox
Ciarah Walters
Ciarah Walters - 9 days ago
lanky box fan love
lanky box fan love - 9 days ago
Zubair Riaz
Zubair Riaz - 9 days ago
I really like roblox there is different games
Like if u
Jaslin Seng
Jaslin Seng - 9 days ago
did you see the agent
Ian Meyer
Ian Meyer - 9 days ago
I’m play Roblox and my brothers play Fortnite sometimes we play together in both but I don’t know what one to choose sorry
Ashlynn Munro
Ashlynn Munro - 10 days ago
Shannon Herne
Shannon Herne - 10 days ago
I like Roblox better
Gabrielle McDevitt
Gabrielle McDevitt - 10 days ago
clint vandervorst
clint vandervorst - 10 days ago
julincia mangoonpawiro
julincia mangoonpawiro - 10 days ago
The doll is so creepy i dont like creepy doll
andy wilson
andy wilson - 10 days ago
Roblox Rebecca
Gabriela Random
Gabriela Random - 10 days ago
What’s your favourite game in Roblox? Mine is adopt me!
Sladi Kap
Sladi Kap - 9 days ago
Mine too!
Gacha K & B
Gacha K & B - 10 days ago
I have play roblox befor for years and mi sisters to we are a pro
S and D Rich
S and D Rich - 11 days ago
S and D Rich
S and D Rich - 11 days ago
Notifications are on
Eva Mazorra
Eva Mazorra - 11 days ago
Hayat Tandail
Hayat Tandail - 11 days ago
The gamemaster is right
Brooklyn Ny
Brooklyn Ny - 11 days ago
I will try to get your merchandise
Selwyn Wishnefsky
Selwyn Wishnefsky - 11 days ago
I am in your notifications squad
LeAnn Driskill
LeAnn Driskill - 11 days ago
Can I FaceTime me
Allison Myers
Allison Myers - 11 days ago
Xin Xuan
Xin Xuan - 11 days ago
Danny Tan
Danny Tan - 11 days ago
i perfer roblox
Brooke Howard
Brooke Howard - 11 days ago
joao suenga
joao suenga - 12 days ago
My name on roblox is nelly_queenofperfect PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! friend me rebeca and mat and Daniel and tz twin if she plays roblox whith you
joao suenga
joao suenga - 12 days ago
I always play roblox so I prefer roblox
Morgan Preston
Morgan Preston - 12 days ago
i play roblox and fortnite so there basiclly the same to me
Kim Hiles
Kim Hiles - 12 days ago
dobra brothers
Celine Ghraizi
Celine Ghraizi - 12 days ago
Rebecca I have you on messenger
Maddie’s OMG Dream world
Roblox and if u ever play roblox my user is maddielouisa
Sofia Magic
Sofia Magic - 12 days ago
Sjody Jody
Sjody Jody - 12 days ago
I hate the Halloween hacker.
Jeanelyn Lupo
Jeanelyn Lupo - 12 days ago
i played roblox a lot so?
astig sa porma
astig sa porma - 13 days ago
I plya Roblox
astig sa porma
astig sa porma - 13 days ago
this all game so fomelyar
Clint Joseph
Clint Joseph - 13 days ago
rebecca it have a spau crama
Clint Joseph
Clint Joseph - 13 days ago
do not jrost the game master
Gnica Brangman
Gnica Brangman - 14 days ago
Tamanna Aansari
Tamanna Aansari - 14 days ago
I play roblox
Taylin Jackson
Taylin Jackson - 14 days ago
Go Rebecca !
Taylin Jackson
Taylin Jackson - 14 days ago
I think the quadrant is controlled by the hollaween hacker
Taylin Jackson
Taylin Jackson - 14 days ago
And plz friend me
Taylin Jackson
Taylin Jackson - 14 days ago
I play roblox and I perfer roblox
Andrew Donnelly
Andrew Donnelly - 14 days ago
your the best Rebecca and your friends
daisy battle
daisy battle - 14 days ago
I likeboth
DanTDM The Kid
DanTDM The Kid - 14 days ago
Ummmm Roblox because I never played Fortnite before
Ariana Reid
Ariana Reid - 14 days ago
Rebecca underneath the clouds it says Rebecca's name
two super cousins
two super cousins - 15 days ago
roblox of course
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