Things You Should’t Fly With | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - 2 days ago
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Yassin Sobhy Rashwan
Yassin Sobhy Rashwan - 11 hours ago
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sayyed safwan
sayyed safwan - 22 hours ago
Dude I'm biggest fan of your
Scientific Mind
Scientific Mind - Day ago
I can't stop.......laughing and smiling continuously... You know what..this is the Best channel which makes people laugh and happy 😂😂😂😂😊😊
Jgurl Is AWESOME - Day ago
Wow that dude really be stashing XD
BertiePlayz Gaming
BertiePlayz Gaming - Day ago
How you making a vid then Coronavirus is spreading around love in da Uk
IT'S VIN - 7 hours ago
See the marvel films
Me neither 😂😂😭Dats tuff
R1M5T - 9 hours ago
I ran so fast that i timetraveeld to the Worst Year IN TIME WHERE DONALD TRUMP BECAME THE PRESIDENT FOR THE 6th time
مجهول ؟!
مجهول ؟! - 11 hours ago
ممكن الترجمه
Nicholas McMillan
Nicholas McMillan - 11 hours ago
He answered my text!!!!!
Effa - 12 hours ago
1:25 the guy in the back he was gonna hand skake her but she just walked away 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
hseif YT
hseif YT - 14 hours ago
His content dropped alot
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar - 14 hours ago
Our own A.S.S 🤣😂
Chhay Meng
Chhay Meng - 17 hours ago
Things you shouldn’t fly with:
1. Covid
KwaQzY - 17 hours ago

Sorry. This video has been age restricted. Viewer discretion is advised.
Muhammad Azan
Muhammad Azan - 18 hours ago
Yo you should sell all that stuff mike
Yadhu Krishnan
Yadhu Krishnan - 19 hours ago
So boring.... Not like anwar's old videos
Bozidar Kocoski
Bozidar Kocoski - 19 hours ago
your a simp
Sa-adatou Abubakar
Sa-adatou Abubakar - 21 hour ago
Always appreciate your mom, you can talk to her at home about not bringing food to you in a polite way
sayyed safwan
sayyed safwan - 22 hours ago
Love it 😍
WALEED W - 22 hours ago
ترجمه لو سمحت لن معك متابعين كثير عرب معجبين بقناتك واهلي كلهم يشوف القناة. وشكرا لك
TheRealTBO - 23 hours ago
Love his videos😂
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen - Day ago
Why does it feel like I’m watching a Netflix show
Layla Harding
Layla Harding - Day ago
Mike: Itook all of this Jewelry!
Me: Not surprised
Mike: From kids!
Me: Still not surprised.
Scientific Mind
Scientific Mind - Day ago
I can't stop.......laughing and smiling continuously... You know what..this is the Best channel which makes people laugh and happy 😂😂😂😂😊😊
Shazia bi
Shazia bi - Day ago
The Undercover Banana
So no one notice the death body In the background just me
jeon sofia jungsoo
jeon sofia jungsoo - Day ago
I just wanna say

fabmoneyy - Day ago
6:16-6:49 reminds me of the game "Papers, Please"
Syed Talib
Syed Talib - Day ago

Nikita Gray
Nikita Gray - Day ago
Big fan
Nikita Gray
Nikita Gray - Day ago
Brendan Doherty
Brendan Doherty - Day ago
Mike should be fired
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid - Day ago
Is it me or does Mike look like lional messi
Patricia Kartowidjojo
suriname loves ANWAR 👐
OG Puppet
OG Puppet - Day ago
Virid Crownz
Virid Crownz - Day ago
First comment 🙃
Julez Aston
Julez Aston - Day ago
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez - Day ago
Dan Bilzerian's money must have ended and decided to work as TSA employee.
Aris Pfaus-Vlantoussis
Is Amir an upcame name
Hannah Walsh
Hannah Walsh - Day ago
Amerca come fly with me
Arty - Day ago
someone : where do you work in ?
anwars : in the ass
Navithegoat 2007
Navithegoat 2007 - Day ago
Lmao o realized that he spelled shouldn’t wrong in the title lol no hate tho
Hallo ALL
Hallo ALL - Day ago
I don't get it? Am i supposed to laugh or something?
Peggy Karpen
Peggy Karpen - Day ago
Anwar, so happy your back with these vids
Abdirahman Yusuf Abdi
This 100% is true "stealing people stuff "
Truly Zilla
Truly Zilla - Day ago
Anyone realized A.S.S... Just take out the dots oh shoot this is a kid friendly channel
Deepak Valechha
Deepak Valechha - Day ago
Gold Digger Part 3 coming up soon
Angela - Day ago
More of Anwar's Kitchen please 😁😁
Real Zaam
Real Zaam - Day ago
wtf is this??
is this some kind of series if this is then why on episode dont have numbers
Hdhdh Jdjdj
Hdhdh Jdjdj - Day ago
Firdausiah Ramadhani
#43 trending
new acc
new acc - Day ago
KyIz - Day ago
i took all this jewelry..... from kids
Luna Beauty
Luna Beauty - Day ago
Hi I love your vids I’m subbed too
Matt Zalewski
Matt Zalewski - Day ago
im confused the entire clip ASS banned water bottles and at the end you give a water bottle w flammable perfume. lol
I actually believe this was all taken.
Christopher Maatouk
Who played Becky?
Blossom Flower
Blossom Flower - Day ago
"I felt like magma"😂😂😂😂
Abdullahi Yusuf
Abdullahi Yusuf - Day ago
"whats a loophole? why would you even know about that " 🤣
Alfredo Saucyboi
Alfredo Saucyboi - Day ago
*When Anwar's simping goes wrong*
Jake Curtis
Jake Curtis - Day ago
Shouldn't fly with Niqabs
Tsm Katsumo
Tsm Katsumo - Day ago
Bro we need an A.S.S part 2
꧁ ꧂
꧁ ꧂ - Day ago
i didn't laugh once. whats wrong with me?
Antonis Papadakis
Antonis Papadakis - Day ago
Ass i am dying😂😂
Primož Dvoršak
Primož Dvoršak - Day ago
the thumbnail is sarcastic.
Rahul - Day ago
This video was too good but rudy moncuso is my ideal
neetu adhlakha
neetu adhlakha - Day ago
I love these types of vids
Tahira Sadiq
Tahira Sadiq - Day ago
Ok but momma was the best part of this video 😂
XxGoldExpertxX - Day ago
1st clip. I swear i had a guy do this to me. I had capuccino and he said i cant take that with me in the plane.

But guess wat was ahead of the gate ? A mall of food and hes telling me that i cant take it past the gate. Next time im going in im not gonna let someone steal something from me.
When does the humor start? Because I spent 8:21 looking for it
Sara Othman
Sara Othman - Day ago
His mum is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
Aura 63
Aura 63 - Day ago
This quality content is a remedy to my quarantine boredom
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus - Day ago
5:55 poor Amir, he should’ve known that she was taking advantage over him.
Bokamoso Gift
Bokamoso Gift - Day ago
SpartanIsland27 - Day ago
It’s funny Airport Security Squad. Is short for ASS. Love that Anwar did that 😂😂
relatable roald
relatable roald - Day ago
Mike 😍😍😍
Mike Glazer
Mike Glazer - Day ago
Francelina BTS Army Mom
Mike and his stolen goods in that stash house are the shit! He cracks me up 🤔😂😂
Mike Glazer
Mike Glazer - Day ago
Thank you!
Jamel R
Jamel R - Day ago
Your mum is so adorable!
٤٧٤r١٨s ٤D٤N
Worst of Anwar jibawi🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
I'm disappointed with this whole video.
Libby _
Libby _ - 14 hours ago
This video was AMAZING
unknown user
unknown user - Day ago
Good way to expose the crooks 🙌😂
Simplyhyesu - Day ago
i love these
Moominaye - Day ago
A.S.S.........Hats of Anwar 🙏
Ehsan Aref Adib
Ehsan Aref Adib - Day ago
Serious question: Is this supposed to be funny?
Fingeraldo - Day ago
More ASS videos pls
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