Giant ROBLOX Game in Real Life! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) | Rebecca Zamolo

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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo - 25 days ago
Hey ZamFam- Who thought our giant ROBLOX game in real life would end like this? Let me know if you're in my notification squad!
Kylee Reagan
Kylee Reagan - 18 days ago
Rebecca Zamolo I am!
Nanncy ayap Mejji
Nanncy ayap Mejji - 18 days ago
Debra Wellings
Debra Wellings - 20 days ago
Im in notifacstion swusd
huck 1920
huck 1920 - 20 days ago
Rebecca Zamolo
Apikali Vuniwa
Apikali Vuniwa - 20 days ago
Maddie Moore
Maddie Moore - 4 minutes ago
I prefer ROBLOX
Leila Hall
Leila Hall - 19 hours ago
what game is it on Roblox could you tell me
Frances Fitzpatrick
Polina Poliychuk
Polina Poliychuk - Day ago
Roblox is better
N dixion
N dixion - 2 days ago
Iris Caro-Ramos
Iris Caro-Ramos - 2 days ago
Road blocks
Valerie Duco
Valerie Duco - 2 days ago
Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith - 2 days ago
Who noticed they looked at Rebecca several times?
ItsGamingCrystal - 2 days ago
I preference roblox
Loverainbowroad - 2 days ago
I play Roblox
jessie chang
jessie chang - 2 days ago
Punkin patch
fajr hasan
fajr hasan - 3 days ago
@0:52 Daniel quote on quote hacked in but it is a manual lock and a key is need to open the door
Zion Vasquez
Zion Vasquez - 3 days ago
OMG Daniel got taken
Grapa Alan
Grapa Alan - 4 days ago
What’s phone number
Grapa Alan
Grapa Alan - 4 days ago
Hey Rebecca I want to go see you soon my mom said that I’m to young what is the name of the map
Stacey Mcgoldrick
Stacey Mcgoldrick - 4 days ago
Nidia Ozorio
Nidia Ozorio - 4 days ago
Josephine Pesetsky
Josephine Pesetsky - 4 days ago
Rebecca I love you're vids I prefer roblox
Anh Pham
Anh Pham - 4 days ago
I play roblox it's so fun
M H - 4 days ago
roblox Luca
Natalya Elbwipa
Natalya Elbwipa - 4 days ago
I prefer Roblox
Priscilla Garcia
Priscilla Garcia - 4 days ago
Nadhine Acul-Acul
Nadhine Acul-Acul - 4 days ago
i've played roblox and i perfer roblox
Yolotzil Pacheco
Yolotzil Pacheco - 4 days ago
Nancy Johrendt
Nancy Johrendt - 5 days ago
I love ROBLOX ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ailesha Jamison
Ailesha Jamison - 5 days ago
The game master is mad nice
Ailesha Jamison
Ailesha Jamison - 5 days ago
I love roblox
Kendall Tipple
Kendall Tipple - 5 days ago
Mireida Alfaro
Mireida Alfaro - 5 days ago
I love you Rebeca and Matt this is how much people love you!!😍😍

Like if you love there vids
Kristen Vargas
Kristen Vargas - 5 days ago
I like roblox
aleeka & Luna
aleeka & Luna - 5 days ago
I love roblox
Sabrina Jeff
Sabrina Jeff - 5 days ago
I play roblox in 2018 Like here if you like Roblox!🤗
Mia Squires - Butt
Mia Squires - Butt - 6 days ago
The Twinkle
The Twinkle - 6 days ago
do you not see the goomba Matt! it is obviosly mario bros
Aislynn Welch
Aislynn Welch - 6 days ago
Nik Kurbos
Nik Kurbos - 6 days ago
Yeika Kelly
Yeika Kelly - 6 days ago
Daniel added the bear head and the snayck🥴
Juana Cornejo
Juana Cornejo - 7 days ago
Bradly Garcia
Bradly Garcia - 7 days ago
Hi I'm Bradly I play Roblox
Elyse Boualaphanh
Elyse Boualaphanh - 7 days ago
i perfer roblox
Mallie Emerson
Mallie Emerson - 7 days ago
I saw matts underwear
Olivia Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez - 7 days ago
Is that d2 or is it the Daniel you know
Mariam Magdy
Mariam Magdy - 7 days ago
The game master hav wrong thing
Ishfana zainul
Ishfana zainul - 7 days ago
I would rather play roblox👩‍👩‍👧🤑
Bia Valerio
Bia Valerio - 8 days ago
I perfume roblox
Olga Yuryevich
Olga Yuryevich - 8 days ago
Eleanor Yaqo
Eleanor Yaqo - 8 days ago
I played roblox before and I will Perform
Olga Yuryevich
Olga Yuryevich - 8 days ago
Gm naverno is
Olga Yuryevich
Olga Yuryevich - 8 days ago
Hi my nicam is nicholas
Olga Yuryevich
Olga Yuryevich - 8 days ago
Rishik Venkatsai Ponna
Rishik Venkatsai Ponna - 8 days ago
Joel Gloston
Joel Gloston - 8 days ago
Lisa Heil
Lisa Heil - 8 days ago
Blake Ross
Blake Ross - 9 days ago
Valeria Marun
Valeria Marun - 9 days ago
Riley Baldwin
Riley Baldwin - 9 days ago
I love Roblox but I love Fortnite more Fortnite is my fav
Harlyqinnlover7 Rose
Harlyqinnlover7 Rose - 9 days ago
Harlyqinnlover7 Rose
Harlyqinnlover7 Rose - 9 days ago
Sofia Romero
Sofia Romero - 9 days ago
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