First Flight on Another Planet!

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اصطلاحي - 2 minutes ago
The shameless Chinese can't believe how much detail was given away in this video. Soon they'll be selling it back to NASA.
DjofDeVos - 4 hours ago
Alex Red
Alex Red - 2 days ago
Not just flying on another planet. But flying on another planet with rarefied atmosphere and low gravity. In other instances it will need different calibration.
BULU HARZA - 3 days ago
demonsluger - 3 days ago
surely there is some plants that can work in such harsh environments and photosynthesize or we could make one. Then just send it to mars and let it create an atmosphere so its less volatile.
Nelson Johnson
Nelson Johnson - 11 days ago
But the speed of sound depends of the density of the same one.
Jaxon Osborn
Jaxon Osborn - 13 days ago
At 2:57 you see the scp logo on the door
Ryan Bro
Ryan Bro - 14 days ago
this is insane
Jake Garrison
Jake Garrison - 14 days ago
So what I'm hearing is that the search party for curiosity is coming along nicely
Emmanuel M
Emmanuel M - 18 days ago
I hate NASA. Why not send hundreds of drones. They lack creativity.
crash - 16 days ago
They lack funding.
Man in the Park
Man in the Park - 18 days ago
Hey look, they are trying to recreate the technology to fly to the moon and fly around the moon again. If we were only as technologically advanced today as we were 50 years ago.
crash - 16 days ago
If only we had some evidence of it being real then people could stop using that claim as evidence that the moon landings were faked.
Kounkie Inc
Kounkie Inc - 21 day ago
The speed of sound is lower then on earth right did they took that into consideration they probably have (but what is the speed of sound on Mars is it just 1% of the speed one earth or are there other variables)
bummers - 23 days ago
@8:30 Chinese weight?
John Doo
John Doo - 24 days ago
My boss reaction, when I say, I need a bigger salary... 2:59
Dean O
Dean O - 26 days ago
Would a hot air or hydrogen balloon-style design work on Mars?
crash - 16 days ago
Not easily. The atmosphere on there is very thin so there aren't many options. Plus, you have to get it there. A balloon can easily break. And considering the winds that happen, it might not be the best option.
sbmphr - 27 days ago
90 seconds flight time is a joke straight up then down like a periscope.
Stephen Epstein
Stephen Epstein - Month ago
How do you not ever name these brilliant engineers you have here telling your story? Seems kinda disrespectful.
sbmphr - 27 days ago
Classified, he would have to shoot you.
aquatic bannana
aquatic bannana - Month ago
So what if the propeller breaks?
Super sonic knives baby!
sbmphr - 27 days ago
Then it will become a million dollar piece of Martian scrap metal.
nwstraith - Month ago
What about the copter kicking up dust? Is that an issue?
nwstraith - Month ago
What about the rocket deployment vehicle for the last rover? That doesn't count?
rubiks15 - Month ago
Alright, I'll ask what everyone is thinking...

what happens when it tips over?
Airguardian - Month ago
Dan - Month ago
So if everything goes as planned, then this will not only be the first powered aircraft on another planet, but it will also be the worst one we ever make.
NITHIN S - Month ago
So, who is watching after it flew on the mars.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown - Month ago
I go for the Millions.... millions of views
Prateek Maru
Prateek Maru - Month ago
Mars weather is suitable for fly helicopter!
:Robert-Francis : Sullivan.
Mars already has colonies...
See Gaia Television interviews
NASA/ JPL is a fake-program
Ethan Krauss
Ethan Krauss - Month ago
Super interesting video, thanks Veritasium!! If you would like to see the first flight on earth, of an ion thruster with onboard power, please click on the channel icon to the left.
Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson - Month ago
Maybe some day they could mount a reasonably high power laser on the ground module that could be directed toward the UAV to help keep it warm and thus give it more time aloft.
Also they could build a deployable docking station away from the ground rover that could help recharge its batteries once it lands so it could make more than one flight per day.
neye4ani - Month ago
*simplist? ...most simple 3:45
Lünkel - Month ago
"simplest" is a correct superlative of "simple"
Iskandar Abbas
Iskandar Abbas - Month ago
Let's GET to The FUTURE
Stephen Nield
Stephen Nield - Month ago
Incredible times we live in. I am so looking forward to this mission. Thank you, Derek, for this video!
00pingvin00 - Month ago
Have they provided a dust cleaning system for solar panels? On Mars a lot of dust and sand that will settle on them.
OMG OMG - Month ago
Why not methane? it can insulate more heat.
AES - Month ago
and i thought my 10min flight time drone was lame
kletops46 - Month ago
Is it self righting ?
Conrad Colman
Conrad Colman - Month ago
Great video, but shooting in front of a mirror is distracting
SABIR KHAN - Month ago
Andrey - Month ago
AndroidDoctorr - Month ago
12:17 - 13:10- filmed in ultra shaky cam
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