People Fixing Things With RAMEN NOODLES Part 2

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SSSniperWolf - Month ago
its SATURDAY :D make sure to watch part 1 that got 4m+ views!!
MR LAKHEY - 23 days ago
Your amazing love from small country nepal
just._. unknown_
just._. unknown_ - 25 days ago
who_am I?? i saw it too
SARA BURNETT - 25 days ago
"comment down below, what should i fix?" my life, you should fix my life....
Jack The Pro
Jack The Pro - 26 days ago
in China real Oreos have lots of flavor
Izzy Falcon
Izzy Falcon - 26 days ago
SSSniperWolf you should fix your diamond play button or your thanos glove
Lily UwU
Lily UwU - 48 minutes ago
Who else is eating Ramen noodles while watching this video? Just me, ok.
Fnegjj Offeojrnfirf
Fnegjj Offeojrnfirf - 7 hours ago
The Louis Bag, was not fixed, it was flipped, the zipper was on the other side
Mya Roberts
Mya Roberts - 8 hours ago
Omg hahahaha i love you i am a fab and that us so cool
Octavia Barrett
Octavia Barrett - 9 hours ago
I saw the glitch first
Jason Weston
Jason Weston - 12 hours ago
I thought my tablet was broken when I saw the glitch omg who also saw it?,
Chimmy and Kookie
Chimmy and Kookie - 13 hours ago
I phone is broke

Ps. Don’t forget the seasoning :>
Nothing important :3

Translate it
Victoria the green cheek conure
Wpis she a oeice of art
Potatoinbuttcrack H
Potatoinbuttcrack H - 2 days ago
0:28 the camera wobbles
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones - 2 days ago
The Asians will be able to do this with rice wooo
Kaley Catjcart
Kaley Catjcart - 2 days ago
When I saw the glitch and I saw the dude I cracked up XD
Makena Bond
Makena Bond - 2 days ago
Freaking lier there was a sipper on the side where they buster the HOLE WHEN IT WAS DONE IT WAS FLIPPED
『R i v ღ』
『R i v ღ』 - 2 days ago
Amina Rose
Amina Rose - 2 days ago
Mom: we have a dent in the car

Me:*sees ramen* ya pass me the ramen and I got y'all covered 😂🤣

Point: ramen can literally fix your life and anything you desire 2019 quotes
Amina Rose
Amina Rose - 2 days ago
Can y'all fix your life with ramen noodles? Now that's the real question?🤔🤔🧐🤨
Samantha Lima
Samantha Lima - 2 days ago
XxCupcake LoverxX cupcakes for life
*Calls 911*
Operator : 911, what's your emergency?
Me : My brain exploded.
Operator : How?
Me : *Somebody fixed a sink with Ramen noodles.*
Andrea G
Andrea G - 3 days ago
I would say I'm not eating ramen any more but that would be a lie
Danni Battles
Danni Battles - 3 days ago
Like if Sssniperwolf glitched into someone fixing a broken Buddha head with ramen near the end
Xena Blood Orange
Xena Blood Orange - 3 days ago
Facecam is glitching?
PuT sOmE rAmEn oN iT
Infunis Shark
Infunis Shark - 3 days ago
The lv the zipper is facing you the next shot its facing the other way beat yeah
-lunar수줍음 - 3 days ago
so if i have a broken phone.. i use ramen and if the like button doesnt work do i use ramen or smash it?
the pro gamer
the pro gamer - 3 days ago
Did y'all see her webcam all messy at the bird bath one
skeet skeet
skeet skeet - 3 days ago
damn lia really turned into a buda
Itz Just Jewel
Itz Just Jewel - 3 days ago
Me: mommy I broke my phone :(
mom: awwe how did you break it
Me: I smashed SSSniper wolf youtube like button .
Mom: lol sweaty
Itz Just Jewel
Itz Just Jewel - 3 days ago
ShadowSkorpionX - 3 days ago
lil sue
lil sue - 3 days ago
Me: dad Sally bit a hole in my arm

Dad: put some ramen in it
TAYCNR XP - 3 days ago
I love u girl but u cant stop talkin for shit😂❤
Maddie Plays
Maddie Plays - 3 days ago
0:29 rip cam
tammy bennett
tammy bennett - 3 days ago
Sssniperwolf: tell me what I should fix
Me: yo face
Jk ima huge fan
Rafael Arturo
Rafael Arturo - 3 days ago
Fix a plastic toy
Alex Noduhh
Alex Noduhh - 3 days ago
Not being rude but

Me:oh hi can I get a photo pls
Sniper wolf:wam bam yes ma’am
Me:._. Okie
XxxRosesxxX 2530
XxxRosesxxX 2530 - 3 days ago
I’m eating ramen noodles 😂🍜
Yasmin Padilla
Yasmin Padilla - 3 days ago
You should fix a wall or maybe a chair
yo yo
yo yo - 3 days ago
If you look at it you can see how much glue they put on it
Gacha_gacha Wolfy
Gacha_gacha Wolfy - 3 days ago
TV says ramen is bad for you me yea butttt its GOOD FOR YOUR FURNITURE!!!!! :D
Bffs Hi
Bffs Hi - 3 days ago
Did anyone see it glitching out
Brandt Nosker
Brandt Nosker - 4 days ago
Could you just make a table out of ramen noodles with a mold
Brandt Nosker
Brandt Nosker - 4 days ago
She said that the bag was just turned but they stabed both sides
Luna Playz
Luna Playz - 4 days ago
Ya know I the chair kept breaking for years on end it could eventually be all ramen....
Myth Lover
Myth Lover - 4 days ago
Naruto would be so proud....
🌹owo_kitiiee🌹 - 4 days ago
Wait, *do they make cars out of ramen?!*
That girl Marie
That girl Marie - 4 days ago
They didn't fix it look at the zipper of the bag #1:45
Grace Wat
Grace Wat - 4 days ago
A Youtuber has fixed a toilet and table before
Ubejde Bejde
Ubejde Bejde - 4 days ago
You have two choices...
To escape with noothing
Or to wait more so they let u out but u can Bring Noodles
sesame Street bloopers and more!
1929:there will be flying cars in the future!

2019: people fixing things with ramen noodles
Tracy Seng
Tracy Seng - 4 days ago
Milk doesn’t work but ramen does
Also the bird bath had to of been painted white before they glued on the DVD or else they just got a new bird bath
Mariah Vansyoc
Mariah Vansyoc - 4 days ago
But wont animals eat the food...?
And what about bugs..?
And is that chair even going to hold?
Melinda Acton
Melinda Acton - 4 days ago
is it just me or when she was talking about the birdbath the buddah was glitching on the facecam
Some random channel I dont know what to do with
I am eating ramen rn
Kendra Herrera
Kendra Herrera - 4 days ago
your car
MR MotorMouth
MR MotorMouth - 5 days ago
I did too
Dogz Rulez
Dogz Rulez - 5 days ago
Fix your iPhone
Charlieze Boyden
Charlieze Boyden - 5 days ago
what happens if u hungry u jus straight up take a night out of ur sink,counter or chair😂😂😂
{Xx Sophie_Editz xX}
{Xx Sophie_Editz xX} - 5 days ago
Tip- Always keep Raman noodles in your house
HannahKay Msp
HannahKay Msp - 5 days ago
its 3am and i flipped my shit when her face started glitching with the Buddha thing
Krystin Morland
Krystin Morland - 5 days ago
Your life
legendary_ Drawing
legendary_ Drawing - 5 days ago
I’ve never seen a square ramen...
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